It Is Now I Know #2

I now know that following my heart pays off


It Is Now I Know #1

I now know that following my heart pays off


A Poem About Self Doubt - Prison Cell

This poetry is a reflection of my self-doubt. My lack of belief imprisoned my potential. And during the years of imprisonment, instead of looking for a way out, I was inviting more people to stay with me in prison. I hope this poetry inspires people to follow their passions in life and be happy.


It's Time You Introspect

The human today has forgotten his true motive and living in a delusional world. It's high time that he should realize what is of primary importance and stop being so materialistic.


Poem: God Answers

God answers is a poem about her speaking words to heaven looking up at the night sky.  She feels an answer overcome her telling her not to despair.   God guides her each step of the way.  He has his arms around her.


Special Seeds

Special Seeds are a special breed, sent among us, to remind us, that the world was created for everyone not just some...


Distances Between Our Worlds

Do you have some private words you wished you said said for a dead female friend. In this poem, you would find a new world that can only inspire you.


Stars Waltz on the Darkness, so Hearts May Rejoice. Thursday's Homily for the Devout, 18. To My Friend, Marlene Bertrand

An aesthetic, ethereal and metaphysical poem, expressing the beauty of Love and Light


'The Love in Oblivion'

A man dying for Love. The love, that remained unexpressed and unknown to her. He did not forget to express his gratitude to the nature, for bringing him up till end, rather laments the nature in sympathy not to spare even a single drop of tears while he is all set to forcibly leave from earth.


Apple's Scorn, Her Life Over

Love to one person may become blurred while another lover seems to vanish.


Poem: Inauguration Day Sadness

Inauguration Day Sadness is a poem about how she feels when the outgoing president is boycotting the inauguration.  Instead of setting a good example, he acts like a bully during a time the American  people need unity.  We need good moral values to defeat the afflictions of the world today.


How Mankind Search For His Maker

This poem discusses mankind search for his maker and discovery in a rather inspirational manner from the scriptural perspectives


Loving You as Long as I Live

His constant reassurance my comfort


Grace (God's Grace and Mercy)

Through the trials and tribulations, turmoil and mistakes, degrading and tainting of character, the Lord has proven himself to be faithful to his every word that will not return unto him void. When the world neglected me and I neglected myself, he showed me Grace and Mercy.



Traitor. Traitor. Traitor. We have always believed that only others can be traitors. But you too can be a traitor. And if you are. You are killing yourself. Don't be a traitor.


A Shadow On My Heart

This poem expresses the feelings of a lonely soul as he walks the now deserted city streets. It also echoes what many in society today are going through.


A New Perspective For 2021

To the new year of life and willingness of life, I am ready for it all


Gotten More Than I Deserved #6

From this you all could see that there is no special thing attached to my success in being romantically involved with him other than that I followed my heart, and it turns out that my heart leads me right


Poem: Love's Imprint

Love's Imprint is a poem about how her life changes the moment she meets him.  She feels a love that exist only in fairytales as he keeps her safe from the storms.  She wakes up with a tune playing in her soul thankful he crossed her path.


Gotten More Than I Deserved #5

He replied that he cannot wait to see me, “me too”, I replied. Then he said, when I arrived that he has an assignment for me,


Gotten More Than I Deserved #4

Due to this nasty experience, my uncle says he has no feelings for ladies again, and would not propose to anyone…


Prophet Man

Prophet Man the time is ripe humanity is losing its fight with life, death and destructions is now accepted as part of our daily productions...


Gotten More Than I Deserved #3

But the more I try to avoid the man, the more his thought keep coming to my heart, and I discovered that, the thought of him was negatively affecting me, even in my studies.


Gotten More Than I Deserved #2

“You have walked well” she said a proverb of the island, “this I am eating, please join me”.


Bewildered in Love. Tuesday's Inspiration, 15, to Dora Isaac Weithers

Two Sonnets, expressing the joy and love of inner communion


Gotten More Than I Deserved #1

She is living outside the dormitories of the campus, the dormitories built by the authorities of the university cannot accommodate one percent of the students admitted, the dormitories in place has been built since the institution was founded about thirty years ago..


The Relationship of Love(Is It a Relation of Grief or Joy?)

Why the relationship of love hurts? Is it a grief or everlasting joy?


Lungs of the Universe

Every breath we take is in harmony with the universe; with the earth. Tune into the rhythm of your own breathing. Find peace within.


The Wallflower

This poem speaks about the benefits of being a wallflower. Being one, you never get noticed by others but it gives you a chance to take notice of others instead.

Rocking Chair

The attachment brought by the rocking chair to everyone who sits on it.


How to Handle Pain

How to handle pain. A mystery even great men have not understood. But with this poem you understand that pain is fleeting. For a time. And everyone can control pain


Flowers : Poem

Flowers personify beauty and love and goodness - with their soothing and tender looks, cool fragrance and soft, gentle touch. Here is a poem on flowers and some beautiful quotes on flowers, with wishes that the new year 2021 brings good health, happiness, prosperity and peace.


I Smell Like a Prayer

The way I feel when I am under your siege.


Poem: Resist Temptation

Resist temptation is a poem about a couple who struggles in their relationship until they decide to make love a home. As they embrace the fire, chosing to be in one another's arms they win the war against the devil's temptations. They start the day with a new outlook.


I See You Standing in the Background

There's definitely conflict between the lower vibrational being of oneself fighting against the higher vibrational being of whom we all were created to be. I refer to it as, "a battle between the Beauty and the Beast."


Life's Matters - A Poem

A focus on the confusion we've created as humanity. Life's Matters highlights our arrogance, our need to possess, and our lack of faith in ourselves, to state that my, your, each life matters. Today we reap rewards of choices made and changes we gradually embrace.