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A Deal Too Good - A Short Story

What would you do for a large amount of money? Would you take on a task? Even if it was outlandish?

Graveyard Whistler

Original Short Fiction: "Graveyard Whistler’s Short Story (Playlet) Find, 'June’s Dream'"

The Graveyard Whistler’s unusual find is a playlet or a short story; it plays out only in conversation. It comes from "Stone Gulch Literary Arts," the website the Whistler inherited from the site owner. The Whistler refers to him only as "Stoney," as the site owner requested anonymity.


Stay Far Away

A word of advice: don't look in places you aren't supposed to look.

Graveyard Whistler

Original Short Fiction: "Graveyard Whistler’s Latest Discovery: A Personal #MeToo Experience"

Hey, Graveyard Whistler is back! It’s been a while, been busy getting my office in order, planning my teaching schedule, and just learning to live a la covid. I do keep researching my literary interest though, and here is a story that caught my attention and I thought it worth sharing . . .


The Perp - A Flash Fiction Story

A flash fiction story about a stolen gem from the fantasy world.

An Unusual Allergy

Getting attracted to the opposite sex and make attempts for advancing in the relationship is a natural phenomenon that most people follow. If someone is not doing that then there could be some underlying reason for that. This story tries to highlight some of these aspects of our lives.

A Coin and a Legend

Another short story from a prompt generator

Brotherly Love

Short story from a prompt generator lol


What Would You Do on Your Last Day on Earth?

I'll go to the mall, watch a movie, then have a delicious dinner. And then I think I'll probably go and find you.


Summer Memories of a Past Life

Janet had no clue as to what would happen when the service technician came to her house.


Fable of a Flag

When is a flag, a symbol of patriotism too much? When it affects the health and safety of people? Unfortunately, some people don't know where those limits are in such cases.


Run-on Rumination: Autumnal Appreciation

Fall is falling fast. It's my favorite time of year and I wish it would last. It's fleeting, though; and very fast, so enjoy it now before it's past.


1001 Days

It only took 1001 days, but I finally got here. My rose-coloured glasses came off, and I can see you have red on your hands. Much more than I thought.


Life's Kiss

A fictional short.


Did I Ever Tell You About The Time Where I Killed Someone?

There is always more than one way to do something.


Full of Regret - A Short Story

One last fight between villain and hero, one last part of their shared story.


Golden Sands

Life is already hell . Let it be heaven when I die.


She Has Secrets

This story is based on Brenda Arledge’s prompt ‘secrets’. It is a short story with a surprise ending.


You Always Have Time To Think, Unless thinking Clouds Your Judgement.

Have you ever found yourself stuck with a select amount of options? Perhaps you can not wrap your head around what you should do. Just build your own path.


An Elephant in the Room

A husband and wife with marital issues are faced with an unexpected guest: a little elephant has mysteriously appeared in their bedroom.


Original Short Fiction: "Cassentra’s Myth"

Mothers and daughters are special people, but sometimes not to each other. It is a blessing when mothers and daughters have enough in common to love each other, to show that love, and to feel it. That's not what's going on here. It's a little sad, but still such stories have to be told.


Just Another Cliché Love Story

She is a princess. He is hired to kill her. Need I say more?


Dancing in the Stars

A girl finds herself dreaming about the stars every night, until she doesn't.


The Android: A Short Story

An eccentric millionaire has his body cryonically frozen when he dies, in hopes that he can be revived at some point in the future. He wakes up in the future with his consciousness transferred into the body of an android.


Dust and Ash: A Short Story

Two lovers spend their final moments on Earth together as they await a nuclear explosion.


The Colonist: A Short Story

A man named Blake is selected to become one of the first people to colonize Mars. Though his ex-girlfriend begs him to stay, he can't wait to leave behind a planet that has nothing to offer him.


Satellite: A Short Story

The "Satellite" is the first manned spacecraft to be sent to Mars. Commander Martin Stone describes what he is seeing above the Cydonia region of Mars.


Flash Fiction Stories Vol 1

A series of flash fiction stories of various word counts.


The Garbage Collector: A SciFi Short Story

In the future, Earth begins disposing of its waste via a black hole. The unthinkable happens to one garbage man while on duty.


A Girl and a Dog

Children are like angels, so pure. I was on the station when a girl caught my attention. A beautiful angel; a floral beauty


Not Everything Is As It Appears Upon First Glance. Look Again!

Sometimes I find it difficult to tolerate certain things. A lot of it has to do with the amount of negative energy I am having to resist myself against. There are black holes EVERYWHERE. Sometimes I get sucked in by one.


Escape: A Short Story

In the midst of an alien attack, one crew member manages to escape in an emergency escape pod, leaving behind the rest of the crew. No one comes for help, and she is stuck alone drifting through space in the escape pod for months.


There Are Monsters in the Basement

Mum...please let me out of the basement...


That Time as Come

I know what you are thinking, this will be interesting. OR will it...? I have come to discover that my simple sense of how I put words together is what I find most natural for me.


The Marks of Freedom

This short story is a response to one of Brenda Arledge's word prompts: "Freedom."


Abduction: A Short Story

After losing control of their craft, one of the members of a surveillance mission wakes up on an alien operating table, surrounded by strange beings. She is helpless to escape.


Don't Check Into This Hotel

Weeks ago I booked a 3-day stay at this hotel. Weeks later I'm still here, at the hotel. They are not allowing me to leave. I'm trapped.


Healing Stars. Saturday's Inspiration 39. A Response to Brenda's Prompt 'Stars.', to the Esteemed Writer Brenda Arledge.

A short story of love of my simple village; the sky and stars at nights. A short poem is also included.


Disappointment Story Per Brenda’s 28th Prompt

This is a short story about a young girl who wants to be a star, but must accept disappointment. This story is in response to Brenda Arledge’s 2th prompt, “stars”.


A Bad Breakup - A Short Story

Rose rants about her now ex-boyfriend to a few of her friends. However, not everything she says matches up to reality


Flash Fiction: The Voices of Aunt Abby's Family

A sequence of flash fiction opinionating on Aunt Abby's strong religious beliefs.


The Chameleon: A Short Story, Chapter Two

Our protagonist killed himself. Or did he? This is the second chapter to a short story challenge posed by the author of the first chapter, Bill Holland aka Billybuc.


The Me in the Mirror - Response to a Brenda Arledge Word Prompt

This short piece of fiction was written in response to fellow writer, Brenda Arledge's one-word prompt: "Mirror."


Death and the Code Blue - a Flash Fiction Story

Death is back this time working as an orderly in the hospital. This time he is in a run for his