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The Thousand Miles Journey

Lao Tzu Quotes, The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. Now, take this timely quote and apply it to your writing. An aspiring writer always is in need of a word of encouragement, similar to when you want to make that journey but need a little push to set you off.


How Could She Stay with Him?

Because it’s like living with two people. And you want to believe that the good one is the real one, because how could the evil one be real? How can both of these opposite extremes exist in the same person? The mind fragments, and rejects the existence of the wicked one.


"Life's Changing Nightmare"

Life's changing nightmare is about a true life event that has changed our lives forever. One day he is perfectly fine, or so we thought, and the next day he is in the hospital. The news we are told is devastating. He had strokes that uncovered a diagnosis of stage 4 lung cancer.


Sunset at Gentleman's Point

February 2020: Three weeks in a fishing town on the rugged north west coast of Tenerife, recuperating from long-lasting after effects of an unusual flu suffered over Christmas, caught between BREXIT and COVID, during a paradigm shift of history.

Surrounded By Dangerous People

The most dangerous people are those walking around in plain sight. They disguise themselves as happy, hard-working, full of life and funny. They have walked among us throughout their toughest days and happiest moments looking just the same.


Reflection of My Complexion

Fair complexion has been a synonym to beauty. Don't I look beautiful in dark skin? Isn't the dark night worth of any dignity, which gives rest and peace after a tiresome work in the day? Aren't the dark clouds pleasing humanity?


Is Immortality as Appealing as It Seems to Be?

This article is about how we humans think that immortality is one of our dreams. Being immortal and able to fulfill all our dreams for infinite time can give us a tremendous amount of joy.We will not have to face the sorrow of losing loved ones.But is being immortal as joyful as it seems?


Lose You to Love Me!

From day one, “My Eyes Adored You.” I put you first when I did not have to. You took me for granted, and I learn, I need to put myself first and demand admiration. Just before I did, it took me running on E, having no energy to perceive, I had to lose you to love me.


The Sisters Club

With The Sisters Club, We surprisingly found long lasting friendships that became so much more. We are so much better together, then apart. We laugh, heal, love, and grow with the support of our friends, that gradually became family.


A Victim of a Victim

It is time to break the generational trauma. But how? Recognizing what the trauma is, how it affected you, and how you have already started passing it onto your children is the key to breaking it! Yes, a big step is admitting that you, too, have already caused trauma to your kids unfortunately.


Photo Wall

Couples break up is worse, but friendship break up is the worst. But then life happens, and they're no longer part of your present. They became strangers for you, and you to them. Somehow, somewhere along the way, you drifted apart and chose to move forward, even without each other.


Why It Is so Difficult to Write

In this personal journey, I explore why writing something relevant to yourself and others at the same time, can be such a difficult task. I take a look at my own experiences with writing and how finding yourself through your work is kind of scary sometimes.


My Hello From Heaven

I'm sharing my personal "Hello from Heaven" after death communication from the loving spirit of my husband, Joe, in hopes it would bring peace of mind and comfort to someone grieving the loss of their loved one..