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Adapting the Union to Last - Poem

This hub includes four poems in response to Brenda’s weekly word prompt, “Adapt”. Hope everyone enjoys reading it.

Amos the Big, Black Dog by Shana Jahsinta Walters.

Amos is a big, black dog. He runs, he hides, but he doesn't crawls.

Missed Opportunities: A Poem

A poem about...well, a missed opportunity.


I Like a Spring Day

When spring springs, it does more than just make the birds sing. It's one of the greatest times of year...

A Beautiful Moment: Chapters I & II

This is chapters one and two of the A Beautiful Moment story. Make sure to check out the prologue before reading!!


All Being Different Makes Us All Correct. Yeah, Right: A Satirical Rhyme

How often do we hear how "everyone is entitled to their own opinion"? And how many times it's but a defense-for-not-making-any sense? Here, I already started with a rhyme, so why not read the rest of this rhyming stuff.


My Mental Discipline -- My Happiness: A Rhyme to Inspire

Undisciplined mind is like a wild stallion, never happy to have someone on its back and never making the rider happy either.

A Beautiful Moment: Prologue

A Beautiful Moment is a story about a young man regaining his will to live. It will be posted in parts like this, so stay tuned for each installment. Much love.


My Life as a Door Mat

The poem generally talks about my life when I was desperate but now am my own boss. Enjoy


I Anonymous - A Poet Waiting to Emerge

Young poets need fostering and nurturing by others of their tribe. Without acceptance and encouragement, the creative talents might remain hidden, stifled and might eventually be lost.


In Love With a Psychopath — a Call to Death!

A psychopath, a sociopath, or a narcissist - are all difficult choices to fall in love with... but a psychopath is the most difficult choice. So how does it feel to be in love with a psychopath? 3 Poems... Inspired by a true event... Read to find out!


Exposing My True Face: A Rhyme With Sharing

Some choose a social image in their public appearance. Some just thrive on being who they are. That's me.


I Miss You - I Know You Know

This is a small lamentation of my heart. I wrote it a while back as a small prayer and today I still want to say things like this, so, I share it with you. Have you ever felt like this?


Fight Your Weakness With Love: A Rhyme to Inspire

The emotion of love is the most potent cure there is.


Online Writer's Dilemma: A Rhyme to Entertain

What to write? How much to write? How to write? -- Or it's just a matter of luck.


Having a Life: A Rhyme to Entertain

Having a life is a very individual thing and there is no one-fit-all formula for it.

Love: An Allegory

A poem that discusses what falling in love for the first time feels like.


Reflections on Life - Crossroads

It is not easy to navigate through life when one is young. Even to discover one's self can be a huge challenge. Some people choose to walk life's road with friends, but many, like me, make the journey of self realization on their own and that is certainly a difficult journey.


Poem-Adapt to any Situation to Succeed-Response to Brenda Arledge’s Word Prompt Week 52-Adapt

We live in an uncertain era where we face constant challenges and changes every day. With the advent of technology, this change is even faster and profound. People who consider these changes as temporary, and as challenges, adapt quickly, sail through life effortlessly and succeed.


Be Like Water, My Friend ~ Poems About Adapting

These poems were largely inspired by the word prompt "adapt." The title poem "Be Like Water, My Friend" is also an expansion of a quote by Bruce Lee.


Life is Full of Contradictions

Life is like a maze; it's full of contradictions, particularly with regard to the youth. They must listen to the advice of elders as they chart a course into the future. However, the advice they get as they forge their way forward can be a source of confusion and might hinder more than help them.


A Pro-Choice Poem: How Dare You?

A woman’s reproductive rights are HER choices


Adapting to Motherless Mother's Days

In response to my friend Brenda Arledge's word prompt, I started on Mother's Day and completed the next this poem about adapting to a world without my own mom in it.


The Puzzle About Food Chain in Nature: A Rhyme to Entertain

Why something has to be killed so that something else can live? -- that's yet another puzzling thing in a mind of an idle retiree.


Poem: Adapting Behavior

This is my response to the word prompt, " Adapt" from "Word Prompts Help Creativity ~ Week 52." Here recently I've been learning the meaning of this word.   I've learned so many new things like how to mow the yard or operate a drill, even spackling. In any case, I hope you enjoy these poems.


Fair Play -- Something for Gods to Laugh About: A Rhyme With Food for Thought

We almost can't blame the government for lying about their fairness, because liars can't help being themselves -- but we don't have to buy those lies, just to feel better about ourselves as the nation.


“Adapt": Per Brenda Arledge’s Prompt

This article has some poems as a result of Brenda Arledge’s prompt, “Adapt”. Some famous quotes and music is also included.


Not Feeling in Shade of Some "Real" Poets: A Rhyme with Message

Hundred unqualified critics don't make a poetry good, and a hobbyist's poetizing is at least free of a false writer's ego -- if not so often better, for which hundred unqualified critics may not have an eye.

Raw Emotions: A Poem

An old poem I wrote a couple months back that I believe still holds up. It focuses on confused, young "love."


Born to Die Serving: A Rhyme with Food for Thought

Not in a habit of using their own mind, most of the people are just hooked on the programs of collective consciousness -- as if born to be followers, which has its worst aspect in following the minds of politicians.


Poem: Like a Mother's Touch

"Like a Mother's Touch" is expresses the feeling you have when someone loves you enough to be in your corner. It isn't always the woman who gave birth to you. Sometimes it's a friendly face or the neighbor down the road, or a grandmother or Aunt, Father or brother or even your significant other.


Poem: Heaven Scent

"Heaven Scent" ia a poem I wrote as I reflected back on a few memories. Each year, Ron gave me hanging flower baskets for Mother's Day and usually a few other flowers for our pots. This day marked the beginning of our yearly tradition. He loved flowers like I do, so this year I've kept up with it.


Self Love on Mother's Day

Today, I felt like writing about how far I have traveled through the world of judgments and introversion. I have finally reached that pivotal point of loving myself more than worrying about if others ever will.


My Teacher My Hero

Narrative poetry is a type of poetry that narrates a story. It uses the voices of both the characters and narrator. Generally the story is written in metered verse but does not need rhyme. It can be long or short. The following is a modern narrative poem. See how it differs from ancient narratives.


To Adapt or Not to Adapt -- That's the Question: A Rhyme With Message

Adapting probably means different things to different people. This is my own way of looking at it.


Man, You're Graduating for Life at Home: A Rhyme to Entertain

Wisdom is either displayed through relating with those closest to us -- or we are just some intellectual posers.

Five Awesome Acrostic Poems

Five cool Acrostic poems for you to read.