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Creative Writing


Flash Fiction From the Beach Vol 4

The fourth edition of shorter flash fiction stories.


Words of Forgiveness

These two pieces, a poem and flash fiction story, were written in response to the word prompt "forgiveness."


Karma is a Bitch

If I knew what was going to happen happened, I would've never said what I said.


How to Feed Your Family after the Apocalypse

Congratulations! If you’re reading this pamphlet, you’re one of the one in 240 who survived and one in 1,400 who still has at least one family member to care for after Armageddon. This handy guide will provide advice on four different aspects of feeding yourself and your family.


Puss the Cat

The tale of a cat and old woman and how they helped each other deal with loneliness.


The Old Mansion

A young architect narrates his visit to an old mansion and all that unusual happened with him.


Imaginary Girlfriend - A Flash Fiction Story

A flash fiction story about an imaginary girlfriend who shows up one day.


Flash Fiction: Lightness of Spirit

A disabled man confined by paralysis lives a dream of being free.


In Search of a Golden Voice

A child becomes very fond of an older sister addicted to songs. The bond lingered but they were separated due to compulsions of marriage and job. The golden traits of the lady were passed on to her worthy daughter.


Love Stories Are a Chore

I don't mean to push the blame, but they're really quite annoying.


Plight of Purgatory

Dying is rather overrated.


Love, the Girl With Broken Thoughts.

This is a series of diary entries of a deep teenage girl struggling to find her place in a lonely world. Many important struggles are touched throughout the entries. She describes her problems in an eerie, abstract way. The reader becomes attached to the girl who believes she has broken thoughts.


The Slip of Paper: A Short Story

A story with a message, what I believe to be an important message. Thank you for taking the time to read this, as unpleasant as it may be for you.


The Hush Hush Wedding

Hey guys, read about this hush hust tale of a wonderful yet funny marriage.


Scattered Memories

"Does she remember you?" "No."



Human Life is like a voyage across a rough sea. And all of us are bound to go through it, no matter whether we like to or not. Most of us pass it grudgingly and make it a tragedy. While a few face it bravely and enjoy it fully!


Love Your Sword - A Flash Fiction Story

A short story about a rogues love for his sword. Well not really his sword but the sprite essence which lives inside.


You And I....

Condition:- If I am to write a book where the protagonist of the book have to die for his lover. What would be the last line to end it.


The End of the Magic - A Christmas Flash Fiction Story

A flash fiction story about a woman who has lost her desire for Christmas. She is in need of having the magic of the season restored. Esther Claus, Santa’s wife is determined to help her.


A Festive Tale: A Surprise at Christmas

A Christmas story for a festive read to bring a little holiday cheer...


How One Obnoxious Guy Led to a Miracle for Juliette

A guy bothers Juliette at the office a lot. He even starts spying on her. The office didn’t pay attention to her problem. So, she resigned from work, not being able to bear it. How does this obnoxious guy lead her to a beautiful miracle? Look inside and read on.


Christmas Flash Fiction Stories 2

3 Christmas Flash Fiction Stories


A Cow Was Born, Then....

She gave birth to me in the field while eating grass. A man came running to see me. He took me in his arms and cleaned me. Brought me to my mother. I'm very naughty. I drink my mother's milk and run here and there. My mother forbade me to not do mischief so much but I mischief a lot. Sounds great.


What If You Could Live in the Sky?

I know we all wanted to live in the sky when we were little. This is not only surprising at all but also much more hilarious. It still makes me smile to think that once upon a time we wanted to build a house in the sky. Such is the mind of children. But if it so happens that we can live there?


What If You Are a Bird?

I wish I could fly in the sky like a bird. My family would not let me out of the house. I would sit on the porch and look at the sky and watch the birds fly in the sky. In my eyes bird life seemed very comfortable .The birds will wake up when they wish to. Eat when they wish to.


Faith in a Nutshell

Story about a woman and her faith journey.



I know time can't rewind, but it'll be really good if it can fast forward.

Dusk Carnival

When depression invades how would you keep ahold of the balloon?


After Hours

She knew there was no such thing as vampires. No werewolves, no ghouls, no zombies, none of the things that went bump in the night were real. Everyone knew that. But doing all the pick-ups at dusk started making her nervous.


"Voice"- Ishita Bose

A voice and it's journey to find it's true essence


Maybe Bye Forever

The fairytale illustrates how human values depend on possessing. Power, respect, and admiration are all enjoyed by the wealthy. The concepts are empty since things pass away because you can have them today, and tomorrow they might no longer exist. The same applies to life, here today, gone tomorrow.


How Water-Drops Got It's Revenge

The other name of water is life. We can't spend one day without water. It's so important. Let's understand it through this story.


The Three Angels Of Christmas - A Flash Fiction Story

A Christmas story about being a grinch being visited by three angels.

Dig My Mind

I would like to share how beautiful the world can be, despite how sad we are sometimes.


What If Lemon Could Do Things Like Human

When lemon can do things as human, what do you think can happen? Must read fun story for you.


Magic Does Not Exist

Stranger things have happened. There is no cause for alarm.


A Story of a Japanese Young Man

This short story will be able to make your brain twisted. Just take a moment and read this iconic story.


The Strange Smoke

Whenever Shawn sees that strange smoke, some horror things happens to him. He doesn't know why that happens. He has been haunted by the ghosts repeatedly. Wait for the irony twist.


Flash Fiction: The Stand-Up

A comedian's fear of the cancel culture.


Into The Ground

Into the ground is a short fiction story which sends message of something important that the world needs right now. The world will be devastated the way humans are treating it. Before the world gets destroyed,humans should care for it.


A Short Story: Parallel World

He made a equation to control time. But a mistake happen and he made a machine to go another world, the parallel world. He even doesn't know that he made a mistake. What happens when he goes there?

Boredom of King Prento - Response to Word Prompt

Everyone has some occasions of having boredom in one's life. It is normal to have it but how to avoid it requires finding some ways to keep oneself busy in positive and exciting territories. This story is based on such a premise.

Night of Terror

It was inspired by a true story. An unforgettable night of terror, the most difficult time of her life, when her family was on the verge of death and they were fighting for their lives. The most difficult part is that her own father made them suffer. Will they be able to top that night?


Not a Superhero

He first began to wander the streets at night because he could not sleep. Then he began to see those who needed help. He simply did what he could, but some were calling him a superhero.


No More Sunrise

The last sunrise will forever be the prettiest.

A Fairy Tale

Do you remember the moment you first met Prince Charming? Because I do. I remember when he was still the most perfect person that my eyes had landed on.