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Personal Essays


When Science Fiction Was Golden

70 years ago was the start of the Golden Age of Science Fiction. It foresaw many of the innovations we have today but can a new golden age of literature exist once again in the face of technology now?


Changing Reality...Musings

How does reality work, and why are we here?

Naughty Girls Need Love Too

This goes out for all the adult entertainers in the world. When people say they’re not worthy they’re more than worthy. WebCam models, dancers, strippers, phone sex operators, Phone Actress’s.


What's in a Name Anyhow?

Why is an orange really orange, but a banana is not yellow?


My Word for the Year Is Envision!

Choosing a word for the year is a bit of a trend. If you didn't know that, well, you do now. The truth is, I like it. I appreciate trying to hone my focus while launching into the new year. My choice word for this year is - Envision!


Loss, and Grief

The story of a love that wasn't. Of a heart newly-bruised.


The Master Artist

Nature is the master artist. Each of his creation is a unique masterpiece. Whatever he creates, it is bestowed with beauty by the mastery of the genius. So he is the main source of inspiration for all the artists existed in history of mankind.

Spotify Thinks I'm Lonely

Upon unwrapping Spotify's yearly wrap-up, Spotify apparently believes I'm lonely...


English Translation of Shree Maa Sharada Baavanee - A Gujarati Hymn on Shree Maa Sharada Devi and Her Divine Life

Shree Maa Sharada Devi was the wife and spiritual consort of Thakur Shree Ramakrishna Paramhansa, the great Swami Vivekananda’s Guru. Here is the English translation of a Gujarati Hymn, called that describes Shree Maa Sharada Devi’s life and works ….


5 Moral Lessons Learned From Hallmark Movies

Moral lessons you will learn if you just watch Hallmark Movies


Write Your Own Obituary

Do not leave it up to your family to try to come up with what to say in your obituary. Today, people are planning their own funerals, including writing their obituary, eulogy, and epitaph before they die instead of leaving those tasks to their grieving family.


Travels With Maggie: Gruff Exterior, Warm Heart

We would love to have you join us on a walk though our neighborhood. It will give us a chance to get to know each other a little bit better.


A Letter to My Mother , a Tribute to Motherhood

A simple Letter to my and your mamas. Enjoy reading it.


Some Interesting Features of Linguistic Egotism in English Language: A Satire

If we are to believe those linguists, our language is hiding certain traits of ethnic mentality -- or is it merely that those linguistic fathers back there had those traits, while we are just innocently using the language as another given in life.

How Much Shopping You Do - Response to Word Challenge

We all do shopping. Some of us do it for meeting the basic needs of the household while some of us go for basic needs as well as shopping for fancy and fashionable items. So shopping can also be categorised having various levels of it and this article tries to depict them in a simple way.


Aging Ain't For Sissies

I am 65 and I want my heart to keep on beating for many years. Time passes rapidly once we realize it is finite. No one here gets out alive.


Traditions and Beliefs -- In Face of the World's Condition: A Satire

While it's perfectly fine to make up all kinds of beliefs and reasons to celebrate, when it becomes more than a collective fun, some questions may be asked by an open mind.


Billions and Billions: A Story Worth Reading

A story about us all, we humans, being human, seeking to be human.


Few Uncomfortable Questions to Religionists

There are questions that every religious believer might ask themselves -- unless, of course, they were indoctrinated to blindly kneel -- believe -- ask nothing.


Sayings At Work - Interesting Memories of Gender Sensitive - Work Related Matters in Male-Oriented Engineering Industry

Sayings characterize every language, every dialect prevailing on the Earth. They are subtle & expressive, catchy & captivating, at times pining, while at times liberating & healing. Here is an incident revolving around some sayings in the male-oriented Engineering Industry ….


The Quantum of Prayers and Why They Mostly Don't Work

Prayers do work, but only when they are done correctly, that is -- with a different frame of mind.


Paranoid Obsession with Guns: A Satire

Without any logical motivation that would have become globally popular -- what's really behind this peculiar national passion of Americans to possess guns.


Power of Acceptance!

The article talks about how peaceful life gets when we accept our truth and take it as it is than what we keep imagining. Accepting reality is a powerful tool and is an essential part of living a peaceful life.


What Should I Read

This hub is all about how you can leverage your interest in reading to become the person you want to be. The way to go about this is to select the books that the people you admire have been most affected by. If you cannot think of such a person right off the bat, then your first job is to find them.


Tales of the Death Whisperer

I will share my personal life experiences surrounded around death.


How Natalia, a Single Mom Soared High in Life

This is the story of a single mom who raises her son in the right way despite all challenges and obstacles. It is interesting to note how they both found happiness, stability, and peace. Read on.


What are the Four Breeds of Tea Lovers in India?

The love for tea in India is well known. This fun article is about the author's classification of tea lovers. A keen observation of the Tea culture in India made him write this light-hearted article.


Have You Ever Had Anxiety Because of Popcorn?

This is in response to Brenda'a latest prompt. It has been a while since I have written a creative piece, so I hope I have captured the essence of anxiety in this piece. The inspiration for this came from overhearing another mom as I was leaving the theatre.


Is Progress Always Good - An Essay

We were taught from childhood that “progress,” is good. Today, progress is leading to a unified way of life thanks to the phenomenon of globalization. But today the simplistic storytelling of progress needs to be rethought.


When Is Enough.... Enough? Through the Looking Lens of Rationality.

A look through a rational lens of a sensible man in his 20's as he takes a look at how society is losing a grip on the values we once held so near and dear to our hearts. An awareness that was once handed from mother to daughter, father to son, generation to generation known as Sensibility.


Thoughts on Thanksgiving

This article will go through my personal thoughts on the holiday where many people give thanks. You will also find poetry dedicated towards Thanksgiving.


My Passion for Writing!

Writing is a form of expression and like every other form of creative art, writing needs practice and nurturing. But that needs to have love for writing. This article speaks about the authors' growing love and passion for writing over the years


The Fiction of Science Fiction

A critical perspective on the rules of science fiction.


Winning in Life Without Trying Hard

Contrary to the instincts dictated by this materialistically oriented world that it's a hard work as a must in pursuing any worthwhile goals -- life may actually be more rewarding by our surrendering to a happy expectation.


Why We Cannot Follow Teachings of Jesus and Buddha

In a contrast to all monumental cathedrals, temples, and statues erected in honor of Jesus and Buddha, so little is evident in this world that would point at a genuine attempt to follow their respective teachings. Let us try to figure why that is so.


One Day I Suddenly Got Old

One day life showed me what was slowly happening all along and then I suddenly "got old".


That Creepy Feeling of Being Watched While Taking Shower

See how nakedness of body may trigger nakedness of mind in which some phantoms of collective consciousness surface to spoil the simplicity of taking shower.


Family Is Precious.

True stories and myself and family. Our trust issues and love for each other include the respect we need to have for one another. Everybody is fighting a battle of their own. It is just how strong we can get out once done fighting.


How I Made Good Use of My Favorite Color, Cyan

My brother always gifted me cyan stuff. What was the mystery behind it? Was it his favorite color, or did he know it was my favorite one? The story unwinds to show how I made good use of my favorite color. Interested? Read on.


Stubborness Is Not an Issue

Someone once told me that life will throw things that I can definitely handle. I'm not fully convinced but I still take it on with conviction.


The Need To Experiment

Our life revolves around experimenting, whether it’s educational, personal, social, cooking etc. The more experiments, we make, the better experience of life we have.


Cat’s Nine Lives: Two of Them Spent in Quarantine.

Three cats get interviewed about their lives during lockdown.


Life is a Box of Chocolates

The article is written in response to Brenda Arledge's word prompt challenge week 37. This week's word prompt is 'Experiment.' Do you believe that life is an experiment and you are a scientist?