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Little One...A Vampire's Poem


Yes come to me, little one

Dance a little closer

Your smile and body brazen

Totally unaware of the danger

Your eyes so easily entranced

I don’t even have to try

You were mine at first glance

There will be no time for goodbyes

Yes follow me, little one

Deep into the night

Too naïve too frighten

You should have stayed in the light

Your heart full of foolish dreams

Your head full of lies

Yet all I anticipate are your screams

And fear in your eyes

Yes leave now, little one

I'm no vampire with a heart

It’s best you move faster. Run!

I am coming to tear you apart

Your screams a beautiful symphony

As into the night I roar

Your heart pounding as you flee

But I want so much more

Yes hide quickly, little one

As I hunt in the dark

Hours before the coming sun

To find you, my bleeding mark

So foolish to believe

That the darkness could be claimed

Such a concept I won’t conceive

Vampires can’t be tamed

Yes scream for me, little one

There is nowhere else for you to go

This is a game only I could have won

But I promise to kill you slow

© 2010 K.A.E Grove

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