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Fall in Love With Being Strong


Before, I was weak, like the leaves that were about to fall;
Always depends on when encountered struggle.
Cannot stand alone on my own.

When hardship strikes, the word to give up is so right.
When I cannot achieve my goal, giving up is like an answer. So weak that it cannot fight on its own.

Family cannot support me;
In fact, they were the first to tease me.
That's why I became so weak.

Teased here, teased there, teasing is everywhere.
I lost my self-confidence;
Don't have the courage to be braved again.

However, I told myself to be strong.
I start picking every piece of me up on the ground;
Then, I started putting it back, the way it was before.

I walked like no one sees me.
To boost confidence in me;
Just to pretend that I'm okay.

Bullying is not the reason to give up.
Discrimination or degradation is not either;
Not underestimating.

Do not be weak!
Do not let their feet step on you;
Because they will use it to take advantage of you.

Show them that you're strong.
Ask God for guidance, and;
Let them know that you're not affected.

Smile at them, when you see them.
Do not show any anger,
Because being strong is the greatest weapon to conquer life's struggles.

Be strong!
Not for others, but for yourself.
No one knows you better, than YOU.

© 2022 Shallow Writer

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