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The journey

In his arms I found comfort.

He promised me the world and the treasures in it.

He said I was the most beautiful thing that ever happened to him.

I felt special, lucky and blessed.

There was always a feeling of completeness whenever I'm around him.

We shared our dreams together. Envisioned it and placed it in a safe place.

Without doubts that it's achievable someday.

He was afraid to loose me.

He prayed everyday never to see me say goodbye.

I was so lost in his world.

He was just the perfect one for me.


They said I was too beautiful for him.

They mocks, laughs and made jest of what we shared.

They said money makes the world go round and not love.

They compared our love to the famous story "Beauty and the Beast". But not really the way it ended though.

I knew I was different.

I fought, defended and rubbed it to their faces that he's my happiness and none of them can change that.

One after the other, they separated themselves from me.

I lost my friends because I was in love with my prince.

His friends made advances at me.

Behind him, they try to date me.

They told me horrible lies about him.

I wondered why are friends like this.

I couldn't take it any longer.

I opened up and he fought them all.


I kept him away from family because I knew what it will result to.

I'm from the rich home and never tasted what it feels like to be poor.

I have whatever I wanted.

Went to the best schools.

Ride the best cars.

Lived a beautiful life.

Was introduced to family friends sons but I felt nothing for them.

I hate being a spoilt Rich kid but I can't help it.

I discovered that I had phobia for rich guys until my prince found me.

I loved his courage.

Twas a beautiful beginning for me.

The day came when he said he will like to meet my parents.

Oh no! Not now. (Ok, that was said in my mind).

Telling him NO will be disappointing.

So I told my parents and they were so expectant.

Dinner was fixed.

He came. The moment he stepped in, moods changed.

He doesn't look rich (Yeah! Read their minds).

He was all smiley. Doesn't know what awaits him. Awwn.. Such a poor soul.

Ok. At the dinner table, food was served.

Then close to the end of dinner, dad's questions began to pop out that I nearly chok on my food.

He became confused and embarrassed.

I was speechless.

I knew it would come to this.

He gave me a sign and I excused us.

He didn't utter a word as I was seeing him off.

Back to the house, everyone were seated in the sitting room waiting for me to arrive.

"I am so disappointed in you. If u know what's good for you, quit that relationship or you will seize to be my daughter". Says my dad.

Shocked at this words, I left for my room.

I cried and cried until I slept off.

The journey ends

Days into the week.

Weeks into the month.

Our love took a new turn.

He started avoiding me.

He doesn't pick my calls anymore.

He gave flimsy excuses.

I knew that our love journey has hit the rock.

One morning, I went to his house as usual but this time, the door luck has been changed.

I was confused.

I called his number several times and it never went through.

I was afraid. What has happened to my love? What's going on?

So I called his friend's number who complained of not seen him for quite a while then.

My heart bled..

That was when it occurred to me that I have lost him.

I thought I could fight for our love.

Does it mean he never loved me. If he truly did, he would have stayed.

He was such a coward.

Three months gone, he called and broke the news of his engagement to another lady to me.

Oh wow! That was so heartbreaking.

To even think that he was bribed to end our relationship? I nearly slumped..

The voices of my friends started ringing in my head.

It made me believe what they said "Money makes the world go round not Love".

Is there really Love in the absence of Money?

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