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How She Fought Back #7

It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


That is what she has told me during my proposal to her and when I said I have thought about it, she told me that she will not accept that as an answer immediately that I should still go back to my apartment and think about what she has said, given me two weeks to walk

Through the length and breadth of the island to see different ladies and if after seeing all those ladies I concluded within me that she is yet the person that I want to stick to, then she will start seeing me. Truly I walked through the length and breadth of the neighborhood,

Trying to see if my heart could be glued to other ladies I am seeing around, but my mind does not leave her though I see beautiful damsels around, ladies more beautiful but my mind keeps telling me that she is the one for me and beauty is not everything. It was after the lapse

Of the two weeks that I returned to tell her that she is the one my heart chooses that we started dating each other and promised her that I will not for anything in the world leave her. It is because of this that I do not want to be involved with you, he said. the promises made

Unto ladies could not be stayed by since you have not been married to each other at a time or another one is bound to review his or her promises to anyone when one finds someone that is better she has said. I also have at a time made such promise to a guy when we

Were in the school but I have to review my utterance to him when I discovered that he does not fall into my class and everyone goes his way gently without any uproar and with no consequences she said. So you can review your policy for me, I really want to transform your

Life, my father longs to know you because I have been telling him about you and he says if you are really in love with me you should follow me home and after he has seen you, then he will do what he wants to do for you, give you money and opening business for you, for

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You won’t be counting people’s money again but people will be counting your money at offices and other places, and apart from that he is ready to sponsor our tourism trip to the end of the world anywhere we wanted to go to. Don’t you lie good thing? Don’t you want to be

Rich? She asked him. He replies that he likes good thing and want to be rich too, because money takes major part in all we are doing in the world he replies her. However, do this for me he says, give me sometimes to think about this. Okay she replied, think well about this,

And come with a positive result for me, “okay?” She says rather than ask trying to kiss him as he takes his lips off her, telling her that she should let that wait until everything is settled and he will surely surprise her. Okay, I agree she says, asking him where he is headed

For so that she drives him to the area. He told her the area and she drives him to the area, when it was few meters to get to where he is going he asks that she drop him there. I will be expecting your positive response she says while she alighted from her car, as he walks to a

Corner heading for his house through another route not motorable. While going he started thinking about all she has said, I cannot for anything in the world leave that lady, even if she is uglier than the ugliest person in the world and poorer than the poorest person on earth, yet I

Will not leave her, because apart from saying all that she said, when I was laid off my work she is the only one I used to see running around for me, feeding me then no lady sees me, no one wants to be associated with a failure and someone whom death hangs over his

Head, she stood by me not minding what would happen and now that things are changing I should wriggle my way out of her life, telling her stories, I will not do that, if we do not have money so be it.


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