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Creative Writing

Delivery Disaster: The Adventures of Bob and Mr. Johnson's Monkey

Clumsy Bob is sent on a delivery job to a wealthy eccentric millionaire's mansion. He gets lost, takes a priceless vase, is accused of theft but eventually gets hired as the millionaire's personal delivery boy.

The Watcher: A Thriller of Artificial Stalking

A man receives mysterious messages from a woman who turns out to be an AI program developed by a tech company for tracking and surveillance, he confronts the company and becomes an advocate for privacy and data protection.


One Flight Away

I will sit here and wait for you to return to my side.


The Mysterious Cabin of Hy-Brasil

This story is about an incredible, mysterious weekend getaway at the unlikeliest of places. This short fictional story is inspired by Brenda Arledge's week 61 Prompt, "Mystery."


Tortoise and the Other Animals

The elephant was against the Lions continuing to rule the kingdom, so he described his strength so that the animals would see reasons to make him the king, but the giraffe opposed him. They continued to oppose one another until the tortoise put an end to the argument.


The Earache Saved Her Life

March 2020……… At last, what was feared happened. Corona virus reaches Pakistan, and as some cases escalated, schools were closed. And with all that, they would all be imprisoned in the house.


How to End up Living on a Rock in the Thai Sea

This is a humoristic, fictional short story about reactivity in human relationships and fighting against one self (and giving in).

Timeline Savior

A scientist's discovery of time travel leads to a thrilling chase to stop her colleagues from altering the course of history and ultimately decides to share her knowledge with the world under strict guidelines.


How The Clever Little Bird Escaped From The Hunter's Grip With 'The 4 Hidden Tips'

A famous man once said to his son, “Greedy people always want more and are never satisfied"; and that, fraud is the daughter of greed". He added that, greedy people always tend to believe that, what the have now, is less than what they deserve".


A Pugs Beginning

Jay begins his training at the age of fourteen. Twenty years later he still gets excited about walking into the boxing gym.

The Quest for Victory: Warriors of Eldrida against the Dark Sorcerer

A group of warriors led by Aric set out on a quest to defeat the evil sorcerer Zoltar, with the help of a wizard named Merlin, they finally defeat the sorcerer and return home as heroes.

Chrono Guardians: The Race Against Time

A team of scientists use time-travel to prevent a disaster, but are pursued by those who want to use the technology for personal gain. In a thrilling showdown, they secure the technology, but at a cost. They decide to use it only for good, and pass it on to future generations.

Café Confrontation: A Friends' Rescue Mission

Sarah and Jake's peaceful meet-up turns dangerous when a man in a dark suit kidnaps Jake. Sarah calls her friend-in-law enforcement and they rescue Jake from a deserted warehouse. They work together to make the community safer and are now even closer friends.

The Mysterious Caller: A Suspenseful Journey to Uncover a Killer

Sarah receives a call from John, who reveals her father's death was murder. She receives threats, teams up with John and confronts the killer, who turns out to be someone she trusted. Killer is arrested and Sarah finally finds closure for her father's death.


Dream Lady Love Realized

A short story about a man who found his dream lady love.

Journey Through Time: The Discovery and Consequences of Time Travel

A team of scientists discover time travel and go back to year 1900. They observe a simpler, more peaceful world, but upon return, strict laws are put in place due to potential for abuse. The discovery opens a door to the past but also makes the future uncertain.

Surviving the Virus: A Race Against Time

Friends discover a mysterious uninhabited island with an abandoned research facility and hints of a dangerous virus. They set sail in search of a cure, facing infected wildlife and a dangerous tribe to save themselves and potentially countless lives.

Zoraxian Triumph: Defending the Planet

An advanced alien race, the Zoraxians, defend their planet against an invasion by a ruthless alien empire using a weapon discovered in a mysterious capsule found on their planet. They emerge victorious but the damage is severe. They rebuild and are ready for any future challenges.

The Johnson Mansion Murder: A Detective's Quest for Justice

Detective John Smith solves the murder of wealthy businessman Robert Johnson. Main suspects are mistress, business partner and rival. Breakthrough comes from an informant, leading to arrest and conviction of Johnson's business partner and rival. Detective becomes a legend.

The Lost Temple: A Tale of Adventure, Betrayal and Redemption

A team of explorers led by Jack discover an ancient temple in the Amazon, find a valuable artifact, but it's stolen. They pursue the thieves, reclaim the artifact, and learn it's a key to a hidden treasure. They go on one final adventure, uncover the treasure, use it for good, but are later betrayed


The Farming Dream

A short story about a man who dreamed of being a farmer before modern progress ruined the simple endeavor.

Surviving the Unseen: A Journey to Save an Endangered Bear

Group of friends encounter a strange creature while camping, they escape and later find out it's an extinct bear caused by pollution & deforestation. They work to raise awareness & protect remaining bears & learn their actions have consequences.

The Heirloom Heist: A Family's Tragic Secret

Detective James Thompson investigates a missing heirloom and discovers the thief is the family's trusted butler. While solving the case, he also uncovers a murder within the family, and brings the killer to justice. He is haunted by the tragedy that could have been prevented.


Half Dead


Black wine : Fiction

Fiction story of a common man.


I Just Need A Little Time

Little did they know they both wanted the answer to the same question, "why can't you trust me?"

Tom's Quest in the Magic Forest

Tom discovers a magical tree and sets off on an adventure in an enchanted forest. He completes a quest given by a wizard to retrieve a stolen magical crystal and saves the forest. He returns home with many memories and a special connection to the enchanted forest.


Lily and Her Best Friend Timi

Lily, the girl of twelve, had an accident. She can not go to school now and live at home alone. Her mother is a working woman. But one day, a hopeless cat changed the situation. And this story is all about it. Kindness is a great thing that can change the world.


Absurd Poetry



The Transformative Power of Helping Others: A Story of Jack and Peter

Jack, a kind-hearted man, helps his neighbors rebuild their houses after a storm. He helps his grumpy neighbor, Peter, and changes his attitude. Through this, Jack learns that helping others should be continuous effort to build a stronger community.


Bookoo's Bad Day - A Cute Doggy Story

The wise little Dachshund Bookoo discounts and denounces the doom and gloom doctrine of his pack mates, only to discover that even slobbering idiots sometimes win the day, both two and four-legged. Note: This tale by no wise advocates or glorifies cruelty to animals, neither two or four-legged.


Let the Sun Shine on Us

A short story about a man taking a meditative break under the hot sun in the middle of the day.


Missing the Boat of Change

A short story about a man who was resolved to miss the boat of technological conformity.


Crazy Cousins Gang

They were all gathered at granny's house to attend a function in the family. Their moms were still staying there 'where' the function was being held, and they were sent back to stay with Granny. Granny was at home, she refused to attend the function and decided to stay with her sick granddaughter.


That Mysterious Knock

The moonless night was pitch-black velvet-dark, and there was a deafening quiet throughout. Since the morning, there had been silent black clouds in the sky, and now it appeared as though they were about to begin to rain.


All the Time in the World

A short story about a man who had all the time in the world.


A New Beginning to Our Relationship

A mysterious package deposited by a drone triggered a wild goose run across the city, ultimately culminating in a surprise ending. This short story is inspired by Brenda Arledge’s week 60 prompt, “beginning”.


The Last Moments

A short story about a man facing his last moments on earth.


When Your Aging Parents Need Help

Parents are blessings from Allah Almighty. Don't waste your ajar. Care for them.


The Lonely Abode

A short story about a man who got away from it all.


A Voice From the Past

A ex-boxer is killed in prison.


An Almost Welcome Home

Sometimes almost is enough.