Humor Writing


English Language Devices

An alphabetical compilation of words used to describe writing techniques.


25 Uses for an Unused Covid Mask

A small of things you can use do with an old COVID-19 mask.


10 organic items to help you feel better about life

If you are going organic it can be stressful to not be completely surrounded by things that aren't organic. Here are a few things you can add to your life to help you maintain your organic lifestyle.


Dear Andy Advice Column Mines the Brain

The weirdos are out and they're checking their brains at the door.


Different Types of Reviews

A non-exhaustive list of the different types of reviews that I've come across - and am also guilty of dishing out - in the course of my life so far.


First World Problems

We all have problems - some more than the others. Here is a list of problems I've faced living in a First World Country. See if you can relate to my #FirstWorldProblems


Dear Andy Advice Column on Medication Blues

Dear Andy is back with more pun-filled advice to weirdos with weird problems. Today's theme is medication blues. Read along and see if you agree with Andy's advice.


Timothy Dexter and the Luck of the Irish

This semi-literate 18th century American man had a shrewd ability to cut deals where none seemed possible.


The Tale of the Phallic Hoodlum of Moss Creek Apartments

A little tale inspired by recent events at Moss Creek Apartments in Garden Grove, California. The bandit came, they defaced my car, and the havoc they caused reverberated across the entire globe changing it forever.


Aunt Em's Whacky Advice for Getting Along with Non-Pet Lovers

Pets make us laugh- that is until they get in the way of our neighbours. Aunt Em dishes out advice for getting along with them if they are non-pet lovers. If you are'd do the opposite of what she says!


Kittens are Toddlers with Fur: A Funny Look at How the Two are More Alike than you Think!

A funny look at how cats and kids are alike, yet strangely different.


Deer Huntin' - Ozarks Style

The story you are about to read is true, it really happened. The names have not been changed to protect the innocent because, well, they're not innocent.


Dear Andy Advice Column Visits to the Zoo

If you haven't been to the zoo in a while, join Andy and friends for a whacky tour through the whackiest zoo you've ever seen.

What 9 Types of Dad Shoes Say About You

The Dad Shoe is a known phenomenon that is gaining popularity but what do the shoes you wear say about your fathering?


This Is William From Seymour & Finnigan

My first attempt at satire for a while, inspired by a furniture shopping experience. Hope you enjoy!


Dear Andy Advice Column Takes a Joke

Dear Andy has had a lot of laughter in his recent installment.


25 Things to Do While You Are Pooping

Looking for something to do while you poo? Look no further!


My Wife's Fiendish Plot to Kill Me

It's surprising what kind of recipes a vegan will slip to her carnivore husband. I took this for being an experiment in slow cooking, which turned into a robust tasting meal with very cheap ingredients. All you need is a crockpot that will cook low and slow for eight hours. This is not health food.


Dear Andy Advice Column: Andy Answers More Personal Questions

Dear Andy is an advice column, pun style. Today, he answers more personal questions his readers have asked about his private life. It is chock full of Andy trivia, the Beatles puns woven throughout.


Dear Andy Advice Column Answers Personal Questions by Readers

If you've always wanted to know Dear Andy better, this is the time to learn about him. He answers personal questions asked by people who write in.


You Too Can Be a Tv Pundit

Do your friends think of you as smug, arrogant, a blowhard? Do you have an opinion? Do you enjoy controversy? Then you too can be a Tv pundit!


Why the Platypus Can't Make Up Its Mind

I suppose every phylum has one, a species that just can't seem to make up their mind what they want to be. No one does this better than the platypus.


An Informal Guide to Alien Abductions

Just when you thought it was safe, those pesky aliens are abducting earthlings. How would you handle a delicate intergalactic situation? Read my informative How-to Guide on Alien Abductions!


You Too Can Be a Tv Doctor

Have you ever wanted to be a TV doctor? It's not as difficult as you think. Read my How-to guide collected from over forty years of television-induced stupor. Don't underestimate yourself! You too can be a TV doctor.


Observations of an 'Old Fart'

The older you get, the more you become a caricature of yourself. Growing old is like staring into a fun house mirror. Is that really me, you ask? Careful who you laugh at, you too may one day resemble the object of your scorn!


The History of the Great Apocalypse of 2020

A Satirical tale taking place in 2055. Two parents give their daughter a history lesson about the Great Apocalypse of 2020 when the global pandemic of the Coronavirus broke out. People in their panic did some pretty wild things.


5 Hilarious Truths I Learned by Staying Home During Social Distancing

My quality time with my husband and my pets has increased substantially by being home all day every day. I have been married to my husband for 30 years. Yet, by being home during this time, I have learned things about him -- and my pets -- I never knew.


Somewhere In Left Field

Recess. Third grade. This was serious stuff. Careers were made, reputations lost at recess. One day, one play. That was all it took to go from hero to zero. "Harold has the measles", they said. "You're in left field. Don't screw it up" In the back of my mind I knew Mary Kay was watching!


Dear Andy Advice Column Goes Viral

Dear Andy's advice column has gone viral.


The Art of Saying Sorry

Want to get away with any crime, any infraction big or small, or just generally want to be perceived as a good person despite your terrible behavior? Well I have the ultimate guide right here for you. With this helpful guide you'll learn how to be squeaky clean while rolling in the filth.


The Curse of the Typographical Error

A slight lapse of concentration and a word spills onto the page that can cause embarrassment and cost a lot of money.


Coronavirus: The Bizarre and Funny in the News

The strangest (and sometimes funniest) Coronavirus headlines, articles and other news items


We Must End Mercury Retrograde: Push it Into the Sun

Mercury retrograde poses a great threat to humanity and for too long we have let it go unchecked. No more! We must band together and demand our leaders take action. We must push Mercury into the Sun for the good of all! Mercury Delenda Est!


10 ways to Ignore the Endless Sibling Squabbling

If your kids are like mine, the fighting Never Ends. Someone is always “looking at me funny” or “breathing near me”. Here 10 ways to stay Blissfully Optmistic even during an “It was my favorite color first” argument!


Perhaps I Should Treat Dating Like I Treated Hiring Mechanics

I have organized and managed teams of mechanics that were beyond skilled, and never had so much as a hiccup in terms of managing teams of men as a young female in manufacturing and transport management. But my dating life? It couldn't manage it's way out of a paper bag. What if I did this....


100+ Funny Inspirational Quotes and Sayings

This is a huge collection of inspirational quotes and sayings that will not only raise your spirits, but also make you laugh.


A Single Rose

This poem is about a man who gave a woman a single beautiful rose. But that woman wasn't his wife. I hope you enjoy it and have a laugh.


Mom Thoughts

103 daily thoughts of Mom.


I'm Just a Rage Demon, No Big Deal

Sometimes rage'n just feels so good.


Dear Andy Advice Column Dog Day Afternoons

Dear Andy has a lot of canine in his letters this week from weirdos and kooks.


The Bath Time, Um... Incident.

Who doesn't love a refreshing bath in the afternoon? After this, I had reservations.


How to Deal With 30-50 Feral Hogs

Recently, amidst the gun debate, a serious question was posed about how one was supposed to deal with a herd of 30-50 feral hogs if one did not have access to assault weapons. Here are a few solutions.


How to Hold a Grudge in 5 Easy Steps

If someone hurts your feelings or destroys your life the best way to repair the damage is by finding ways to heal. If you are interested in helping the person who hurt you by furthering the hurt by holding onto a grudge for life, this article is for you!


Dear Andy Advice Column Returns From Vacation

Our advice columnist Dear Andy has returned from a few weeks of R&R. It seems his readers have to.


Why Grammar? or, Granma, Why Grammar?

Aristotle once said, "Speak so that I may see you," and like it or not, fair or not, we are judged according to how we use language -- increasingly, nowadays, how we write. That's why using what is called "correct" grammar is important in our business and social lives.


How Amazon Makes Me Smile while I Browse

As I browse through offers and products on Amazon, some things bring a smile to my face and enlighten my life!