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Some Life Quotes: That I Feel

I want to say some of the things that I feel through in these sentences.


Butterfly: Different Colors, Different Patterns

Ethereal beauty of butterflies and the theories about them made me write a poetry. Each of their color represent some meaning and they themselves represent freedom and hope.


Direction-My Daily Haiku

A poem about moving forward in life


Alcoholic Unanimous Solemn Pledge: A Humorous Poem

Well, nothing serious about this one -- so you might enjoy it, especially if you like your regular wine.


About Abortions and Wars: A Satirical Poem

Here is one about discrepancies in how we value human life.

Freedom of Prejudice

Acrostic poem to ease the mind, move the broken heart, and soothe the battered soul.


Mystery House

Written with elements taken from a true personal story .


Because I Say So: A Poem

We are equally right-and-wrong if we say that life is a wondrous adventure, or that it sucks -- so why not choose what feels better and even supports our health.


The Folly of Evil: A Satirical Poem

Fear has made our dark imagination create the concept of a sinister force, a superstition which unfortunately took strong roots in religious faith.


When I Chose to Go That Way....

When I chose to go that way, I was not sure of choosing the same I chose to go that way by keeping in mind the advice...........


Those Ungrateful to Life: A Poem

We see them everywhere, those who shouldn't have been born, because they don't appreciate the gift of life.


Boys Tears

Boys cry in their hearts without other people knowing it. I have said this from my feelings. I think this has happened to many boys.

General Haiku Poems

A few cool haiku poems.


December Blues

This poetry is about the feeling December season invokes in us.

11 Cool Haiku Poems

Here is a small collection of haiku poems.


Born to Die Serving: A Satirical Poem

A fresh look at heroes who died in non-defensive, political wars.


Like a Toy Soldier Wound Up for Fight: A Satirical Poem

Fearfulness often starts very early in life, and then we bring it into adulthood converted into a chronic defensiveness -- and that's the theme of this poem.


God and Me: A Poem with a Dash of Humor

Squeezing a huge theme into some prose with rhymes -- and yet with enough of taste of my truth in it.

My Forgotten: A Poem

Try while in school the knowledge of the books is not remembered. This condition is mostly related to students. This poem is described about that.


For the Joy of Hating: A Satirical Poem

A poem satirizing those who escape from abusive relationship, but addicted to it, get back because they can't get used to loneliness.


Un-Predictable Poetry

In response to Chris Mills question: How has this pandemic impacted you as a writer? I'd have to say my writing has taken on a much darker tone, and I have to struggle to keep it light. Been trying to find joy in the small everyday things. Some days are better than others.


I'm Time: a Poem

The "I'm Time" is poetry. This poem talks about what time wants to say.


Be Truthful: A Poem

"Truth will set you free" -- a perennial maxim, partially explaining why there is so little of genuine freedom in this world.


Two Metaphorical Women of My Heart: A Poem

A bit of nostalgic sentiment expressed in rhymes.


The Cell Phone Craze: A Satirical Poem

No other toy has ever been shared so much by all three generations in a family -- and made us look quite silly at times.


Online Writer's Dilemmas: A Satirical Poem

While writing is fun, those with no fixed niche might have a problem deciding over what to write about.



Watching the vivid image of the beautiful scenery you used to love and admire.


Disinterested Heart

Disinterested heart is difficult to please by a lover


Poem: Boredom

"Boredom" is my response to "Word Prompts Help Creativity ~ Week 40. 3 pieces to express my thoughts.  The 1st one shows how a person feels when he is bored. The 2nd one us an acrostic poem that explores the definition of boredom.  The 3rd one explains how one feels bored when he's stuck in bed.


I Am Dying to Live

A man must die for his sins and to the world to live for God.


Poem: A Little Piece of Heaven

I wrote this poem, "A Little Piece of Heaven" for a picture prompt in one of my writing groups, but I loved it so much I wanted to share it with you first. It's about a little place of paradise here on earth where one can actually feel and hear the presence of God.


The Charms of Cayo Guillermo

A recent visit to this quiet island on the Northern coast of Cuba inspired the senses, and brought me back to unspoiled nature and magical moments and views. A selection of the scenes that moved me are highlighted in this poem.


In This Piece of Universe Reserved for Me: A Poem

In our personal space we call all shots -- albeit, who is really willing to believe it?


There is an "End" to every thing.

Nothing in our life is forever: happiness, sorrow, suffering, and delight. Everything is in a state of transition at all times.  Everything is going to end.


Be the Way You Want to Make This World.

If you really want to see a beautiful world, work on yourself and you will find that this world is actually beautiful.