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The Lies We Tell but the Secrets We Keep, Part 8


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All police officers’ top priorities should be to uphold the laws, as the laws are created to protect the civil rights of all citizens. All Law enforcement Officers should promote ethics, be professionals, give respect and always stand up for what’s right.

Today with crimes rate at the all-time high, citizens have a high demand for assistance against all violations. Therefore, officers should take pride in the job they do. Officers are sworn in to keep the Constitution and the laws of the State in which they are working for. After taking the oath they have three responsibilities, which is to serve, protect and most important show respect.

According to the Police manual," The Mission of the Police Department is to prevent crime, enforce the law, and support quality public safety by delivering respectful, professional and dependable police services."(https://www.prisonlegalnews.org/news/publications/seattle-pd-policy-and-procedure-manual-2007).

Officer Hill was sworn in but per the Police manual, he fails to enforce the mission, fulfill the purpose of an officer or give respect. He made an unwise decision to pull over an innocent man after seeing the color of his shin, assault him, and verbal abuse his lady friend while carrying out a hate crime because of the location he felt they should not be traveling in.

The Law Enforcement Oath of Honor: Oath of honor, on my honor, I will never betray my profession, my integrity, character, or the public trust. I will always have the courage to hold myself and others accountable for our actions. I will always uphold the laws of my country, my community, and the agency I serve. (http://www.worcesterma.gov/wpd-policy-manual/conduct/code-of-ethics.pdf

Officer Hill fails to take his oath seriously. He's a liar and inconsiderate of others. Furthermore, he did not show integrity and he did not honor the job he signed up for, better yet, he fails to show respect or take pride in upholding the law and he did not represent the company he worked for as a police officer should have.

He swore in to not be biased in any matter or prejudice in any way, yet He treated Jyres like he was less than human. He assaults, named called and took him into custody and charged him with failure to stop at a stop sign, inappropriate behavior and resistance of arrest, all false charges. After the police car drove off Alexandria first instinct was to call her dad, she felt he would “know what she should do.”


Alexandria begins dialing her dad from her cell phone shaking as she dials the number when he answered, she was crying so hard that he could barely understand the words she was trying to tell him. Timmy asks what’s wrong? But he could not understand Alexandria over her sobbing so he asks her to text him her location so he could actually come to her to learn what’s wrong.

Alexandria texts her location to her dad, he immediately gets in his car to rush to check on her. When Timmy reaches Alexandria, she was sitting on the passenger side of the car shaking like a leaf on a tree.

He pulls her out of the car and hugged her to comfort her. She laid her head on his shoulder and cried, it took her a while to pull herself together so she can tell her dad what happened.

Alexandria showed her dad the recording of the stop from her cell phone and told with him what she witnesses. Timmy took the time to look at the phone recording and what he saw was disturbing, He placed Alexandria into the car and they left to check on Jyres.

When they reached the station, Tim was told Jyres was not allowed visitors and they are still investigating what happened before his arrest. Timmy did not take likely the action that was given to Jyres. He asks to speak with the person in charge.

Timmy spoke with the lead at the station, Captain Payne then he called in a favor from a judge he works closely with for years. It took a while, but Tim was granted the right to visit Jyres and when he saw him, all the bruises on his face, the way his face was swollen, his left eye was close with a deep cut under it, both of his lips were so swollen that he couldn’t speak clearly. Tim was angry and shocked at Jyres appearance.

As Jyres spoke to Tim, he could see the officer knocked out two of his front teeth and damage his left cheak really bad, he will be lucky to see out of his left eye. His entire face was swollen so big that it looks like he has two faces, all the result of the officer banging his head really hard on top of his car. Tim asks him if he was in locked down and he replied. "Yes."


The judge phone the Police Chief to clear Jyres into Tim custody. The Chief phoned the station twenty-five minutes after Tim called the judge for a favor. He arranged for Jyres release. He placed Officer Hill on suspension until after the investigation.

Jyres face so bruised and severely damage that he is checking into face surgery. When he looks into the mirror the hurt and pain that he experiences is unbearable.

To sum up the action Tim has taken after leaving the station, Timmy left very angry with a lot of demands. He demands answers of what happened to Jyres’s face. He is demanding a full investigation of the arresting officer. He demands his client be erased out the system from being wrongfully arrested.

Better yet, He demands that the arresting officer is fired. He even demands that the Chief of Police resigns. He put in place demands that the Justice Department come in and do a complete investigation to rid the police department of all dirty officers who do not take their job seriously to uphold the law, serve and protect.

After his demands and a telephone call to a high authority judge, calling in a favor, so justice is served, Jyres left the jail around 11:45 p.m. and was taken to the nearest hospital for treatment.

After treatment and being released Jyres press assault charges against officer Hill, the man who beat and wrongfully arrested him. Tim took Jyres before the judge and represents his case, placed the witness and the evidence up for review, shortly after, a warrant was issued against Officer Hill. Officer Hill was arrested and charged in custody, his bonds total 850,000 dollars.


The arresting officer was a veteran who been with the precinct for forty-three years and he’s preparing to retire in two years. Because of his racist behavior and wrongdoing, he was fired and will lose his many years of hard work and benefits.

Alexandria also joins in on the lawsuit against the station and Officer Hill. Jyres is unable to see out of his left eye, he will be permanently blind in his left eye never able to see out of it again. Alexandria has awful nightmares every so often from that unexpected miserable day. The ugly names the officer called her run through her heads every now and then.

The investigation result was very disappointing. The inquiry from the Justice Department found people in custody serving time who never received a fair trial. one guy, in particular, was being held on suspension, although there is no proof and he never went to trial. Evident missing from the evidence room and Officer Hill has made an arrest on different citizens when there no evidence the people were guilty.

Shortly after the investigation outcome, the Chief of Police resigned. One was appointed and Tim made arrangement to be the attorney to represent the people who been held in custody without a fair hearing or denied a trial.

After two long days of cleaning up a messy Police department, Tim was very tired and need to rest for a trial that will take place where he represents a young man in court who is charged with killing a man in a liquor store shooting.

It’s night, 7:30 pm and Tim just completing the day and bringing Alexandria home. He is very tired so, Gina ran him a nice hot bath where he relaxes and soaks for a while, then takes his bath. Afterward, Gina gave him a back massage that made him feel as if he’s in heaven. He shares with her the details as to what Jyres and Alexandria been through.

After talking for about twenty-five minutes with Gina Tim ask Alexandria to come in the living room where he told her, she and Alexandria were the two most important women in his life, He talked to her and what he expressed were similar to the word of Tevin Campbell song - Always in My Heart, the lyrics, "Just tell me why the hell somebody wants to tear your heart apart, Oh why, oh why, oh why, oh why, oh why, why do some people have to tell you lies. I know, I know, I know, I know, I know, I love you more than words could ever show, I can't, I can't, I can't, I can't explain, why do some people have to be that way, I can't take much more, I can't ignore, I have to let you know what's in my heart."


"If I never ever say that I love you, just remember, girl, I'm saying I do, you should know that from this moment you are always in my heart, If I never ever say that I love you, just remember, girl, I'm saying I do love you, you'll be always in my heart, they're not the ones to be there for you, when you need someone to turn to, they won't be anywhere, be anywhere when things start falling down, Oh, yeah, they're only in it to confuse you, so they can turn around and use you,but it can't happen, it won't happen girl as long as I'm around." He hugged the two most important ladies of his life.

It’s getting late and Timmy has court tomorrow. He would love to stay longer to enjoy the company of his two important ladies, but he has to get home to get a good night’s sleep. Tim stood up to leave when his phone rings, who is it?

Could he be receiving bad news? If so, what could be going wrong now? It’s no secret Tim made a lot of enemies when he cleans house and rid the Police department of the dirty officer who did not take their job seriously. One officer, in particular, hates him and will do whatever it takes to get revenge. Officer Hill, he had a lot to lose but the damage is at his own hand. The decision we make has consequences and he made the choice that gave him a bad one.

The lies we tell will cost us. It cost Officer Hill a lot, his retirement benefits, his job, and his freedom as He does not have the money for bail so he’s serving a three-year sentence. They cost him his wife because she refuses to pay his bail instead, she files for a divorce and he lost visitation rights to his children.

Officer Hill entire world change and not for the best. His sixteen-year-old is angry and feel his dad received the raw deal. He’s being teased in school and he swore to be an officer just like his dad when he graduates from high school.

Will he follow through with that vow after what happen to his dad? Better yet, will he get himself into trouble? He has been acting out, angry with his mother for her decision to give up on his dad and fail to listen to her? He has been coming home all times of hours, hanging with the wrong crowd and his grade in school is dropping and he has started missing days, will he even graduate? Stay tuned as I reveal the outcome of all the questions asks and so much more in part 9 of “The lies we tell but the secrets we keep.”

The Lies We Tell But the Secrets We Keep, Part 8!

Tevin Campbell - Always In My Heart - Music Video

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