Missing Bit of a Life - Poem About Childhood Memories

“When you finally travel back to your old house, you will find it wasn’t the home you missed, but your childhood.” - S. Ewing


A Free Bird – a Poetic Justice Direct From the Heart of a Bird Who Wants to Break the Chains and Be Free Again.

This is a rhythmic poetry written using simple words which rhymes in the tone of abb, cdd, so on. In this poem both a human and an animal can be referred as the bird.

Devil Is on My Back

Why do we indulge in bad deeds? Does the devil provoke us to do so? Who is responsible for doing the bad things? This poem is trying to seek answers to these questions.


The Human Spirit

The Human Spirit… Always in Rise up mode, always in surviving mode, always seeking to keep dreams alive on the inside of the mind…


Beware My Distant Influence ~ a Poem From a Photo Prompt

This poem was inspired by a photo prompt and challenge for me to write something based on the phenomena known as "Distant Influence."


Untenable Grudges

It's about someone looking to break old worn out patterns once and for all. Tired of looking for another shoe to fall and always angry at some unseen wound. Ready to become fully healed.


Who Knows What Secret The Heart Keeps?

If only we could tell the secrets of our hearts, even those dear to us would never hesitate to know what ails or makes us elated.


Inching Forward & Inched Away

It's about someone with a walking contradiction of emotions. Had some good news, but still pulled away from anything pertaining to true connections. Sticking with things that worked for time being.


The Value of One's Attitude

Finding meaning begins with reading. More by Kid Reign.


The Leaves Are on Fire - a Poetic Tribute to the Beauty of Autumn

A rhyming poem which is written in the form of a Sonnet (abab..) dedicated and written in awe of the amazing autumn season. How mesmerizing is the look of those yellow golden leaves, isn't it? Do you find it soothing?


Life Cannot be Unsung

The Creator created all with beauty only symphonies can describe to the ear, the beauties of and in life can never be unsung.


Across My Own Aurora

God is bigger than your anxieties and fears. Pray, trust and keep moving. Don’t get fooled by people have faith in god, he got you.


Bidding Adieu to the Lovely Winters - a Short Poem

This short lyrical rhyming poetry takes you through the heart of a child who is wholeheartedly welcoming summers and bidding goodbye to winters.


Climbing Out of the Pit

It's about someone stuck in a metaphorical pit of timing and circumstance. Looking to erase the whys and why nots; while getting to a solution to move past to the next phase.


Glorious Sunshine-Happiness and Hope

Glorious sunshine a celebration of happiness and hope.


For My Future Self

For all the people who feeling pressure



A compilation of my poems, proses, short stories, and other literary works.


Now Get It?

A short, religious, and philosophical 'in-your-face' poem about autism. Read on to know what heroes these special people are.


Failed Solo Efforts

It's about a musical group that had been around for decades that went through a rough patch when their lead singer had a brush of a solo career. Some tensions gave way to an evolved relationship that has lasted to this day.

Undeleted Playlist

She and her lonely love.

Alone With The Rain

She and her self-loving.


Poem: Touching Rainbows

"Touching Rainbows" is a poem about venturing off together after being secluded by Covid-19's grasp.  Wanting to feel the beauty of God's land touch us. Even on the rainy days, his hand guides us to rainbows.


Dad I Want to Go - a Sad Farewell

Sad Farewell is a poem expressing a father's grief when his son tells him he wants to go. The poem was originally written in Persian language. I translated it. It is a dedication to all parents and children. To all the children respect and love your parents. In their old age, they need you the most.


A foolish feelings of love

The love for only the woman can feel it. The man did not feel the same of what she felt about him. At the end of the day the man say goodbye to a woman but still the woman continue loving him even she knows the man's feel to her like only a friend. It's hard but she need to accept the truth.


Cheating Fate ~ a Dramatic Poem

This dramatic poem is my response to a weekly word prompt "Fate."


Poem: Where's Mr. Sandman?

"Where's Mr. Sandman? " is a poem about tossing and turning beneath the covers. Our frustration grows as we watch the hands on the clock and we are still awake. Tears from being tired build in the corner of our eyes. We hope the sandman arrives soon to take us to dreamland.


When Its Time To Say Your Ready

The reality of letting the past go, childhood homes, past life memories and lost loves. When is it time to say goodbye?


What Is Fate? – a Poem in Response to Brenda’s Prompt

This article includes a poem on Brenda's word prompt 'Fate'. Poem is comprised of defination of fate.