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Mars is just an ordinary lady who works as an accountant in the morning and writes her heart out at night.


Messy hair, messy day

Fulfilling happiness is not an easy way.

Grazing through the center stone

Filled with chilling effect through the bones.

Drifting away here and today

Slowly lighting the passage underway

Underneath the pillows of thorns

Beyond the red black soothed horn.

Let the season fall to its end

Savor the lonely thrills of the wind

Let the voices echoes to its depth

And let out the agony with a deep breath,

Oh, make way for yourself to slay

No matter how drifted, no matter how gray

No matter how fallen, no matter how barren

Walk past through the road that has been untrodden.

Oh, Self! Make way for the best of all ages

You've took the fall and paid all life's baffling wages

Get up, fix up and slay once more

You will have the victory under your core.

© 2022 Marian Lazadas

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