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The Lies We Tell but the Secrets We Keep, Part 12

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Alexandria has tossed and turned most of the night, she manages to pick up on a dream, she had about a "Romantic Triangle" she has going on with Jyres and Rick. They all were on the game show “Love Triangle” Jyres and Rick was the two-contestant fighting for her love. She knows she has to free her heart of one guy and commit to the other, but the question is which one leave and who should she keep.

From the dream, Alexandria is having, she has come to a situation in which she needs to learn if Person A (Rick) has reached a romantic plunge in the road where it leads to nowhere. She should get off the bumpy dirt road and follow the path that leads to Person B (Jyres) or should it be the other way around, she not sure, Therefore the big question is whatever shall she do?

That’s where Wendy can be of assistance to help her to free her heart of one guy by asking her and the guys questions and whoever answers similar to Alexandria have more in common with her. She even allows Alexandria to ask the guys questions that will help her decide who should she let go. To ensure they are telling the truth, they are hooked to a lie dictator, which will show up lies, lies and more lies.

The advice Wendy gave Alexandria is to listen to both guys reply and be true to herself by following her heart. Also, in her situation, she has to decide if Person A (Rick) worth risking her heart to or person B (Jyres) a better choice and is worth the potential reward to follow her heart to move forward with. She wants to pick the guy that will lead to a happily-ever-after, not the one that will reach a dead end with very little in-between.

Alexandria's head is so in the cloud after hearing Wendy say, "Follow Your Heart." Is that the best advice? In a situation where a woman is torn between two guys, she knows one risky, and the other is safe. Should she follow her heart over her head? Alexandria is so at odds to find an answer to this abiding question.

Alexandria came to the conclusion if she follows her head, it would be the most critical decisions she could make in a relationship and similar to being drawn to someone who isn’t right for her but appeals nonetheless. But if she “listen to her heart,” more than likely she will choose the right guy and he'll turn out to be the perfect guy for her.

Choosing with the heart means it is demanding for your attention, assisting you to go for it and ends with riding off happily into the sunset. Picking with your head doesn't "knows what’s best for you," It assists you to plunge into the impossible somewhere in the middle, no beginning and end, something disastrous that you don't want in a relationship that leads to some form and degree of misery.


From the information Wendy asked and shared, Alexandria learn things about both guys she did not suspect. She met Rick in the fifth grade and she begins running the street with him at the age of thirteen after her mother died and she was placed in foster care. They begin dating which lead to her trouble days. From those days is where she meets Tim, who defends her, got her a not guilty plea.

Tim saw the potential in Alexandria, he knew the mistake she made to break the law was due to she didn't have anybody in her life to guide, nurture or lead her in the right direction. Tim went home and talked to his wife Jessica about Alexandria. He arranges for Jessica to meet Alexandria. When she meets Alexandria, she felt a connection, fell in loves with her and talked Tim into allowing her to be a part of the family, so they adopted her.

Shortly after, Jessica learns she has liver cancer. Tim hired experts in the disease, but her liver was almost slaughtered and before she can get the treatment, she needed her liver was destroyed as it was discovered too late. Jessica died six months later. Tim was angry, hurt and he gave up on love. He threw himself into his work and encourage Alexandria to take back control of her life.

Tim warned Rick to stay away from Alexandria as he is bad news and wherever he goes trouble tends to follow him. It's as if he has Murphy's law, with Rick around anything that can go wrong will and results in a bad outcome and Tim does not want Alexandria to be a part of that wrongdoing.

It's as if he has Murphy's law, with Rick around anything that can go wrong will and results in the worst outcome and Tim does not want Alexandria to be a part of that wrongdoing. When Tim realizes the hold, Rick had on Alexandria he told her not to overlook the trouble that follows him and any contact is enough to cause a catastrophe.

Alexandria is sleeping later than normal as she’s tired from a long night of tossing and turning. The phone rings and wakes her up, she looks at the caller ID to see it Jyres, her heart begins to beat fast.

Upon saying Hello, Alexandria pause when Jyres asks is this a good time to talk? Alexandria replied, “Yes” it’s a good time. Jyres started off by saying, “We have been through a lot of ups and downs. I haven’t met a female I would be willing to settle down and grow old with, what I am trying to say is Alexandria will you make me the happiest guy in the world and marry me?

She was speechless for a little while this was the last thing, she expects from Jyres. Then she replied, “Yes” I will Jyres Caldwell-Pope Harmon. She couldn’t wait to share the news with her dad, little did she know Jyres got Tim permission first. As Jyres talk to Alexandria he felt like the song sang by Johnny Gill, You For Me.


Gina is attending the University of Washington, she is taking up nursing classes to get her degree as an RN. Today is an awkward day for her, as she at the end of her nursing school semester preparing to take the nursing final exam and her head is spinning. She's a little early and looking over the notes, panic and calls Jilla. She assists her to identify what she knows and prep her for what she doesn’t know.

After completing the nursing final, Gina on pins and needles wondering if she passed. She studies and well prepared herself, everything on the test made sense and she thinks she did well, but the suspense is nerve wrenching. The board of nursing participates in the Quick Results Service, so, she can receive her “unofficial” results in two business days. Gina can log on the Pearson VUE NCLEX Candidate website and pay $7.95 to see if she passes or fail.

Anybody who had to take the NCLEX test knows it is a tough one that all that desire to be an RN nurse must take. After waiting for two long days Gina checked the website to learn she pass among the top five in her class. She was so happy and could wait to share her news with Tim and Jilla.

Jilla plans a big congratulation party for Gina at one of the most expensive restaurants in Washington, she had it decorated really nice and placed a big banner in the front that said, "You did it, now you can share your love with those in need of it, Congratulation Gina."

She set the party to start at 8: 00 pm and had Tim to bring Gina as it was a surprise party. When Gina arrives and walked inside the place was dark, but the light was immediately turned on and everybody yelled, "Surprised." The look on Gina’s face is priceless. Jilla wants to ensure Gina graduating from nursing school as an RN be a great experience. She had everything decorated so nice, she threw a medical theme party.

The medical theme party was adorable and everything was shaped into a medical term, just to name a few, Jilla had chocolate covered pretzel rods that were shaped like thermometers. She served bedpan food trays and a veggie "Skeleton" which was made of different vegetables, and blood transfusion punch was available for everybody to have something to drink.

Two cakes, one cake was a marble cake with Strawberry BC filling and a medical theme, two layers with a graduation cap on the top, a fondant syringe to the side, a connecting stethoscope and RN symbol on 2nd layers of the cake.

The second cake was a large chocolate cake with Fudge BC filling and white filling, with a small round cake on top with a nursing hat, connecting stethoscope, RN emblem is made from fondant. The cake contains the names of some of Gina RN graduation class that wish her well.

The party was a hit and everybody was laughing and having a good time. They played games like hospital Tycoon, heart's medicine - hospital heat, trauma center: under the Knife, surgeon simulator and both operation games, operation board game and 5 ft. 5 in. retro operation standee. All eyes were on the door when Gina's two-half-sisters, Litha and Holly open it.

What are their motives? They were not invited yet they showed up, the big question is why? This is Gina big day and she is not looking for trouble. How did they learn about Gina's graduation party? Are they keeping taps on Gina to be trouble makers? Stay tuned to learn the answer to all questions asks and so much more in, “The lies we tell but the secrets we keep, part 12.”

The Lies We Tell But the Secrets We Keep, Part 12!

You For Me(live)- Johny Gill

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