Personal Essays


Since the Days When My Great-Grandparents Were Born: An Essay

In the 140 years since my great grandfather was born, societies around the world have dealt with crises of all kinds. Technology has advanced, and wars have been won and lost. But could there be a more positive way for history to unfold?


How I Am Healing Weight Loss, Binge Eating and Body Image Obsession, Learning to Love Myself, and Focusing on Health

In fighting my illnesses, I realized there was no fast cure as my physical state was attached to my mental state so I found a way to live with it all in a healthier way.


Jane, Where Are You?

Be careful when sitting outside, because you never know what or who is yelling.


The Nzambani Rock

Kenya is endowed with many tourists attractions. Of these, Nzambani Rock found in Kitui County is outstanding. This is the untold story about it.


DMX: The Truth

One of the most talented and captivating hip hop rappers of the 90's that spear headed a movement with the Ruff Ryders. Why so many people are praying for him and rooting for him!


Confessions of a Single Mom: I Am Freaking Exhausted!

A look into one of my many breakdowns as a single mom trying to raise two girls, manage mental illness and build a stable financial foundation.


Giving Thanks Feels Good

Thoughts about how life is better when we appreciate the hidden gift in challenges and saying thank you.


You Don't Have to Like Your Mother.

As hard as it may be for some to believe, there is no rule that says you have to like your mother.


Three Dog Night, I Owe Ya' One

Just an old-fashioned love song.


Attending Church on Easter During the Pandemic

As the COVID Pandemic dragged on into 2021 shutdowns and other restrictions are slowly easing. Among other things Churches are reopening. Easter has always been a day with large church attendance and after having churches closed on Easter in 2020 it was a great joy to attend Church on Easter 2021


Lucid Dreams: An Almost Forgotten Passion

“What do you want to be when you grow up?”


Corey, Hands off the Sunglasses

It's not a hit song by Corey Hart from the 1980's. It's a fact.


Blood Is Not Thicker Than Water: You Choose Your Family!

Your blood family is not always your soul family. Family is about love, support, honesty, encouragement, and loyalty. Find your tribe, don't get stuck in abusive circles, blood or not.

Tap Mystery

' Yesterday something terrible and funny happened ' and from here the Tap Mystery starts...


Not Getting to Tell "Mr. Hubert" That I Loved Him Almost Killed Me

They are here. Gone tomorrow. Why do we not take time to know them?


Why So Soon?

Life is so unpredictable. We never know what will happen in the next seconds, minutes, hours or even days of our lives. It is so important to make time for the people we value the most. Express our love and let them feel it.


“I, Me, Myself”

Do we really have no control over anything?


After Death What!

We are attempting to uncover the ever-growing mystery of life beyond death


A Self-love Journey: How to See Your Progress

How to recognize the results of your efforts.


Turning Big Dreams Into Reality

And that is why, big thoughts and ideas what we think, we convert them into reality.


A Love You Letter to My Mother

My mother passed away 5 years ago. She comes to me sometimes in my dreams.


Perfectly Untold

As long as we live, we learn, we grow, we mature. Did anyone accurately knew the exact thing that happens in their life?


Mother Lodger

I later discovered that he regularly threatened his mother with violence – throwing furniture and such like. Sometimes she would cower in her car outside the family home rather than go indoors and confront him.


Take Me To Church

"Did you know that if you don't go to church you'll go to hell?"


My Fourth-Grade 'Warden' And Her Name Was Rosa

I'm sure that the C.I.A. could have used this when I was a kid.


My Son Was Murdered: Journey Through Grief

This is my journey through grief after the death of my oldest son.


15 Thoughts on, Why to Write Poetry

In modern times, Poetry is much more than syllables and rhymes. It’s a form of art and creativity. A powerful way of self expression, to influence, impact, and may be bring change in the spirit and thoughts of the people, and the society as a whole. If it’s written with heart, it reaches the heart.


Do you see the world from the half empty or half full perspective?

This reminds me of a funny quote ‘Who said nothing is impossible, I’ve been doing nothing for years.’ In the Italian word, the phrase goes to say ‘il bel far niente’ means ‘The charm of doing nothing’, which most of the people may not imagine doing it though unknowingly they are in it.

Almost Three Years After My Wife's Death

An update on life after widowhood. Life after the death of my wife.


Travels With Maggie: The Dog Park

Learning about life through the wisdom of my dog! Won't you join us?


Why a Young Irish Couple Ran Away to America on Board The Titanic

Denis Lennon and Mary Mullin were a young couple from Ireland. They both died when the Titanic sank in 1912. They were third class passengers and had pretended to be brother and sister, using the names Denis and Mary Lennon on their ticket.


Love And Attachment

A simple story about love and how attachment is both a strength and weakness.


"Ol' Shotgun's" Last Ride

Just felt like it was "his" time.


Australian Birds in My Garden

Some unusual and beautiful birds that are seen in my garden.


Our Molasses Were More Than Just a Breakfast Food

Many times, some things that are most-simple, do the best for all.


Marsupials In My Garden

Due to the loss of their natural habitat, some native Australian species are making their homes in residential gardens - including mine.


The Words of My Father: There Ain't No Atheists in a Foxhole

Go back in time with me, back to the 60's, and some lessons I learned from one of the wisest men I've ever known - my dad!


What a Friend We Had in Our Porch Swing

Ever think about our friend, the porch swing?


Similar Illusions of Living Under a Capitalist or Socialist Regime

No ethnic, racial, political, religious, or financial label can change who we intimately are. We can be equally happy or miserable humans whether we live in Hollywood's Bel Air or in a small community of the Third world.


International Women's Day: Celebrate Your Strength

While none of us may be feeling particularly strong and empowered with the pandemic, it's our strength that has gotten us this far.

Why I Dropped Out of Law School

Prioritizing between studying law and progressing my career as a specialist in my field continues to be a source of inner conflict. In this article I explain how dropping out of law school was a product of decisions I made to further my career as an engineer.


Emotions and Colours: Effects, Moods, Associations and Favourites; Use in Photography

Emotions are linked to colours are linked to emotions. Colour is used to create mood, to convey feelings, to portray people, in art of course, but here we're looking specifically at its use in photography. How do you respond to colour? What is your favourite colour and why?