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My Courtship Experience #3

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He looked at me, the kind of look I cannot really describe, I was thinking maybe he is annoyed with such utterance and thinking of me as a promiscuous lady. But that was not what happened, for after the look he smiled, saying he has been considering me, but he was not

Sure of what would be my utterance because many of the young ladies now want to be involved with a guy of their age. Age is numbers, to me it does not really matter, I replied him. And he says, it you won’t mind my age then, we are good to go, I have been looking at

You for a while, deeply knowing within me that I really want someone like you, but again, I am afraid of what would be your disposition to my proposal, having been nailed several times by ladies, I do not wish to be nailed again, that’s why I have been silent. He

Said as I laughed. Ladies could be funny, I said, and it is not their fault sometimes, for some men too are terrible and that is why some ladies behave as they used to behave. Let us leave other ladies and other guys aside, it is you and me now in this love boat together, when

We are sincere with each other, this love boat shall take us to a safe harbor he said, pulling my cheek. As we start this relationship, this man takes me as his junior sister and he is pampering me, he does not want me to lack anything, except the thing that is not in his

Disposal, even those things not in his disposal, he will go out for me to get me those things. I was among those who were lay off at my place of work, during my period of joblessness, he is always there for me, and it was as if I am still working. My friends look at

Me and said that “I am extremely lucky to have the man as my spouse, for he really knows how to take care of ladies unlike some who do not, and he is really doing that for you”. During the period of our dating, it was enjoyment galore. He will take me out to cinema

Houses, to watch movie, take me to the beach to play with me, we shall run on the sand beside the sea shore, falling and rolling on each other, playing as if we are agemates, as if we are babies and children. He always wants to be alone with me. He will carry me on his back


As women carry babies on their backs in our land, and he will also ask that I carry him on his back, an attempt to carry him on my back I will cry that my back is about to be broken and he will teasingly say it cannot be broken, “old man like you cannot be carried”, I will tell

Him and he will say, “point of correction I am a small baby, don’t you ever forget that”. Yes sir! I will reply, laughing. Hardly could hour pass without talking to me, many thanks to the social media, through the social media we talk ceaselessly. Then I remember the words of

My parents that I should be careful in the kind of person I shall choose, for the person I chooses would make or mar my ambition and pursuits in life. The pastor’s word too was true that anyone who is not involved with the right person would cry always but someone who is

With the right person would always laugh and smile and would not even want to leave the world. When I could not easily get a job he sponsors my education for master’s degree, and my Doctoral Degree. Assuming it is other people, he may not want me to further my

Academics, and even if he wants me to further he may not be responsible to foot the bills of the education. He also continues to tell me that when the situation of things changed with him, I will enjoy him more. Whenever he says this I will smile, saying to myself, he is doing

His best even like this now. After some months we get married and the pampering continues to wit I started saying he is spoiling me and has made me a lazy lady. He says, people from our area have been accustomed to suffering, therefore, when we see some things

That technology has brought to make life easier for us, we shall call that “spoiling” or an avenue to make one lazy, whereas it is not like that, what that is for is to create better avenue to use our time wisely as we also continue with other activities at home. None of my

Colleagues enjoyed half of what I enjoyed during my courtship period, and I thank God and my stars for leading me aright, now that …


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