Creative Writing


Fiction: May and Her Dream

This fictional story of May seeks to motivate people to be hopeful and understand that challenges are just part of the journey to success. Everything will be fine eventually.


John in the Multiverse

A Short Story About a man out of time.

Two Friends

A garden for the poor


An Idea About Falling

A Short Story About Coming To Know Yourself


In The Field (Pfaffenhofen)

Salvation for an army private comes from an unlikely source


The Innocent One

Ten year old Vincent and his faithful Doberman Pinscher Gillis show birthday clown KoKo who's the boss.


I Have Nothing If I don’t Have You!

Until now, I did pretty well on my own. For a long time, I had everything in control. When a challenge came my way, I was ahead of the test until everything begins to fall apart. That when I realize; I have nothing if I don’t have you.


A Short Story: A Dazzling Light

This is a short story about Luce who is on a quest to steal back a powerful object that could restore harmony on earth.


Daily Short Story Four: Two Essays From Mrs. Gegenteil's Sophomore English Class

Two essays turned into Mrs. Gegenteil's English classes show different points of view about the same events. And maybe written by the same person?



The scent of rain on dry earth... reminds of childhood.. reminds me of home.. reminds me of you.

The Dangers Beyond the Shadows

Everyone in the pack says to always watch your back... You fail once, and you may just die.....


Daily Short Story Three: They Sprung It On Us All At Once

A new form of travel may have more bugs than features.

Daily Short Story Two: The Things We Never Said

second daily short story based on . this time I used the random plot generator.

Daily Short Story One: Lily And Pete

going to try to write a daily (or almost daily) short story using prompts from the website , This story is from the 'random words' generator. If you MUST know, and apparently, you must, the words are: prick strip blame elaborate petite car heaven sandwich.


Arundhati and The Princess by Manatita

A Flash-Fiction story of Love and romance with a fairy-tale ending


A Conversation With Bigfoot - A Flash Fiction Story

A chance meeting and interview with the me and only Bigfoot.


A Short Story: A Shadow From Her Past

A short story about a Maronite Christian tradition in celebrating the Epiphany feast on January 6th


The Melody of the Name, Emily as Perceived by Russel

Russel was coming home from abroad to seek out the queen of his life. When cousin Emily didn’t return his feelings, he was heartbroken. Read on to find the stunning story that helped him to achieve complete bliss matrimonially.


A Short Story: Can She Fight the 7 Demons?

The cumulative work of the Ancient Ones has weakened destructive forces everywhere. These destructive forces are no longer capable of the same intense attacks against earth.


The Path by Manatita

A Flash Fiction story of the journey of life ... its pitfalls and ephemeral pleasures; the shadows along the way which all aspirants must face.

Short story: I am coming back to........

This story starts with receiving a letter from someone who was dearest to begum once, yet now she never wanted to see him again. This story depicts the how time change the feelings and relations among the humans.


Death Goes on a Hike - a Flash Fiction Story

Death returns once again to escort sometime to their eternal home. This time to he finds his find


Children of Nod - A Response to Jodah's Challenge

Sometimes Steinbeck's "Monsters born to human parents" are literal, not figurative. A response to Hub Page's own Jodah - John Hansen's, latest writing challenge.


The Entailed Justice Claimed by Tracy

This short story was written as a response to John Hansen’s challenge of a sentence prompt. I retrieved a statement as a prompt that I liked from a Sidney Sheldon novel. Read on.

Short Story: I Am the Dirt You Want to Clean

Its a short story with the moral lesson that the commercial sector holds most of the capital of the world and are responsible for the destruction of nature. Yet, Governments and society thinks the slums are a spot on the beauty of nature. We advocate to destroy the slums and kill the poor.


A Day with a Substitute Teacher

When a substitute "takes charge" of 4th grade for a day, tedium is the rule until recess.


Women's Day Short Story (I am a Woman, Mother of the Land)

This is a short story on a woman, who has lost her every worthy relation to stand for the truth. This story has describe the life of a woman and her problems that the world always ignores to see.


Alone: A Fictional Short

A piece of flash fiction.


The Waiting Call

Moving on is one of the hardest things I think we can all experience, nonetheless, waiting for someone who doesn't correspond to us, is worst.


From the Grave

I have never encountered such sullen darkness before. I want to leave but I can’t. I wait for daylight but it never happened. I thought am I dead?


Narcissist and Little Red Riding Hood

Narcissist, dressed in a cute wolf costume, tricks Little Red Riding Hood into believing he is a sweet ball of fluff. How could Red have known any better? Narcissists hone their shape-shifting skills early on, mastering their fraudulent personas to fool even the most discerning.


The Journey We Don't See

A trip where you need to be ready to take it, and there's no coming back, unless...


Mountain Repercussions

How to identify the guiltiness of someone; was it a mistake, or was it intentional? The harm is done.


Evil and Innocence, the Sisters

Appearances can not always judge evil and innocence. Sometimes we need to look deeper into what is behind people's words, actions, or behaviors. Though discernment is important in keeping ourselves safe, we should put judgement into God’s All-Knowing Hands.


Red Rose Bay or Shared Psychosis Way

Red Rose Bay is touted as Shared-Psychosis Way by a majority of people. Yet, even without any concrete evidence, a group of the town’s citizens are convinced of a strange and rare sighting that seems impossible. How is such a phenomenon as Shared-Psychosis born?


We Never Seem to Know...

This is one of the topics that hurts me to think of... but we should be aware.


The Station

Discovery night. Also, some jazz.


‘Only You’ (and You Only)

You reap what you sow. Rachel James inflicted pain on a man that loved her with all his heart. Only life is like a boomerang because Rachel fell in love with a man where karma returns to her what she delivered to him. Read on and learn why this article is titled. ‘Only You’ (And You Only).


A Short Story: Great Wisdom Can Come From Great Suffering

A story about a woman and her two daughters during a tough time.


Three Longer Flash Fiction Stories From the Beach 3

The third compilation of longer flash fiction stories from the beach in Jersey.


The Aftermath of Cousin Scarlett’s Choice

Angelina and her distant cousin, Scarlett were on good terms until Scarlett started seeing the guy on the floor above Angelina’s. Read on to find the stunning story that reveals the consequences of Scarlett’s choice.


2 Short Stories: What’s in a Nickname? 40 Days and Nights

Some believe that our first name tell a lot about who we are and how we behave. Others believe that it's the first letter of your name that carries the most significance. Are we really bound and predestined by our first names?


Fred the Angel - The Postcard

The latest adventure of the helpful Angel named Fred.