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Personal Essays

“Can I Buy You a Drink?” A Loaded Question

“Can I get you a drink?” seems like a fairly benign conversation starter, but when I hear it I know I’m probably about to offend somebody, or at least lose their interest. Do I owe them an explanation? Do you want to meet the alcoholics in my life?

Simple Techniques I have Used To Remain Calm

Life Doesn't Always have To be Going At 100 MPH. Get out of the fast lane for awhile. Slow down, smell the roses and watch the sunset.


Futurist: More impactful uses of Machine Intelligence (AI)

The impact of Machine Intelligence will be significant in many areas. Positive impact only - I include three positive impacts in this article!


Living a Reality of Solutions -- Not Problems

Analyzing life does not provide the will to live it, does not "make" us change anything. It's a dead knowledge making us smarter about life, not more alive.


Picture Perfect. Shiny Family

I am not an only child, but I remember wishing I was. It's probably for the best that I'm not though. A sibling is a partner in a crime. A sibling is in the foxhole with you. It's not a relationship you enter into by choice, but it still helps a great deal if you maintain it.


Puzzling in Life

We did not ask for it nor bargain for it. Yet, we all find ourselves in "one" and the great question is: why me? What Am-I doing here in this family?


Writers in the Family: Nature or Nurture? Influences, Circumstance and Luck

Do you write? Do, or did, others in your family also write? Explore with me whether or not one's ability to write well depends on nature or nurture. What influences or circumstances make a difference? Is there an element of luck? Let's see!


If Today Is Your Last Day

We never know when is our last day to live. But can we live as if everyday is our last day.

You Can Be Anything You Want to Be When You Grow Up and Other Fairy Tales

What do we really tell kids when we tell them they can be anything they want to be when they grow up? Why are we guiding them to make career decisions as children? There is a lot to be learned from the so-called Great Resignation. Maybe we can start by doing better by our kids.


Futurist: Moving Ai (Mi) Past the Human Limits

We sometimes building systems without taking the long term view, what is the best way to build the system!


The Day I Met My Online Friend In Real Life

November 13th, 2022 - A date that will always remain special and close to my heart forever. It was the day when I met my online friend, Jess, in real life, for the first time ever.


Yanking the Fig Leaf off Your Emotional Nudity

Early in life in that process of becoming socially acceptable, we are forced to cover our emotional nudity with a fig leaf of shame. It's never too late to yank it off once and for all.


Relationships Require Hard Work and Sacrifice. Are You Strong Enough? Can You Handle It?

Contrary to what anybody tells you, love cannot survive without trust and intimacy. If you can't trust your partner, then it isn't real love. If you and your partner can't be close with each other physically and emotionally, then it isn't real love. Without trust and intimacy there is nothing.


The 24 x 7 Generation

Generation gap is usually referred to as difference of opinions between one generation and another regarding beliefs, values, working culture, lifestyle changes etc.

It's Nice to Have a Friend: An Account of Friendships Throughout the Ages

I don’t have girlfriends like I used to when I was in high school and college, and that’s a shame. Where have the partners in crime gone? Have we all grown up? What's left?


Why Artificial Intelligence Is a Threat to Writers

The emergence of artificial intelligence has greatly affected the writing sector. Definitely, the future of writing will never be the same. Here is why...


My Winning a War with Mental Can'titis in Pursuit of Self-Advancement

Calling myself a "mental athlete", I was going through the same initial stage of inner resistance to change as any other athlete is facing at first. Here are some of the details about what was involved in that process.


Into Each Life a Little Rain Must Fall

What is life without challenges? Pretty empty. Here are some thoughts on the subject.


Turning Loneliness Into a Meaningful Solitude

In the relativity of everything in life, being alone certainly beats a bad company -- but it goes beyond that, when solitude opens a new window into our own soul, making us genuinely befriend that person who we are.


Slainte - A Tale of the Highs and Lows of Service Industry Employment, and Why Everyone Should Experience it.

Everyone should work in the service industry at some point. It really shines a light on humanity and can teach you how to treat people. It can also make for some funny stories, and you'll most likely meet some cool people.


And the Academy Award Goes To... Mom

Some people have negligent parents, authoritarian parents, permissive parents, absentee parents. My parents are the best, but Mom has a flair for the dramatic. It's a sight to behold. And what I'm really looking for here is for someone to be on my side.


Meeting the Handsome Bachelor on Instagram

I started following an Instagram account of a handsome bachelor and learned quite a bit about how social media is used to attract women.


I Polish Up Real Nice: A Piece on Mental Health Comorbidity

At what point do eating behaviors become disordered? What does recovery from an eating order look like? How can someone really change? I've been there, done that. I have one of the most powerful monkey minds, and if I'm functioning, there's hope for anyone.


Filipino Crab Mentality in a Positive Way

How can you make a negative way into a positive way? This article will discuss how to help people with a crab mentality. Develop an encouraging and inspiring life. Commend those who have good achievements and Guide those who want help.


Immigrant Life In South Africa Marred With Xenophobic Attacks

Being an immigrant is tough, but I think it is worse in South Africa due to the xenophobic attacks which see many immigrants being beaten, burnt or even killed by locals. Immigrants are often accused of taking jobs that belong to South Africans. It's an everyday struggle.


Student Job in a Senior home

Experiences from working in a Senior home.


Home is Forever: A Narrative on Trying to Escape

I'm embarrassed to say it, but I've moved back home with my parents. And, unfortunately, I will have to parenting these retirees.


Ten For Life: Books

I love the written word and have absorbed thousands of books over the years. At one point I had over 1,000 books in my private library. Cutting it down to only 10 will be very difficult.


Tampa, Florida 33634- For Some It Was Paradise

I moved to Florida and then I moved back. In the middle of that there's a lot of stuff I really don't like to talk about, but it takes up a lot of space in my brain. What do you have when you don't have your health or family?


Ten For Life: Films

If you were tight on space, and could only have ten DVD's to watch for the rest of your life, what would they be?


The Convenience Stores of Future Past

Whether they're run by a small business owner or managed by a big corporation, convenience stores have their own stories to tell.


My Hometown: I Saw the Great Escape

Everyone has a home town. Only some escape. But really, is the grass always greener on the other side?


How to Take Time to Transition to Life on the Farm

If you didn't grow up on a farm transitioning to country life can be a little different and lonely, but it's okay. Taking time to allow yourself to grow into and adapt to your new life are important for finding happiness out in the open country.


It’s me. Hi. I’m the Problem. Nearly Forty and Single.

The dating game is difficult. Being in a relationship is hard work. What are we all looking for and how will we know when we are happy? Satisfied? I certainly don't have all of the answers.


Filipino Touch

Filipinos love to gather. Family is always a priority. Working hard to make sure the family has food on the table. A simple and happy life. Experience the Filipino touch.


Is This Hub Good, Better or the Best?

Beauty, like degrees, comes in measured sights.


Very Simply Put, a Few Useless Things

Sadly, in life we all have those things that are of no use to us.


Something for a Husband Whose Wife Seems to Be Depressed

Even though you cannot and may never understand what she’s going through, you still try. You try, in so many ways, to love and care for her. To make her feel that she does matter, and she’s the most important person in your life, and all you care about is her happiness.


Psychological Growth

I struggled with a name for this article. I named it, then renamed it. For me, it represented what I've achieved after many years and lots of diligence and attention to thoughts and moods and, dare I say, "vibrations."


What’s in a (Southern) Name? Double-Barrel Names and Southern Identity

The double-barrel name is an important part of Southern identity.


The Astonishing Benefits of This 'Art' Will Persuade You to Take It up as a Hobby

How do you feel about reading and writing? Hmm...Sounds a bit boring, doesn't it? Well then, if that's what you think... You need to dive into this article - and explore the depths of reading and writing.


Become Who You Choose to Be

We are no biological robots stuck with some programs -- or aren't we? Well, we do have a choice, so why not choose for ourselves what we want to be.