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Hearts Master... a Vampire Poem



You are supposed to be scared

To run away from me in fear

Not try and nibble on my ear


Why is it I who feels ensnared?

This isn’t the way it’s supposed to be

Damn girl why aren’t you afraid of me?


Look deep into my eyes

Can you not see the danger around you?

Listen to my warning rare but true


It is certainly not wise

To press against my cold skin

Invoking thoughts of forgotten sin

I am more beast than man

Resisting the urge to kill

To taste your blood and watch it spill

Run sweet one while you can

This odd restraint will only last so long

My willpower has never been this strong

Your breath full of life

Risking your soul for a kiss

A taste of forbidden bliss

You are walking strife

A danger I’ve not known

Refusing to leave me alone!


Night after night

You follow me around

Worse than any hunter and his hound


Yet I am not sick of the sight

Of the way your skin glows

Or how your hair flows


In fact I am quite taken

By the swell of your hips

And the taste of your lips


But I am no good man fallen

Evil from the moment I was born

To darkness only my soul is sworn


 You will not live to see another day

The trust in your eyes such a waste

As your blood I finally taste

Yet words of love still you say

Warming my frozen heart

Tearing my evil plans apart

So drink now and please hush

As darkness takes your light

My blood turning you into a creature of the night

as into the darkness we rush

Seduced by your light gone forever

Not ready for what you have become, my hearts master

© 2010 K.A.E Grove

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