A Paralyzed Man

The pain of a paralyzed individual, regardless of its cause, is unfathomable. Many of these paralyzed individuals see and hears everything around, yet cannot respond physically, but what goes inside such a helpless man? Can we truly touch the depth of his agony?


Unforgivable Lonely Mistakes Everyone Makes

Unforgivable Lonely Mistakes Everyone Makes. A poem about emotions


"Blended Berry Love in a Glass" - An Acrostic Poem of a Smoothie

An article featuring an acrostic poem set about berry smoothies that I love to make.


In My Beloved’s Arms

A couple of poems inspired by Brenda Arledge's week 13 prompt "Raindrops"


A Wandering Soul in Love

This article contains various poems which describes the Love Journey of a girl who writes poem when she fell in love and she writes poem when left by her lover.


Mama's Raindrops--A Poem in Response to Brenda's 13th Week Word Challenge-Raindrops

Raindrops became a little country girl's entertainment. When it rained I would lean off the porch and fill my little "Shirley Temple Glass" and drink it. Then I would fill it for Mama and Grandmother. Written May 10th 2021


Faithful Lyrics From the Beach 5

The 5th compilation of Faith based lyrics.


Tale of the Serpent Masquerading as the Prince

It's about someone lost in a very dark and twisted dream. Not sure what it signified or if they even wanted to know. Unnerved by the ideas it brought up. Decided it was too early to analyze anything.


Raindrops a Poem- in Response to Brenda's Prompt Challenge

A set of 5 poems is written in response to a word prompt challenge by our beautiful co-author and a loving friend, "Brenda". The word prompt for this week is "Raindrops"


Little Star - Twinkle

A rewriting of the famous nursery rhyme - Twinkle Twinkle Little Star


Soul Sounds With Mother Earth

Mother Earth, Gaia, our intellectual and spiritual teacher, guides us through life as we connect and listen. Our hope for the future lives through nature.


Springtime by the Small Marsh

Mid Spring is a beautiful time that delights the senses with it's sights and sounds, as nature blooms and mild temperatures beckon us to stroll and rediscover our familiar paths. Here is a short poem that helps capture the random spring scenes on a recent walk near the marsh.


Just Ducky, A Waterfowl Poem

A poetic tale of three wandering mallards.

In Hell

Some days my anxiety takes over. It is difficult to explain to others how that anxiety feels. Hopefully this poem helps you to understand.


Dear Mom, I Miss You Everyday, Especially Today

Happy Mother's Day to All Moms; Dedicating this one to all of those whose Moms have passed on.


Poem: Happy Mother’s Day to a Most Amazing woman

Mother’s Day is a day on which we celebrate the selfless love of the woman to whom we owe so much for what we are today. While many of us have the good fortune of physically being with our mothers and wishing them and gifting them to show our gratitude, there are others who are not able to do so.

Happy Mother's Day (Tanka)

The poem is about how special a mother is.


Poem: Mother's Encouragement

Mother's Encouragement is a poem about walking pass a bakery. The smell lingering in the air reminds her of baking cookies with her mother when she was a toddler. She couldn't reach the counter, flour was everywhere, but her mother didn't say one discouraging word. She showed a Mother's Love.

Moving On- a Poem

Why keep doing something when you know it's bad for you? Why can't I leave even when you keep hurting me?


Poem: Today is a Special Day-Response to Word Prompt Today by Brenda Arledge

The road to success is a difficult one, beset with all kinds of difficulties. But these difficulties are our best teachers, as often we learn from our mistakes. They bring out the best in us by using our hidden energies. Through experience we learn that obstacles can be overcome by dealing with them


To the Crumpled Papers at the Bottom of My Backpack

I'm always scared of poetry as I never know exactly how to write it. I was feeling pretty emotional about my past and who I am now, and just went with it. This is a self-reflective letter to "the crumpled papers at the bottom of my backpack" I wrote for Creative Writing.


Medicinal Flatiron Needs

It's about someone no longer looking to please anyone. Such efforts left no one feeling satisfied and was simply a pointless endeavor to be involved with. Focused on pursuing singular needs for time being before going outward.


For the Love of God - the Meaning of My Life

I want to share with you a poem about love. A poem can express what we experience in a special way. For me, a poem is more magical than a text written in prose. Inspired, moving, full of deep feelings and desires.


A Mother's Love

Dedicated to the duo I love before I ever met them.



Was it better for 'em to live or pass by the oceans scene


Those Comparative Fraudulent Charges

It's about someone being surrounded by so much noise and opinions that their voice felt somewhat dimmed. Became an approval seeker, even though a stubborn streak remained. A walking contradiction of sorts.



Supposed your ancestors didn’t make it, Jesus didn’t make it, you didn’t make it? Something to Think About...

A Naive Fawn

How a soul often stumbles while entering into the world of romance


Poem: 'Proof of Today'; What Is Proof? How Do We View and Represent 'Today'? Inspiration From Brenda's Word Prompts

Rather abstract words to form the basis of a poem or prose, I thought, but intriguing and thought provoking as they are, I merged them into an idea about proving 'today' as time. See what you think!