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Sleep Oh Wonderful Sleep Take Me Away

You Help Give My Body The Strength To Carry On

I ask you here in plain sight

To help me in any way possible

There are many factors that also play a role

Food is necessary to pump my body with nutrition

Love is vital to all we do and all we think

God is love which is the same but also is so different

God is all we know and all we don't know

Through each day we discover

It is up to us to find our way

We can do absolutely nothing or we can follow the littlest spark

To a bright blue burning flame

Where we can live without shame

Take our own life and make it special

Not great what most people think

We are great

We are all so beautiful to start

All we have to do is appreciate our inner beauty

Most people look on the outside

Then think that is all there is

That is like having one crumb from the most delicious homemade apple pie

Then saying that this is all there is

You may follow me along and say I don't make sense

You may disagree on every point

I agree to disagree

Through the turmoil and frustration

I find the inner truth

The greatest love

It is easy to love someone when they love you back unconditionally

It is a whole another thing when we have to work at it

Fight for it (in a non violent manner}

Take a stand

Find the time to explain

Not for them

But for us

To see and feel the discomfort and turn it into pleasure

The most wonderful feeling on earth

In hopes that through our own misunderstandings and shortcomings

We may find hope

Through that hope

Find joy

Carry on

Not to change the world

But to change ourselves

To live the happiest of any life

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