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He Is Indeed My Angel #9

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It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


In the meanwhile whenever we talk on phone, I always have this feeling within me that this is my husband, but I don’t know how, for I still have it in mind that her spouse and children are outside our island and they are the ones sending hard currencies to him, floating

And supporting his business. Therefore, when he proposed to me before I eventually answer him, I ask of his wife and children and he told me that, he was never married. How come? I asked for he is old and have such fleet of businesses. He told me that if he says he

Has not been romantically involved with a lady before it means he is lying to me and he will not do that. He was once involved with three ladies, the first one he has to leave himself, because he likes parties and attending clubs, but he does not like such life style, thence he

Asks her to leave. The second person he is involved with, that one his parents does not want her to marry him and after some months she asks that I leave her because he does not want to incur the wrath of her parents. Her parents were rich living above the average and

They do not want their daughter to be married to someone who is yet struggling. The third person he is involved with, they had to severe their relationship because of their genotype. She has sickling gene in her called “AS” which I also have in my gene. We love

Each other well but after we have carried out the laboratory tests and discovered that both of us are carriers of sickling gene “AS”, we considered it better to separate, because according to the elementary genetical studies, carriers of such genes have twenty five percent

Chance of giving birth to sickle cell children, another twenty-five percent chances of giving birth to normal children while the remaining fifty percent chance shows that they will give birth to children who are carriers of the sickly genome in them. However, this is

Statistical analysis and should not be considered sacrosanct as if to mean that is the order as nothing could change it because it has been shown that in some instances, those with such genome could give birth to children who are purely sickle cell and they would not give

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Birth to any child who is normal or carrier. Having deeply considered this we parted he stated. Since then, I have been thinking and looking forward to another beautiful damsel to be romantically involved with. All those I found after them I do not love, though they are

Beautiful, but I do not love them, thence, I have to leave them. My love for you dated back to the first day that we met, that day that you come to ask if I get some goods and have asked me to get those for you. You have stamped your feet on the soil of love in my heart, but

I was thinking of how to go about this. I do not know how until we get closer, and the more we get closer, the more I know that you are the one I really wanted he said. after saying all those, I told him that we may have a big problem in our hands too, because my parents

Would not want me to be married to him because having knowns some things about him I know they will not consent to our going out, I couldn’t tell him at the initial about the young man who has been disturbing me and whom my parents have consented to his proposal

Though I rejected him. His reply to me was that the first day that we met, I spoke like someone who believed in God, he then asks, do I still believe in God? Then I replied him that he also knows the answer to that. If the answer you said I know is what I know, then, you

Should let us continue with this relationship, trusting that God himself will fight for us, and would speak to your parents convincing them of our relationship, he has stated.