Broken Petals

Broken petals is a fiction story of a character Ojiko who is trying to live and fit in an urban slam area. He tries to fit in the society and be part of his new transformation.


The Magic of an Audio File Part-3

The author called Samuel, Sally’s distant cousin, to know more about the audio file. Samuel was reluctant to give in more information. But after the author kept her promise of deleting the last trace of the audio file from Sally's flash drive, he felt comfortable talking about the audio file.


Black - Part 2

Black is in trouble. He just doesn't know it yet.


Short Fiction: The Standard Version (3 of 5)

Work of fiction. Two sisters assisting in the search for an old manuscript.


Short Fiction: The Standard Version (5 of 5)

A work of fiction. Two sisters helping a community locate an ancient manuscript. Did Maren unite with her soul mate?


Short Fiction: The Standard Version (4 of 5)

A work of fiction. Two sisters helping a community locate an ancient manuscript. Will one of them find her soul mate?


Short Fiction: The Standard Version (2 of 5)

A work of fiction. Two sisters helping a community locate an ancient manuscript. Will one of them find her soul mate?


Short Fiction: The Standard Version (1 of 5)

A work of fiction. Two sisters helping a community locate an ancient manuscript. Will one of them find her soul mate?


Individuality: The Art of Being Different (Part 4)

During my time at University, a Philosophy professor of ours would give his students a very special assignment in their final year - their own, personal Manifesto on any issue they deemed fit. To this day, this remains of my favourite works. So here it is again, revised and still kicking.


Black - Part 1

The courtroom is hushed as the verdict is read. John Black is - guilty.


The Magic of an Audio File Part-2

I remembered Sally, who initially gave me the audio file on a flash drive, which I still had with me. A series of questions on my part at her place helped to reveal a few more things about the audio file. Read on to find the story.


Spores: The Final Assault Conclusion

The Duke of Castle Luchsinger, Nicholas Schröder has decided that he has had enough of his wayward son’s shenanigans. Working closely with his son-in-law Baron Marko Balogh, he has devised a plot that will harness Heinrich for a very long time!


The Marisol Deception - Part 26

The end of evil is in sight, but first, evil will have its last chance.


Kevin's Homecoming - Chapters 18 and 19

After having escaped prison, Pablo Sanchez determines to locate Kevin and exact his revenge. However, his first stop is a return home to Houston to take care of some business. Raul had ratted him out to the authorities. Now it was time for retribution.


Kevin's Homecoming - Chapter 17

Robert Murchison reaches out to Kevin in an effort to start forgiveness. The young man is wary and reluctant, but as they reflect on his early childhood experience, Kevin realizes that Robert poses no threat. Keeping his deepest emotions behind a wall, he slowly opens to his childhood mentor.


Kevin's Homecoming - Chapter 16, Part 1

Fraught with rage because of Mark's accusations, Kevin leaves home on foot, blinded by visions of injustice within the penal system that haunts his memory. When he finally comes to his senses, he finds himself on an unfamiliar road far from town.


Kevin's Homecoming - Chapter 16, Part 2

After Kevin is dropped at the site of the wreck, he is met by Robert Murchison, who wishes to reconnect with Kevin. Kevin is wary at first, but he is also in need of redemption and what better way than to start with Robbie's father, a man he looked up to in childhood.


Kevin's Homecoming - Chapters 14 and 15

Pablo Sanchez has disappeared after escaping prison. Jordan Brown fears he is going after Kevin. Sheriff Stevens does not like that Kevin and Angel are spending time together. He makes a baseless suggestion to Mark, who then fears the safety of his 2 daughters when near Kevin.


Kevin's Homecoming - Chapter 13

Angel begins to reveal himself to Kevin and leads him to a group home for children living with profound needs. A painful memory from an early childhood trauma bursts through Kevin's emotional defenses, steering him toward yet another avenue of redemption God has in store for him.


Kevin's Homecoming - Chapters 11 & 12

Paul conspires with Terri with his plans to keep Kevin home, and an old enemy escapes from prison.


Kevin's Homecoming - Chapter 10

Angel, the young boy that has taken an interest in Kevin, appears at the gate. To the man's surprise, the boy remembers when Carla maintained the once beautiful garden, having visited her some time in the past. He asks Kevin if he can help restore the garden.


Kevin's Homecoming - Chapter 9

As Kevin continues to seek work in the church, Joseph Stevens, once the deputy who arrested the boy on the scene of the DWI wreck and now sheriff, confronts him. He wants the same thing Mark wants - Kevin must leave Pine Springs forever and not look back.


Kevin's Homecoming - Chapter 8

Kevin and Brother Wayne travel to Houston to meet with Brother Jamie and Senator Bill Harrison, who has a surprise for them when they arrive.


Kevin's Homecoming - Chapter 7

Kevin enters the church sanctuary to meet Brother Wayne and discuss ways to help out with maintenance around the place. He does not grasp that God may be intervening for his redemption.


Kevin's Homecoming - Chapter 6

Paul confronts Mark for his harsh treatment of Kevin. The elder Fletcher realizes he may have an ally in Mark's wife Terry. She is more compassionate toward Kevin than anyone else.


Kevin's Homecoming - Chapter 5

When Kevin visits his mother's grave, he encounters Brother Wayne, pastor of the church Kevin grew up in as a boy. The man already knows of Kevin's troubled past, commissioned by another pastor to help Kevin on the road to redemption.


Kevin's Homecoming - Chapter 4

Kevin made the decision to stay home long enough to clean up Clara's garden. Paul remains at a distance, but remains hopeful they can reconcile the past. His older brother Mark is not as forgiving and bitterly demands Kevin move on and not disrupt their lives again. The brothers clash in defiance.


Soul From the Mirror - Part 03

There are so many things that we do not see. Behind all of the unclear incidents, there is a hidden story that no one never expected.


Kevin's Homecoming Chapter 3

Kevin intends for his return to his hometown to be as brief as possible. He just wants a final goodbye to his deceased mother's grave and then to move on. However, faith and fate suggest a different path for him to follow for redemption.


Kevin's Homecoming - Chapter 2

In Chapter 2, Kevin rides a Greyhound bus and encounters an elderly woman who senses he is troubled and reaches out. He shuns her, then confesses he is an ex-con guilty of murdering his best friend. As he turns away from her, he unwillingly delves into his 1st encounter with Pablo Sanchez.


Kevin's Homecoming - Chapter 1

Kevin has just been released from serving 10 years in prison for the DWI accident that took the life of his best friend. The prison and the guilt have troubled him since he was 16. All he wants to do is visit his mother's grave before leaving home forever. His father wants a second chance to reconcile.


Spores: The Final Assault 18

Sometimes it takes a swift kick in the pants for some people to learn their lesson. This is the case involving spoiled little rich boy Baron Heinrich Schröder who, throughout his entire existence, has been pampered and indulged by his doting mother. Duke Nicholas Schröder has finally had enough.

The Marisol Deception - Part 25

Is it really the end for Kinsley, Tony, and Claire? It looks that way.


A Rude Awakening, a Massive Effect; the Day the World Stops Turning, Part 6

Today is a big day for Monty. It not only a Karaoke event but a date for Monty and Eliza. Everything was an enormous success. Eliza took the stage with a song where she sends out a question to Monty. Will he pick up the hint? Find out what happens next and follow the journey of a Princess brat.


A Learning Experience Part 11

A young woman, ready for a new relationship, dives into online dating. Will it pan out? Or will it crash and burn?


Spores: The Final Assault 17

As Baron Schröder continues his journey into madness, Dr. Abigail Huber is beginning to realize that she is also travelling on an adjacent path. However, she is putting her family at risk as well. When she calls her husband to express her fears—she is surprised by his reaction.


Spores: The Final Assault 16

Schröder Refinery is progressing way ahead of schedule, thanks to the domineering influence of Baron Schröder. However, the further modifications of the Third Advanced ALZ-903 has reached an impasse. You can manipulate spores only so much until things become deadly.


Paradise Street. Chapter Twenty One.

The climax of Paradise Street brings to light new gossips in town as the four writers sit together for welcome party thrown for George. Lots of resolves are made and Maggie sets on her way to write her bestseller.


Paradise Street. Chapter Twenty.

Number seventeen is at it again with madam Tinuke making headlines on her sexual activities. Cynthia is just locked in the middle of her uncultured neighbours but her patience pays off.


Spores: The Final Assault 15

Eric Singleton has gotten himself into some really deep poop! So much so that he scurries to Baron Balogh for assistance. However, the Baron has some surprises in store for Eric as well. Duplicity is definitely in the air. Meanwhile Dominic stumbles through a late night confession with Shirley.


Spores: The Final Assualt 14

Secret meetings abound. Johannes is confiding in both Erhard and Dominic. While Baron Schröder is having serious discussions with Eric. However, one is relatively friendly while the other is threatening. There is so much at stake!


Paradise Street. Chapter Nineteen.

Maggie gets closer to Marcus, Nike gives Peter a hint on Maggie's new flirting skills with the psychologist, and someone commits suicide on Paradise Street.