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How Do You Make a Boring Person?

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Poem: Timeless Treasure

"Timeless Treasure" is a collection of poems written for "Word Prompts Help Creativity ~ Week 47 (Treasure). It's always fun and exciting to hunt for treasures, but the best ones are the ones you find inside your heart.


Life Is an Illusion

This poem is about my personal experience that What I think life is But it turnaround concept when it comes to deal the meaning of life. I'm not perfect and I will write and learn till death..


A Room of Grief - A Poem

Not all the grief is about death


Dare to Go Against the Grain: A Poem

A challenge to leave conformity and dare to use one's own mind.


Taking Responsibility for It All: A Poem

No matter how popular it may be that "the world is doing it to us" -- we are at the source of it all.


Has Covid Become a Game for Some Governments?

Public interests will be harmed What if covid lives with us? We must accept Maybe it's time to live like a zombie

The Blue Syringe : Friends or Love?

My short response to the Word Prompt 'Treasure' by Brenda Arledge. A moment that happened recently that I keep holding close to my heart. For some I don't know weird reason. Let's keep it fictional and hide the fact that it's a true story. It's our little secret hub friends! Shhhhh!


Simplicity: An Inspirational Poem

Some encouraging words to keep life simple.


Deep Meaning of The Beatles' Song: A Poem

Amazing how we may know the lyrics of a song, but only later in life experience them with their true meaning.


Cost of Love: A Humorous Poem

Love may cost us -- emotionally, financially, some other ways, or at least that cost may provide a fictional material for a humorous poem like this one.


Instigators of Global Hate: A Poem

We don't hate some other nations unless we get indoctrinated by our leaders to do so. In that sense they are not representing us at all by instigating that hate.


Downside of Being Informed: A Poem

Just like we have been told to say "NO" to drugs, we might as well learn to say "NO" to another addictive thing -- all mainstream news.


And It Is Only a Thought

As I am thinking of our everyday thoughts, it inspired this poem.


Treasure Each Moment of Life

The word “treasure” can refer to wealth of any kind or any form. It can also refer to precious moments in life to be cherished forever. This poem is in response to the word prompt "treasure" provided in the Word Prompts Help Creativity-Week 47.


3 Am


Brought Together by Destiny

Putting something of note across to one’s lover ignites the love in his/her heart… Thinking deep about love, I have decided to pen this too…


First Sight

This is a poetry that talks about unrequited love.


You Are Here With Me Now

I was raised by a narcissist for 19 years and then met and married a narcissist and was with him for 36 years. I forgot about and lost pieces of myself through the process. I am trying to find my way back now and most of that has to do with rekindling my relationship with God.


My Free Activities -- Nothing to Boast About, Just Enjoying Them a Lot: A Poem

My hobbies gave a purpose to my life more than my professional activities ever could. And in a sense, they were enormously more rewarding.


My Imaginary Fan or Two: A Poem

Some imagine their alter-egos, others imagine an ideal lover -- so why not imagine a loyal fan.


Love Kills You 2

But money is necessary Who is this man? Where does he want to go? to Manhattan


Happy Despite the World: A Poem

Daily news are suggesting that we all go depressed, and here is a little voice of a spirit that refuses that.


Cereal Killer Not Misspelled: A Satirical Poem

This one is trying to open our eyes about what we are really eating.


Misery for Sale: A Satirical Poem

With our culture market flooded by tears, its creators know how to monetize that misery.


Kneel to Believe: A Satirical Poem

A humorous look at results of millennia of religious faith


Strange Leaps in Life: A Poem

At birth we sometimes carry the seed of something into what we are due to unfold, no matter what obstacles may arise. And then it feels like a "quantum leap".


Theater of Life: A Poem

We play so many life roles that our true identity gets quite obscure.


Those Writing for Daily Bread: A Humorous Poem

How writing assignments affect life


The Philosophy Of Friendship ~ a Poem

This is a philosophical poem on friendship. The poem describes three different types of friendships and their ideas. Let's discover what actually friendship is?


A night too temporary

After an hour of watching a romantic comedy on Netflix, I said to myself, ''hey, why not write a little something about this''. Its a an attraction at first sight one so strong and maybe should've never happened.


You Don’t Have to Suffer Alone

This is a little piece I came up with while in a depressed state, feeling alone, and overall letting go of hope. I want to hang onto the idea that suffering never needs to be done in isolation nor silence, but sometimes it feels like it does. Perhaps this is a wishful piece.

You Wash The Dishes And I Create More Dirty Dishes

A little sample of what a husband and wife do every day.


My Tribute to Bill Holland, My Hero of Self-Liberation: A Poem

This poem is devoted to my friend Bill with whom I share one dark memory, but also one of being reborn into a life of freedom from the booze. It was inspired by his recent disclosing to us the touchy story ending with a triumph of a sheer will.


A Dirty Face Woman and a Child

A poem on an old woman. The poem reflects the relationship between poor and rich, old age and childhood, and humanity and materialism. It reflects the treatment of the world towards the poor soul.


Playing the Science Fiction Game of Life

It's about someone not feeling their best and working hard to get back to some form of it gradually. Easier said than done, but a work in progress nonetheless.

Fairy in a Cage

Most beautiful thing to happen in the wrong place and time.