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Pathetic Couple. Act sixteen

And they lived happily ever after without any pathetic moments again. Love is worth fighting for, living for and dreaming of. Love is love. Its never about the parade and ceremony. Its about two hearts that just want to unite in matrimony. Hope you like our airport wedding. I love you


Pathetic Couple. Act Fifteen.

Peace does something really peaceful for the first time in this story. And that move, gets Frank into serious action, with his right hand man Hope there to support him. Will love win over this pathetic Couple?


Pathetic Couple. Act Fourteen.

Peace is such a resuce team! As she takes her time to buy a bottle of wine, and spends an hour on the way, to give her friend Kate ample time to commit suicide before she gets there.


Pathetic Couple. Act Thirteen.

Frank has been set free, even after been sentenced by Kate; the love of his life. Kate comes in late to support him, and he breaks her heart in return. Kate becomes suicidal, and heads for third mainland bridge.


Pathetic Couple. Act Twelve.

Will Frank win this case the same way he won Kate's heart? Will he go to prison? Will he accept Kate's remorse? Will they remain a pathetic Couple? Find out.


Pathetic Couple. Act Eleven

This is soo heartbreaking. How could Kate be this uncaring and unreasonable! This is the height of it! But can you blame her? Maybe if Frank hadn't hidden it from her in the first place, she might have acted differently. They are just pathetic.


Pathetic Couple. Act Ten.

It is so sad to see things happening this way. What more or what worse can this couple face? Quite pathetic as Peace even makes the matter worst by insinuating that Frank could be cheating.


Pathetic Couple. Act Nine.

The drama just begun! And now Frank is hiding from Kate. I cannot begin to imagine where this will lead to. But save your imagination and find out how Frank the insurance man, will exonerate himself from his murder case. Pathetic right?


Pathetic Couple. Act Eight.

Kate and Frank still have issues. Its hard convincing your parents that you are about to get married to a man or woman you met some months ago. Will this wedding pull through? Is the relationship strong enough? Could this love be real? Find out as you read.


Pathetic Couple. Act Seven.

When you are in love and nobody believes its love; it can be very frustrating. But Kate is not ready for any setbacks, as she even talks down on Peaces four year relationship just to be taken serious.


Pathetic Couple. Act Six.

After two weeks of some dates, Frank pops the big question and Kate says yes! This is just the beginning of some pathetic scenarios. Because believe you me; their friends and family will create a scene; for them to grown more Pathetic in.


Pathetic Couple. Act Five

Why do fools fall in love? That is exactly how I feel right now. Kate and Frank just ruined their first date, and its thanks to their friends and family members. But who would you personally blame for this? I will say Frank! And that's why I made his fix this as a man.


Pathetic Couple. Act Four.

One down and a hundred to go. That is simply the situation of Frank and Kate. Believe me, I don’t envy them. Bad enough to have confused names and be in doubt of if the other party is interested, now they have to deal with their friends nagative influence.


Pathetic Couple. Act Three.

Frank and Kate are in their own separate dilemmas. No one seem to understanding what's going on! And Frank has just had his worst nightmare. How could Kate be interested in his cousin Patrick? What is she trying to do? Play games? Or is it just a mistake? Could this even be love?


Pathetic Couple. Act Two

The first misery for Frank and Kate begins when Kate gets the name wrong. She sends greetings to Patrick; Frank's cousin, thinking its Frank. Even I the writer is getting confused! And Godwin just makes good use of this Pathetic mistake. What a shame!


Pathetic Couple. Act one.

Pathetic couple is a drama book. It is a romantic comedy that teaches very vital lessons concerning love and relationships. It preaches love at first sight, and encourages everyone to respect it; as the story goes on. The main characters are Kate and Frank, so watch out! And enjoy. Love you all.


Proposing Miracles, Script, Scenes Three & Four

Jane and Carlos tour the Weather Control Room then make a quick trip to New York


Proposing Miracles, Script, Scene One & Two

A group of men and women work to improve the world with miracles.


Country Comes to Buckhorn: The Conclusion of the Stage Play

Well, folks, this is the concluding installment of "Country Comes to Buckhorn." I hope you have enjoyed this stage play as much as I've enjoyed writing it for you.


Country Comes to Buckhorn: Act 2 - Scene 5: The Aftermath

The "Country Comes to Buckhorn" saga continues with the aftermath of Lester Funderburk being accidentally shot by Arnold, the bear in Act 2 - Scenes 3-4.


Country Comes to Buckhorn: Act 2 - Scene 3: Arnold The Bear

In Act 2 - Scene 1 and 2, the groundwork is laid for the return of Arnold the Bear, who first appeared in Act 1 - Scene 6. Deputy Jenkins and Lester Funderburk are in for their greatest adventure, next.


Country Comes to Buckhorn: Act 2 - Scene 1: Sheriff Potts Has a Plan

This begins Act 2 - Scene 1 of Country Comes to Buckhorn. Follow the zany antics of the people in and around Buckhorn, Mississippi, a fictitious town in pontowok, fictitious county.


Country Comes to Buckhorn: Act 1 - Scene 8

This is "Country Comes to Buckhorn" Act 1 - Scenes 8 through 9, and its's the third installment of a two-act stage play, written by this author. If you would like to read the first part, click on


Country Comes to Buckhorn: Act 1 - Scene 4

Country Comes to Buckhorn picks up on Act 1 - Scene 4 with a continuation of the stage play. If you haven't read the first part of this play, click on


Country Comes to Buckhorn

Have you ever had the opportunity to read a full play script? Well, you do now. I wrote the stage play, "Country Comes to Buckhorn" in 2011, but have not submitted it as such, so I am presenting it to you in the original theatrical format. I hope you enjoy it.

Graveyard Whistler

Original Short Fiction: "Graveyard Whistler Features Stoney's One Act Play"

From that great treasure trove of the former Web site called "Stone Gulch Literary Arts," the feature offered here is a one act play.


They Wore Blue And Gray: Act 1 - Scene 2

"They Wore Blue And Gray" is a movie script I wrote in 2012, and although I had it copywritten with the Screenwriter's Guild, I have not pushed production on it. I've decided to place the entire script here on Hubpages in a series. I would love to receive feedback from you on it.


They Wore Blue and Gray: Act 1 - Scene 1

"They Wore Blue And Gray" is a movie script I wrote in 2012, and although I had it copywritten with the Screenwriter's Guild, I have not pushed production on it. I've decided to place the entire script here on Hubpages in a series. I would love to receive feedback from you on it.


The King is in the Field: An Adaptation of Waiting for Godot

In the adaptation, the first scene of the play Waiting for Godot is interpreted based on the parable of the King is in the Field, presented by the first Lubavitcher Rebbe.


"Happily" Ever After: A Stage Scene Inspired by The Little Mermaid

A stage scene script that takes place after the events of the fairy tale The Little Mermaid. This scene takes place a year after the wedding, and Mara is starting to become bored of life on dry land.


Don't Need Those 'Stinkin Badges THE REAL HOUSEMEN OF RHODE ISLAND...Trouble in Paradise!

A peek into a new reality based show called "REAL HOUSEMEN OF RHODE ISLAND" a story about growing up and then growing up again. Even men have their troubles like the Housewives. We wish them well...

The Chronicles of the Stranger Series: Silent Tears, Episodes 5 and 6

Kwame, betrayed by his wife and step-son, is still fighting for his life! He receives a painful visit from them as he lies on his hospital bed... but then, something quite unexpected happens...

The Chronicles of the Stranger Series: Silent Tears, Episode 4

Kwame is dying inside, still enter Maame Akosua, the beautiful elderly nurse who has something very special for Kwame as the intrigue heightens, and the suspense tightens...


Teacher Jargon Is Hard to Disencumber

If teachers carried their jargon (verbal baggage) home with them, what would it be like?

Chronicles of the Stranger Series: Silent Tears, Episode 3

Mr. Kwame has just received a massive stroke after seeing his wife in bed with his wife. Paralyzed and unable to speak, only his silent tears express the depths of the turmoil in his soul...

Chronicles of the Stranger: Silent Tears Episode 2

Kwame sees his wife in bed with his son...he collapses with a massive heart attack, and as he lies there immobile, his silent tears scream for justice...will there be redemption?

Chronicles of the Stranger Series: Silent Tears

When he finds his wife in bed with his adopted son, Kwame suffers a massive heart attack that renders him paralyzed and speechless. Forlorn, betrayed and alone, will his silent tears be heard?


The Don Quixote Trump Interview

The Don Quixote Trump Interview


The Genghis Khan Trump Interview

A paradoxical political parody. Genghis Khan - Trump Interview


The Gump Trump Interview

Yet another parody of an interview with a infamous or famous character in history.


The Madoff Trump Interview

my parody of a fictionalized interview between two money moguls.

The Final Interview

Joe has awoken alone, and in an empty room. He is surprised by a booming voice that begins to ask him questions about his life. Joe soon realizes that this isn't your typical interview.