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10 Ways to Ensure Your Hubpages Article Gets Featured

Updated on May 2, 2017

How many of your Hubs on this website are 'featured'? If you have some that aren't featured, do you know why?

Until recently, around 40% of my Hubs weren't featured. After doing some serious clean-up work, over 90% of my Hubs are now featured (the ones that aren't are reviews and interviews with low traffic, not low quality).

Do the words "Not Featured - Quality" sound familiar to you? How can you clean up your articles and make them featured?


What do you struggle with when writing for HubPages?

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Write a Great Article

The foundation of a great Hub is great writing. Your article needs to be engaging, informative and well-written, something that HubPages prides itself on.

1. Deliver what you promised
If the title of your Hub is "Six French Phrases That Will Help You Get By in Paris" and you proceed to teach only four, it's going to turn readers off. They will feel disappointed and betrayed. Make sure that the title reflects the content.

2. Keep a consistent, interesting narrative
Cut out waffling, irrelevent information and long, draining sentences. Keep your writing professional, but make it snappy, easy to read and sticking to the information your readers are looking for.

3. Present your information in an easily readable way.
HubPages provides some excellent ways to present an article that isn't one long, disengaging wall of text. We live in a microwave society, where people want access to information as quickly and easily as possible. Make use of core and supplementary capsules to create a beautiful Hub. More on this later.


4. Use appropriate capitalisation, correct grammar and flawless spelling
It doesn't matter how good your article is - if it's riddled with spelling mistakes and the grammar is a mess, no one will read it. Readers cannot trust someone who doesn't take the time to make sure the quality of their work is immaculate.

Some tips on this:

  • Your title should have a capital letter at the beginning of each word except for 'filler' words (such as 'of', 'the', 'a', 'if', etc.)
  • Make use of HubPages' spellcheck feature (above the text box in the text capsule).
  • Get a native English speaking friend to give your article a once-over before it's published. They will point out any grammatical errors.


5. Give your Hub an amazing title
Concise, clear and attractive titles get the most clicks. Which of these sounds better to you?

  • "Use Japanese characters to translate Katakana and write your name in Japanese"
  • "How to Write Your Name in Japanese"

No doubt you didn't even read the first one properly, but skipped over it. Readers will do the same if your title is too long. Notice, too, that in the first title, appropriate capitalisation isn't enforced.

Follow the Rules

As well as writing a killer article, you need to make sure that you follow the HubPages guidelines to maximise your chances of becoming featured.

6. Meet the word count
If your Hub is less than 700 words, the chances of it becoming featured are extremely low, if not zero. Make sure you hit the word count by writing at least 700 words. You can keep an eye on this on the right side of the page as you're editing your Hub.

7. Include at least two high quality, relevant pictures
Blocks of text are easily separated with stunning photographs and relevant images. Use these to supplement and add to your Hub. For example, if you're writing about animals, include professional shots of the creatures you mention in your writing. A little more on images:

  • If the photos don't belong to you, provide the source and a link.
  • However, don't have too many links to the same source. Your Hub might be flagged as Overly Promotional.
  • Make sure they are high-quality images. No one wants to see low-resolution or amateur pictures. Your readers deserve better than that.

8. Add a poll, a video, or a quiz
Use the Supplementary Capsules box to add exciting features to your Hub. Polls encourages readers to share their opinion, videos add to what you have written, and if you're writing about travel destinations, maps are a great way to introduce the location to your readers. Take advantage of these great HubPages features.

9. Use several 'text' capsules.
Don't shove your entire article into one text capsule. Break them up into categories and paragraphs, preferably adding one photo or one poll to each. This makes your little blocks of text easier to read.

10. Do your research!
If you're still not sure, there are plenty of articles here on HubPages that can guide you to a successful Hub. See the Quality Assessment Process and How to Create Content that Lasts.


Finally, Your Hub Checklist...

Have you:

  • Got an engaging, interesting title?
  • Hit the word count?
  • Made sure your article is free of spelling mistakes and grammatical errors?
  • Added at least one supplementary capsule, such as a poll or a video?
  • Got several text capsules to break up your text?
  • Added at least two relevent, interesting pictures?

If you have answered 'yes' to all of these, you're good to go! Publish, wait a few hours, and see if it is featured. If it is, hooray! If it isn't, ask yourself why. Did this article help you? Post your shiny new FEATURED article in the comments section below!


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    • Sugar Faith profile image

      SugarFaith 2 months ago from Davao City, Philippines

      Hi my friend thank you so much..

    • poppyr profile image

      Poppy Reid 2 months ago from Tokyo, Japan

      You aren't allowed to promote your website on HubPages. Only link to websites that are helpful and appropriate to the reader. Hope that helps. :)

    • profile image

      Amit 2 months ago

      What about the links? Once I kept a link to my website it have been removed from Featured, why?

    • Asfia Wahab profile image

      Asfia Wahab 4 months ago

      Thank you so much. Please check out my first featured article and let me know how is it. :)

    • poppyr profile image

      Poppy Reid 4 months ago from Tokyo, Japan

      Thank you, too!

    • Janellegems profile image

      Janellegems 4 months ago from United States

      All great suggestions to get your hub featured. Thanks.

    • poppyr profile image

      Poppy Reid 11 months ago from Tokyo, Japan

      Thank you Rosa!

    • I Am Rosa profile image

      Rosa Marchisella 11 months ago from Canada

      Awesome article. Great tips, Poppy :)