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Religious Studies


Faithfulness in God: When It Will Be Revealed?

God requires faithfulness to all his servants. And faithfulness will be revealed in circumstances and situations a servant will encounter.


What the Bible Says About Being Thankful

Every day should be a time to give thanks. You should express thanks to God and to others as a way of living a righteous life. Don't wait until Thanksgiving Day to thank God and the people in your life.


The Prayer Most People Don't Pray

People pray all kinds of prayer except one. Do you know the prayer that most people neglect to pray? Find out what it is in this brief devotional.


Who Is a Believer?

Some worshippers claim that members of their respective faiths are the only true believers on earth. But who deserves to be called a believer before God?


Portraits of Mary # 3: Scandal in Nazareth

Mary faced a scandal when she became pregnant. Who would believe her story? We have few details if any of what she faced. But with Joseph's gracious love, they faced it together.


Walking in The Spirit

Pastor Marcelo Carcach of Iglesia Conexiones explains why Christians need to walk in the Spirit, what it means to walk in the Spirit, and how Christians can walk in the Spirit.


What the Bible Says About Widows in the Church

Taking care of widows is a serious matter. However, the instruction for that is so misunderstood. Learn exactly what the Bible says about taking care of widows in the church.


Five Things to Be Thankful For

It is a tradition that when people get together for Thanksgiving they say what they are thankful for. This Thanksgiving some folks say they have little or nothing to be thankful for. This article will remind them of five things they should be thankful for that are not often mentioned..


The Spirit Gives Us Life

Pastor Marcelo Carcach explains that when the Holy Spirit comes to dwell within the new believer, He gives the believer a life.


Is It the Kingdom of God or the Kingdom of Heaven?

What is the difference between the kingdom of God and the kingdom of heaven?


The End of the Age: the Olivet Discourse

In the gospels, Jesus provides a detailed prophecy concerning the destruction of Jerusalem, as well as the end of the age. Some say it's either all fulfilled or all future. In this article, I will show it is both, in amazing detail.

Not Today, Fear and Doubt

Think highly of yourself, think past what you can see, and imagine what God will do for you. Don't get discouraged and give in when others challenge you or try to make you feel inferior.


Faith Versus Fight in the Game of Life

One woman tries to improve her life and another tries to prevent her. The First Woman adopts a faith which directs her fight. The Other Woman starts a fight misdirected by lack of faith. What's the lesson?


What the Bible Says About Generosity

Do you know you can give without being generous, but you can't be generous without giving? Learn more about giving and generosity in this short article.


Portraits of Mary #1: Her Roots and Beginnings

Mary, mother of Jesus, blessed among women, full of grace. An ordinary girl from a small insignificant town, is honored to be the mother of the Son of God.


A Song: Show Me the Right Path

"Show me thy ways, O Lord, teach me thy paths" - Psa. 25v4


Meaning of the Painting Based on Revelation 3:20

Many people give the wrong interpretation of William Holman Hunt's painting that he based on Revelation 3:20. Let's set the record straight concerning what it really means.


The Possible Inspiration Behind the Biblical Sodom

The rain of fire and brimstone might be real.


16 Bible Verses About Faith and Trust in God

When the chips are down and your back is against the wall these wonderful bible verses about faith and trust in God will soothe your soul and remind you that God is still in control.


Principles in The Lord's Prayer

Pastor Marcelo Carcach explains the meaning of the Lord's prayer.


When Losing Is Winning

As a Christian, I see the most profound victory ever achieved at the cross. What Jesus the Christ accomplished at calvary was centuries in the making. One of the greatest lessons I ever learned was every loss does not mean it’s over.


A Song - My Angel, Lead Me I Will Follow You

I have wandered in the darkness of the world far too long...


A Song - Join Me to Praise the Lord

The stars, the moon and the sun, they praise the Lord...


A Song - I Love You Because You First Loved Me

Your gaze is focused on the glory ahead...


Only A Man Can Redeem Mankind

In the bible, there are various covenants that God made with men. He made a covenant with Abraham in Genesis 12. Exodus 19 speaks of the covenant with Moses and Israel. Then there's the covenant with King David in 2 Samuel 7. Then there's the Covenant of Redemption.


A Song - God's Grace Is Sufficient

"And he said unto me, "my grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me" - 2 Corinthians 12:9


Letter to the Lukewarm Church

The Church at Laodicea received the harshest words from Jesus. Do you know why?


6 Powerful Bible Verses Of Fearless Response To The Threat Of Fear

Facing difficult challenges and threats in life needs an immediate and fearless response to make the necessary victory to display and exhibits. The response demonstrates our inner vigor and wisdom to counteract the threats of fear.


A Song - Alleluia to the Lord

I am he that liveth, and was dead: and behold I am alive for evermore. Amen: and have keys of hell and of death - Rev. 1:18


A Song: Christ, My All In All

Where there is neither Greek nor Jew, circumcision nor uncircumcision, Barbarian, Scythian, bond nor free: but Christ is all and in all - Col. 3:11


Bible Verses About Friendship: 7 Reasons Why 90% of Friendships Fail

This article distinguishes itself from other of the same type by laying out 7 reasons documented in the Bible why friendship fails. You can do the wise thing by gleaning from my insights and altogether avoid friendship with persons who portray any of the traits highlighted here.


A Song - Prayer for the Saints

"And this I pray that your love may abound yet more and more in knowledge and in all judgment" - Phil. 1:9


Lessons We Learn from the Garden of Eden

There are several lessons that can be learned from the Garden of Eden. How many of them do you know?


Faith and Trust in Jesus

How often do we hear about trust and Faith? Do we understand these words, what they really mean and how do we know how to fully trust and have faith?


Why Proverbs 17:17 Is the Best Bible Verse on Friendship (and You Should Read It)

It's often those seemingly simple things in life that, if understood and pursued, can lead to some of the greatest blessings one can receive. Proverbs 17:17 is a short Proverbs about friendship, but, as you will see, can completely transform your relationships, if taken seriously.


God's Positioning Spirit

Have you ever been asked to meet someone somewhere and were only given general directions? Or given an address to a place in a city you weren't familiar with? Thank goodness for Google Maps. But even Google Maps has its limits.


God’s Bitter Things Are Better Things

Most unwanted things in life are bitter things. But not all bitter things have an unpleasant outcome. Better things abundantly come from the bitter things especially when it originates from God.


Echoes of Eden—Preflood Developments

This article will study the preflood connection with the events of Genesis chapter three. Seeing and taking once again lead to disastrous results for all of humanity. Good and evil defined by desire inevitably ends in chaos.


A Song - Jesus Is Calling You

Heed people oh heed this clarion call...


A Song - Father Like No Other

He day by day supplies my bread...


A Song - Our Song is Not Like Theirs'

"But their idols are silver and gold, made by human hands. They have mouths, but cannot speak, eyes, but cannot see" (Psa. 115:4-5)


A Song - Lord, Please, Answer Me

Jesus reiterated to all that whatsoever we ask in His name shall be done.


A Song - It's You Alone I Give My Praise

You are the glory of the believers...


A Song - Time Changer

Here am I Lord, visit me...


The Gossip

Gossip spreads like wildfire and burns just as bad


9 Bible Verses About Encouragement

We all need to be encouraged at some point in our lives, whether it's encouragement in hard times, healing, finance, faith, or whatever life throws at us, we all need it. Here are nine excellent KJV bible verses about encouragement with inspirational explanations of each.


People Just Like Us. A Study of Biblical Characters: No 3 - Vashti and Ester.

Biblical characters are often just ordinary people like you and me. Somehow they managed to do extraordinary things.


Why Jesus Was Betrayed for Thirty Pieces of Silver

Most Christians know that Jesus was betrayed and sold for thirty pieces of silver. However, not many people know the significance of that amount. Learn why it was thirty pieces of silver and not some other amount.


Why So Many Birds Are Mentioned in the Bible

Birds are mentioned throughout the Bible. You miss out if you do not consider what that particular bird symbolizes. God created the birds of the air on the fifth day for a reason. All kinds of birds fill the sky, and we should pay attention to them.