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Look at Your Reflection in the Mirror

Meriyen Marquez, MSW. I love expressing myself through writing. It is an outlet that allows me to explore & share my perspective on things.

Look at your Reflection in the Mirror

At some point in our lives, we must look in the mirror, accept responsibility for every decision we have made, and learn from the outcomes and lessons each decision has taught us.

You the reflection in the mirror; stop blaming others for your sorrow. You know who you are and the pain you had overcome. Breathing is living and is okay not to be okay, but don't stay paralyzed because of your pain.

You ignore your emotions every chance you got. Not once did you stop to ask yourself how you were doing? Nor listen to your intuition. You always rush through your decisions without pausing to review the pros and cons. Hence, these are the consequences of your doing.

You are the cause and effect of your self-destruction. You try running away from your pain and pushing yourself to the edge, into you were left all alone. You no longer have your intuitive self by your side to guide you on the right path. You took advantage of who you are in so many ways. You had been reckless with anything that implies nurturing and loving you for who you are.

You have forgotten to show appreciation to your body for all it does for you. You push aside self-care, self-love, self-admiration in exchange to help those around you without regard to the individual you are. You forgot to reconnect with your inner self and let your inner voice criticize everything you want to do, creating an environment of doubts.

You haven't been able to think straight and make sense out of things. You stop listening to your intuition and let others' perspectives put you in a box and label you. You seem to have forgotten that we depended on one another to pick each other up and motivate one another.

You no longer recognize that reflection in the mirror because you are focusing on everything else. You stop loving all of you while caring for others! But What about your wants, dreams, and needs?

It would help if you stopped now— Look deeply into yourself and find who you are. Stop feeling worthless, and begin to search for your life purpose. It will help if you let go of your fear and reconnect to your roots, belief, spirituality, and creative self. Don't let the things you had experienced in the past; define who you are today.

You were given a wake-up call. We are not the things that happened to us or the things we do for a living. I am here now, and I will not ever turn my back on us. You and I are one; we are soul mates for life. We belong together in good and challenging times. We no longer need space between us; remember, we grow weak when we are apart.

You got that strong will that I need to stand and keep faith within myself. You need to know that I will always love you, respect, and admire you. You are number one in my life. We will heal and rise stronger; together, we will achieve success, and we will prevail. We are one soul, one love, is all about you and me.

Moving forward, stop to see if you are overanalyzing your actions or if you are experiencing some negative self-talk. Examine your environment to understand what is influencing your decision-making to avoid self-scrutiny. Focus on your intention, what you need, and your personal boundaries. Remember the importance of knowing your purpose; knowing will keep you driven to track your goals.

So, Look closely at the reflection on the mirror because it is me, you, and whatever you're choosing to pursue should feel extraordinary to you and not a way to please or impress others.

Look at your Reflection in the Mirror


© 2012 Meriyen Marquez

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