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Sunshine Oh Beautiful Sunshine

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Oh Boy Do I Love You

Early in the morning long before I am awake

You are doing your thing

I give you a quick hello

Your up so high above

Only 92.96 million miles away from the earth

I feel your instant touch

Warming me up wherever I go

At times I can't see

I quickly get my sunglasses and hide

I never really took the time to tell you

You please me so

With all your might

You know how to give your natural light

During the winter you find a way

Up on the the roof tops you melt the snow

On the ground you melt the ice

Your reflection is everywhere

Through a window you shine

Behind a curtain still too much

In the littlest corners to across the floor

As you continue to do your best

Not just today but most days

Even you need time to rest

I can only see how you affect me

Even though I know

You are here for everyone everywhere

Across the globe

I will call you by name

Good bye Miss Sunshine

This is the hardest job I could imagine

I don't think a man would do

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