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Made of Steel

My dad was larger than life, invincible, bulletproof, there was nothing that could hurt him, at least not until my baby brother was suddenly killed on a motorcycle accident... A broken heart is a real thing guys...


A One-Way Ticket to Alaska (Part 10)

The final blog chronicling my road trip starting in Alaska, through Canada, and finishing in Colorado.


My Life My Perception My Truth Part 1

In my life I've had the pleasure of being taught that growth hurts and that sometimes even when we have to question everything that you thought that you knew thought that you believed that in the end you always end up exactly where you were meant to be.


A One-Way Ticket to Alaska (Part 9)

Part nine of chronicling my road trip starting in Alaska, through Canada, and finishing in Colorado.


A One-Way Ticket to Alaska (Part 8)

Part eight of chronicling my road trip starting in Alaska, through Canada, and finishing in Colorado.


A One-Way Ticket to Alaska (Part 7)

Part seven of chronicling my road trip starting in Alaska, through Canada, and finishing in Colorado.


A One-Way Ticket to Alaska (Part 6)

Part six of chronicling my road trip starting in Alaska, through Canada, and finishing in Colorado.


A One-Way Ticket to Alaska (Part 5)

Part five of chronicling my road trip starting in Alaska, through Canada, and finishing in Colorado.


A One-Way Ticket to Alaska (Part 4)

Part four of chronicling my road trip starting in Alaska, through Canada, and finishing in Colorado.


A One-Way Ticket to Alaska (Part 3)

Part three of chronicling my road trip starting in Alaska, through Canada, and finishing in Colorado.


What Is Lifelong Learning?

In a high school valedictory speech, I exhorted my classmates to engage in lifelong learning. In this article, after stressing the importance of education and learning, I reflect on my post-high school learning experiences from 1962 through the present.


A One-Way Ticket to Alaska (Part 2)

Part two of chronicling my road trip starting in Alaska, through Canada, and finishing in Colorado.


A One-Way Ticket to Alaska (Part 1)

Part one of chronicling my road trip starting in Alaska, through Canada, and finishing in Colorado.


My Ups and Downs in 1963

1963 was like riding a roller coaster. There were so many ups and downs in my life. As a college freshman and first-semester sophomore, I met both success and disappointment at school. Outside of school, I had to deal with my grandfather's death and parents' farm auction to get out of debt.


My Brother’s Journey Through Life Part-2

This story is a continuation of the article, "The Lifestyle of My Brother Part-1". I include in the new article his new job, marriage, residence, and grieving. I hope you enjoy his journey through life. Read on.


Seventy-Three Years

Join me on a reflective journey through life. I think many of you can relate to this reflection about my life.


1960 as I Remember

1960 was a special year for me. After overcoming difficulties at home and in school, I started to change from a boy to a young man. In this article, I recall significant personal events in 1960.


Memories of Childhood in England During the 1950s

Personal memories of childhood Sundays in the England of the 1950s.

Amazing Memories of My Mathematics Teacher

During our schooling times, teachers were the guiding force for us and also for our educational pursuits and in fact were instrumental in our growth through the prevailing atmosphere in the schools.


An Exhilarating Experience Made Possible by My German Professor

This is the story about how one German Professor helped me to fight my homesickness and earn a higher education prestigious degree. Interested? Read on.


Memories of an Unforgettable Shop

Some strange childhood memories remain engraved in our minds for the lifetime. This narration is about one such memory of an unforgettable shop in my village about 55 years back.


A Life Saved on Top Mt. Major in New Hampshire

On August 16, 2021, I hiked Mt. Major in New Hampshire with my dad where he had a heart attack during the descent and was carried off the mountain and airlifted to the hospital. It was a frightening ordeal and we are blessed that he is doing well and appreciative of all those who helped him.


Checkers and Lemon Drops

The rain fell gently, the air chilled. The days at the cottage on the lake were numbered, fall would visit soon. The annual trip north to New Hampshire to visit with grandfather is remembered to this day, so very many years later.


The Goat Farm - Camping and Traveling Reviews

Camping and Traveling Reviews are my own experience and my own photos. It is meant to entertain while giving a little insight to the places we visited.


Amusing Anecdotes That You Would Love

This article depicts the author reminiscing comical anecdotes based on real-life experiences that make her smile. Wouldn’t you like to know more? Look inside.


The Food Run

Once upon a time, getting groceries was mundane. Now, it’s an adventure and a gamble during a early Spring snow storm and a catastrophic pandemic. Nothing can be taken for granted. One in a series of articles for a collection called "Diary of a Virus"


My Early Experience with Directing Skits

I wanted to see my father laugh so I found some skits and directed my siblings in putting on a show for the parents. Here is what happened.


What It Was Like Going to a Two-Room Country School

In the late-1940s, 50s, and early-60s, a close neighbor and later my sisters attended a two-room country school in the village of Honey Creek, Wisconsin. Based on the memories of Bonnie and my sister Patty, this article recalls the school, teachers, staff, classes, recess, and school activities.


Full Speed Ahead: A Memoir

Take a trip back in time with me, to 1965, and a summer of adventure.


Gross Things Found on a Rocky Beach

This article offers a cursory discussion about the author's experience with creatures that wash up on the beach at Frenchman Bay.


Grover the Cat Came Over for a Visit

My experience babysitting my sister's cat.


Former Suzanne Sellers Mural on the Houston Club Building Memorialized

This beautiful little pocket park in the heart of downtown Houston with the spectacular Suzanne Sellers mural no longer exists. See it in photos here.


Learning Chinese at the University of Wisconsin — 1972–1973

This article recalls learning vernacular and written Chinese at the University of Wisconsin in Madison 1972-73. I vividly remember my classes, teachers, classmates, lodging, and extra-curricular activities.


Memories of My Late Aunt Donna

Donna Schmidt Breu was one of my late mother's younger sisters. My memories of Aunt Donna start in 1950 and end in 2004 when my mother and I last visited her. Aunt Donna was one of my favorite aunts.


A Breakfast Gift

A visit to a restaurant ends with a gesture of kindness evoking an unexpected response. Memories of the last time I saw my best friend.


Good Things, Bad Days and Ugly Experiences

Life is a mix of many good and some bad and ugly things. 'Things' that occur, chances that arise, thoughts that lead to good openings, ideas that go awry, accidents that prove beneficial, true friendships, love encounters, happy moments and bereavements that leave a vacuum in our hearts.


My Memories per Brenda’s Prompt

This article is in response to Brenda Aldridge’s prompt, ‘memories’. It includes an acrostic poem and several of my memories while growing up.


Ojha Uncle and His Shop of Optimism

This is a personal anecdote of a night in Delhi and how that filled me with positivity.


Seven Things I Learned from Dad

I learned many useful things from my father while he was alive. In this article, I recall what dad taught me as a boy, youth, and man. This includes learning how to play baseball, drive a car, and do things by myself.


Musical Mondegreens From My Teens

Mondegreens—the mishearing of words and phrases in verse and song—have featured prominently in many people's lives. In this article I recount a few (hopefully) humorous memories of mondegreens from my early adolescent years.


Schnauzers: A Tribute to Misty

This is a simple recollection of my life with a quiet, demure, yet fiesta Schanuzer.


Living in a College Fraternity in the 1960s and 1970s

Paul lived in Alpha Chi Sigma professional chemistry college fraternity chapter houses in the 1960s and 1970s. This article recalls his residence at the Alpha chapter in Madison, Wisconsin, Alpha Beta chapter in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and a brief stay at the Sigma house in Berkeley, California.


The Dark History of Moncofa - The Orange Grove Graves

Moncofa (or Moncófar) is a beautiful coastal town in the northeast of Spain. Behind and beneath its beauty, though, lies a dark and painful past.


Summer Time in the 60’s

The summers were carefree and seemingly everlasting until the year the four girls were killed in Birmingham Alabama by a vicious bomber. My summers and my life was never the same.


How I Best Remember My Youngest Sister

Constance Jo or Connie is my youngest sister and sibling. Although there is a big age difference between us, Connie has played a big part in my life. In this article, I recall my best memories of Connie from childhood up until the present.


Pandemic Santa

Christmas during the pandemic: Even Santa needs to take precautions. Can Old Saint Nick deliver in an era of social distancing and masks? One in a series of articles for a collection called "Diary of a Virus".


Circus in the 21st Century: A Portrait of Circus United

Circuses are popular in the United States -- many, like Circus United, raise money for Shrine organizations. Fletcher Runyan, partner and producer of Circus United, shares his story with journalist and long-time circus lover Teri Silver.


Mother’s Day Reflection: Hold Tight To Your Umbrella

A Mother's Day reflection of our sweet mother, who is loosening the grip that tethers her as our earthly umbrella of protection; oh, my dear Mama, hold tight to your umbrella for a wee bit longer. But when it is time for our Mary Poppins to fly, enjoy that flight back home!


Memories of My Eldest Sister

Beatrice who is three years younger is my eldest sister. In this article, I first recall my memories of Bea when we lived in the city 1947-53. I then remember Bea when we were growing up on farms 1954-66. Finally, I reflect on my relationship with Bea and her family from 1971 through the present.