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Emotions are Contagious

Emotions are so contagious that even when you are in pain and find someone laughing wholeheartedly you forget your pain and feel like accompanying the laughter, similarly, when you are very excited but find someone miserable you too have the same feelings.


Listen Too Closely

Yes he had waited for long. But the day had finally come. He is much disturbed, he was naive. This poem explains my first journey to college.


Accepting the ‘Change’—Poem

‘Change is hard at first, messy in the middle, and gorgeous at the end.’—Robin Sharma. Sometimes it’s difficult to come out of our comfort zone and change, or accept the changes. But, change is the only constant. And, it can be beautiful. If not, we may learn new insights from the process of change.


The Soccer Player

This poem tells a story about a young soccer player admired by a friend. Many Namibian boys play soccer on the roads of their streets and very few in river beds that have been cleared up because there are little or no parks in informal settlements that have soccer fields.


A Mystifying Story of An Adventurous Girl

Life journey of a little girl who lived every moment of her life till her senility. In this story you will find out all her secrets and her conflicts that she dealt with bravely. Read the whole story to get a better understanding of the life of Amelia. You too will fall in love with her by the end.

Books, Rain and Me

There is a girl who has a tremendous love for books and rain. But one day, books complained that she loved them less and the rains more. Read on to know what justification she gave to prove her innocence.


Your Magic

The poet is describing the love in the magic form, the magic of the love in form of a romantic poetry. Must read it anyone can relate this.


Ghetto Lottery

Wrongful death settlements are sometimes called Ghetto Lottery... A new term floating around to show disdain for families still in pain...


Poem: Dream Escape

Dream escape describes her feelings of being lost. She is unable to find her way home. As each path confuses her mind she begins to panic. Then suddenly it is like she has been trapped inside a magic trick when she senses a blanket beneath her toes. She opens her eyes and realizes she was dreaming.