Personal Essays


A Personal Encounter With a Nazi War Criminal

A personal account of an encounter with Friedrich Engel, the Nazi SS officer known as the Butcher of Genoa.


Isolation Is Australia’s DNA.

Our desert heart beats together with the tropics of the north. Our many Oceans create vast never ending blue frame. It is the foundation stone of its remote country towns and communities and the frame around the isolated capital cities. Yes it is unusual place. Isolation is Australia’s DNA.


Nothing to Do When You Have Nothing to Do

This is a very rare event as seen through my eyes.


I Wasn't Going to Write Today: Moving Forward With Love, by Manatita

An article to inspire peace, love, harmony and oneness


Steven Stayner Changed My Life

The events of that day in 1972 will forever shape my family, community, and state. It was the day Steven Stayner was abducted from Merced, California


Your Faith Will Heal You, Not Your Money- A True Story of Faith Healing

I met a person on the 3rd of Jan'21. He says he gets possessed, gods and deities appear around him. His story is a fact for him, but not for the strangers. He lives in his own world hoping to get cured someday.


Watching My Son Grow

How it feels to watch your newborn's growing journey, through a young mother's eye


Espionage and Sleeping With the Enemy Part 2

This is a follow-up to the story of how my ex-husband may have been involved in acts of espionage and intrigue in Europe in the 1970s and what I did about it.


The Swetsvile Zoo, What Happens at Night When It Awakes

The Swetsville Zoo is located on the outskirts of Ft Collins, CO is not your normal zoo. At night, after all the visitors have gone it awakens. The animals, sculptures, and creatures breathe as the darkness and fog creep in. Come,take a tour with me. This is a real place. Family and Artist friendly.


It Takes Power to Have a Healthy Mind

Healthy mind, mental health, mental wellness, power of your subconscious mind,


Tempting Fruits of Truth On Barren Land

Truth is something what can set one's world on fire. Yet if you are scared of fire you won't experience the magic of flames where your ashes would be rising again like a mythical bird phoenix and you'd experience rebirth that can brings you ultimate liberation what's been suppressed before.


I Am Powerful, I Am Me and I Am Here.

Create your own reality with alchemy mentality


A Woman's Facial Features Always Speak The Loudest

If a ventroloquist can throw his (her) voice to cause a cabbage to talk, then why can't a pretty woman speak volumes so fluently, and correctly?


Oaklin: One of the Last Peddlers of the Southern Rolling Stores Era

This image from the early south was certainly not a fanciful event, but these "rolling stores" helped to save many lives.


My Dog Wants Me To Leave Up the Christmas Tree

Though no doubt I'll be subjected to ridicule and derision, these are the reasons I've decided to leave my Christmas tree up all year


What Is Love

Now a days, love is just like a fancy hobby or a viral game, everyone wants to do it. Everyone has their own corrupted version of love and this first sight thing is exactly what I am talking about. Love never comes handy and its not quick too.


Emotions of Jokers

The funniest people! Well, talk to them about their lives. You'll come to know that they actually are the people with most painful past. They may seem cool and funny outside, making everyone laugh with their jokes on point but inside, they have the deepest scars, fighting every problem.


Being Fat Isn't Bad

2021 is here and social media feeds everywhere are filled with New Year's resolutions. If you want to be healthier, that is a positive thing. But why are we so obsessed with weight loss? We are taught from a young age that being fat is a bad thing, but that's simply not true.


Face-to-Face with 2021: Planning Ahead of the Year and Putting Aspirations in Perspective

New Year is a time to make amends, close account of the previous year, open new account and draw on new plans. For some, if not all, it's a time for new dreams and goals. But there is a dimension of New Year we often missed. How beginning the year relaxed, but yet determined? Well, that sounds off.


Can You Get Rid of Almost Everything and Be Happier?

I once got rid of almost everything that I owned and began a new life as one of the first "digital nomads". Here' how how I now view that experience 20 years later.


1st January 2020

It's been a long time since we met, Ah, you came to me with so many promises,hopes, ideas,opinions, experiences and yes, ad-vices to keep and give as well. You were like that acceptance letter we always wait for, but it's been so long since we last met. You have changed a lot.


How I Became A Teacher

Everyone has a talent or something that they are called to do. I didn’t know it at first, but I was called to be a teacher. This is how I became a teacher.


This Pandemic Has Made Me A Changed Human Being

This moderately short article is about the hue and cry in my mind changing to self satisfaction and happiness in the course of just a few months.


Transgender Life Through the Looking Glass

Being transgender is a lifelong journey that doesn't end when you finish transitioning. Not everyone has to alter their appearances if they're transgender, but in most cases trans people will still be disrespected even after changing their appearance. But we all have to stick together.

Just Another Year

A new year is just another day. If you want to change, change now and not wait for the clock to strike 12 to do something.


Espionage and Sleeping With The Enemy

To the best of my knowledge, we weren't really involved in espionage, but I always wonder. Was there something going on that I was unaware of? You will have to decide for yourself.


The Slavery of Abuse, the Craving for Freedom

There is nothing so discouraging, so soul-crushing, as slavery. Abuse is a form of slavery... clenching, strangling, controlled, humiliating, indentured servitude. The abused has no rights, receives no pleasures that are not gifted by her master, to dole out as he wills...


Time flies

Time is not stopping us now from calling our friends, texting our beloved teachers, praying for the loved ones who are not with us, finding the ones with whom we're not in contact anymore. Time is not making hurdles my friend, but we are. Time is just passing by,as it always did and will always do.


My Search for Satisfaction in My Fitness

I'm a pretty active person and I do what I can to stay that way, yet not become too consumed by pressures to meet a certain image. I've done well in that regard yet there is one aspect that still annoys me.


Memories of Extracurricular Activities at a Thailand Catholic School

From 2008 until 2014, I taught EFL at a Thailand Catholic School. In addition to spending an average of 20 hours each week in the classroom, my teaching contract called for me to assist in several extracurricular activities. They included activities such as a Christmas Fair and an English camp.


Travels With Maggie: In Search of Commonalities

What say you? Are you ready to take as stroll with me and my dogs? I promise good company, at least from the dogs, and a little exercise for us all. Come on, it will be fun!


My Downward Spiral: Disassociated From Reality

Dissociation is a mental process of disconnecting from one's thoughts, feelings, memories or sense of identity. The dissociative disorders that need professional treatment include dissociative amnesia, dissociative fugue, depersonalisation disorder and dissociative identity disorder.Jun 1, 2012 (


To Be Stateless - What Is It Like?

A personal and true testimony of growing up and living life as a stateless person.


Kim's Adventure in Cathmandu

Kim came to Cathmandu to immerse in culture and religion from U.S. She lived in Nepali family as a guest student of Wisconsin. She meets old dame. They talk in Nepali. I've retold their adventurous story in this article.


Cats Get Cancer Just Like People and it's Devastating

Cats like humans can get diseases just like humans. My beloved cat Lucy has been diagnosed with cancer. Soft tissue sarcoma to be exact. Sarcoma seems to be quite common in both cats and dogs.


Covid-19, Beyond Gladness and Sadness

This is what I've oberserved duing the pandemic period. The business has come to stand still except and the believers who still circle around the stupa with hope.


Home Maintenance and the Jar of Life

The Jar of Life story teaches you a lesson in prioritization and how that can lead to a life well-lived. Home maintenance is indeed a chore but, with the right approach, you can find a place for it in your jar of life.


The Importance of Grief Therapy for Ex-Caregivers

Life after losing the role of caregiver for a loved one may include unresolved emotions. Professional help sorting through the emotions is cathartic.


The Most-Secure Door in The Worl

If you want to talk about defense, then you only have to look at the old-fashioned screen door.