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Intense But Beautiful

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Here Comes The White Fluffy Stuff

I even think Santa Claus would say whoa, whoa, whoa

With winds at seventy miles an hour

Bundled up from head to toe

Everything covered except the tip of my nose

I walked and shoveled a path

Then around the house and the driveway

It feels good

Refreshing with a bold twist

Sounding more like a mixed drink than todays weather

As my feet suddenly move forward without my control

The wind pushing me along

I pile the snow on one side of our driveway

Thinking that the wind will do a good job

At lifting the snow up and across the yard

Taking it out of my way

The visibility is poor

Carefully I get the mail

I see dim headlights in a distance

Moving up fast

I can barely see them

So I don't think they can see me

My back into the snow

Where I am safe out of harms way

After playing in the snow for two hours

It is time for me to go in

There is plenty more snow to come

Children are happy and the adults can be angry

Ho, ho, hum, hum

© 2022 DREAM ON

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