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A Look Inside Country Outhouses

On this tour, take a look at what an outdoor toilet really means.


Sweet Revenge on a Racist Boss

Several years ago I lived aboard a small sailboat in the Caribbean. I worked odd jobs to make ends meet, including working in a construction crew on the island of Saint John in the USVI. My boss on that job was a horrible racist and treated his employees unfairly. Here's how I got a bit of revenge.


Experiencing the Nordic Winter in Stockholm

Winters in the Nordic are harsh yet beautiful, dark yet promising. Coming from a tropical climate, Stockholm is the best place to experience it due to its geographical location and natural beauty.


... Smile Away!

sometimes, the days were just rougher than any other days



Courage? The ability for one to "morale" act although they are frightened to do so along with strength in the face of pain, danger or grief. These are the characteristics of an act of courage. So when someone is scared to do something, how do they manage to overcome that fear and act?


A Letter To All Misfits

A little something for all the lonely, sad, misunderstood people who feel they might never fit in. For all the people who need someone to let them know they're not alone.

Hopeful Depression

When you're battling depression, it's important to look back and see the battles you've won.

At the Bottom of the Well

Hitting the so called "rock bottom" and not knowing how to climb my way out. Thinking I needed someone else's hand to help me but realizing I'm the only one that can save me from the demons that came with the choices I made in life. My ex said there's an invisible force in the way. I disagreed.


Circus: The Fragility Of Innocence

How a childhood incident led to a lifetime of distrust.


Behind Our Eyes

It is said that the eyes are the windows to the soul. What do yours say? What lies behind your eyes?


The Real Dangers Behind High Heels Exposed

This subject just may be "the" one hub that does get a lot of attention, but not for the obvious, worldly reason.


Yellow Walking Iris: The Gardener’s Morale Booster

Perhaps each of my plants extracts some positivity from me, but my yellow walking iris stands out as my favorite teacher, my morale booster, helping me improve my attitude toward gardening and life.


The Sea Monkeys' Valentine's Day

A reflection on Valentine's Day, social media, and the Sea Monkeys


Shine Light On the Shadows of the Past: Learning to Heal From Your Fears and to Surrender

My grandfather died last year and thus began my shadow work. What is shadow work? It is embracing the darkest part of yourself. It is shining light on to the darkness. It is learning to love our self. Our whole self. It is healing the wounds of the past. It is bringing pain to the surface.


What Losing My House Keys Taught Me

Truly, the nature of life is that it is a series of losses, and I don't mean to suggest we don't also have tremendous, incredible finds. KATHRYN SCHULZ

The Pain of Losing a Beloved Pet

My experience with losing my oldest family pet.


Written On The Brow

The meaning of "written on the brow" and how it relates to my new blog.


Colours: Their Wonderful Names to Conjure Images in the Mind, Brightening Lives

Our world is full of colour. Define each specific colour; use a wide variety in your writing, to enrich your work and bring colour to your readers. Use your imagination to make up your own colour description; be different, be bold!


A Guide to My Village

Most of us love to live in a calm and peaceful environment full of lush green surroundings. The best place to spend some time with nature is in the villages. This article will connect you to your roots, that is, rural India, and draw you towards the village life and its traditions.


I Didn’t Know My Own Strength!

When life challenges blindsided me, it can become too much. And my life change from energizing and uplifting to no energy and depressing. Because I was unprepared to deal with everything that’s going on, I drift, and my life was like a rollercoaster ride. In short, I didn’t know my own strength.

Live Freely and Humbly

Stop being ignorant and open your heart to the world and beyond.


Writer Without a Clause: Abandon Passivity

My mind is a whirlpool, spinning, swirling, disappearing into unknown depths of despair for a society that has either morally lost its way or has become so drunk with...


Travels with Maggie: Longer Days, Record Rains

Won't you join us for a lovely winter walkabout? We'd love it if you did.


Is It Really Just a Fantasy? - a Fantasy Based on Reality

All shamans, priests, magicians, and mystics have this power. As we can see, sometimes the gift of a writer's work is so strong that his work begins to live its life. Sometimes it is possible to confirm the thesis that reality is subject to fantasy.


Mistakes - Learning From Them

Thinking differently about mistakes - stopping the shaming and blaming.


Don't Call Vast Wasteland and Boob Tube Trashy; "She" Was a Good Friend

The first time I laid eyes on "her" I instantly fell in love. There are many, even today, do not understand the relationship that me and TV had.


Forgive or Forget: Which Comes First?

But that story should not pain you anymore. Instead, it would make you stronger, wiser, and braver. Stronger to move forward no matter how tough it is, wiser to make better decisions, and braver to take the right actions. Forgive the person, heal the pain but never forget the learning.


How I Have Started My Career After Forty- Me and My Society

I think every human being should have his or her own identity - male or female. I am the son of such and such, I am the daughter of such and such, I am the wife of such and such, I am the mother of such and such- it feels better to hear from these when someone says- I am a singer, or I am a poet.


A Personal Encounter With a Nazi War Criminal

An personal account of an encounter with Friedrich Engel, the German Nazi SS officer and war criminal known as the Butcher of Genoa.


Isolation Is Australia’s DNA.

Our desert heart beats together with the tropics of the north. Our many Oceans create vast never ending blue frame. It is the foundation stone of its remote country towns and communities and the frame around the isolated capital cities. Yes it is unusual place. Isolation is Australia’s DNA.


Nothing to Do When You Have Nothing to Do

This is a very rare event as seen through my eyes.


Shopper Etiquette Defined

The world could have total peace if shoppers knew how to get along.


I Wasn't Going to Write Today: Moving Forward With Love, by Manatita

An article to inspire peace, love, harmony and oneness


Steven Stayner Changed My Life

The events of that day in 1972 will forever shape my family, community, and state. It was the day Steven Stayner was abducted from Merced, California


Your Faith Will Heal You, Not Your Money- A True Story of Faith Healing

I met a person on the 3rd of Jan'21. He says he gets possessed, gods and deities appear around him. His story is a fact for him, but not for the strangers. He lives in his own world hoping to get cured someday.


Watching My Son Grow

How it feels to watch your newborn's growing journey, through a young mother's eye


Espionage and Sleeping With the Enemy Part 2

This is a follow-up to the story of how my ex-husband may have been involved in acts of espionage and intrigue in Europe in the 1970s and what I did about it.


The Swetsvile Zoo, What Happens at Night When It Awakes

The Swetsville Zoo is located on the outskirts of Ft Collins, CO is not your normal zoo. At night, after all the visitors have gone it awakens. The animals, sculptures, and creatures breathe as the darkness and fog creep in. Come,take a tour with me. This is a real place. Family and Artist friendly.


It Takes Power to Have a Healthy Mind

Healthy mind, mental health, mental wellness, power of your subconscious mind,