Personal Essays


My Path of Turning Myself Into an Intellectual Orphan

We are all unique individuals, but not everyone has saved their individuality from familial and social indoctrination. This story is about one such case.

Behind Words

She and her thoughts.


Not so Lost

Our journey involves a series of mantras we believe as true, we shout from the rooftops, we repeat them under our breath… until they no longer work. We find ourselves so set on what the world is and how to conquer it.


The Journey Begins with the First Step

Let the journey begin, mine started on April 23, 2017 and has continued to this day. There have been ups and downs but I have people in my life that have encouraged me and helped me continue my weight loss journey and now I want to educate and encourage others by sharing my experience.


A Day in The Life of an Unassuming, Uneventful Man

Believe it or not, there are unassuming, uneventful folks out there.


5 Reasons Why I Dread Turning 40

Time goes by very fast and age is not just a number anymore. I used to think turning 30 was terrible, but now I am approaching 40! Many people can share the dread and anxiety of this birthday. This article is all about turning 40 with a list of the 5 reasons why I dread turning 40 next year.


Grieving Widows Don't Need Religious Attitudes

If you are not asked your advice or opinion please do not bombard the bereaved with scripture that seems to validate your point of view.


A Valuable Anti-Stress Lesson From a Stuck Elevator

It contains two magic questions which may instantly remove many of everyday stressful responses.


Lost Innocence / Vietnam

The logic was inescapable. Our taxes were being used to protect our rich by pitting our poor, armed to the teeth with advanced weaponry, against the poor in another country. But the incessant narrative coming from McNamara and the other people orchestrating this shambles was still somehow that....


Life Lessons From Your Younger Sibling

9 ways how doing your younger sibling’s homework can be a learning experience


Lost Innocence / Virginity

How could that be? In the land of the free and the brave, we all stood on our hind legs and fought to rid the world of “commies” because we knew that they inveterately and systematically lied to and manipulated their own people. We knew they did this through tightly controlled media and....


My Love Affair With Zinnias

It seems I always took zinnias for granted. They seemed such a common flower and not very glitzy or special. In recent years, I have learned to appreciate their true value and plant them every year as they are now very special to me.


Eating Disorder, My Self-Respect and Me!

I admired myself in the mirror of my room which I shared with three other girls. My waist looked tiny in the black top and blue jeans.


Stop Feeling Bad for Not Spending All Your Time With Your Kids. You Are a Person, Not Just a Parent!

Guilt can wreak havoc on your mental health. The reality is, we are all just people and our kids need to learn that we are not just mom or dad. They need to learn how to create their own happiness without relying on you to provide it.


God's Not Dead: On Leaving Christianity for Spiritual Freedom

God’s Not Dead, Just Different: On Leaving Christianity for Spiritual Freedom by As Told by Maya A deconversion story by ex-evangelical writer


So Much More Left of Life to Be Enjoyed

Judging our tomorrows by our yesterdays we are facing a verdict of sameness -- but who says that we have to settle for it.


In the Wonderland of Dreams

Everyone dreams, and dreams tend to be weird, but the images and sounds that fill your head as you sleep are just part of the meaning of this word.


The Words of My Father: Never Give up Ground Won

Wisdom from the 50's, delivered by Dale LeRoy Holland, my father. I'd like to share some of it with you in this article. Won't you join me?


Living and Learning From Mistakes

My thoughts about how changing my perception on mistakes adds to inner peace.


Pastafarians; Misunderstood, Underestimated, and the Last Hope Humanity Has Against Global Warming.

Pastafarianism. The belief that God is an all-knowing benevolent mass of pasta. Yes, you read that right.


Mother's Day Is Also for Grieving the Mom You Wish You Had

My mom's darkness hurt me for years. It judged me, verbally abused me, and instilled false beliefs within me. She tried, and for those moments I am grateful. But I don't know if I am ready to let you back in...


Graduation "Of a Different Color"

It's here. Graduation. If you graduated, then you do not need me to write you anything here.


Suicidal Single Mom One Day and a Badass Warrior Entrepreneur the Next. A Look Into the Warrior's Mind.

One day you have goals and dreams and the next your bubbles are being blasted by darkness. You get stuck for a while. Like you've been locked away in a dark box. However, the key to freedom lies within you.


Quarantine, Social Anxiety, PTSD, and Avoidance

You'd think being stuck home alone in a perpetual snow day would be great for people who are severely anxious about crowds and gatherings. But it's not healthy to always avoid what makes you anxious, even if you can. Sheltering yourself doesn't help you build resilience.


Chain of Fools

I thought you were my man. You send flirty text, making me think you were someone of romance. I felt endless to desire more. My love for you was everlasting. My best friends knew you were not the one for me. Image my surprise when I learned I was a link in your chain, just a fool, a chain of fools.


The Quantum of Prayers and Why They Mostly Don't Work

A prayer works, but only when it's done correctly, that is, with a different frame of mind.


I'm The Self-Proclaimed "King of Pain"

Accidents may not be as frequent as heart beats, but we all have to answer to ourselves.


What You See In the Mirror

Does what you see in the mirror reflect the truth about you? My thoughts on changing how you look at yourself.


How I Became a Teacher.

This article is a very brief summary on how I became a teacher.


Travels With Maggie: It's Not So Scary After All

We would love it if you joined us for a walk today. Slip on some comfortable shoes. The weather is gorgeous. Maggie, Toby, me and you, a walkabout Olympia. Are you ready?


Respecting Boundaries

I must admit that differentiating between not volunteering information about myself and concealing information is a slippery slope for conscience to explain via communication.


Natural Beauty and Its Beloved Resident

From the day of creation, nature and man complement each other. Just as nature without human beings turns into jungles, the world without ever green nature can never be habitable by human beings. Just a transformation of the silent deadly Desert.


No Regrets: Sometimes the Wrong Choices Bring Us to The Right Places

There are several reasons to never regret any decision made. The primary reason is it enables you to take credit for creating your life. Decisions result from choosing. Some will leave you with regret; there should be no regret because sometimes the wrong choices bring us to the right places.


All About Janet, My First Love

Every guy will always have "that first" and he'll never forget her.


Did You Know You Could Just Choose Your Emotions

It's all about living consciously, or letting the life happen to us while believing in emotional spontaneity where we have no say at how we feel.


Since the Days When My Great-Grandparents Were Born: An Essay

In the 140 years since my great grandfather was born, societies around the world have dealt with crises of all kinds. Technology has advanced, and wars have been won and lost. But could there be a more positive way for history to unfold?


How I Am Healing Weight Loss, Binge Eating and Body Image Obsession, Learning to Love Myself, and Focusing on Health

In fighting my illnesses, I realized there was no fast cure as my physical state was attached to my mental state so I found a way to live with it all in a healthier way.


Jane, Where Are You?

Be careful when sitting outside, because you never know what or who is yelling.


The Nzambani Rock

Kenya is endowed with many tourists attractions. Of these, Nzambani Rock found in Kitui County is outstanding. This is the untold story about it.