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The Lies We Tell But the Secrets We Keep, Part 2

Writing is my passion. I have an undying thirst and quest in the field of writing. Some eat, drink, or use drugs when stressed; I write.


This story consists of peoples telling big lies and tells them frequently enough that the cops, jury and many others believe them. Timmy is the attorney who stands in the gap for pupils and those in need of his help to call the hands of liars to show them up and to free innocent victims.

Just because a person has not been exposed as a liar does not mean he or her, not one. One thing for sure, a liar knows they are lying, but speaks as if they are telling the truth. A person who lies a lot and is so determined to be perceived as telling the truth that they do so roughly two to three times per minute during the duration of a fifteen-minute conversation.

This journey begins with Timmy colleagues viewing the videotape from the liquid store robbery. He's busy at work attempting to find evidence that will clear the woman he loves, Gina of all charges. Up until now, the only love of his life was his law knowledge. Besides, now he is falling hard for a woman who is so unworthy of his love.

Time Made Her A Liar:

Gina is beautiful, but that beauty comes with lies and so much deceit and you bear the burden. Her aim is for whatever male crosses her path to suffer so she doesn't have to, she has been deeply hurt by several males as a child and incapable of loving.

Gina uses her looks to lure a guy in particular in a situation where she tells him, she loves him and that love comes with absurd motives. Gina biggest problem is she was abused as a child, she was always admired as she was such a pretty little girl, but her mother allowed the wrong men in her life and some of them were given an opportunity to bring adult things into her life as a child.

Being hurt and unable to protect herself created hatred inside of her for men, so her highest regard is to make all males pay for a few actions.

Timmy will be placed in a position to come to terms with a mastermind, a woman of deceit, she will look at him in his eyes and tell her notorious lie, "You are my hero, my best advocate. I think I am falling in love with you, I need you." One can't help but wonder, will Timmy love for Gina blind him of her deceit and give him a disadvantage?

He's an intelligent man who stands a chance against a woman whose intention is to hurt him as he a man, someone she deeply hates. But will he see her for who she really is too late to protect himself from being her next victim? How will he deal with a woman he has fallen so hard for when she full of what he's so against and fight hard to defeat?

Gina is ready to begin spinning her web of deceit when she finds Timmy sitting on a park bench alone full of thought. She said, ‘Hello’ and then the next thing to come out of her mouth was “Why are you sitting alone, so full of thoughts, can I sit with you?

You can share your thoughts with me, I might be of help? Perhaps, you may perceive a solution. The weirdest look on Timmy's face was replaced with a smile. The irritation he felt was no longer there and he asks Gina to take a seat beside him. She slid closer to him and leans over and laid her head on his shoulder.


Timmy could tell something was wrong and all he wanted to do is comfort her. Just as he was getting ready to ask her what’s wrong, he looked down at her and notice Gina had passed out.

He rushed her to the emergency room. He waited for a little over an hour before he was told she was finally placed in a room. When Timmy walked in the room, it seemed warm, he felt overheated, it was dimly lit and Gina looked pale.

As Timmy walked up to the bed, Gina opened her eyes and realized she was in a hospital room, IVs were hitched to her arm. Timmy looked at her with so much love in his eyes and asked her, “How are you feeling?” She replied, “What am I doing here?” He shared with her you passed out. The last thing Gina remembers is, seeing Timmy sitting on a park bench and then waking up in a hospital room.

The doctor walked in the room to share with Gina her test results as they show she’s been poisoned and she was dehydrated. It was late and Timmy wanted to be prepared for a long day ahead of him so, he told Gina, he was going home, but he will come back to check on her tomorrow.

Timmy left to rest as it was well past 1 am. He walks over to the elevator and just as he hit the down button and as it opened, he was thrilled with whom he saw standing in the elevator.

The young man he has been searching for, for months was getting off it. No words were spoken and Timmy waits to make sure it was Michael. Michael was visiting his mother; she was in the hospital from having a stroke. The stress and worries she endorsed from wondering the whereabouts of her son caught up with her. He received word his mother in the hospital, he returns to check on her.

Michael Revealed the Story:

Timmy walked into the room and asks the young man is his name Michael, he replied, “Who wants to know?” Timmy introduced himself and share with him his reason for asking, Michael was so sorry he let his best friend down as he has always been there for him. Michael explained to Timmy; he was forced to leave town in fear of his life.

The person who shot the guy in the liquid store robbery is a ganger with authority to kill. So, when he gave Michael the choice to take the money and leave town or die. He immediately took the money and left town in a hurry in fear of his life.

Michael shared with Timmy, he was trying to slip in and see his mother and duck back out of town quickly as possible before anybody sees him. He was not aware Timmy knew what he looked like or he would have hidden from him as he hides when he sees people, he knows aware of who he is. Timmy arranged for a makeup artist to give Michael a makeover. The makeover changed his appearance so he will be able to walk around freely so, the people who know him will not be able to recognize him.


Meanwhile, back in the hospital, Gina is in deep thought, trying to think of ways to prevent anybody from knowing her secret for one year and continue to be successful in her lies and deceit without being exposed.

She has a legal situation pending against her of a dead boyfriend who was murdered in her house in the presence of a guy she claims is a stranger. She says he's a guy who was stalking her, but there were no signs of forced entry to prove she didn't open the door for the guy or he's a stranger.

Gina was shot in her left arm, but the district attorney argued that the evidence shows she could have shot herself as a cover-up. The stranger stated he was having a relationship with Gina in which she denies.

Gina was released on bail with a trial date set for her to appear in court three months from now. Timmy is searching for answers and does not have a clue lies and deceit are connected with Gina and that places people around her at risk.

Timmy Finding the Answer to Questions:

Timmy is in search of hope for an answer and a solution that needs to be found as to how the guy walked into Gina’s home without her knowledge and there was No forced entry.

All the signs look as if she opens the door and let him in. The big question is the way the assumption look does it hold true values? Perhaps Timmy can argue that the criminal was clever enough to get in without doing damage to Gina's home. And it is possible and some people are skillful enough to get in without doing harm to the house.

Timmy has solved the case of the missing friend and one can't help but wonder will he determine the unwelcome entry into Gina home. Timmy is an attorney that cannot be underestimated.

The question is who poisoned Gina? Will her lies and secrets come out during the trial? Will Gina lies and secrets put Timmy at risk and break his heart? Gina never had someone to truly love her for who she is, the guy she allowed in her life all had motives as well as she had them.

Will Timmy love be strong enough to change Gina evil ways and show her true love? Maybe his good behaviors and habits will rub off on her or will he find out disturbing things about her and learn about her lies that will hurt him dearly? Stay tuned to find out the answers to all the questions above and so much more as I reveal in part 3 of The Lies, We Tell and the Secrets We Keep.

© 2018 Pam Morris

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