Four-Leaf Pennies

This short poem is a love story of sorts...


Poem: Afraid of Commitment

Afraid of commitment is a poem about how she feels each moment when she shares it with him. She desires him and wants him to be part of her life, but the feeling scares the socks off her feet. She fears being hurt by love and drowning in her tears.


With Patience the Fetters Are Broken #3

When the seas are roaring with their tides rising up, one does not need to run headlong into it lest one injures himself.


With Patience the Fetters Are Broken #2

The sages used to say that “there is nothing that patience cannot overcome, adding that even patience can cook a stone”


With Patience the Fetters Are Broken #1

All of us are humans, we have blood running through our venous and arterial systems therefore what you are also passing through we also passed through similar things he said to her.


She Puts the Wrong Leg Forward

She was thinking her stepmother has taken her position and place with her father therefore she has misbehaved, and has put the wrong foot forward what she ought to do last she has done first.


Expectations - Poem

.... Everything does not happen just as we expect .... Is it possible to be devoid of expectations ??!!


Faithful Poems From the Beach Vol 4

The 4th collection of faith based poetry


My Garden Rose—Poem

‘One Rose is enough for the dawn.’-Edmond Jabes. How true! Each morning, I head towards my little garden. And, if I find a Rose greeting me, my joy knows no bounds. It’s there for a little while. How similar to the human life! You are here for a short time. Don’t forget to smell the Roses.


Why I Married Him #3

It is because it is easier for me to know when he is annoyed that I have decided to marry him unlike some men who will keep the errors of their spouses to them, brooding over it like a hen…


Why I Married Him #2

Love relationship watched in movie is different from what is obtained in Reality.


Why I Married Him #1

It has been a while that I have been thinking of how to get close to him, until I discovered the opening to get closer to him


The Love Is Still in Your Brain

When you have been in a situation where you can't say that you are in love or not. And when you try to get answer then this poem comes and clarify your confusion and reveals that you are in love.


Poem: Dealing With Loss

Dealing with loss is a poem about how she feels when she has lost someone close to her.  She pretends she is fine as she hears the well meaning words and feels the embraces of others.  But she wants to hide away beneath the covers, flipping through the pictures in her mind.


How He Used His Education to Save His Community #2

No one knows this before within the island, but they would blame those who develop seizure after using the concoction that they have been attacked by the gods because they are bad people and would become bad influences or people in the future.


How He Used His Education to Save His Community #1

The students call second class lower degree draw equating it to a game in which the two teams play draw.


When I Was Young #2

The Medical personnel now says, when we were young, we used to run after death and death would flee us, but when we are grown up, getting old, it is death that is pursuing us, and we are fleeing


When I Was Young #1

“When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things.” (1 Cor. 13:11)

Fear and Anger

A tall figure looms over she clutches her pillow. She seeks to be in a green meadow. Fear is in all of us and anger will never go away.



Life is full of warmth and water, with land and sea creatures in and around the Corpus Christi Bay. The warmth of the summer breezes carries me away napping under the Oak trees.


Did Not, Does Not, Will Not

Poem reveals the truth of life of everyone. Poem says according to god nothing is permanent, so don't scare and don't try to dominate others.



Here is a poem about Leadership


Song for the Soul

Here is a amature song I wrote in my spare time.


The Pandemic Pandora's Box

Pandemic pandora's box is a symbolic art expressing how people felt when the covid19 virus erupted.


The Lady and Her Dog: Billybuc Photo Challenge Edition 5.2

A little poem inspired by Bill's photo challenge.


Love Is a Gift for You

The gift of love has no description or a form It is like fire that burns you, but also keeps you warm And like water when it gives you life


Mercy the Mockingbird; Prose of Love, Life, Agony, and a Sweet Guitar

I was trying to express how I feel about the most beautiful guitar I have ever seen--the BC Rich Mockingbird; however, the words tied into other thoughts, about listening to friends in pain, agonizing over lost love. Sorry about the ending, I could not resist.


From Gloom to Cheer: My Prose in Rhymes

Happiness is an inside job, as no one and nothing can "make" us happier only because it works in opposite way of their being able to turn our happiness into misery.


Serene Smoky Grey Sky

This poem was inspired by an often travelled drive that I experienced with a fresh view on a recent late afternoon. A village detour added to the moment of reflection and appreciation for history and nature.


Poems, Poems and More Poems

Here are some interesting poems about my love for the art of poetry.


Black History Poems

Here are a few great black history poems.


Outwit Covid-19

Outwit Covid-19 is about her thoughts of Covid-19. She wears her mask, uses hand sanitizer to stay safe. She can't hide from something she can't see. She worries about the one's who do not believe it is real putting her in danger. She trusts God to fight her battles. This gives her a sense of peace.


What Put an End to Wrong Ancient Belief in the Island #3

Therefore, we implore everyone to train their children well like this woman has trained well her son, though without husband she trained her well as we all could attest to today.


What Put an End to Wrong Ancient Belief in the Island #2

Her mother pleaded with him to do everything to save the island, for this is the period to let them know that it is not all left-Handed people who are malicious and dangerous beings.


What Put an End to Wrong Ancient Belief in the Island #1

Through the combined efforts they were able to defeat them.


My Boyfriend Left Me for a Younger Woman - a Poem About Break Up

I had fun writing this poem and I hope anyone who can relate can appreciate this poem.


Snowy Days

A poem about the beauty of the winter season


To My Friend(s) .... : A Poem on Thanksgiving, Dedicated to Brother Manatita ....

Gratitude is all that I have to offer, for, whether you give or take, you are the giver ....


Faces Behind The Face

Poem reveals the pain of the person who has fake friends with many faces.


Making a Stand to Give Thanks to Love

Were making a stand today, Showing the world who's boss, standing up for those we love and what we believe in


Because I Love My Daughter

When a girl is praised by her father.