Poems: The Hands of Friendship

The Hands of Friendship is in response to "Word Prompts Help Creativity / Week 9" by Brenda Arledge using the word prompt, "Friendship." There are 3 poems: Divine Friendship; Hand of Friendship; and Long Distance Friends. Each of these describe a unique friendship.


Redemption: Jodah Sentence Poetry Challenge

A second attempt to spark creativity.


Residual Anticipatory Aftershocks

It's about someone who longed for connection, but skeptical of what it meant to reach out to someone. Burned too much in the past to be completely open just yet. Need time and proper respect to be doled out in the meantime.


No Fairweather Friends Allowed

This poem is my response to Brenda Arledge's weekly writing prompt. The topic word of the week being "friendship."


The Coconut Fruit

"After setting the stars in motion, after ordering the galaxies in perfect order — Brahma sat on a chair (made of clouds), and started playing with the blue orb;"


Poem: Kitty-cat Cartoon

Kitty-cat cartoon is a short poem about watching kittys play.  It's like watching a cartoon show.  Never a dull moment.  The way they wiggle their butts before they pounce is cute. Then you wonder if they can tell time because they seem to know when it's time to eat.


A Song: I Love You #4

A beautiful lady, who will not give up on her lover writes this poetry to show her continual trust in her lover...


A Song: I Love You #3

A maiden who has been subsumed by the lover of her spouse hopes there would be another world and chance and there again she will choose him...


I Am an Eternal Journey. Wednesday's Inspiration 20, to the Writer Ravi Rajan

A look through poetry, at the journey of life ... of how the here and the here-after merge ... are all one in a much larger stream of Consciousness


A Song: I Love You #2

The maiden daily looks forward to the emergence and appearance of the Gem she has given her heart to...


A Song: I Love You #1

It's a young maiden's poetry/song for her lover who is not with her.


Hannah Marmalade

Poetry Month Poem #14

Searching Friendship

Who does not want to have some good friends to enjoy life and have fun and frolic with them? But searching good friends and making life long relationship with them is also a tedious task. We have to try to search for good friends and keep them like a life long treasure.


Your love is so presumptuous

This is a poem about someone who thinks he is God's gift to women and is so disgusting and horrible when it comes to how treats women!

I Lost You

"I know I won but it felt like I was defeated and beaten up."


Technology Interrupted

It's about someone who thought they would get a lot accomplished, but a technical glitch prevented that from happening. Realized that the issue was a lot bigger than this and needed to be addressed.


What Is the True Purpose of This Life?

What is the purpose of this life? This life is not given to us to waste it.


A Four Leaf Clover Friendship~for Ms Brendas Prompt

Poem for friendship. Beneath the billion twinkling stars In the darkened sky What makes you so hard to find.?


A Song: You Are My Lover

Composed for Dedicated lover, because song is one of the lifters and promoters of love….


Physically and Emotionally Outsourced

It's about someone who had get a procedure done today. Dreaded it, but decided to let nature run its course. No longer willing to fight what needed to be done.


April Tanka #13

Poetry Month Poem #13

Hopes of an Orphan

Orphans are exposed to a lot of things like hardship, tormentation, abuse, unwarranted suffering and all. With no hope of a brighter day.


True Friends

A rhyming poem inspired from Brenda Arledge's word prompt Friendship.


Faerie Dell: Response to Word Prompt.

A response to Brenda Arledge's word prompt 'fairy'.


Friendship - Challenge per Brenda Arledge's Prompt

It is healthy to have friendships and when we have them, we must cherish them.


Poem: Smoldering Love

Smoldering love is a poem which was written for a contest. It tells the story of a woman who is crushed when she sees the spark in her man's eyes fade.  She can hear his unspoken words fly across the room as he halts his affection hoping she will leave.


Poems and Discussion: 'Friendship', Inspired by a Single Word Prompt

Once more, inspiration comes from a single word prompt, from Brenda Arledge. Friendship means so much, in different ways to different people. What does that word conjure up in your mind? Do you have many friends or a chosen few? Do join me on the journey through friendship.


My Daily Personal Interrogation: A Questionnaire Through Poetry

A complicated poem that poses a question that I ask myself every day.


Friendship - Brenda Arledge’s Prompt

Friendship is a prompt from Brenda Arledge. There is one acrostic poem and an ode to friendship poem. Some characteristics of friendship are included in the poetry.


A Compilation of Faith Based Bagua and Fibonacci Poems

A series of short poems in various styles such as Bagua and Fibonacci poems amd more.


Sloth Saves the Day

Poetry Month Poem #12

I Just Wanna Make You Smile

Don't be too hard on yourself.


To Gamble or Not

When love gave you a hard time to move on, heal, and forgive. You realized how much pain love could bring you, how can it destroy you. You will build the thickest wall to protect yourself, but what if someone breaks in unexpectedly? Will you let him/her in? Or not?