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The Lies We Tell But The Secrets We Keep, Part 5


Writing is my passion. I have an undying thirst and quest in the field of writing. Some eat, drink, or use drugs when stressed; I write.


At many big law firms, a good number of attorneys with exceptional experience spend their time deceiving and taking advantage of individuals who do not know about what they are doing. They are good at deceiving the court and putting what they want in the juror's mind with modulating words when their focus should be to serve in the best interest of the clients.

These types of attorneys have no understanding of what it means to stand up and assist people in need of being protected from liars and wrongdoing individuals. As they are too busy doing the exact opposite of what's good for the clients.

Attorneys who lie and deceit clients are a mere opportunist who’s not true to their clients nor do they know their purpose. They deceits as long as they can until an angel of mercy, decides to pity and dawn light on these fake, leech-like attorneys at law.

Yes, a mediocre lawyer will take advantage of clients, but not attorney-at-law, Timmy Batter. He's honest and has a genuinely good heart. Timmy is a man who refuses to give a false perception of his ability to legally practice law.

Moreover, there is a very big difference between Timmy and many other attorneys. He's an attorney who will provide legal advice and representation to help others address the legal issues they encounter. Where most other attorneys use their law training to work directly with clients that they can easily prey upon.

Timmy is a much wiser man than most, he understands the foundation of this knowledge and his wisdom gives him the ability to know what is true or right. In understanding himself, he knows why it is vital to practice them both intelligently. He believed using his knowledge proper is much better than money, silver or gold. He spends most of his time going to battle for the rich and the poor.

He’s a man of integrity. His sole purpose is to serve, protect and make a difference in as many lives as possible. Timmy is an attorney and the type of guy that leaves a lasting impression on every person who comes in contact with him. In fact, for many years he made the sacrifices of not having a personal life to work many long hours to be available for others.


Timmy is the type of guy that leaves a lasting impression on every person who comes in contact with him. The people who have the opportunity to be in his presence and get to know him to feel as if he is like no other person in this world or no one thinks like him.

Most were heard saying, "Timmy believed that each person is equally relevant with or without finances and He is obliged to give of his time serving to confirm his belief.

He was the type of person who cared enough to help those in need and stood firm for what's right, for many that meant a lot. The world is full of people in need that get dealt a bad hand and Timmy was the one man who did all he could to right the wrong and show up lies and deceit. Sometimes he gave away earning to ensure justice is served and liar was put on notice and secrets wouldn’t destroy his clients.

Despite Timmy spend many years working without a personal life He learns he could love having a special person in his life as much as the next guy. He loves long walks on the beach, wining and dining a lady and he loves the great feeling that comes with spending time with the one you love.

Timmy has placed himself in a position to spread himself thin and attempt to have a personal life after falling in love with a woman who comes with many challenges. He spends a late-night romancing her and had a hard time falling asleep when he returns home at 3:30 am that morning.

It's 8:00 am and Timmy is still sleeping. His alarm fails to go off and he's tired from a night to remember so he overslept. He needs to be awake preparing for the trial that is set to start in five and a half hours at 1:30 pm.

Hopefully, he's ready and will be on his 'A'-game to ensure Gina is found not guilty. Trying to have a personal life is new to Timmy and He needs to make sure the 'me-time' he spends with Gina doesn't get in the way of his 'work-time.'

Timmy decision to stay up really late the day before the trial and not make sure he rested and prepared for court is not the best decision. He is a man that ordinarily makes wise decisions, get a get night rest, get an early start and plan in advance to ensure the end result is working in his favor.

For Timmy to have a representation of being one the best lawyer of all time, he isn’t living up to that standard. An attorney of his measure, he should be up, prepare and dress for success.

When Timmy wakes up more than likely he will have a headache and it will take him a little more time to dress, prepare and collect his thoughts. The question is will he get himself together in time or will he be unprepared and the hangover show and affect him in the courtroom.

Timmy loves for Gina is so severe that it's not just the booze, giving him a hangover, the love he feels for her is also fogging his abilities and that's not good. Is his love for her too much to represent her as he needs to be able to focus and be on top of his game at all times?


Anyone who has ever experienced love knows it holds a great deal of power. Timmy is a man who knows how to hold his own ground and there is not a weak bone in his body, except love is something new to him and that alone has a way of taking away one control.

Finally, Timmy is awake, but his head is aching so bad that he had to lay back down for a few minutes. It is 9:30 am and Timmy is no way ready for court. He took two aspirin and getting dressed to get prepared for court.

As he dresses his heart was so full of love that he sings, “Ain't nobody”/ Loves me better/ Makes me happy/ Makes me feel this way." "Ain't nobody/Loves me better than you."

The telephone rings, Timmy answer to hear it's Gina worrying about the trial. Even with the worst of a headache, Timmy took the time to calm her down. He told her to be dressed and he will come over to take her to court.

Timmy looks professional and ready for the court from the outer appearance, but the question is, is he ready and prepare to take on the case that he is hired to take on? Can he do as he has done his entire career and that be on top of his gain and have Gina case dismissed without charges against her?

Timmy is not able to get himself together to leave the house as quickly as normal, despite his desire to rush to see Gina, it took him another hour to leave the house. Of that hour he took twenty minutes to stand in front of the mirror and practice speaking to a juror, he argued Gina case and image getting a not guilty verdict.

He now ready to leave, the moment he opens the door the sun hit him in the face and blinded him. Although Timmy is striving to be ready for court, it's obvious he will need to pull himself together to get a win today in the courtroom.

After backing out of the driveway, it took Timmy another hour to drive to Gina's house. He rang the doorbell and Gina answers the door with an attitude. Timmy was taken by surprise with Gina's behavior.

Alexandria heard Gina raising her voice and came in the room to calm her down. She even saw the fear in Gina's face so, she hugs her to release her anxiety. Alexandria even made the decision to go to court with Gina to give her support.

Gina is the woman Timmy love and he wants to somehow have a relationship and a future with her except she seems to be a bit much for him. They are getting ready to leave for court. Will it be a good outcome?


Alexandria will be there to help Timmy with Gina; will that be enough to assist him in his time of need? Especially since he is still trying to recover from a bag hangover and his mind is not as clear as it normally would be.

What will be the outcome of Gina trial? Will she have an outburst during testimony? Will her bad attitude and behavior throw Timmy off his gain to give him his first loss ever in his career?

Alexandria is sitting next to her because Timmy made it possible, Gina is unaware, that she is Timmy adopted daughter. Alexandria has been keeping this secret from Gina. He adopted her three years ago when he helps get her off the street and paid to send her to school to be a counselor to help others as he helps her.

She has vowed to always be available for anyone in need of her help. Will Alexandria be able to calm Gina enough to allow Timmy to do his job? Gina is nervous and afraid the trial will result in her going to jail and when she afraid she makes poor decisions.

Timmy is a man of great knowledge and wisdom, but he is also a man in love with a woman that comes with many different challenges. Gina life has taken a turn for the better, but she has a long way to go to be the woman Timmy needs by his side or in his life.

Will she continue to allow Timmy and Alexandria to assist her to be that special woman Timmy desire and love? Is it even possible she can put away her toxic way and begin living a normal free from drama life? Stay tuned to learn the verdict of the trail and so much more in part 6 of the lies we tell but the secrets we keep.

The Lies We Tell But the Secrets We Keep, Part 5!

© 2018 Pam Morris


Pam Morris (author) from Atlanta Georgia on December 10, 2018:

Tim, thanks so much for your compliment on my writing. I love writing and just write from the heart. And as always, your reply is so appreciated and intriguing to read.

Tim Truzy from U.S.A. on December 10, 2018:

My, my, Pam. Timmy is a man of principles. Having Alexandra for an adopted daughter, I didn't see that coming.

I don't know how you come up with these interesting twists and turns, Pam, but you are keeping me on the edge of my seat.

You are a stellar writer. That Jina is something else, though.

Love it.

Keep it up.

Time for Part 6,

Much respect,

And I have a grand old smile on my face right now.

Thanks, Pam.


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