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My Mom Helped Build Sewing Plants Which Are Now Empty Memories

This piece is lovingly-dedicated to my mother and those like her who endured many obstacles in order to help feed their families.

Finding FAITH, when there was no HOPE!

When I was at rock bottom and thought there was no hope. I found faith when least unexpected and was healed from a painful journey of a past I was trying to escape. Just when I was questioning if there is any point in praying at all, my answers were found on a church floor.


From Spiritual Awakening To Awakening Consciousness - The Dark Night of the Soul

The Dark Night of the Soul may be a very particular phenomenon, closely linked to the Awakening of Consciousness. This phase is manifested by a deep loss of meaning in our lives, our beliefs, it are often likened to a kind of mystical depression.

You Don't Have To

An article on the freedom and education of choice, and how it shapes us as human beings.

Our What If's

Most of us have probably used the word "what if" to convey a certain idea. I'm no different from every other person. These are some of my interesting what if's and maybe they'll resonate with you too :)

Resume and Eulogy Virtues (Adam I and Adam II)

We all battle with finding a balance of compassion, faith, love, depth; and our worldly possessions, goals, and successes. If we can find the balance between both, or even just prioritize the one that's most important, we have a chance of finding true happiness and peace within our worlds.


Being Less Afraid

Some thoughts about how to find a more peaceful way to live in a fear-filled world!


#WorldKindnessDay In A Time We Need It Most

World Kindness Day was two days ago, but that doesn't mean we can't sprinkle that kindness glitter everywhere.

Simply going through life can feel like a one-way track, but it's a path we all must walk.

A New Journey In One's Life

This article focuses on how regardless of the circumstances people face in life, it's still possible to start again, new, ready, and better than before. It's a new journey, but that came from the previous one.


Reality and Yourself

What exactly is reality? And more importantly, why does it even exist? What is existence? This is my attempt at answering these questions.


Now It's Just an Old Bridge

We only see with the physical eye, but the most memorable sight we shall ever see is when we see with the soul. The author shares the kindred spirit of a bridge from his youth, and how the bridge's spirit strengthened the bond with his parents and helped guide his purpose in life. An essay memoir.


Experiences on the Otherside

Have you ever met someone who died and came back to life? What was their experience like? The after-life is a topic of great debate since the beginning of time, but what really happens to us when we die? Let's find out from the experts themselves, those who died and came back to life.


Travels With Maggie: It's All Just Flesh and Blood

It's pretty cool, really. I have two dogs who continually teach me lessons about human life. Let me share a few with you in this article.


4 Best Life's Thinkings will Change Your Life

Importance of having a Good Perspective on Life. Life is too short to live. Live it with purpose.


Firsts - Small Moments in a Transwoman's Transition

Who knew such small, everyday moments could mean so much


My Friend, The Tree Swing

What can be as simple as an old-fashioned tree swing? And who has not learned the value of building their imagination at an early age as they stayed on tree swings for hours.


My Southern Culture: Sweet Iced Tea, Southern Belles, and Blood Hounds

What things come to mind when a true Southerner is asked about his lifestyle? The most likely reply will be one of memories and experiences of sweet iced tea, Southern belles and blood hounds--no joke!


Coming Out... Again and Again

The year is 2020. Coming out shouldn't be a big deal anymore. It is less socially acceptable to be homophobic, but those views still exist. Unfortunately, those who oppose positive change and progressiveness are louder and more aggressive than ever.


Self-Realizations During Isolation in Pandemic

The pandemic caused by Covid-19 has made many people cope with living in isolation. Though the longing and loneliness continue to engulf us, many noteworthy lessons and realizations can be acquired through this trial. Here are some of my realizations as I continue to fight against the struggle.


From Yesterday To Today: The Changing Economy

Today we are going to reflect upon the economy of 1968 and compare it to today. Should be fun, eh? Join me for a little time travel.


Becoming a Plantito in the Time of Pandemic

Few realizations about life through becoming a plant parent in the time of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Cancer Tries to Claim Her

My daughter was diagnosed with endometrial cancer 14 years ago. Since then it has metastasized to multiple organs in her body. Many times she has been told that her time on the planet is limited. Once again she has been given a warning that her time is now very short.


Life Changes During the 2020 Pandemic

The Pandemic of 2020 ended jobs I loved and forced me to create new daily routines and to focus on the future.


The Emotional Author

How much can you rely on your emotions, in order to produce a good work?


Paranoia and Fear Make People Act Inhumanely.

"Fear has a large shadow, but fear itself is small. “Move, but don't move the way fear makes you move"! Move like a free bird~~


Should Poetry Rhyme Or Not?

Should poetry rhyme or not? David Lewis Pogson examines the burning question that has plagued modern poets.


Green Beans and Lawnmowers: Two Reasons Why I Hate Work

If you are or were a teenager in our Olden Days, when things were so simple, then you parents "punished" you for makng you "work" on occasion.


A Thoughtful Display

Recently, Towson possessed a display that was quite interesting. It was thoughtful, beautiful, and intriguing.


Where Dogs Go after They Die

A pastor mourns his dog and seeks answers in the Bible.


Essay on Success Comes To Those Who Take Risks

An essay on success comes to those who take risks.

Abuse, Is It a Form Of Love???

Why would I allow myself to be abused? Abuse is a terrible way to live! I will never understand why people abuse other people.


Celebrating Family Birthdays in 2020

We make do the very best that we can...


Sadly, Laziness Has Been Misunderstood For Too Long

Sadly, there are a lot of myths and misconceptions that have accompanied the people who have been insulted by being called lazzy. Oh, if I do not start weeping, I may finish this piece.


The Travels of Flat Stanley; A Missouri Kindergarten Teacher's Project

While many youngsters are remotely learning during the pandemic, I thought I would share a story about a very creative Kindergarten teacher's effort to transport her students to other places, to learn about life outside of their own communities/cultures. Unbeknownst to me, my niece volunteered me.


Letters to Strangers: Dear Me

First in a possible series of letters that I'll never be sending to those they are addressed to. This letter is addressed to myself, because who wouldn't want to go back and give our younger selves a leg up in those damaging situations we were left to solve on our own?


The "Most-Annoying Sticky Food Presentation" in the U.S.A.

Time for a fun hub. A piece that you can just "sink your teeth into" this offering. I tried my best to not mis-read the ingredients.


The Thousand Miles Journey

Lao Tzu Quotes, The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. Now, take this timely quote and apply it to your writing. An aspiring writer always is in need of a word of encouragement, similar to when you want to make that journey but need a little push to set you off.


If an Owl Suggests Slowing Down to Heal, Do You Listen?

Presence and in the moment wildlife and spirit animal experience, how to center yourself, slowi your roll, be in the now, have a balanced outlook towards life, work and family. Pen and ink rendering captures the inktober moment the author spends next to a barred owl.


Autumn Colors Spreading Across America

As colder weather moves over the nation, leaves burst forth in their final brilliant colors of fall putting on a final show for photographers, videographers and lovers of nature Their death is truly a sight to behold


Life's Changing Nightmare - Chemo Day

Life's changing nightmare - chemo day is about a true life event that has effected our lives. The challenges we face daily as we enter into the diabetic world with chemotherapy.


Spirit Day - What I Know Now... It Gets Better!

Celebrating Spirit Day and my experience with bullying. LGBTQ related article.


From Yesterday to Today: In Search of a Moral Compass

Step into my time machine and let's talk about life, then and now.


How Could She Stay with Him?

Because it’s like living with two people. And you want to believe that the good one is the real one, because how could the evil one be real? How can both of these opposite extremes exist in the same person? The mind fragments, and rejects the existence of the wicked one.


Gun Violence - The Club of Tears

This article identifies the number of gun related murders, that take place in the world every year, and the broken hearts of the loved ones that are left behind, to try to figure out how to survive.


"Life's Changing Nightmare"

Life's changing nightmare is about a true life event that has changed our lives forever. One day he is perfectly fine, or so we thought, and the next day he is in the hospital. The news we are told is devastating. He had strokes that uncovered a diagnosis of stage 4 lung cancer.


Supernatural Encounter on a Dark Highway

This is a true story that took place in 2005 and is a testimony to the power of of good over evil.


Sunset at Gentleman's Point

February 2020: Three weeks in a fishing town on the rugged north west coast of Tenerife, recuperating from long-lasting after effects of an unusual flu suffered over Christmas, caught between BREXIT and COVID, during a paradigm shift of history.


25 More Ponderings, Musings and Life’s Little Lessons

A follow up to a previous article I wrote on little proverbs which pop into my head from time to time.