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I Dare You to Love Yourself

Meriyen Marquez, MSW. I love expressing myself through writing. It is an outlet that allows me to explore & share my perspective on things.

I Dare You to Love Yourself

Sometimes you need to stop and see if it’s worth putting your energy, time, and effort over something you have no control over.

Why give it all your time and devotion if, in the end, you are not getting the result you were expecting in the given situation.

When we allow ourselves to stay in an unhappy situation, we are simply hurting ourselves. An intimate or friendship relationship can be hurtful, especially when one is taken for granted.

We can't guarantee what that outcome will be when everything depends on someone else behavior towards you.

When the pain is unbearable is time to look at your reflection in the mirror and speak directly to your brain to pause your emotions and search for clarity of what is hurting and how you end up in the position in the first place.

it’s time to see clearly,

It’s time to put yourself first,

It’s time to regain emotional balance.

Accept that there is nothing to fix because once something breaks, it could never be the same. Focus on following your dreams, and never look back. Reconnect with your intuitive self. Explore your surroundings and find something that interests you and keeps you occupied.

I dare you to love yourself

I dare you to be oneself,

I dare you, my dear, to stop being that victim of your own choices.

Forget the entire castle made out of the sand; they quickly destroy. Be on that path to your happiness.

I dare you to love who you are,

I dare you to be free,

Keep your mind occupied with positive outcomes.

Give me your best, and always aim to be the best version of who you were yesterday. It’s time to take care of yourself, and give it, you are all.

I dare you to love your flaws and know that you are the key to your success. You have been here before; tears are a cleansing of the soul.

Allow yourself to be free and forget that past; I dare you to love your good and bad moments; because you build resiliency and experiences that will make you wiser.

You are your reflection in that mirror,

I dare you to love yourself.

I Dare to Love Yourself!


© 2013 Meriyen Marquez

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