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Personal Essays


Puddles and Oceans

Trying to figure out life, love, and why time goes on when we find those hours, days, weeks, months, or years of happiness. Always looking for that eternal splash in a puddle or walking with a true love in the ocean waves.

For Writers and for All Those Who Struggle and Keep Fighting

Writing is hard. One can't find his way easily. It's a painful experience but rewarding too. More important, it contributes to self-improvement.

Mental Healthcare

Mental health campaigns are not just limited to month of May. We must keep working on removal of this issue to make a difference.


One Day When I Was Faced With Death.

One day when I was faced with death.


Honoring Our Fathers

I've written a lot about fathers lately, in particular about my own daddy. Everyone has their father story, even if they don't remember their dad. In mine, I share only bits and pieces of a man who was quiet but complex, loving and caring but misunderstood. It's only now I'm older I can see "wider."


Majority's Unhappiness -- As Result of Detachment From Their True Soul

Unaware of their alienation from the divine essence of their being, people see all other possible reasons for their unhappiness.

The Search For Understanding. South Rim Grand Canyon

Rehab Completed Now What?

A brief message of hope for those in early recovery. written from my personal experience and perspective


An Assembly of My Favorites

Which are your favorite things in your life? Here is my list. Interested? Read on.


Veterinary Life 4Ever

The power of words in the Veterinary Field and what happens when journalism loses its way.


Single and Enjoying Life

I never dreamed I would one day be alone, but God had a another plan. I miss my hubby very much, but I am so enjoying the single life. I am doing what I love to do with no one to answer to, but God. This is my story and I am sticking to it!


Why We Became Foster/Adoptive Parents

Although there were many factors leading up to our certification as foster parents, the main reasons we went through with it include God, my teaching experience, our big families, and my disability.


What Do You Wonder About?

In this life, almost everyone has some things they wonder about. Some of them are more serious than others. What do you wonder about?


The Ticking Time Bomb!

{Attention! This blog post is dedicated to all the nineties kids (yes I said kids!) turning 30 or on the verge of turning 30.}

The Lift and the Lifters

How we behave when on the walking and when aboard another person's car


The First Book That Changed my Life-Response to Brenda’s Word Prompt Week 53

First experiences are precious, be it a first friend at school, first love, first day at a new job, our child’s first step, first word and so on. But one has to love oneself first too, only then can we love others. By being grateful and trying to be the best at whatever we do gives meaning to life.


There are Reasons to Smile

"Although I had many challenges growing up, it did not stop me. I was always determined and driven to conquer any obstacles that comes my way. And I’ve always known that my life was destined for greatness. Born to Overcome!"


How Much of You Is Really You

In each one of us there is a consciousness which splits into individual and collective components, the latter referring to all "programs" instilled into us by society. So, how much is really left in us that would represent our "mental fingerprint"?

Foster Care; A Glimpse

A Glimpse of Children in the Foster Care system.


A Message for the People Who's Trying to Reignite Their Burnt Flame

It talks about how someone's timeline is different from one another and the price you pay for excessive productivity.


Reasons to Avoid Becoming Famous

Being famous isn't as thrilling as it appears, and here's why.


Teaching Is Not What It Used to Be

Ever since third grade, I had wanted to be a teacher. My goal was sure and steady. I graduated high school and set my major to Education with a minor in mathematics. It was what I had always wanted. Being a teacher was a dream job that I worked to achieve.


Like The Flip of A Switch

It is not like us the be so cold...


How to Live Forever (or Does It Just Feel That Way?)

Psychology has been trying to answer: Does time seem to pass by at a faster rate as we grow older? We'll briefly discuss psychology's equivocal answer to that, then this author will propose an alternate answer. He then suggests how we can all live (nearly) forever - or at least, feel like it!


A Letter to my Dad's Doctor

A letter that I have written dedicated to my dad's lung cancer doctor whom I have despised for a long time.

More Room for Improvement

In life, there will always be room for us to improve. A big space that continues to widen as we grow and learn.


Expertise Vs. Tastes -- Tastes Win: A Satire

There may come the time when this mankind of ours will be so brainwashed by all kinds of authorities and experts that they will be instructing us how to sign our own name.

The World is Always Wide Enough

Growing up, I got to know my mom more outside her role as my mother. I had a lot of similarities with her, bringing me the joy of knowing that I am her reflection.

Blooming In My Due Season

In this essay, the author shares a particular song that comforted her beyond words whilst relating it to her personal experience of emptiness, discouragement, and pain. The author then shares the precious realizations and learnings she was able to receive along the process of enduring her "season."


Contemporary Poetry ~ My Thoughts and Observations

There is often debate between the lovers of traditional or 'classic poetry' and those who are fans or writers of 'contemporary' (often free-verse) poetry. in this article, I will take a look at, and give my observations on the latter.


Romany Wagons Should They Be Used by the General Public?

Why are Firms using Gypsy wagons for holiday vacations? Is it Appropriation, Or should we share our cultural heritage with one another?


Before, it was all about maintaining a high average and pushing myself to work harder. Now it is solely based on barely hanging on and appreciating the small wins.

The Mistake We All Dreamed About

The world we dreamed about when were kids turns out to be different from what we expected, which is the scariest thing that we encounter.


Education Sector: Victim or Victor

Education/Online class/Politics/Elections/Student/COVID-19


The Bonds of Motherhood

Growing up the oldest daughter of a fifteen-year-old was not an easy feat while I was doing it. Today, my momma and I have a remarkably good relationship. So much so that she's okay with me writing about my experiences to help others with their bonds of motherhood - either as a child or as a parent.


“When I Was Your Age…” Pt 1: Marriage, Children & Being a Home Owner

It’s Time to Rethink Traditional Norms (or Better Yet, Flush ‘em Down the Drain)


Having Kids Is Really That Complicated?

Having children can be challenging and sometimes overwhelming, but it’s simpler than that!


Dear Mama: A Mother’s Day Letter From Your Fur-Child

Mama, let’s have a little talk. Just you and me.

Semicolon: A True Story

A true story that defines the symbolic meaning of the semicolon.


How I Learned Not to Hate Myself

A personal essay with a bit of the mysterious


Most Common Question Asked to the Writers—Why Do You Write?

Why do you write? What do you write about? Aren’t there many writers, already? Do you think, people read, what you write? These are some of the questions, which are often asked to you, when you announce in a social gathering, that you are a writer. As a writer, how do you respond to such questions?


Chicago During COVID (Looking Back on a Story From 2020)

A story from 2020 mid pandemic, worth reflecting on almost 2 years later


It's Been Awhile, My Muse Was Idle

Writing is a demanding task that won't always give you what you hope for but sometimes what comes out of your mind surprises you as if you had no say on what appeared on the page before you. Writing requires inspi-ration which is to often rationed by the powers above that control what you think.


My Strange Destiny ✈️

So... This is one interesting story. It's good lesson behind this and I think this is mostly for teens and young adult who don't know what he/she want to do in future. This is story of how decision by heart is the right one. Enjoy!


The Loss of Him

This is a short essay I wrote after the sudden loss of my dad in January 2021.