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The Lies We Tell but the Secrets We Keep, Part 9

Writing is my passion. I have an undying thirst and quest in the field of writing. Some eat, drink, or use drugs when stressed; I write.


It's 6 am and the alarm clock goes off awake Tim, he turns over and turns off the alarm clock to begin his day. He has a very busy day, he has been preparing for a case defending a young man who was accused of robbing a liquor store and killing the worker for months. He set to be in court at 8 am and following court, he’s planning his first anniversary with Gina, and he wants everything to be perfect.

Tim promises the young man’s mother when he took the case that he would gather the necessary evidence to free her son of all charges, he believes the young man is innocent and he tends to make good on his word. As Tim gets dressed, he practices his opening speech that he will open the case with. He is also prepping his closing and arguing statement, saying it over and over as he wants the perfect opening and closing statement.

Tim is good with words, in fact, he can take words and use them to work in his favor without trying to outshine the prosecutor he’s up against. Very few attorneys have the same ability Tim have when it comes to telling stories or using words. When a person is lying Tim cross-examination, often bring out he or she isn't telling the truth.

When Tim opens his mouth and speaks his open and closing arguments make the listeners think, it capitalizes the attention of everybody in the room as it comes with a powerful demeanor to elevate his argument to a higher level. He's a good dresser, organized, a handsome man, which makes it even more pleasant to watch and listen to him complete and accurate an open and closing argument.

During the closing argument, Tim has the ability to end his case by laying out a story that seems so real whether it is or not, and the way he outlines it, he makes sure that no part of the story he tells can be disputed by laws or facts from the prosecutor. He can also win over the jury and gets the victory, he has not lost a case as he believes in addressing and administering all of the necessary legal details.

Tim statements do not just speak about the case, nor does it ultimately just tell a story, but it serves very specific purposes in the case, it proves if the person is guilty or not guilty in the duration of the law. He's faultless when it comes to review and summarization of the evidence, for all these reasons he has not lost a case.

Tim knows today will be a long day as to where he will be occupied in court part of the day, and he will be planning his one-year anniversary, therefore, he will not be able to talk to Gina so he called the florist and order a bouquet of red carnations. On the card, he had them to write, "Thinking of you even when I'm not near you, sending you a symbol of my love, happy anniversary.”

The carnations are flowers that are known as an anniversary perennial, today is a one-year anniversary for Tim and Gina. They are also flowers that say ‘I love you’ and express love, attraction, and admiration. Three words Tim have toward Gina and he still gets butterflies in the midst of his stomach when he near her and he loves her, maybe, even more, today than he did a year ago.

Tim reminisces back to the very first time he saw Gina, how he felt being described in Fantasia song - When I See U, the lyrics, I put your picture on my mirror, start to blush when somebody says your name. In my stomach, there's a pain, see you walk in my direction I go the other way, I start to stutter when I speak, try to stand, but my knees go weak, what happening to me in the dark can you tell me what it means.

I lay my head on my pillow, staring out the window, wish on a star for a sign, It's the reason why. You’re always on my mind, when you come around, I'm shy, When I see you, when I see you, never know when you might walk by, so I gotta be right on time, When I see you, when I see you.

Tim set it up for Gina to get a two-hour reminder call to be dressed and a driver will pick her up and bring her to the location he plans for the anniversary. He had Gina pick out her dress without the knowledge that is what she was doing, it will be delivered to the house with a note saying, "Your anniversary dress, please get dressed and meet me tonight at 8 pm.

I look forward to celebrating the first anniversary with you, and I so look forward to creating many more memories with the love of my life, you’re more beautiful now than when I first saw you. Happy anniversary dear, you’re the perfect one for me., Tim."

Tim book a romantic, breathtaking wine and dine cruise with live entertainment, he even manages to book one of Gina favorite singer, Ruben Studdard, the velvet teddy bear. He even purchases a big velvet teddy bear with a ring attached to it as he plans to ask Gina to marry him.

Tim request Ruben sings, "Make Ya Feel Beautiful to Gina as she loves his phenomenal voice and the words describe how Tim feels about Gina. The Lyrics, Baby, first off let me start by saying, I ain't trying to get in your jeans, First, I'd rather learn your ups and downs, And everything in between, I wanna know you, your insecurities, Secrets and your needs, I want your mental and your physical too, And once I've got it I won't stop, Until you know you're beautiful.

I just wanna make you feel beautiful, Wanna make you feel beautiful, Girl, that's all I wanna do, Girl, just let me make you feel beautiful, Let me make you feel beautiful, 'Cause you are beautiful, I just wanna make you feel beautiful, Wanna make you feel beautiful, Girl, that's all I wanna do, Girl, just let me make you feel beautiful, Let me make you feel beautiful, 'Cause you are beautiful.

Tim has a surprise for Gina, he will share with her. He found out she has an older brother that her mother gave up for adoption. He will rearrange so the two to meet. His name is Robert and he's a courtroom judge, Tim came into contact with him days ago during a courtroom visit when he needs to speak with the judge, they start talking and the conversation turns into a personal discussion.

Robert told him he learns his mother was killed by her boyfriend and his sister testified at the trial. The more he shared about his mother and how he kept in contact with her and what's going on in her life, although she didn't want him, he learned he was Gina brother.

Robert shared with Tim he even reached out to his mother on several occasions, but she rejected him. He even tried to reach out to his sister for several reasons, she never gave him the opportunity to tell her who he was because she was so mean, refused him and made it so clear that she didn't want him around so he kept his distance and assist her as much as he could from a distant.

It’s 7:55 am and Tim is in the courtroom with his client ready to begin the trial. Everybody in the courtroom is waiting for the judge to arrive and take a seat. Five minutes later, the announcement is made, all rise for the honorable Judge Luther, a cutthroat hardball judge comes in and sit at the front of the courtroom.

Tim is where he feels so at home, the courtroom. He loves going to court. It brings about so much he loves a place where a person is innocent until proven guilty, where he gets to shut down and correct the wrongdoing pathos. It is the place he goes, to fight for the people who can't fight for themselves, show up the liars, to uphold the laws and the Constitution of the United States, and to serve justice without respect to persons.

The judge calls for the prosecutor to call his first witness, he does, but he did not know the witness was an angry hostile eyewitness, a bystander who was armed. He stands up to take the stand, begin walking toward the stand when he approaches the bailiff, pushes his gun in his side takes the procession of his gun and takes control of the courtroom.

Many were shocked at the low point of the day, a young man able to hold people hostess in a court of law, people in the courtroom screams. The man immediately yells quiet or I'll begin shooting hostages, starting with the judge. He ordered the judge to step down off the bench and he walks over and sit on the bench and begs for Tim to approach it.

At this point, Tim slowly rises up and ask himself, “What is going on?” Tim could tell from the young man tone of voice he was not a person that he wishes to give grace or mercy, he desires to see him suffer pain. As Tim rises slowly and carefully walked over to the bench, he stood in front of the disturbed hostile young man, he begins reading him his rights.

He started by saying you have the rights to an attorney, you cannot represent yourself, if you cannot afford one, one will be appointed to you. I am here to ensure justice is served, do you understand the rights that are given to you?


For the peoples in the courtroom sake, Tim replied, “Yes, Your Honor,” I understand as he thought it was one of the most disturbing things he ever witnesses. He could tell from the young man’s words, he was already convicted and found guilty, so he requested a “plea allocution,” in which he intended to use to learn without any doubt as to the exact nature of what he’s charged with.

Tim was confused and concern at the same time with the young man and his approach to him. He had three other guys with him who walk around with weapons to every person in the courtroom to take all cell phones and possession. When the young man shared with Tim, he's a cruel but clever attorney who uses the law to his advantage he knew he had busted down a person who wanted to be above the law and he was willing and ready to stand firm even if it meant giving up his life.

When the young man introduced himself as Judge Hill and made the courtroom stand, Tim immediately knew he was Officer Hill son, the young man that he heard was very upset with the outcome of his daddy verdict. Tim understood as to why he stated you cannot present yourself and why he was attempting to force him to plead guilty, whether his intention is to plead guilty freely or not.

Tim was afraid, but refuses to show how much fear overtook his body. He's the type of man who will never let anyone see him sweat. Tim spent most of his life fighting and standing up to bullies and the wrongdoer. And he's not going to let one disturbed young man push him to back down from doing right.

Believe it or not, the secret to having a chance at defeating a criminal or wrongdoer is to never let him see or feel you afraid nor allow them to see your nervousness. Therefore, Tim begins by staring at the dull and gray walls and allowing his mind to wander and think of a strategy that will not only protect him but the many other innocent peoples in the courtroom.

With all the emotions and the hostage situation in the courtroom, it has made its way to the news. It is live streaming back to back on every TV station and the many viewers are very concern and some are even in the panicking stage. Although the hostage stage is pointed toward one man, Timothy, an attorney who sworn to uphold the law, show up liars and bust down the wrongdoers.

How will things turn out? The young man who identifies himself as Judge Hill, an amateur man has placed himself in a position that will change his life forever. He threatens the judge of the courtroom and held the entire courtroom hostage.

Does he understand the extent of trouble he has placed himself into? How will this mistake he made play out in his everyday life? This is not the way for him to assist or help his dad get justice and his dad would not want him to have a lengthy criminal record at such a young age. Will Tim leave the courtroom in time to get dressed and meet Gina for their anniversary Wine and dine cruise? Stay tuned as I answer all questions and share more details with, “The lies we tell, but the secrets we keep, Part 10.”

The Lies We Tell But the Secrets We Keep, Part 9!

Fantasia - When I See U (Official Video)

Make Ya Feel Beautiful-Ruben Studdard

© 2019 Pam Morris

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