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Silent Assassin Conclusion

Sometimes the end of one adventure can only mean the beginning of another. Luis and Jonas felt that escaping incineration in the chateau marked the beginning of freedom. However, it was only a ripple in the pond.


The Tree of Wednesday: A Norse-Inspired Short Story Part 2 - The Dream

I dream an eerie dream, seeing the titular tree in its former vibrance... and much more.


Enchanted by the Island - Part 0

Welcome to my blog about my time in Puerto Rico. Expect to see everything from science labs to waterfalls!


Endless Crash Chapter 2. Hannah

Introducing the 2nd lead character - a tragic heroine also trying her best.


Endless Crash Chapter. 1 - Sergei

My attempt at romance; inspired by Hannah Montana, Judge Dredd, The Punisher and a few older PC games. Introducing my first character.


The Proposal ~ The Final Chapter

This is the final part of the short story 'The Proposal' originally inspired by a 'Reedsy' writing prompt "Money, Money, Money."


The Tree of Wednesday: A Norse-Inspired Short Story Part 1

A mysterious tree in the middle of a sleepy little town haunts a little boy, and perhaps, something more is afoot...


The Proposal ~ Part Two (a Short Fiction Story)

Here is the second part of a short story 'The Proposal' that was inspired by a 'Reedsy' writing prompt "Money, Money, Money."


Playing the Harmonium Part-3

This article is in continuation of the pieces, Playing the Harmonium Part-1 and Part-2. In Part-3, I am mainly going to cover parts of two more songs that I remember how to play, their videos, and a background of the poet, who composed these songs, in a little more detail.


The Proposal ~ A Short Fiction Story

A short story that was inspired by a 'Reedsy' writing prompt "Money, Money, Money."


Silent Assassin 13

The remains of Finn have been found. Unlike Luis and Jonas, Finn failed to plan ahead for what was to come. Also, Elke is finding an attraction for Luis that is NOT 100% job related!


Silent Assassin 12

Sometimes, the Day of Reckoning comes sooner than anyone can imagine. Luis is given only a moment to get himself together and get out along with the staff of the Baron's chateau. However, one person will not make it!


Silent Assassin 11

Never dig a hole so deep that you can't get yourself out of it. Luis is finding out that with the aid of his good friend, Heinrich, he will be able to climb out of just such a predicament. However, his associate may have a little problem doing the same thing.


The Alien Baby

A small extract from a chapter that I am currently working on. (no title yet) The novel is set in Redruth, a small town in Cornwall. In an attempt at nonlinear fiction, Char is a 20-something woman who begins to suspect she may be pregnant ...


To See Life in Real - Part 5

Travelling back to England alone, Elaine reflects on her life


To See Life in Real - Part 4

Glenn takes his wife to Jamaica, to show him where he was born, where he lived.


To See Life in Real - Part 3

Glenn wants to go 'home' to Jamaica. His English wife is willing to accompany him.


Dragonfly: The Lies of the Balanced World

After being framed for unknown reasons Milo is forced to flee the kingdom he's called home. As well as his childhood friends Princess Athena and Ellena. Alone, Milo is contacted by a messenger to assist the Dragons in their war for freedom and to rebalance the land against humans magical warfare..


Getting to Real - Part Two

Examining a relationship from both sides, what it meant, what it really was.


To See Life in Real - Part One

Seeing each side in a relationship; finding the real.


Silent Assassin 10

Luis Wagner receives a rather distressing telephone communication from his benefactor Baron Heinrich Schroder. It would seem that the best laid plans could soon faulter. How will Jonas Fischer and Finn Schulz react to this alarming change of events.


After Retirement and Going Off-Grid - In the Beginning

Nearing the end of the Covid-19 pandemic and prices are sky-rocketing! Living on a fixed income has become a near impossibility. Time to take action!


Silent Assassin 9

With the threat of annihilation hanging over their heads, Jonas Fischer, Luis Wagner, and Finn Schulz take the only logical course, leave town. With the help of an old ally, the three men leave Europe to seek refuge on a well fortified island, away from prying eyes!


Fred the Angel - Back to Business - A Flash Fiction Story - Part 1

Another installment in the continuing tales of Fred the Angel


Gemini’s Family Touring With a German Couple Part-2

This piece is in continuation of the short story, “A Bizarre Encounter for Little Gemini Part-1.” In the new article, Gemini’s family goes to Stuttgart, Germany to visit old friends and have a good time touring places and also Switzerland. Interested? Read on.


Silent Assassin 8

Once again, the plans of Benito Rossi's Team have been foiled. It is becoming more obvious that a Mastermind is in charge. This time, it is Elke Huber who has received a payoff. However, she doesn't remember what the man looks like. He has taken care of that!


Silent Assassin 7

Benito Rossi doesn't take too kindly to anyone muscling in on his assignments. He has a reputation as a precise and confident terminator and now there looks as if he is involved in some very serious competition! Who will be victorious?

Deus - A Diary Story Part 2

Deus, a hidden god? What task does he have for our main character and how will she interact with this new command? Read on and let's find out together!


Deus - A Diary Story

A young girl on a new sense of self-discovery, a wallflower who has no way to escape her reality except by the way of a new friend she only knows as Deus.

Life and Times of Freedom for Kayla Part 6

What was that bright white light that Bryan had seen? How was he going to address this to her? What will Kayla say if she is asked about her ability?


Life and Times of Freedom for Kayla Part 5

Siren's ring or was it that a shout rang out? Bryan hears something that makes him jump into action and worry not for his safety but that of someone who he is starting to care for.

Life and Times of Freedom for Kayla Part 4

Meeting someone, how could that go wrong in any feasible way? Bryan was nice, he gave her money to go shopping with...Kayla meets a woman, has coffee, anything wrong here?

Life and Times of Freedom for Kayla Part 3

Thoughts from Kayla are coming fast: "Why was he leaving me with this place? Does he do this often? Why me? He will never like me; I am too ugly?" Or she is wondering: Was she the first? Has he been with others? This group about freedom, what was it? Where was it?

Life and Times of Freedom for Kayla Part 2

Continuing where Kayla is discovering where she is and that Pheonix is not Liberty. What will happen to her now? What will she do or where will she go?

Life and Times of Freedom for Kayla

Meet Kayla, a young girl who longs for love as well as freedom, freedom that the other side enjoys and prides themselves on. Here she will fight for something she has never tasted, and maybe, just maybe find the one she was looking for.

Zombie Powers? Part 1

Why or how would a dead person brought back to life have certain new abilities that no mortal could ever muster in any exsistance? What would happen or what would the outcome be if one Zombie did have this NEW ability?


Silent Assassin 6

It seems that there are quite a few people interested in that Assassin List that Benito has. Moreover, the files that his team are in possession of have become the prime target of another tactical group of individuals who are claiming a piece of the action.


Silent Assassin 5

As the assassin Magnus enters his suite of rooms at the hotel, he is unaware that there is yet someone waiting for him inside. In one swift move, Magnus is rendered out of commission. With razor sharp precision, the intruder picks the lock to the man's briefcase and retrieves his prize!


Silent Assassin 4

Elena is confronted by Kit regarding her knowledge of the assassination of the Ambassador. Of course, he hits a brick wall. Neither one will give an inch in either direction. Meanwhile, Benito is concluding his stay with the Baron. With his personal business completed, he is ready for action!


Silent Assassin 3

The former Ambassador is dead. His treachery has been silenced forever. No terrorist group has claimed responsibility for the slaying and The President is not interested in trying to solve the mystery. Benito has decided to adapt a new persona and there is definitely a change in his demeanor.


It Takes a Special Person to Work With Special Needs Kids 2

The staff of a certain Special Needs school have fascinating lives that do not begin or end with the disabled students they serve. Relationships at the job tend to morph into something more than merely work related -- for better or for worse.


It Takes a Special Person to Work With Special Needs Kids

Right out of high school, career change or post retirement, they all flock to the Special Needs school, thinking that they are in for a easy ride. But that is so not the case. So at the close of the day, staff needs to unwind and let loose ... sometimes even while at work.