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Hallelujah: Bill's Writing Challenge Returns

My response to Bill's latest writing challenge.


The Girl in the Office - A Short Story

A short story about a weird happening between two coworkers.


The Yellow Rainboot

Out on a bike ride, something yellow caught my eye...


Fiction, of Course...?

Imagine a situation, unknown to the public, which should create outrage. Image a room full of 'the powers that are' deciding how to deal with the unfolding events.


A Stranger’s Kindness

Emma falls into a financial crisis and also breaks up with her boyfriend. She reaches the rock bottom of her life when a stranger’s phone call changes everything. Read on to find that interesting story.


Veronica - a Short Story

Marc thought he'd spend a solitary week camping at New River State Park until he met Veronica.


The Waitress and Two Other Flash Fiction Stories

A series of 3 flash fiction stories created using specific prompts found at writing sights.



A sense of duty brings a heroic police officer back from the shock of death.


The Haunted Tree ( Horror story )

A group of four teenagers go to camping in a deserted place where some terrible things happen as they come across a tree captured by the spirit of a vengeful farmer.


In Love With Nightmares

Do you know how it feels, when you see one of your body parts getting rotten and you don't have any way to get over it? And you can't get rid of it because it's yours.


Latent potential

In chess,pawns are the weakest,most expendable pieces on the board, yet when they finally reach the end of the board, they can become a queen; the most powerful piece by far.


The Angry Dog and the Master

This dog hates everyone. Yet every day runs to the fence and let's the master pet its head and scratch its ears.


Crystal, Magic and a Big Yes!

Nature in love - is all about how a tree all lonely and forlorn falls in love with a dew drop, who is the only consolation and friend. She doesn't just refresh his mornings, but gives him comfort and company during the lonely nights.


The Unwanted Villain

The Villain of the story comes across a girl at his friend’s birthday party. He instantly falls for her, but the girl shows disinterest in him. When he proposes to her through his friend, the girl rejects him. Read on to find the story of how the Villain continues to take his revenge.


Time for "Archie's" Journey

Dirty, muddy, stubborn, just three adjectives to describe our lovable friends: Pigs. But this hub speaks about one pig who won his battle for life.


The Irish Burglar From Downing Street

The article is an intriguing story that depicts conspiracy, revenge and treason. The characters were played out so well, making the story line very compelling to read. Dr. Alban was a good man, but decided to be a traitor but his plans were foiled despite relocating to Mumbai from London.

Stumble-A short story

There are two ways for a person to learn. One way is to stumble and learn a lesson. The second way is to take care of yourself when you see someone stumbling.

A Story Where a Broken Light Plays an Important Part

This is a short story where a simple broken light turns out to play an important role.


The Cooperate Bandits From The Whitehouse

This action thriller reveals a cooperate crime committed by a high profile security agency and how the race to uncover this operation involved the best of USA and UK security agencies.


The Realization

"Men are humans. And I am not a man." "Men are polite. And I am not a man." "Men are not cruel. And I am not a man." "Men are not selfish. But I am not a man." "Men can bow down like a flexible twig. But I am not a man." "Men are men. But I'm not a man"


Waiting for the Miracle

Time doesn't stay forever. With hope One day everything will be better. This piercing troublesome will surely end one day. He didn't know that how would it happen. But he still believed. He still believed that a sunrise is waiting for him. Every night, before his eyes were closed, his


Baby Girl

A short story with seemingly radical life lessons.


Ice in the Swamp - a Short Story

A young man is bow hunting in the icy swamp and has to track his wounded quarry over the thin ice.


The Lost Campanion

This is a short story I wrote for my English assignment. I read about the struggles and the hardships of the people in the Middle East and wanted to shed some light on it through this piece.



The ringing of a mobile, I keep hearing it and then when I pick up the mobile,there is no missed call. I keep staring at it,checking the call log but the last call I received was a month ago.I check for the text messages.But there is none from my contacts other than the sim company whose sim I use.


The Dumpster Incident - a Short Story

When your mother blames you for the problem when you're the one who stopped to help.


Are You Ready for a Completely Different Christmas Story?

A short story about the meaning of the Holy Night.


Jozef, Maria and a baby Jesus

We all depend on our shared morality, agreed norms of behaviour, mutual trust, altruism and a sense of "all-of-us-together." THE LIBERTY CRAVED BY 'ME' COULD BE SUSTAINED ONLY BY 'US'.


Death Comes Back - a Flash Fiction Story

The latest flash fiction story featuring the character of Death.


Will Bonnie's Dreams Come True?

Bonnie has high-quality dreams to pursue. But her Mom and her psychiatrist come in the way. Read on to find out how the story unwinds in Bonnie's favor.


Dan and Haley- Attention or Obsession?

There is fine line between attention and obsession. When is that line crossed? How do we know that we have crossed the invisible line? Is it something that can be avoided with better communication? Some say obsession is a form of love but is it still love if it chokes you?


Christmas Flash Fiction Stories

A series of flash fiction stories based around the Christmas Season.


Power of Fear

A king declares that the prince shall not go for hunting expedtion. However, the prince died.


Fedex and Ups Trucks on Miller Avenue: A Billybuc Challenge

The fictional story below is my answer to a photo challenge issued by one of our favorite writers on HubPages. It also portrays exaggerated disparities in consumerism in America today.


The Homeless Man and the Christmas Gift. A Billybuc Challenge

A Flash Fiction story, using some provided prompts


A Night at the Skating Rink

What might it be like to be the first to skate on fresh ice just after the Zamboni passes through?


For The Status Quo

A science fiction flash story about a man's last day alive in a state governed by artificial intelligence.


Missing Micifuz

A short sad story about my kittens, written in the style of a children's story.


The Virus: A Short Story

Clive and his newfound, young friend, Jason, endure the impact of a killer virus. Most of the world's population has been eliminated. The two must work together to survive the coming winter. But when things begin to look questionable, can the two-man team remain loyal?


Into the Air- A true Story of My Past

I share a real life story of a student who attended English Language class in the evening. He's no more around to retell the story in English. I've penned it as a flash fiction.


4Flash Fiction-A True Story

I've passed by many persons who left behind their stories filled with wisdom. I've scribbled 3 persons' words in the article.