Personal Essays


Welcome to the Autumnal Equinox

A tribute to the seasons and planting time, as the writer tries to decide which season is her favorite.


Dearest Gabriel

Have you ever hit rock bottom so hard that you're actually grateful that the only way to go from there is up? Angels make their presence especially known in those moments, relaying the message to you that God is in control. Read on to see how I let Jesus take the wheel on this one, literally.


Before Time Defeats Us

In ten thousands years our idea of time and our progress through universe might be very different to our idea of time of today. In many ways it is challenge and what kind of time systems and time cultures we want to have in ten thousands years but also in in hundred years or ten years?


What if I Was an Earthworm?

I do wish sometimes that I was an earthworm.


The 7 Hardest Truths in Life Everyone Must Accept

What are the hardest truths in life? You'll be surprised to find out.


Churning Butter Was Misery Defined

In order to eat, you have to work. Simple as that.


To My Violin Teacher

I had a recent loss, and I wasn't sure how to get through it. It felt unreal, almost as if it had never happened. How did I cope? I used heartache as fuel to excel in what he did the best- playing music.


Travels With Maggie: Saying Hello To Blessed Fall

Take a walk with us. Let's chat about life and love and all that is important in life. We would love it if you joined us.


Express Yourself: The Benefits of Writing as You Age

Self expression through writing will add pleasure to your life as you age.


"Old" is Fine Because I Never Complain

It happens. Even while this is being wrritten.


Illusion; The healer

Sometimes, illusions are far better than reality. Dreams are the illustrations of our hearts. Dreaming about my father is like soothing my soul.


My Psychology of Love

Having an epiphany about self-love.


Chasing Epiphanies

Philosophy | Date Written: 08/25/2021


I Finally Understand Sports Fandom

Entertainment | Date Written: 07/21/2021


Library Card vs. Debit Card

Business | Date Written: 01/20/2021


10 Ways I Have Grown!

The article details out the ways in which the author has outgrown herself over the years and the impacts that has had in her life. It also talks about some of the traumas that every individual goes through and that it is okay to feel certain emotions.


How to Apply Editing Principles to Life

Some tips to write (and live) a masterpiece.


Tic's Finally Exposed at Last

Tic, Toc! Or is it Tic, Tock?


Why Buy a Pet, If you can Adopt One?

Instead of buying a pet, please try consider adopting a homeless animals. Please give them a chance to have a forever home and be part of the family.


10 Learnings From Living Abroad

The article speaks about the experiences the author had as a part of her living abroad in a foreign land away from home. It describes a lot about the author's personal growth and development of living alone for the first time in life and life changing impact it had on her.


My Mother's Beautiful Garden

A couple of months ago, I was in my hometown in Perak, Malaysia. I took the opportunity to help my mother taking care of her homegrown beautiful flowers and plants around the house.


The Meaning of Freedom for the Present Generation of Youth as India Celebrates Its 74th Independence Day

India celebrates its 75th year of Independence on August 15th this year. The youth of India are proud of their country. they participate enthusiastically in sharing their views about their country. They have an opinion on everything and feel empowered to contribute in the progress of the country.


Is It a Game of Illusion?

A question we always ask ourselves are we heading into some danger we should have foreseen and will we be punished for not paying enough attention?


Building a Meaningful Life, Inspired by Bill Holland

This article's title is inspired by Bill Holland. Reading it, you will come to terms with the author's own thoughts on building a meaningful life. Look inside.


Guam: Wildlife Ritidian Refuge Part One

This begins my experiences visiting the Wildlife Ritidian Refuge Center, a bite from a recluse spider, and the jungle of Gaum.


I Had 1,000 Followers on Instagram. Here’s Why I Permanently Deleted My Account

There was a time when I had a thousand followers. I was a popular Instagram artist who was a part of two fan communities. Then I permanently deleted my account.


My Old Running Routine - Park, Beach, Road

Running is not just a healthy physical activity which you can turn into a routine, but it is also an experience full of meaning and self-fulfillment. In this article, I share my old running routine and my favorite parts in town.


"Be Yourself," But Who Am I?

No matter how much I change, I'll always be me.


The Healing Power of Laughter Therapy

‘Laughter is the best medicine,’ and we are aware of it. But during the course of our lives, the ups and downs—we often forget even to smile, what to say about laughter. Laughter Therapy or laughter yoga, is a recognised and practiced exercise, involving voluntary laughing for healing and wellness.


Building a Meaningful Life. Sunday's Inspiration 38, to the Esteemed Writer Nithya Venkat

The title of this creative writing, is due to the courtesy of William Dale Holland, one that he initially suggested to Rosina Khan. The work is about living a life of harmony with Love and nature ... the spirit of camaraderie and peace with all beings, thereby finding more meaning to life.


Swimming in Frenchman Bay

Swimming in Frenchman Bay is an exhilarating experience, as detailed in this article.


Positive Things People Have Said About Me

I never forget when people describe or analyze me in a positive way. On my 76th birthday, I reflect on all those good things people have said about me over the years.


Travels With Maggie: Man's Best Friend

I am a huge fan of dogs. You'll discover that if you take a walk with me as I exercise my two dogs, Maggie and Toby. Won't you join us?


My Experience With Fine Art Photography

I've been taking photos since I was a boy. Back in those days, I still needed to have the film developed in a store! I am an art education and fine arts major. Learn more about my photographic journey!


Memories That will Make you a Bonified 90s Kid

The 1990s was a different time and place. Childhood shaped our past and the world we see, and as we changed so did everything around us. A nineties kid will remember what was left behind that decade.


Back and Forward

Back and Forward is a short piece about Hindsight and Purpose.


Periwinkle - Another Name for "Daddy"

The periwinkle was one of my Daddy's favorite flowers. It wasn't until after his recent death that I learned they BOTH had something in common!


Family Trials

Adopting a child through foster can be the most heart aching and rewarding process that a parent can go through. I went from being a single parent, and rock star restaurant manager and then I was a stay at home mom of four children navigating through the foster care system.


Love Me a Little Less...

I have often wondered what gives life meaning. Is it love? Is it the things we earn? the goals we achieve or the one's we don't? When I find myself captivated in the space in between, I realize that I have everything and nothing altogether, and therefore I understand fulfillment.


The Wrong Words

The Wrong Words is a piece about my personal complications involving verbal communication, as opposed to written.


Zoe Love

An ode to my dearly departed and much loved pekehund mixed breed dog.


Sand, Sorry For Walking All Over You

You can walk on it. Kick it into a weakling's sand. Leave your lover's footprints in it.


A Creators Thoughts

A creators thoughts is a personal reflection on my gift from God and the way that I have chosen to use it.


Customers - A Shopkeeper's Lament

Shop owners meet all kinds of people in their daily work day. What kind of shopper are you?