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Creative Writing


The Ghost of Her Love

Tale of true love and ghosts


Flash Fiction: Kafka's Lost Letter

A fictional story about Franz Kafka's search for a letter to his father.


Love and Its Realistic Visions

Love can appear as a mirage or a spiritual reality that captivates us or it can change over time.


Darok: The Problem With Humans.

You Will Never Wake Up Or Realize.

Swifts Fly to Africa

Children bedtime stories swifts fly Africa from States, interesting and exciting.


Supernatural Stories of the Dark

Darks and Light Supernatural Mystery Stories

Red and Blue: A Sci-fi Story On Kindness With Limits

Flash fiction. A science fiction story on kindness with limits. Two characters, Red and Blue, sit at the bottom of a shaky mountain as their planet is on the verge of collapse to discuss the lessons they learnt.


I Saw Love Today

I am writing this message for all the hungry eyes that are seeking an answer to these questions: Will I find love again? Will another man love me unconditionally like he did? Will I be capable of loving another?


Hypnotized by the Sea

A tale of self-love and an alternate universe. On the one hand, superficiality and on the other, the alternate world to which the protagonist goes to continue her life, this time alongside true and spiritual love.


Detective Work

Seeing a crime and deciding to investigate, with Mommy and Daddy


Dear Noa

I miss you more than yesterday and less than tomorrow.


Fictional Short Story About Overcoming Trauma and the Formation of Healthy Relationships

Compassion as Our Guide was written over the course of 11 years. It was once bleak and depressing. However, it is now an outspoken and hopeful short story about how some relationships can be salvaged.


Hannah at the Beach

A short story about an impromptu mother daughter trip to the beach on a rainy day.


The Push

How one minor action changed everything


In 2024 Several Nations Signed the Protocol. in 2042, It Was Suddenly Applied for the First Time.

It was there visible in the night sky. It is important to remember the rule, if you poke the bear make sure it can't get out of the cage.


Kid Reign and the Jordan Valley Experiment

Jordan Valley is a place that was revolutionized with kings and wars.


Life After the Shadows

Paranormal mystery story about a man who is on vacation and suddenly feels the strange environment. A great surprise awaits him when he finds out what happens to him.


Before the School Bell Rings

The conversations before the first day of school.


The Rafiq Family

This story is about a young girl maturing and committing to marriage and eventually disciplining her daughters so that as a family together, they combat through the bad times and make memories of the good times. Interested? Read on.


The Ghosts in My World

True stories about ghosts that haunt the hours in different scenarios of light or hidden shadows.


Blue memories

Poems inspired by the memories of other lives, where nostalgia lets pour its flow of experiences lived in other times.


Malicious Justice

An arson/homicide puts a peaceful community on edge as the killer steps up his grisly game. *warning: this is a crime story that features violence to an animal.


My Werewolf

The great white wolf


Holding Nothing Back

We sometimes have something we don't want to remember; that pain, and hurt and anger we try so hard to let go. This article tells of how a girl let go of all that hurt and became a happy better person.


Flash Fiction: Choosing Death to Live

Life is all about choices leading to their consequences. This flash fiction will show us that we always have a choice in life, and how these choices may lead to different possibilities.


The Day the Accident Changed Everything

Look into the night sky and watch Titan Burn.


Flash Fiction: The Arrogant Fool Confesses

A flash fiction story about a narcissist who admits he has flaws.


The Last Goodbye - Short Story

A short story set in a faraway world showing human emotions in its rawest form


Burning Eve

Her last words before opening the gates of hell.


Black Eyes in the Water - Horror/Action Short Story

An action/horror short story where a girl finally becomes a woman in the most tragic situation. - A 19 Minute Read


Honor and the Light

Some people get married and never really find out who the person is they married. Some are lucky enough to find out early on what kind of a person they married because of an event in their lives.


Alma Darlin's Dreams

Alma Darlin Davis had questions about life, death, and dreams that needed to be answered. She finds a few answers and a few smiles.


Guilt of the Innocent

Sonia knew the background of Jack and feared for Claire's future. She needed to tell Claire and yet she didn't want to lose her friendship. Her long known friendship with Claire was hanging on a thread.


Harriet's Performance

Harriet Riley was born to sing. Her life story would reveal many hurdles on her path. Harriet kicked them down and walked her way. Being true to herself, she traveled, tried, and triumphed.


Law of the Wolves

I learned early on in life from my Father, "Eat and use what you kill. Be spiritually thankful for the life you took." My story of the wolves follows what my Father taught me.


An Imagined Snapshot of Virginia Wolf

Every time I think about Virginia Wolf. I imagine English rose gardens and her living around the area of Notting Hill in London. I do not know a lot about her, though a couple of years ago at university I came across some of her poems and fiction.


Tide of Things Changed

A story that encourages anyone who has the mind of giving....


Under the Soil

A very short spooky piece of fiction, set under a hill ... fresh thoughts of the newly dead.


Sweet Mangoes

In this short story, there is a memorable event of sweet mangoes that gives a deep impact on the mind. Normal incident passes on and they never come mind. Such type of incident make a relationship sound and strong that can't be forgotten no matter how long time passed on.


Samantha Blue

Life and love have many challenges along the way. Humans make difficult decisions that change their paths and many times in hindsight those wonderful decisions blessed their lives. Beautiful souls are born every day. Beautiful hearts recognize them.


Their Chimney

There are times in life when couples have to compromise to make a plan work. When one falls behind climbing the hills of living, the other holds their hand and pulls. Simple acts of love.