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10 Flash Fiction Stories of 99 Words or Less

Ten flash fiction stories across the board from love to fantasy.


Sweet Winter - a short story by E C Dollgener

Cora Baxter spent most of her day sitting by the window watching the corn grow and waiting for her children to come home. She welcomed the daily visits from Neticia, who cleaned her house and brought food on occasion, and waited for Frank to come in from plowing the fields on the Farm-All tractor.


Fishing - from the Viewpoint of the Bait

A person has an opinion on fishing, but this is written from the bait's perspective...


It's Always Better Tomorrow

Two brothers have too much work to do and no time for fun. Until one brother come up with a brilliant idea.


The Jallianwala Bagh Massacre- A Newspaper Report

An overview of the Jallianwala Bagh Massacre - imagined as written by a journalist from that time.


How Alisha Revived Her Confidence When She Got Back to Work After a Career Break

After a break in her career, when Alisha joined back, she was scared and lonely. This article describes how she used a trick to get her lost confidence back every time she felt like an imposter and thought she was not good enough.


Pull the Trigger by E C Dollgener

After enduring the brutal initiation into the gang, Joel is faced with an even more terrible choice to make with a young life at stake. He seeks the approval of his estranged brother, but at what moral cost will he sacrifice?


Tia Reed's Extra Special Christmas Story

Tia Reed was that chick. The one that would take your man and wouldn't think twice about it. But this time, the man she has her eyes on, is the one that the other woman DOESN'T want ... And he comes with attachments.


Weekend Adventures: Billybuc Writing Challenge - Remembering

A fictional short in response to Bill's writing challenge


Keep Warm Mishits!

A bedtime story for preschoolers. Daddy comes up with a plan to keep the kittens warm during the cold months when they're outside.


We Are Born to Share

‘Hear this, my friend. Love is a precious object. it cannot be given to anybody. Love is a respectful object. It is, but to suffer and enjoy. Love is a great and wealthy object. Mountains fall and ashes remain. It becomes a fire for the heart. It makes kings servants. Love is a confident object.


The Stationery Chronicles: A Day in the Life of a Pen

A humorous anecdote about a day in the life of a pen, from the perspective of said pen. Enjoy!


Night of the Nascent

Set in the future when humankind must depend on benevolent aliens to continue to exist, the story unfolds on the night of an annual return of the beings to Earth.

Warren Is About Struggling to Love Yourself

Loving yourself is not as simple as it sounds. Especially when the people who love you-who should love you- are constantly putting you down.


Little Joe's Christmas Tree

A short story about a boy living in a family shelter for the first time. When thieves break in and steal the center's Christmas tree, Little Joe determines to find another just before the worst ice storm in years strikes. He wants to share with others what Christmas had been like at home.


Welcome, Mishits!

In this bedtime story for preschoolers, Din Din and his family introduce the Mishits to their new home. What to expect? The story includes vocabulary that will prompt your preschooler to ask you questions, which can be points of discussion to amplify your child's vocabulary and worldview.


The Power of TWO: A Short Story

His name is TWO, and he is a secret agent of the United States government. After a few years of going out on missions, TWO's conscience began to nag at him. Leaving the spy industry can be tricky.


The River Styx

We all inevitably succumb to the earths pulls, but what happens afterwards?

Graveyard Whistler

Original Short Fiction: "Graveyard Whistler's Sixth Flash Fiction Find" (6)

This is the final installment of these flash pieces, plus I'm adding an after thought regarding what I am up to lately in the literary studies arena—including a rant about postmodernism's deleterious effect on life and art.


The Giant Growth: A Young Boy Grows Much Quicker Than Expected...

A young boy grows fast and furious and all hell breaks out...


The Itch

Sometimes it's the most minute skin irritation that turns into a horrific struggle.


Faith, Merry and Joy - a Short Story

A story of three angels who are full of mischief and love.

What is Wealth

An uplifting, thought-provoking story about the importance of finding happiness in the smallest things.

From Animosity to Goodwill

A humorous story about a conversation between a ghost and an old woman.


I have a crush on the girl next door.

This story is based on a man that has fallen inlove with his neighbors daughter. Read how we describes her.


2040 New World Order- a Frightening Tale That May Just Happen -Short Story

A frightening Tale of what the world could be in the near Future. But with a chilling twist in the tail!


The Magic of an Audio File

After I hear an audio file, I write a book that becomes a bestseller. A fellow author, however, warns me not to listen to the end of the recording but delete it. My nephews hear it at my place, but I am right there to stop it and delete it. Then my nephews begin to excel at writing English essays.


Old Boots: Billybuc Photo Challenge Edition 3

A short story inspired by Bill's third installment.


A Teacher is Put Behind Bars

Being a teacher is not easy. Sometimes you encounter experiences that are distressing and heart-rending.There are times they are falsely accused of offences they have not committed. Sometime they are jailed. They end up rotting in a gaol.


A Spontaneous trip

4 boys go on a spontaneous trip to a hill resort in Malaysia, but they have to go through a quiet forest road before reaching there. What will happen?


The Visitors: A Short Story

A walk in the woods is always a pleasant thing to do after the rain, isn't it?


Two Cups of Tea

They are both mines.


The Wrong Date: Be Careful About Who You Date After Meeting Them Online

A lady meets the wrong guy on her first date. He turns out to be what she didn't expect.


Mistake Markus- a Short Story About How Looks Can Be Decieving

Here's the thing, it started off great. He respected my boundaries and he was so sweet. Everyone thought so. Everyone still thinks so. Except... in private he is not so sweet or respectful but he loves me. I know he loves me and I love him.


Cheng- a Short Story About Loss of a Spouse

What do you do when your heart is ripped out of your chest unexpectedly? What do you do when your world tilts on it's axis? Is there anything you can do? Is the loss of the other half of your soul a thing you are meant to survive? Do people survive this?


The Mysterious Box of Chocolates

The author comes to a new town where her Uncle lives. He always calls her a favorite niece. Then he has heart attacks, and he passes away. On Valentine's Day, a box of chocolates arrives, calling her a favorite. She can’t figure out who it can be.


Faithful Johnny - a Halloween story

A Halloween story that expands on the folk song "Faithful Johnny," along with bits of folklore to flesh it out.


A Silent Tear and a Broken Heart

Mother's struggling life and boy's limitless love for his mother are main highlights of this story and how their life changed is the secret which I unfold in this story.


Codename Disenchantment

Inspired by The Punisher; the excellent movie Punisher Warzone and the 2005 PC game in particular. A bit of Splinter Cell too.


Original Short Fiction: "Graveyard Whistler's 'A Strange Story'"

Graveyard Whistler has been quite busy finishing his dissertation in Literary Theory for the PhD at the University of South Falls. He has decided to take a few hours off on Sunday to check in with a strange story he came across in a literary theory journal that specializes in mystical literature.


Death Moves On - a Flash Fiction Story

Another story featuring the character of Death


This Is My Life, These Are My Things

This is my response to Bill Holland's (BillyBuc) writing/photo challenge #5 (or is it another number?). A little tale about a man's life and his possessions. Let's follow him on his little tour, shall we?


Dweller on the Threshold: A Nostalgic, Short Fiction Story

An old man stands on the corner of a playing field, and for a moment he is the boy he used to be.


Abandoned Cemetery

One dark night the curious explore an unlikely place. The visitors then realize they are not alone among the field of graves.


The master and the curious student

The quest for knoweldge sometimes misses the learnings all around us.


Challenge Accepted

This is a collection of on-the-spot flash fiction snippets of "supposed-to-be-novels" created as a challenge that I posted in my social media account.