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Inspirational Writing


It's Your Voice - Use It

This article/ motivation, is about finding and using your own voice as a writer. Writing is unique, hence, it's important to stand out without getting lost in the crowd. Don't try to sound like somebody else.


Life: Planting It the Right Way

They say that humans go through four stages in their lives the same way they go through with planting: Sowing the seeds, watering those seeds, harvesting those seeds and then using them as harvest.


10 Ways That Negative Emotions Can Actually Be A Positive Thing

If you are looking for an article about why you should always be positive and grateful for everything, you’ve come to the wrong place.

Believing All Is Well

The author's thoughts and experiences on 'waking up' and understanding that despite what is going on in our lives or the world, all is well.


Shining Your Light in a Dim World

You've begun your journey toward self improvement: eating well, meditating, staying in a high vibration, connecting to nature and improving your overall health and well being. And then, someone says something that sends you off the deep end. This article helps encourage you back to the healing path.


Beautiful Stories

Beautiful Stories is a piece about sharing what makes us unique and how our past experiences and scars only make us better people in the longrun.


Dream Deeper

We all dream in our life about something. But have you ever wondered why your dreams vary at the different spots in life?


Real Reasons Why You Are Not Motivated

At some point in time, we lose our focus and motivation.. we will be the same old person again. Have you ever thought of this situation? What is the reason behind, such a loss of motivation?

Knowing Your Purpose

Each one of us is unique and distinct from the rest of us. We exist because we have a unique purpose to serve. Our purpose defines the meaningfulness of our lives and contentment of our souls


The Real Exit: The Thing That Stops Us From Achieving Our Goals

Failed new years' resolutions, pending projects, incomplete book scripts or dreading that job interview? We have all something we're struggling to finish or maybe, even start. But have you wondered why? No, it has nothing to do with you being lazy or not having enough talent...


What Charity Means

Some insight on how charity positively affects our lives.


10 Moments That Bring a Real Smile on Your Face

A smile is a way to express your feeling of happiness. People feel happy when they satisfy their heart and mind. The gist of this article is, "there is always a reason to smile, you just need to find it".


How to Keep Your Word to Yourself

Why is it that when we really want change, we can't seem to stick to our plans?


Five Inspirational Quotes

“Believe in yourself. You are braver than you think, more talented than you know, and capable of more than you imagine.” ― Roy T. Bennett


The Power of Attention

It is necessary to transform negative energy into positive energy. The person who does so will never blame his environment or blame other people, but only analyze what is happening to him and what he needs to do to repair the damage he has formed in the past.


9 Ways to Deal With Mistakes

They can hamper production, damage attitudes, and ruin a good day. However, there is hope. Here are nine ways to deal with mistakes.


You Should Be Grateful for the Things You’re Unhappy About

Life is overwhelming. And, sometimes good advice can help with that.


How Much You Can Love

Choosing more loving ways to behave in relationships.


20 Aphorisms of Sri Chinmoy. Wednesday's Inspiration 12, to Rosina Khan

22 Aphorisms from Sri Chinmoy for the New Year, to inspire Hope and deep reflections


21 Quotes on, Hope for a Better Tomorrow

We are about to mark the end of another year, and we are certainly hoping for a better New year, a better tomorrow for everyone. Hope and faith are two of the important traits of human beings, and although we know that chances of better or worse tomorrow are equal, we still hold on to hope and Faith

To the Ones Who Feel Like Breaking

In this life, we sometimes feel like we are falling apart with no clue how to pick up the pieces. This article dives into a few simple steps to acknowledge your emotions when you feel overwhelmed and how to embrace and find peace.


There Are Neither Good nor Bad Moments!

An article about the significance and the uniqueness of every moment we have been gifted with.


I Love Me Better Than That!

Sometimes we allow challenges and people in our lives to suck all the positivity out of us. Life is full of trials, but as we age and experience life, we ought to learn from failures. It took many losses and years of heartaches for me to take my life back and realize, “I love me better than that.”


Calmness of Mind and the Calm Center of the Cyclone

Calm people are happier naturally and help others to be calmer. For a moment when we shut our eyes and think of nothing, that is the state of calmness of mind. It is like an invisible protective gear that protects our energy from external negativity or when our life is in chaos or turmoil.


The Path of a Life

As my life seems to improve, I wonder what I did right. That's the purpose of these musings, figuring it out and passing it along.


Quotes That Changed My Life

There are some quotes that hit you so hard that your entire thought process changes. And, these are the quotes which helped me to deal with the toughest situation of life.


Inspirational Poems and Verses for Friends

A series of short poems and bible verses to use in cards or just to read aloud


22 Motivational Quotes

A collection of 22 unique quotes to keep you motivated through the time when giving feels like the easiest option.


Trust Yourself Today!

It is easy to be influenced by what we see and hear these days, especially with the rapidly-developing world to catch up with. The key to surviving this torrent is to believe in yourself even when no one else would.


Let Go of the Past

The beauty of life lies in the acceptance of a simple fact, that you need to let of your past, because if you keep staring into the rearview, you are only going to get yourself killed.


Let it Go Now

Hi! How are you? This essay is about every person's problem. What we should do and what we are doing. It's about letting go and continue walking in life.


Engineering A Core Purpose in Times of Uncertainty

All of us are engaged in difficult personal battles. The battle may be a disease, career and personal failure, or direct abuse. Although they are challenging and traumatic events, we can overcome them if we find the strength to persevere and engineer a profound purpose in the midst of uncertainty.


Never Let Failure Defeat You

This short story containing autobiographical elements deals with the significance of failure in achieving success.


Gems of Wisdom. Friday's Inspiration 12, a Loving Offering to Anupam Mitu

The aphorisms of Sri Chinmoy and a little about the life of this 21st century Master


You Never Know Today, What You Will Learn Tomorrow!

An article about the way you can overcome all your mistakes and misjudgments.


When Dreams are Shattered and Reality Becomes Bitter

No one knows when and how life changes. Sometimes life brings you to a point where you don't know what to do. This article will show you how to deal with these situations. Life is full of trials, it is sensible to go through them with patience and endurance.


Some Quotes on Life

You live life once! Live Life to the fullest. Have no regrets!


When Fear Holds You Back

Fear is in each of us. Whether we are conscious of it or not, it debilitates and cripples us. It enslaves us to misery, failure, and atrophy. It is a must to free ourselves from its hold and live a life of joy and success.


A Morning Prayer for Food & Food Workers

Have you ever wished that more people would recognize how essential food workers are to the country's well being? Well, it can start with you. Here is a prayer you can use every morning to bless your food and its providers.


Anger Can Be Managed

Managing anger is within reach. Here are some actions you can take to manage strong emotions.


How to Reach or Regain a Higher State of Consciousness

When we find ourselves craving for “a deeper understanding and connection to the underlying fabric of existence”, we are aiming to reach a higher state of consciousness.


Parting: How to Cope with the Pain?

Goodbye is such a sad and lonely word…Why should there always be goodbyes? And why does it hurt to see someone dear to you leaving? Or why is it painful to leave someone? And how can you manage to move on after an aching goodbye?


Flying Without Wings. How To Be Successful.

Time! it's the only thing that is not under the possession of any human on this planet. Time can change a persons life if it is used the way it is supposed to be used. EVERY SECOND MATTERS!! Success depends upon how you elevate time and make a change in your mindset to get to that next step.


Ignite Your Inner Flames of Self-Discovery

Learn how to disconnect yourself from a disoriented mindset and prepare to turn on your inner sunshine. Train your mind to see good in every situation. Believe, that you are the best version of yourself, a beautiful creation with divine qualities.


The Daily Version of Yourself (How to avoid negativity in life?)

There are only three keywords for you to become the best version of yourself, away from negative things or feelings—mindset, action, and attitude. Mindset refers to your ideas, the way you think, and the way you see things.