Poem: Think First

"Think First" is a poem to remind us to think first before we speak. The words we utter can create alot of unintended damage. The rift of silence will fester like a boil until it pops.


A Joyful Noise - Poems of Faith 16

The 16th collection of faith based poetry.

My Shadow Remains With Me - Response to Word Challenge

Our shadows fall where we stand but they are the physical shadows. There could be some other type of shadows also which had become a part of our lives and remain with us always to haunt and disturb us but we cannot get rid of them. This poem is an effort to depict human feelings about these shadows.


Bad Habits ~ Don't Let Them Take Control

We all have habits, some good, some bad, but it is too easy to get taken in by the temptation of bad habits. These poems look at some of those and try to encourage readers to think before they act. This is written in response to the word prompt "Habits."

"Summer God"

Original Poems: Four Voices Anticipating Spring with Commentaries

The four devotional poems offered here render a grateful celebration to the seasonal order of things, as the Source and Creator Belovèd holds center stage in this spring anticipation. The synthesis of the physical and spiritual is metaphorically engaged and dedicated to God in service and prayer.


The Perfect Mismatch

A late post of a poem I had written a few weeks back in response to Ms. Brenda’s word prompt “shadow”.

If (Selfish)

Valesa may seem the helpless one, but is she really?


Response to "Word Prompts Help Creativity ~ Week 34 (Habits) - "Habits"; “Witch's Spell ~ Strong Desire" & "Virtue"

Response to "Word Prompts Help Creativity ~ Week 34 (Habits) - "Habits"; “Witch's Spell ~ Strong Desire" & "Virtue" is what my muse came up with from the word prompt, "Habits." Habits can take control over our lives. It's like we are spellbound & can't break free. Good ones have bad moments too.


No one would choose a regretful life, rather than a peaceful one. The same goes for valesa as she encounters certain situations that urge a guilty solution.


The Creeper Still Creeps

This is a creepy little poem I wrote for Halloween 2021. I hope it doesn't scare you too much. Happy Halloween everyone!


Matrix ~ a Goodbye

A poem on the parting of love. Every tale has an ending. It can be both joyous and sad at times. But if love is pure, everything is great.


"We Don't Need Another Poet"

The World looks to someone who can bring words to Poetry like never before... Who will be the Poet that emerges through that ultimately narrow door ? For many people know how to write glorious words in poetic form... But One More Poet may be One More Poet than what everyone needs!


This My Brethren Is Not Your Home

In this world, I was also My brethren betrayed, alone and rejected in My own home.

Oh! This Melancholy

This poem is about how our questions remain unanswered and how eager we are to have some sophisticated answers to our questions about life.


No One Is Hopeless

If we know the God of hope, we are not hopeless.


We The Sheeple - a Poem

"We the Sheeple", have truly lost our way, using humanity's advancements as personal entitlements, rather than to expand our efforts for the common good. History repeats as we again call for the distracting appeal to our vanity, binding our conscience with excuses amplified by someone else's lyrics.


A Life Worth Existing For

This life might be difficult at some point in time but this flesh is the only one we know. Let’s learn to love it


Seeking Two Drops Again

In the quest for two drops of sunshine, a lot of journey had been lived, internal, external and in forecast. The quest, however, still lives on, with at least moons in sight for hope, if the sun doesn't bless the blessed drops.


Will You Hold My Hand Forever? a Love Poem.

A person's love is a blend of mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual mystic attachment. When someone or something is adored, it is referred to as affection. Based on the emotions of love and affection the poem depicts a wishful conversation of true lovers.


Bluer than Blue

We all know that blue can be sad...but let's not forget there's more than one shade of blue. It can definitely be a happy color, too!


I'm So Tired...

A snippet of my healing experience as a result of having Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Thoughts randomly pop into my head and I write them down.


Poem: Hollywood Is Dead

This is a poem I wrote called "Hollywood is Dead". The article includes a preface describing where I got the inspiration to write this poem.


Long Song Ago

My apologies for being away so long. Still singing the same old song.


The Beauty of Nature - a Poem

This poem describes the love of being close to nature, appreciating the wonderful creations of our Almighty God. Enjoying those moment and feeling so grateful.


Poem-Photograph of a Beautiful Autumn Morning-Response to Brenda Arledge’s Word Prompt-Week 33-Photograph

Autumn is already upon us and after the sultry heat of summer, it is a welcome change. What I like most about autumn is the vibrant colors of nature we get to see all around us. It is an ideal time to test our photographic skills. The beauty of nature during autumn inspires us to click photographs


Mama Knows

Mother's know more than their children.


Poem: Four Walls

A poem about being stuck in your safe haven, and then finally getting the courage to get out.


Response to "Word Prompts Help Creativity ~week 33 (Photograph) - "Photograph"; "Sunday Dinners"; & "Mobile Pictures"

Response to "Word Prompts Help Creativity ~Week 33 (photograph) - "Photograph"; "Sunday Dinners"; & "Mobile Pictures" is my last minute write on photograph.  I had something else in mind and I might still do that one in the future, but I was running behind schedule, so I jotted down these lines..


The Hands Of God

The hands of God will always be our help in times of trouble.


What’s in a Photograph—Poem

The most fascinating thing about a photograph is that it captures a moment, which is gone and can not be recreated. For example weddings, childhood, young age, family get togethers, festivals, travels etc. Looking at the photographs after some years, is a sweet reminder of those precious memories.

The Memories of Yesterday - Sequel of Just How It Is.

From the story foretold in my poem Just How It Is, few years later after drifting apart from each other I just decided to move forward and move on even if it will hurt and break me apart more than it already did. It's time to let go and start a new. New beginnings and a journey to a happy life.


Sister Love Poem in a Photograph

Good relationships endure as time passes, sealed with love and the images of old photographs. Sisters have some of the strongest bonds, becoming best friends forever in life, and in memory.

The Birds Singing in the Sky

Waking up to the sounds of mornings always bring us some hope and realizations that we are never alone in whatever challenges we face all throughout our day. Life still goes on even for every creature around us despite difficulties. Let us always be grateful for every blessings we receive.


Memories In a Photograph

This article has two poems based on Brenda Arledge’s prompt, “photograph”. Photographs are special to most of us as they capture great memories from the past.


Hatred Is Fear Made Manifest

A little late to the party, but this is my response to Brenda Arledge's word prompt from week 32, "Fear." We can all relate to wanting to fit in, but some will try to fit in at the expense of everyone around them, and fear is the biggest motivator for it all.