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Stories From My Childhood #1

These are stories that I lived during my childhood, from age 3, the furthest back I can remember. The first story is one that mt step-father told me during my childhood.


All the Lovely Creatures: Chapter One...Frogs and Toads

One chapter of many for those who enjoy reading about someone else's fears of encountering unexpected creatures in odd places and can laugh when reading those stories. These are times when humor, or getting out of one's own head, even if only briefly, are welcome distractions.


Blind Faith Part 2: Surgery

This is part two of my life's vast adventures. As if being blind wasn't hard enough, life threw me many more curve balls. It's how you respond to your curve balls that matters. I hope that you find inspiration and strength amongst these words.


The All Too Short Life of Junebug

Anyone who loves dogs knows that having a dog in your life guarantees you many wonderful days, and, all to soon, one very sad one.


Blind Faith Part 1: In The Beginning

Have you ever felt like a loner or like the world is full of people who are different from you? Well, I do. Hi, My name is Miranda. I am a blind individual who has endured great trials and encountered many challenges. This is my story. My story has challenged and grown my faith.


Finding Light and Seashells

Turk describes her experience at the beach with her brothers, and how this simple experience changed her perspective on life and happiness.


My Last Trick-or-Treat

This is the story of my last trick-or-treat and the hoodlums who ruined it for me and my siblings. The magic is gone when mean people threaten children.


A Bullfight in Spain

This is about my experience going to a bullfight in Spain when I lived there in the 1970s. Not being a Spaniard, I was a spectator not knowing what was coming next.


Ken's Experience in the Hands of Al - Shabaab

After his graduation from one of the universities in Kenya, Ken was employed in a certain school found in Garissa County, Kenya. He had barely worked there for two years when he was kidnapped by the radicalized group, Al - Shabaab. He happened to narrate to me the terrible ordeal.


Remembering Childhood Days in Papillion, Nebraska: A Response to Billybuc's Challenge

This is a brief memoir of childhood days in Papillion, Nebraska, where I lived for a short time as a youngster. It's a response to Billybuc's writing challenge posted back in the third week of September 2020.


Traveling in Spain

I lived in Spain for two years in the 1970s and experienced many things. The travel was different than I had experienced here in the US. These are my experiences.


The Prank That Saved My Childhood

I am not sure whether Phil hated me or his mischievous mind simply made me the object of his prank. But, thanks to that prank, my childhood escaped the den of the lion who carried himself like a lamb.


His Death, Not in Vain

A story of a baby boy, who was a fighter till the very end. A story of a mother, who overcame, so his death would not be in vain.


My Experience With Our First Pet

People keep pets for various reasons but primary one is to enjoy in their company and have fun. Those who had never kept pets with them might not understand these emotions but once they start keeping, they also find it interesting and amazing.


Days Long Gone

This article is in reponse to a challenge from Bill Holland. The article is about the memories I have for my grade school years with my family and friends.


Pride Comes Before a Fall

There are many English proverbs that we can infer their meanings using contextual skills. However, there are some that we need to learn by experience. No wonder, experience is the best teacher. This happened while we were at primary school. This story is all about this proverb.


Wind-less Sailing and the Sandbar

Memories of a Fourth of July sailing trip


My Fondness For Unkempt Creeks And Garbage Dumps

Reminiscing can evoke both pleasant and painful memories. Share some of my boyhood adventures that took place at a simpler time and a simpler place.They focus on the local creek and dump site, but any location could have inspired the types of experiences when left to a boy's imagination.


The Lives of Kittens

His shining eyes dimmed, fixed on that far away place, and he was gone. As he went over, my stoicism broke....


God Is After All Human!

Another tale from my train journeys but with a twist. Certain events happen perhaps to test one's faith. Some happenings are inexplicable. This experience taught me to not judge people and to stay humble.


How Will Halloween be Celebrated in 2020?

Halloween is out in full bloom in the store across America with candy filling the shelves. And, costumes hanging on racks waiting to be bought for children to have fun. Will there be fun this Halloween--in my opinion it would be a sin not to have a carnival and trick or treat.


A Tribute to a Mutt

We lost him a year ago this month. Not much more to say other than this is Ziggy's story.


My Father Bought a Gramophone

We use so many gadgets in our lives and soon forget about them but there are a few which remain in our memory for a long time due to the associated events or situations and we do not forget them and neither forget the other people connected with it. This article is about one of such gadgets.


Why Bunny Rabbits Make Great Pets...

Bunny rabbits make great pets and will return the love you give them and much more...


God is No Genie: Part 1

I write about the loss of my son and what that loss has done to me.


It's Been A Whole Year

The life on earth seems dull. It seems empty. It seems like the sun doesn’t shine the way it used to. But he is no longer in pain no longer hurting. And because of that, while the sun does not shine the way it used to it has a glistening gleam that my grandfather once carried in his smile.


Some Odd Family Connections

A recent find about someone famous on my maternal side of my family.


My Memories: Miniature Golf

A glimpse into the life of my father, through my own personal memories.


My Ancestor Became a Morphine Addict and This Is What Happened

Substance addiction isn't a twentieth-century nor a twenty-first century problem. The United States has a long history of addiction to include morphine addiction.


My Lifelong Seven-Year Itch

This is a mini autobiography in seven-year segments. Since 1958, I have experienced a seven-year itch not only in my marriages but also in working jobs. In this article, a decrease in happiness and satisfaction is reflected in seven-year periods.


My Experiences in Spain

In the 70's I lived in Spain for a couple of years. It was an experience I will never forget. Everything was unusual, from shopping at the farmer's market to buying butane to heat the water and work the stove. I'm sharing just a few experiences here.


My Memories: Deer Hunter

A glimpse into the life of my father, through my own personal memories. He was an outdoors man and avid deer hunter.

i miss my son so much

God Is No Genie: Part 2

This article is about how difficult a loss is and how the process consumes as well as transforms an individual particularly a mother, when it involves her child. Im that grieving mom...I write about the loss of my son and what that loss has done to me.


Songs Bringing Back Memories in My Life

Pop music has been a big part of my life. In this article, I reflect on seven songs that bring back vivid memories associated with different times.


My Beloved Achrafieh in Beirut, Lebanon

The people of Lebanon in general, and Beirut in particular, are grieving because of the massive blast that ripped Beirut on August 4, 2020.


My First Job Interview

This article is about my first interview looking for a job. I was exhilarated on receiving a call from unknown person who told me that I had been shortlisted for the interview. I did very little preparations forgetting that failure to prepare is preparing to fail. It was a chaotic interview.


Bonding Over Teh Tarik

Sometimes, all that any bonds need is some quality time spent together, away from the world with lots of communication, love, and patience.


Living in Toledo, Ohio -- 1979-1980

Living in Toledo, Ohio, 1979-1980 was a transition period in my life. Having just returned from Taiwan, I worked as an ESL tutor and studied at the University of Toledo before getting a federal government job in Maryland.


America in the Late 1800s

This article tells the tale of the Vollmars, one Immigrant Family and their journey to America and life thereafter. From the mid to late 1800's and early 1900's we look through historical documents and a family owned collection of glass negative photographs from that time.


I Walked Where Jesus Walked

It was my dream to visit the Holy Land. While in seminary I got the opportunity to go on a traveling seminary to the Middle East which included Jordan, Egypt, and Israel. It was a trip of a lifetime.


University of Michigan Memories 1966-1967

I attended the University of Michigan graduate school in Ann Arbor 1966-1967. In this article, I recall my classes as a chemistry graduate school student. I also remember living in a professional chemistry fraternity and making friendships there.


Fond Memories of My Children's Childhood

This article mentions some of the memorable moments that I remember about my children's childhood. Some were moments I successfully got them to behave; some I remember because they taught me something, and others were just times when I felt joy from my sons' company.


My Iron Lady “Baa”

A piece describing the journey of a fierce lady !!


Interstate Travel Memories of the 1980s

When younger, I traveled a lot on interstate highways between Maryland and Wisconsin. Experiences on the Pennsylvania and Ohio Turnpikes are still vivid interstate travel memories of the 1980s.


True North 2020: Annual Heights Boulevard Sculpture Exhibit

This temporary nine-month-long art exhibit is the seventh annual one featuring eight pieces of unique sculptural designs by noted Texas artists. See photos and learn about the artists here.


My Father's Magic Bag

My dad’s tackle box holds lots of gear and lots of great memories of days on the water with him.