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Memoirs & Biographies


My Favorite Paternal Aunt Laura

Laura Kuehn Bronenkant was my favorite paternal aunt. In this article, I review Aunt Laura's life from birth until death. I pay special attention to my memories of Laura as a boy and man.


I Traveled Through 8 States in 6 Days With my Sister

This article is about a trip my sister and I took a few years ago. We traveled through 8 states in 6 days, and we visited a good friend. We had a lot of great adventures.


A Picture Story of the Vacations in Our Country from Abroad

This piece is a picture story showing all the places we visited in our country during vacations from abroad. Want to know more? Look inside.


What Giving Means to Me: A Short Story

This is a story about how my aunt and uncle taught me the value and importance of giving without ever expecting anything in return.


Humbleness: A Short Story

Humblness is a short story I wrote about the importance of learning to be humble. This story is based on my family and upbringing.


A Reminiscence Of My School Life

All my memories as a child is filled with the days I spent at school, the lessons I learnt from my teachers and the innumerable opportunities I had in discovering my self. In this article, I would like to give an insight of how I spent my life at school and why it is so special to me!


Sobriety Lost

An autobiographical account of my fall from sobriety. I hope you enjoy it.


How I Have Been a Survivor

I have been a survivor throughout much of my life. This article gives examples of how a guardian angel and good fortune manifested by parents, friends, doctors, and employers have helped me survive difficult times.


The Curse on Our Neighbor’s Home

There is some kind of curse befallen on our neighbor’s home during an early stage in my life. Will we continue to see the curse go on? Or will some miracle happen? Interested? Read on.


The Day I Almost Quit My Job

A student’s idea of a joke nearly ended 21 years of teaching in the midst of a pandemic. Everybody has their limitations. And I nearly reached that. Another in a series known as Diary of a Virus.


Remembering My Aunt Marie

Marie Antoinette Kuehn Hyland was one of my favorite paternal aunts. In this article, I first remember Marie's birth and early childhood in Door County, Wisconsin. After researching my aunt's life from 1923 to 1949, I personally recall her short marriage and remaining years as a widow until 2003.


Verna Mae: My Little Grandma

A story about my maternal grandmother, Verna Mae (McDonald) Sanders who was sweet, dedicated to her family, never 'blew her own horn', and with whom I always felt loved and valued.


My Best Teachers Had Four Legs

Sometimes the dogs you think were "the worst" were the best teachers.


Childhood Memories of Firsts

This article is a response to the 53rd prompt from Brenda Arledge, which is “first”.. It contains my memories from my youth.


Memories of Uncle Dick

Richard Kuehn or Uncle Dick as I called him was my second favorite uncle. In this article, I explore Uncle Dick's early life and my memories of him from the early 1950s until 2003.


12 Things I Learned About Family Life Before I Was a Teenager

This is a light-hearted look at some of life's important lessons and realisations that helped me to become the person I am today...or not!


Three Defining Childhood Moments That Helped to Shape Into Me Today

I am writing this piece in response to HP fellow writer, Samantha Harris’s Creative Nonfiction prompt#1 in her article, “100+ Creative Writing Prompts & Story Ideas.” Care to know what my three defining childhood moments are? Read on.


Prank Master Champion

The BEST ten bucks I've EVER spent!


One of a Kind, Lucky Finds

I have always been attracted to all the things other folks decide they no longer want, I have found so many unique and often antique items sticking out of a trash can or dumpster. I guess you could call me a collecter of salvage.


My Dad’s Heart-Ailment Journey

This piece describes the journey of my Dad with a heart ailment and how he succumbed to his illness. I mention how much I grieved for the loss and how I overcame it to skyrocket in my endeavors.


Eight New Genealogy Findings

I have discovered eight genealogy findings since recently resuming my family research. They include interesting information about my parents, uncles, brother-in-law, grandmother, distant cousins, and ancestors.


My First Ever Experience of Boarding a Plane

Have you ever recalled your first ever experience on an airplane. This article will give you a nostalgic feeling while you read, as it makes you relive and witness the excitement of a high school girl’s first ever flying experience.


Spokane Thru Seattle, a Pensioner's Snowy Misadventures

Snow, ice, and shortsightedness got him into dire predicaments, and kind strangers helped him. Good Samaritans keep us humans going on the road of life.


Forever Autumn

Autumn, a true rescue dog!


THE GOLGAPPA DIARIES....the beginning

The doctor could see that she was going to give birth any moment. “Can you spread your thighs a bit wider.” The woman at once clamped her thighs shut. If she would hurry up a bit, he could still catch an episode of the, ‘The Bold and the Beautiful.’ “Want me to put my leg around your neck?"


Phantom the Wild Mustang

“He cannot be ridden...killed a fellow last year, snapped his neck in two....even three people sitting on his back can’t handle this beast nor calm him down...breaks down the gates and runs away almost every other day...he chooses victims and causes injuries....good riddance I should say”.


Learning To Prepare Rotis - A Memorable Incident

Making Roti is an art as well as science. Roti is a regular feature of Indian cuisine. Here are some interesting incidents and memories of how one of my friends Seema and I learnt making Rotis ....


Remembering My Paternal Great-Uncles

In this article, I remember my seven paternal great-uncles. Four were born in Germany and immigrated to America in 1882. Three were born in Wisconsin and all lived in Door County, Wisconsin. This is their story.

Nursing home COVID story

This is not an article to convince you to get vaccinated this is just about covid and the point of view from one nurse who has seen it from the inside.


The Bear That Wasn't

How many of you have encountered people, phenomena, or wild animals that could not be seen or heard? Did you get closure to the incident, or is there still an unanswered void to what you heard or saw? In this particular article, which is a true incident, my mystery was solved.


The Witch of Skuna River Bottom and Quinney Powell Mathis

The following article is based on actual events involving a witch and my great-grandfather, Quinney Mathis


Grief and Why Can't I Get Over My Adult Son's Death

It seems impossible that I have joined the club that I never wanted to join, that of parents who have lost a child. Trying to come to terms with this loss has been an emotional rollercoaster. I am still trying to understand it and process it though I am not sure when I will come to terms with it.


Remembering Life on a Farm in the Mid-1950s

In this article, I recall life on a small Wisconsin farm from 1954 until 1957. Living conditions, daily farm chores, harvesting crops, and what I did for fun is vividly remembered.


My Grandmother Instilled in Me, the Love for Riding in My Heart

I suppose all of us fall in love but falling in love, over and over again with a madness that has no cure. I too suffer from this addiction and what started with a donkey then a water buffalo, graduated into a full fledged wild fire of the jungle with a horse.


Horse Riding a Sport of the Royals

The wind of heaven passes through a horses ears and if one has over eaten it shall pass through across the saddle.


Fifteen Years: A Story of Hope

It comes down to this: a willingness to change!


Nine Things I Regret Doing When I Was Younger

In this article, I reflect with regret on nine wrong things I did when younger. They include drinking and smoking, taking advantage of my parents, not spending enough time with mom and dad, and not setting a good example for my children.


A Meeting of Chance: A Short Story?

Sometimes, the most important moments of our lives are totally random. Read on as I tell you about one of mine.


Daddy's Last Gift

You'll always remember the last gift you received from someone who was special in your life. For me, it was the last Christmas gift I received from my Daddy who died of Covid in February 2021.


Learning With Zeal and Zest From Compelling Research Work

Do you love to research? Here is an account of my research work at the Master's level, full of excitement and zeal at one end and fear and panic at another end, myself making a huge breakthrough eventually. Read on.


My Wife's Ancestor Was a Powder Monkey in French Admiral De Grasse's Fleet That Helped Win the American Revolution

The story of Jeremiah Montgillion, born in France, served on a French sailing warship during the Battle of the Virginia Capes, taken prisoner by the English at the Battle of Les Saintes, sailed on a French privateer, and settled in Elkridge, Maryland.


The Mysterious Parcel

Read to know how the author as a preschooler could discover the mystery of a parcel received on the occasion of the Sacred thread wearing ceremony of his elder brother.


The 7 Day Silent Retreat: Will You Come Back New?

For many months now, I was thinking about doing a silent retreat. I've heard all types of testimonies, from devastating to transcendental. But I needed to see it for myself: what it was really like to go on a silent retreat.


The Penguin Programme in Ski Dubai

The Penguin Programme in Ski Dubai is a unique and highly successful and enjoyable experience teaching people about pollution and climate change.

My Life My Perception My Truth Part 2

The Next Chapter was meant to show that I was an adult. Instead it taught me how to be one.