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How She Fought Back #6

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Assuming you are no longer in this office won’t she allow someone else to attend to her? She definitely will. It is her love for you that makes her wait for you always because she always want to be chatting and discussing with you, one of them has said. As for me I have

No feelings for him, that should satisfy you, and if anyone loves her, go ahead, and propose to her, I am happily engaged and do not want anything whatsoever to come between me and my God given angel he replied them. The lady keeps showing him signs, sending

Love signals to him, buying him things; cards of love, wristwatch, and other beautiful things, to show him that she admires him. Then, it was only limited companies that have telephone lines in their offices, among those companies in the island that have telephone line,

The company of her daddy that she heads is one of them, and she would call the young man during the office hour to greet him, would ask him if he will want her to come around when he finishes the day’s work so that she will take him to his house, but he will use style to

Dodge all that she asks of him. As she continues with this he also has known that she is interested in him as all her good deeds she cannot be doing them for naught. However, despite all of these, he decides to be playing naïve to them all. Since the young maiden has

Known that the young man is avoiding him, she one day asks him even silently where he is that “why have you been avoiding me?” The young man replies that he has not been avoiding him but she replies that he has been avoiding him and he wants to know why. He

Says he will see her after the day’s work. The maiden leaves the banking promises and before the closing hour, she has arrived the bank for she knows that the young man may not fulfill his promises of visiting her in her office. They close together and they left the bank

Compound in her vehicle she drives him to a place where she parked and they started talking, I have not been avoiding you madam, she stopped him, do not call me madam, call me by my name and in case you do not know my name, she told him her name. okay, the


Young man replied as he continued with his defense, it is not that I am avoiding you as I have stated, what happened is I am engaged to a lady in my fellowship and I do not want to break the heart of the lady. I know a man like you cannot but be engaged but is the lady more

Beautiful than I am? I want to show you love, I want to polish your life, I want to make you someone in life, she replied looking at him straight in the eye. It is not that the lady is beautiful than you, in fact you are beautiful than her, what happened was before we start the

Dating, she has told me that, I should double check in my heart that I really love her and want to marry her, because I am very young than you are, and I found myself in this position because my parents are not rich to send me to school again and they have asked me to learn

Sewing, I have no experience of love before, you will be the first one who will propose to me, and I know as an educated person soon you will find beautiful ladies who will be interested in you, maybe at the place you are working or elsewhere, I would not want to have

Relied on you, showing people that you are my husband to be only for you to come and disappoint me, therefore, sir, I want you to go back and think on what you have said to me today, if deep within you, you really meant it and would not see someone else who is

Beautiful tomorrow and would jilt me for that would pain me greatly and would never forgive you if you ever do that to me in the future.


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