Awesome Poetry

Creative poems on various topics.


In the Grave

The sullen darkness hops in my heart. It cracked and I awake Where am I? In the Grave

Let Us Bury Our Secrets - Response to Word Challenge

Many people keep secrets hidden inside their hearts. Sometimes these secrets create stress to the person who is keeping these things. In such cases, it is better to get rid of them in some way. This poem is an effort in that direction.


The Most Unexpected Secret

He is hiding something. They are both nervous. Will his secret affect their relationship?


Poem: Secret Flame

My first participation for Brenda Arledge's weekly prompt. Here is my poem in response to Week 31's prompt "Secrets".


The Musings of a Bride-to-flee

A poem about wedding jitters and other philosophical musings.

Facing My Fears

After the damage and trauma I went through with my ex-husband, my ex-boyfriend, and the last man I loved passing away.... I found myself thinking I could take on every fear. I'm not ready for romance or love or anything more than friends for so many reasons...


When The Rain Stopped!

The poem is about holding on to the realities of life and accepting that every moment in life is a blessing and yet having the hopes for the uncertainties to come to life every now and then!


Persuasion with Hope & Faith - a Poem

This is a poem where in a soul tries to persuade his lord. Strong hope and faith in his lord can make the journey of persuasion easy.


The Ectasy the Rain Brings

When water droplets fall from above, there is joy and each person's joy varies on the situation and personality of the person


Love - Balanced Equation Part 4

This continues for a time and times...


Love - Balanced Equation Part 3

Then like lightening in the firmament that transverses the length and breadth of the firmament...


Earthy Colors, Hot Chocolate and Jack-O'-Lantern Time!

Autumn has arrived, bringing beauty in golden-brown, orange, red and yellow hues that color every surface. It's the time of warm drinks by the fire or at least under your favorite blanket, with your favorite book or a movie, comfy clothes and Halloween. Autumn comes with a nostalgic feeling to it.

Love - Balanced Equation Part 2

She tries to examine herself, perhaps something is wrong with her


Love - Balanced Equation Part 1

Her feelings for him hasn't gone deeper as she thought it should...


Body of an Adult, Spirit of a Child!

Smell of coffee and breakfast on sunny Saturday mornings, watching cartoons on TV, playing outside, playing with dolls and creating clothes for them...those were carefree days, before adulthood took over. Don't kill that free spirit, that bright and curious little thing that still likes exploring.


Him and Emptiness

This article is about him—a person who in reality does exist and is alive, but spiritually, he is not in the right direction. His life is tossed around in the memories of the past.


A Journey to Light. Tuesday's Inspiration 24, to my Friend Rosina Khan

Two contrasting poems, one a Sonnet on flowers and their magnificence and the other a free-style Sonnet on a journey to Light


Salute to the Mothers of Those Heroes

A salute to all mothers who send their heroes for the country. This short poem is an honorable gift to the mothers of our soldiers and heroes of the country.


Strength And Victory Are Mine

With God, strength, and victory belong to us.


The Journey to Future

When you start a phase anddon't really know what will happen, you just have to be hopeful it goes well


Poetry A Collection of Great Poems

My Personal collection of short poems.

Because the Leader Told Us To

A poem I created on my own, when thinking about the way our world is today


Milk & Honey

A woman who loses her partner some time ago is questioning her sanity having lived alone all this while without any interaction with the outside world, still crippled by her grief but fighting her thoughts and trying to see a future by speaking to her late partners voice of reason inside her head.


Twilight Brings the Night

The curtain of night descends after each twilight and brings with it some magic


What Seek ye?

Looking for a pure tranquility? Seek Jesus.


Discovered Love In the Wilderness of Life Part 6

The paragon of beauty meets the outcast crying...


Discovered Love In the Wilderness of Life Part 5

No answer comes to his heart when ruminating on this.


Discovered Love In the Wilderness of Life Part 4

After he lost all, he started being looked down upon...


Discovered Love In the Wilderness of Life Part 3

They changed "gear" started employing other means...


Garden of The Soul. Monday's Inspiration 91, to the New Writer, Ishika Mehere

Two meta-physical poems on the relationship with a Higher Love