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What Should I Read

Read What Your Heroes Read

There are tons of different books to read out there, and more come out every year than any single human being has the capacity to digest in his lifetime.

How often do you find yourself in front of a full wall of book covers, wondering which if any of these would most worth your time?

You grab some of these off the shelves, enjoying how the new or well-preserved book feels in your hands and even the way it smells. Is this the right one?

We resort to different mental schemes and tools that allow us to better choose what we might find useful or interesting.

We may refer to online resources such as Goodreads. Or we may regularly look into best-of lists.

But there is a better way: read what your heroes have read in the past.

The Reader's Journey

Woman sitting on a sofa reading a magazine

Woman sitting on a sofa reading a magazine

Should I Read Everything

No, you do not and should not simply gobble up anything that your heroes have read. Not only would you not be able to handle the sheer amount of input that would come your way without living a life, but it would also be counterproductive.

Like any other human being, the person you admire also spends a reasonable amount of their time trying to find the right thing, or simply being entertained.

Reading every single thing someone else read would only send you on tangents, many of which neither you nor the original reader actually liked. They were just things they momentarily liked, or tried, or were told by yet another person they should read themselves.

Simply reading the same comics that Elon Musk used to enjoy as a kid is not likely to bring you closer to being the entrepreneurial genius you dream of becoming.

By reading what your heroes read in the past, you become more like them.

And you can select the specific characteristics you would like to learn from them by tapping into the specific sources of their behaviors.

Ray Bradbury provides a flexible selection of reading and practicing habits for the aspiring writer. Among these are the nightly reading of turn-of-the-century short stories, classic Modern English poetry, and essays on a wide variety of topics.

In Margaret Atwood's MasterClass videos, she tells the audience exactly which kinds of books, and for what reasons, you should be reading in order to become more like her.

Mark Zuckerberg's reading list was at least once shared over the Internet. This was clearly not just any laid-back entertainment list to enjoy while drinking a cup of coffee. Rather, it showed the wide breadth and intent of someone poised to conquer the world.

What If I Don't Have a Hero

Then find one! There are literally billions of people out there in the world you can choose from.

And there is just a limited number of ways in which any human being can live their lives in a manner that we would consider worthy. So there is bound to be at least one person who can serve as your searchlight.

Imagine what you want the most in your life as if it were true now.

See yourself walking into the house of your dreams as the light of the most beautiful sunset streams in through the large windows. Don't just picture this as if you were watching a movie, but put yourself in the situation. It changes everything about it.

Smell the dewy grass in the magical landscape only the bravest adventurers dare venture into. Those who came before you tread a very definite path, upon which specific signposts are fixed.

Feel the touch of your dream partner as the perfect form and texture of their bodies quiver under the touch of your fingers. They are waiting for you, out there somewhere.

The directions to such realities exist buried within the learning history of those who came before you. Uncover those lessons by linking their actions to what you know about their reading preferences, you will start to form a map.

Look for people who have attained what you want. You will find them. I can assure you.

Among those you find, select the ones you feel more empathy with.

Experience Your Dreams

Your Sixth Sense

As you absorb more and more of the books that you have chosen, you will come to find what attracts or intrigues you, as well as what repels you, at a deeper level.

Perhaps, you will find that those erotic romance novels contained only a speck of what the actual sexual experience can be. Or, on the contrary, you may overcome your fear of the sexual taboo through a casual enjoyment of such literature.

The further you go down that road towards discovery and growth, the more you will find disillusionment. And this disillusionment is the key signal you want to look for when deciding whether the book in front of you is meant for you.

Intuition, a sixth sense, will come to the fore in your vision. You will hear the voice of your inner self whispering in your ear whether or not this is the book for you. You will feel your chest constricted. And this will let you know when you are simply being carried away by an obsession, straying from your true path.

It is through being able to see (and sometimes hear or feel) what we want to avoid that we become aware that we can choose what we want.

Persist, and you will find yourself.

Listen to your sixth sense.

Be Comfortable In Your Own Skin

Self enjoyment and knowledge

Self enjoyment and knowledge

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