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Relinquishing Temptations Bore This Glorious Anniversary

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Marriage is for us all,
Only few cherish the Love in it to the fullest,
You’ve all seen good and bad times,
But you still chose to STAY.

The long you keep holding on,
The more unfathomable Blessings await both of you.
There’s a miracle in a bond between couples,
And it is nothing short of SACRIFICES.

It matters not how you bear pain for each,
But only one thing is for sure,
And that is the SMILE you cause to your better-other while in PAIN,
For Pain is intolerable and calls for temptations to let-go of the ‘long built story of the two’,
Seeing you celebrating Anniversary, is a chance to Cheer up for TENACITY bound in the two of you.

You have waited enough for her,
Though it is known you can figure out alternatives,
Nonetheless, you kept on believing in Her.
And that is amongst many other factors she still chooses YOU.
You are her world and one of a kind.

Keep watering the garden the two of you are caretaking,
That and not other way, The Flowers will forever blossom!
And let your SMILES be a link in the chain of your LOVE.

— DeoBM

© 2022 Deogratias Modest Baraka

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