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The Lies We Tell but the Secrets We Keep, Part 6


Writing is my passion. I have an undying thirst and quest in the field of writing. Some eat, drink, or use drugs when stressed; I write.


It is 1:30 pm and the people in the courtroom are standing so the judge can take the bench and the trial can start. The jury is made up of 12 people, seven males, and five females. The judge, Judge James Portman is a fair man, yet he can be a hanging judge as well if he sees the needs.

The trial starts with the prosecutor calling a surprise witness to testify, Lance the guy who took the blame for Gina killing her high school boyfriend. He, also, the guy who was watching when the guy was accused of breaking into Gina’s home, except there was no forced entry.

As the incident happened Gina is unaware Lance was watching and witness what occurred. He is so possessed with her that he spies on her at all times. Lance even, set a bug and camera in her home without her knowledge.

Lance has a lot of information that can be criminal to Gina's case. He records the night the intruder was murder. The big question is will he turn the recording over as evident against Gina?

He did turn it over out of anger because Gina didn't love him as he desires her. The prosecutor wants to charge Gina and get a win over Timmy that he attempts to use the evidence against her. It was obtained from her home without her permission. He should know better and he should also know that Timmy will call him out in his wrong.

The evidence that the prosecutor attempt to use against Gina is admissible and Timmy will be going after Lance to charge him with a crime for bugging and placing a camera in Gina's home without her permission.

Such a dumb move from the prosecutor has made Timmy job easier and he practically put the trial in the position for a mistrial. And it was a save on Timmy behalf as he was not on his A-game.

He was dealing with a hangover and his mind was too preoccupied with Gina over the case. Perhaps if only the prosecutor had taken his time to follow the guideline and let Timmy put forward an effort to try the case, he would have noticed Timmy was off his game and he could have possibly won the case.

The trial ended in a mistrial and it was the break that Timmy needs. If the prosecutor pushes and receives a second trial Timmy will have time to prepare and pull himself together. Alexandria, Timmy, and Gina leave the courtroom with a smile on their faces.

Timmy recommends they all go out and have a nice time to have a little fun after the victory. He decided to take Gina and Alexandria horseback riding. He represented this client who owns a horse ranch. She rents out the horses and people can purchase a packet that comes with a full meal and a romantic horse trial.


The romantic horse trail for two comes with a breakfast or dinner, depending on the time you arrive and a 90-minute trip where a couple can take a romantic ride out into the sunset or moonlight where they can enjoy a delightful journey.

When they return back from horseback riding, they are taken to a picnic location where they can sit together and enjoy eating delicious food in which they get to choose an alcoholic or non-alcoholic bottle of champagne to set the picnic off. The male gets to choose the type of flower he wants to present to his lady and a box of chocolate is given, or you can choose to pick your favorite CD and CD player if you, not a chocolate lover.

The food is the best anyone can ever eat and there are so much to selections from. But Timmy asks Alicia for a favor, to give him his blanket and the picnic basket with his food so he can share a picnic with Gina his way. She was all too willing to grant him his desire. They rode their horses’ side by side to a little romantic spot on the ranch.

Timmy took out the blanket spread it out and placed the basket filled with food in the center of it. Then he took out a CD player and placed the song on it that described how he felt. He played the song, "God Gave Me You." The lyrics to the song described the past two days how Timmy lived.

The lyrics, "I've been a walking heartache/ I've made a mess of me/ The person that I've been lately/ Ain't who I wanna be/ But you stay here right beside me/Watch as the storm goes through/ And I need you.

"Cause God gave me you for the ups and downs/ God gave me you for the days of doubt/ For when I think I've lost my way/ There are no words here left to say, it's true/ God gave me you, gave me you."

Much as Timmy love Gina there needs to be a change in her immediately for this relationship to work. She does not bring out the best in Timmy, but the opposite and that’s not the way he lives his life. Things definitely must change and for the better.

Alexandria is riding her horse alone all full of thoughts when a handsome dark hair, well-built young man rides beside her and introduce himself. She seems nervous and tells him her name.

Alexandria very seldom the one who is a loss of words. But this handsome young man has her at a loss of words. He introduces himself as Jyres and tells her he's a weatherman for the news channel HGHJN and the weather today will be sunny and wonderful to enjoy.


Alexandria smiles and blushed at the same time. She tells him her name and he smiles and said what a beautiful name for such a lovely young lady. They both stop their horse to talk, Jyres took Alexandria hand and kiss it.

Could this be the beginning of a wonderful relationship in the making? How will Timmy feel about Jyres and will he accept him dating his daughter? Will he treat him the way he treats juries? Will Alexandria allow him in her life? She has a secret Timmy knows nothing about. She has been in a long-distance relationship with a guy she fell in love with two years ago.

Alexandria knows that long-distance relationship is not always healthy yet her heart refused to let go of the love she feels. Maybe Jyres will give her the strength to let go and they can experience a special bond.

Alexandria and Jyres begin talking about a little of everything. He was so very easy for Alexandria to talk to and it felt as if she knew him for a long time. They exchange telephone numbers and Jyres asks Alexandria out to dinner and she said, "Yes."

Alexandria has spent the last two years of her life making herself available for everybody in need of her help until she has not had a real personal life, a long-distance relationship doesn't count. She has allowed herself to follow in her daddy’s footstep. Take care of everybody and forget to take care of herself.

Meeting the right guy and having more in her life than work is just what Alexandria need. Let just hope there are no dark secrets in Jyres past nor he's the type of guys who lives his life build off lies.

When Jyres heard the range also have a time where they allow couples to share gift ideas, he invited Alexandria to attend with him. She agreed and they went to participate. They meet Timmy and Gina at the get-together.

When Timmy saw them together He walks over and extends his hand to Jyres and introduce himself as Alexandria father. Jyres shook his hand and shared his name with Timmy. Gina was shocked to hear Alexandria was Timmy, daughter.

They all took a seat close to each other. The hostess came in and begin speaking to the group. She begins by saying, "Welcome all to inspiration gift ideal. This experience will lead to enjoyment and smiles are everyone ready to get started? Everybody screams, "Yes."

The hostess passes out a ticket to each couple with a number on it. After every couple receives a ticket, she begins drawing ticket and calling out the number. When the couple who has the number come forward, the female put on a blindfold and her guy receive an opportunity to pick the inspirational gift that he feels his lady would love.


The purpose of this gathering is to see how well the couple knows each other. The male is given three options to choose from. After he makes a decision the female remove her blindfold and she picks from the three options.

If the two choose the exact same gift the female receives the gift and their picture are taken. Then a sketch artist paints their picture from the photo and they receive both as a gift for winning.

The first three numbers called was not Timmy or Jyres number, but the fourth number called was Jyres number. He raised his hand and felt so honored to share such a wonderful experience with Alexandria.

Alexandria was blindfolded and place noise earbuds in her ears. Jyreswas asked a question they both might have a chance at answering correctly. He was asked the very first moment you meet your lady friend was she shy, aggressive or just plain showed no interest?

Jyres replied with the answer she was beautiful and bashful. Alexandria removed her blindfolds and earbuds to the response. She was asked the same question and her reply was shy.

They won the first round now they have to agree to win the second round. Jyres were shown three gifts to choose for Alexandria. He picks the one he thought she would love. Alexandria again takes off the mind folds and earbuds to also choose of three gifts.

What will she choose, will they both share the same outcome? Is it possible that Jyres paid enough attention to Alexandria to begin knowing what she likes and dislike? Can they share a connection that will be good for a healthy relationship?

What will Alexandria do? Will she end the long-distance love she shares and just takes a chance of building a relationship with Jyres? What will Timmy do, will he do a background check on Jyres?

Could Timmy possibly be an overprotective father? It seems as if He and Alexandria have a wonderful relationship. Could this really be the case? Will Jyres being in her life bring about a change in Alexandria life?

If so, will this change be for the best or one Timmy nor Gina welcome? Stay tuned as I share all the details of all the questions asks, more information as if Alexandria will share a relationship with Jyres and so much more on part 7 of," The lies we tell but the secrets we keep."

The Lies We Tell But The Secrets We Keep, Part 6!

© 2018 Pam Morris


Tim Truzy from U.S.A. on December 11, 2018:

Hi, Pam,

A new mystery man. Lance is a terrible person, and Jina is going to have to reveal the truth. She can't keep running from it.

I love the horse back riding you added in this section of the story.

Great work.

Much respect,


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