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Another first love experience

Falling in love and feeling loved is the most beautiful thing in the world.


Poem: Why Does Nothing Seem Real?

My muse finally got inspired for "Nothing" from "Word Prompts Help Creativity ~ Week 55 (Nothing)." 4 poems in response to this challenge. If we had a day to do nothing, could we handle it? Does nothing really even exist? Silence is a universal language where nothing is automatically understood.


07 Number Night

This poem represents the sorrowful incident that occurred in Murree on 07 January 2022.


Why Is Everyone Worried?

The poem is about knowing the reasons why such things


One Piece Who Died

The poem is about some strange things


Do You Remember or Not?

This poem is about knowing whether he/she remembers or not

3 Animal Haiku-Poetry

Dogs, bees and mysteries


Treasury of Prayers

The poem is about the blessings and prayers


To the Moon and Rain

A short letter penned before falling asleep on a cold, rainy night.


The Sweet Nothings of Inanimate Objects

What will happen if inanimate objects like tables, chairs, lamps, beds, etc., start gossiping sweet-nothings about humans? Would life be the same again? This prose poem is by inspired Brenda Arledge’s week 55 prompt “Nothing."


Invented Love

The poem is about love and truth


Don't Call Us in Dreams

The poem is about justice and truth


Spirituality---Poems About Religion and Spiritual Growth

This article will portray poems on Christianity and spiritual growth.


I Don't Have Time to Talk

The poem is about having no time to discuss


I Have a Feeling I Am Nothing

A collection of poems inspired by Brenda Arledge's word prompt "nothing" from her article "Word Prompts Help Creativity—Week 55." Enjoy!


Sweet Little Nothings Poem

Sometimes we don't need to do anything special to win over our partners. Our love interest can be content just observing and receiving sweet little nothings by the things we do or say.


Slay Me Before I See

The poem is about slaying me before I see you


The RHYMES of the Apes

Poetry inspired by the planet of the apes movie franchise


A Story of Impossibility

This is another poem (narrative to be specific) about the pondering of how a person feeling one sided love could feel about a person they think is "out of their league". Another poem I wrote for my thoughts on number 10


Poem about Adorable Cats

A poem about cats, adorable little creatures who spread universal happiness!


3 Nature Poems

The following is a collection of three nature-themed poems that I wrote.

My Chemical Romance Poem

A poem dedicated to to the New Jersey band "My Chemical Romance".


Toxic Truth

The poem is about the truth of life


Don't Waste a Single Moment

This poem is about not wasting a single moment of life


It Is a Wonderful Day

This poem is about a special day


Eyes of Innocence

All her innocence is replaced with suspicion, she is left with only emptiness and the disillusionment of love


Poem: Be The Best You

"Be The Best You" is a poem that expresses the need for people to be their best when they are out in public. We often let personal matters affect our outward appearance.  This is not a good option. Always show your best side when out in the public view.  You can crumble when you are alone in the s


Fallacy of a Troubled Young Woman

It may seem clear what a young woman truly wants, however, the innermost desires and yearnings of her heart are different from her real life experiences especially in the area of her love life. The poem is short but describes the real desires of a young woman I met some while back, making this real.


"The Ends of Everything" and "Currents"- Two Imagery Poems

The following are two poems that I wrote which contain good examples of descriptive poetic imagery.


"Untitled Pain"-Untitled Poem

The following is an untitled poem I wrote in the style of Emily Dickinson.



This is a collection of three poems I wrote about the topic of today.


It Just Smiles

A response of a tree to wind and earth's plea.


Seascape Mystique

A rainbow is not always part of the sublime. It can be amplifying the macabre just as well.


A Poem About Nothing (and More)

This short collection of poems is nothing more than a response to the word prompt 'nothing.'


What, You Egg!

This poem is about calling someone (what , you egg )


I Would Like to Find

The poem is about finding a place


A Scene of Striking Beauty

The poem is about a striking beauty


I Will Also Do the Same

The poem is about giving what else is expecting


That Person Is You

The poem is about a person

Poem 60: Nothing to Find in Here! Keep Searching.

My 60th article in HubPages Finally! This is my response to Week 55 Word Prompt Help Creativity "Nothing"by Brenda Arledge. First half describes daily struggles with Multiple Sclerosis and the rest is just some sort of word play. Enjoy. Title is a little bit tricky but it's part of the word play.


Ekphrastic Poetry

He awakened to militancy with the work "Guernica", in 1937, where he used green and red as colours for contrast. He painted the same anguish by using a specific hue during the Second World War.