How Much Time Is Enough Time?

Time is a valuable thing that we often waste on unimportant things. Then we look at our family, our friends and think how much they made this life bearable. And how hard it will be once they're gone. So we should really appreciate them more, even when we don't exactly see eye to eye.


False Relationships - A Double Feature Poem

Featuring two poems discussing the upcoming ends of a relationship. Things don't always go as they plan and things don't always go how one wants

I'm Okay

Sometimes life gets use down, but we can choose to fight back


My Sun

Married couples took their vows during their wedding day. Most couples experienced struggles in their marriages. The best decision always keep them inseparable.

Remember What He Said

The first time I was introduced to my DOC. It was the day that started the most painful journey of my life. Addiction is difficult. It's a daily struggle, but I wouldn't be the woman I am today if I never walked down that road.


Magdalene's Perfume

Temptations are everywhere. Be careful of the scent or else your soul might wander.


Shadows in the Dark-Can You See?

Sometimes people are like shadows. They are there sometimes but then they simply disappear when you need them the most.


The Fool and The Wise

A wise man maybe flattered by foolish words, but a fool has his own world and never listens to a wise man even a word.


Writers Breathe Words

It is about importance of words for writers.


Mr. And Mrs. Mouse - A Poem

Mr. Mouse married Miss Mouse. He brought her to his house; to lead a “happy” life, with his beautiful wife .... Read how their marriage progresses ...


Hit Me On A Hardcore

You can't break me easily like soft crystals. Hit me on a hardcore, yet I'll stay complete.


Night the Safe Haven

One of the safest feelings one could have had came from the night time.


Poem-Shadow Self and Learning About Shadows-Response to Word Prompt of Week 22

We are all ridden with fears at some time or the other in our life. It may be a fear of the unknown or it may be an irrational phobia. Fear is a most repressive feeling and does not let us grow. These fears can be addressed by connecting to our shadow self. We can help children learn about shadows.


The Dance of Giving. Monday's Inspiration 86, to my Habibi Rosina Khan

Two inspirational and contrasting poems, one showing the transformative power of prayer (Salat), and the other the joy of selflessness, of service ... of giving, from both humans and the universe


My Shadow Walks Beside Me ~ Poetry From a Word Prompt

The poem, 'My Shadow Walks Beside Me' was inspired by a weekly word prompt "Shadows" provided by Brenda Arledge.


Poem: Forgiveness Brings Hope

"Forgiveness Brings Hope" is a poem that shows when we forgive others we find an inner peace. We don't forget, but we bury the sadness in the far corner of our minds, offering them a chance to soar like an eagle. It is within this forgiveness that we find a glimmer of hope for ourselves.


In His Masterpieces

God had created and still creating blessing to satisfy the Earth. Blessed is he who protects and preserve all the masterpieces of the land.


A Strange Occurrence Or Just Me Being Extra

Okay sooo...this is something that DID happen to me a few years ago. It also involves a guy from college I found cute at the time. We weren't close, just basic "Hi", "How did you do on your exam?", etc. level of communication. Nothing special.

Credit to Easy Peasy and Fun via pinterest

Footprints and Soul

Footprints and Soul is a poem of hope. Be inspired while reading.

Credit to Bored Panda via pinterest for the photo.

I Knew I Won't Be There

Learn to wait even it's not worth waiting.

Credit to Expert Home Tips via pinterest for the photo.

Dust In My Lonely Bed

Dust In My Lonely Bed is a poem out of the author's lonely imagination.

Credit to 500px.com via pinterest for the photo.

Little Prey

Predators often catch their prey especially when they're hungry. So be careful not to be caught or else your fate shall be shattered.


Bestie, You are to Me

Friends are gems. This year, I am celebrating my best friend's birthday and this poem is dedicated to her.

Credit to flowerthings via pinterest for the photo.

I'm A Flower

A flower blooms more when someone protects and cares


30 Smaller Poems from the Jersey Shore 2

The second volume of small poems from Jersey Shore


Whispering Praises to Love. Sunday's Inspiration 37, to Love

A Sunday Offering of true beauty, my friends --the one that touches the soul ... the psychic Heart. All adorned in eloquent words for you.


Beautified Lie Sounds And Looks So Much Better Than An Ugly Truth

At first, it was supposed to be about the beauty of lies created by carefully chosen words. How words can paint such a lovely picture, before it gets ruined by the harsh truth. Then it went in a totally different direction that even I don't know what to make of it.


Miss Nice And Polite On The Surface Harboring A Secret Side Of Her Personality

Do you ever hear that little voice whispering that you should've been more blunt and cut the nice act? Especially when people really didn't deserve you being nice while they're being rude, thinking you don't have it in you to tell them off? Well, that's what I mean by "inner witch". The meaner you.


It Would Appear As Though My Last Few Functioning Brain Cells Took A Vacation

So, another silly and short poem. This is something I had written a few months ago and since my brain cells took a vacation without notifying me (the traitors, all of them!), I decided to post it. Bear with me please.


Poem: Diamond Reins

Forever I will be grateful, For the greatness of harshness, The harshness full of great love, The love that pulled me back, Back from my up scaled spirits, Bringing me down to mother earth, And pushing me forward, Pushing me to spring back to life, Pushing me to race fully forward, With all my for


My Ego - A Poem

How much have you suffered because of your notions of my ego ? .... You find all reasons to cause troubles .... Still, do I not owe Thanks to you for being better than worse ??!!


The Good Mood Assassin

It's about someone who wasn't a natural optimist. Who always looked over their shoulder for the dark storm clouds to approach. Working on an effort to try to turn over a few new leaves. Only time will tell if this works.


Children Song

Matthew 18:10 "See that you do not despise one of these little ones. For I tell you that their angels in heaven always see the face of my Father"


The Shadows of Love

A collection of Haikus inspired by Brenda Arledge's week-22 prompt "Shadows"


Poem: Response to "Word Prompts Help Creativity~Week 22 (shadow): "Shadow Friend"; "His Shadow"; "Only the Shadow Knows"

Poem: Response to "Word Prompts Help Creativity~Week 22 (shadow): "Shadow Friend"; "His Shadow"; "Only the Shadow Knows" is my response to this word prompt. I have included 3 poems that talk about friendship, God's shadow, & missing the shadow of a loved one. I hope you like them.

Always Acting

A poem about appeasing others and not being true to oneself



A poem about mental and emotional struggle


Shadow- A Shield That Protects And A Blade That Pierces

This was inspired by Brenda Arledge's "Word Prompts Help Creativity / Week 22". Word prompt- "Shadow". Shadows can hide, our own shadow follows us loyally, and in some cases, or at least in some interpretations, shadows can even protect. This time, it's about hiding in order to protect.


A Wandering Mind

This poem is a product of my early morning environment: cup of coffee in hand, TV playing the Olympics opening ceremony, dog asking for my participation in her morning routine, a lifetime of experiences to draw from, ponder, put to paper. It's about everything and it's about nothing at all.