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He Alleges That He Is Better #4

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The young man that the damsel is romantically involved with though was not as rich as

The medical doctor, but he is averagely living and whatever he has he satisfies her with, he

Will never allow her to lack any good thing. The damsel has been cautioning him telling him

That she knows his financial capability and would not want him to take loan to take care

Of her, for he should continue to build his career. But the young man replied that, though he

Has not taken loan to take care of her, but if need be for him to take loan to take care of her,

He will gladly do that, for she worth more than costly pearl to him. I have told you that, I

Am yours’ and yours’ alone, nothing can take your love away from my heart, the first time I

Set my eyes on you, I have known that you are mine, I have known that I wanted to be yours

Forever, I wanted to be by your side forever, this I have worked for since the inception of

Our friendship and I am elated that what I have dreamt of come to pass, assuming it did not

Come to pass I would have fallen sick for your love she has said. he laughed, the same with

Me, for the first time that I come across you, it has been in my heart that we ever be

Together, that you will always be the one who will be by my side when I sleep, and when I

Wake up I want you to be the one I shall see first, and I am also elated that you have not

Beyoncé - Broken-Hearted Girl (Video)

Repressed your feelings of love for me. For this, I am equally ready to even do more for

you till the time we shall be married. This is how their conversation continues. The young

Medical doctor has heard about the person she is involved with and has arranged to know the

Person. One day he has been informed that the young man would visit the lady after the

Working hours for that he usually do and from there they will stroll to his house before she

Leaves for her apartment. He flew into the island to see the person whom she has valued

More than him. On getting to the island, he has been following their movements and

Interactions through the cable camera television. On seeing the young man, their relationship

And how they have been playing with each other, he says to his friend that, the young man is

Better for her than me, because all that he is doing with her, he cannot do that, his job

Would not allow him to do that for her. He sees happiness in her eyes, such as not common

Neither seen when he comes around her. He alleges that her happiness is his concern and he

Is elated that she finds someone who makes her happy. He returns to his work and island and forgets about her.

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