Creative Writing


Soldier's Life After War

The heartwarming story of a soldier returning from war to unite with his family. The pain his family undergoes when the soldier is at the borders for protection will make everyone respect and selute for his work.


Reflections Of The Dead: A Short Story

A short story about a night of memories, regrets and hauntings.


Fitting In

Jimmy faces a very relatable life situation where he tries to fit in a group which is just not meant for him. After forcing his way in and experiencing it up close, he must realize that every time he tries to force pieces together, he loses a piece of his true self.


A Second Moment

Are you able to measure a second? Or a moment?


A Letter to My Lost One

This is the first and last letter I would ever write for you.


Back in Time With Anubis in Kynopolis

Brigit received an invitation to visit Anubis in ancient Egypt to witness the destruction of the town of Kynopolis.


Her Prettiest Artwork

On this moonlit night, she finally acquired the artwork she fell in love with years ago... and he looked stunning.



A short story.


A Chameleon's Freedom

A Chameleon's Freedom is a short piece about survival and adaptation.


Before I Go

10 minutes before I disappear forever -Anna Cayne


A Chamorro Legend of Creation

Children attend a story fiesta at school where Erensia, the storyteller, explains the creation story of Punta and Fu'una.


The Poltergeist of Turin

In the sleeping chamber on the upper floor (which communicated by a staircase with the servants’ room near the small public room of the inn) garments were twisted up and some of them transferred themselves downstairs into the room beneath. Two chairs in coming down were broken.


Their Last Chapter

His heart is full, but her heart is breaking for both of them.


Sweet Regret: The Empress and the Two Emperors. To My Dear Friend, Shauna Bowling

A wonderful story of intrigue and romance, embellished with plots and sub plots throughout the tale.


The Riddle: A Short Story

Do you know the answer to the riddle? Play along as you read this short story.


Letters From Space #1

As the door opens on a very near future that includes space tourism, there are so many different possibilities in that future. This letter alludes to just one of those possibilities...


The Ghost Bridge

A short story set in a small town in rural Spain.


Room 205

This is a fictional horror story of Henry moving in to a strange apartment, with a strange entity.


A Bizarre Encounter for Little Gemini

Melanie and her little daughter, Gemini fly to Los Angeles. At the airport, something strikes Gemini as bizarre. What is it? Will she be happy again? Read on.


When the Pain Won’t Go Away!

Life is a matter of choices, and every poor decision you make comes with a lifetime of pain and heartache. You can be mindful and choose your best option or make unwise decisions that will hurt you. Sometimes, it even brings about pains that won’t go away; you just learn to live with it.


Windows Are Creepy

This is a fictional story about a journalist named Reed, who had a strange experience he would never forget


Sleepless Nights of My Childhood

This is a story of Lenny sharing his past experiences in his old home during his younger years.


Why Do We Pretend

This is a story about Shirley's struggle in job hunting, and why.


Regret—A Feeling of Sadness

'Regret' is a feeling of sadness and disappointment. Here, I have written a story of a regretful girl who trusted someone.


The Old Man in the Red Wooden Barn

This is the story of a horse who lived his entire life in the red wooden barn with the old man. The Horse never imagined the day would come when the life he had always wanted would come to an end.


The Squeaky Wheel

The Squeaky Wheel is a short piece about the burden of taking the problems and pains of those we love upon ourselves. It reflects on empathy and sometimes facing the fact that we unfortunately cannot help others unless we help ourselves.


Old Age Depression: How a Daughter Helped Her Parents Restore Their Mental Health with Yogic Sleep

Yogic Sleep or Yog Nidra is the practice of deep relaxation that helps reduce stress and restore mental health, especially in old age.


Family Secret Can't Stay A Secret Forever

This is the first story I ever wrote. I really like stories that have supernatural elements. Also, a family name was inspired by combining Japanese words since I really love watching Japanese anime!


The Republic of Doom

The Republic of Doom is a title of a story that alludes to the behavior and activities of a certain country in Africa.


Just Me And My Old Boxcar

A palace on rails. That's what I found.


Mirror Story per Brenda Arledge Prompt

This article has an acrostic poem and a short story about a girl who spends too much time looking in the mirror. It is in response to Brenda Arledge’s prompt, mirror.


Magic Fruit With An Alluring Scent- A Story

This story was based on a Furious Fiction June 2021 Prompt, where you were offered certain phrases that needed to be used in a 500 word story.


Modern Eyes

Modern Eyes is a piece about modern day life and how the todays world denies us of the privacy that we all deserve as humans.


A Note on the Papertrail

A Note on the Paper Trail is a piece about a viewpoint on money and the power that it holds.


A Gift Taken

A short work of fiction about the healing arts and spirituality.


Healing Conversations with Dr. Munib, the Psychiatrist

In this short story, a girl named Yasmin gets a raise at work. The others feel jealous, and office politics get so nasty that she decides to abandon the workplace for good. What happens next? How does the ‘Psychiatrist’ in the story title fit in? Interested? Read on.


The Return of my Beloved Soldier

The story of a woman's unfaltering faith in the return of her beloved.


The Comeback!

This story shares anything in life that you fail in, never accept failure but come back with a vergence to prove your dedication, abilities, and skills. Regroup to learn the wealth of knowledge needed to come back to show everyone they underestimated your abilities.


He Will Be Back Soon

This piece has evolved from, originally, just a couple of paragraphs in response to a photo challenge into a short flash fiction story. I am even toying with developing it further, so let's see what happens.


Taking His Hand - A Short Story

When a child grows away from the magic of the world, sometimes the magic has to take them back


The Reunion - A Journey To The End

A tale of the mental torment a father and a husband goes through after the loss of his beloved son and wife. Unable to deal with the distress, he attempts to seek out a permanent solution to end the pain.

Never Take Revenge

Forgiveness is a rare quality but very important. We should always be ready to forgive those who wrong us......