How to Become a Blogger at The Huffington Post (Includes an Update for the New Beta Athena Platform)

Risk Equals Reward

I never planned on becoming a contributing blogger at The Huffington Post. My main goal was getting my writing exposed and cultivating my personal website. Never in my wildest dreams did I expect to have three featured blogs on The Huffington Post within a month.

Here I will share what I did to get my foot in the door and what happened subsequently. The goal is to help any of you out there who are looking to get published and hopefully featured on The Huffington Post.

Take a risk, show your stuff
Take a risk, show your stuff | Source

There is a tremendous amount of competition out there between online writers these days. But in the spirit of sharing and learning, I want others to benefit from my experience as well. After all, by reading about how other writers got published I gathered knowledge and inspiration.

I've read the articles and comments about how The Huffington Post doesn't pay their bloggers and those writers should not waste their time there.

I get that.

But I have to say, in the month that I had my blogs featured on The Huffington Post, traffic to my other writing sites skyrocketed which resulted in more money for me. We all want to make a living, and many of us want to make a living doing what we love. You can't argue with the number of readers The Huffington Post receives. It's millions. the month that I had my blogs featured on The Huffington Post, traffic to my other writing sites skyrocketed...

Here's how I got started at The Huffington Post.

There is a formal blog submission form which you can find on the Huffington Post "contact us" section, but I found a more direct way of getting my ideas seen.

I decided to email two samples of my writing to Arianna Huffington herself. This was an absolutely spontaneous decision based on reading about another blogger who had done it.

Arianna's email is I took the risk and emailed her.

I really had nothing to lose and never expected to hear back. As it turns out Arianna Huffington does encourage writers to come forward and pitch their blog ideas directly to her. After all, The Huffington Post thrives on blogs and opinion pieces.

Two days later I got a response from Arianna herself inviting me to join their blogging community. I was stunned and thrilled, to say the least. I didn't realize how much it really meant to me to feel validated by someone as successful as Arianna Huffington until it happened.


You won't be able to make a living off submitting blogs to The Huffington Post, but you can use it as a platform with which to promote your other projects, brands, or websites.

If you're already passionate enough about a subject to write a blog about it, then you're already on your way.

However, realistically speaking, if no one knows about you or your writing, it's very hard to build a fan base or discover new opportunities.

The more exposure your writing has, the more you can gauge what readers think and learn to improve your skills.

What Happened Next...

In the initial email from Arianna Huffington, she included an editor whom she advised would get back to me with sign-up information to gain entry into the Huffington Post bloggers site.

Now the ball was in the editor's court. All my aspirations were in the hands of another stranger. Scary but still awesome just to be there.

The hardest part of this whole process was waiting to hear back from the editor. It took about 6 days total to hear back and within that time I checked my email obsessively and sent a follow-up email just to make sure they hadn't forgotten about me.

When the editor finally got back to me with the link for setting up my username and password I was overjoyed. I filled out the information and then sent it off. After that, I still had to wait a couple of days to get the confirmation that my account was set up.

Note: When you fill out your username in the account set up be sure this is the name you want to appear on the site with your blogs. I used the last name that has since changed due to marriage and I'm still struggling to get it changed on the site. It's often difficult to get a response from the blog team so be sure to double check that the information you're submitting is correct.

Once you become an official contributing blogger you can submit as many blogs as you like within the specified guidelines.

Start Blogging!

The Huffington Post has a multitude of sections, or "verticals". When you get access to what they call the "backstage" you'll be able to construct your blog for submission. There are guidelines and instructions on how they like the blogs and images to be set up.

Once you become an official contributing blogger you can submit as many blogs as you like within the specified guidelines. You will have to choose which vertical (section) you'd like your blog to be posted under. Popular verticals include parenting, politics, and women's issues.

I have found that the blogs I've written that speak to issues other people are going through are more popular. Everyone wants to relate and feel they're not alone. It's the human condition and the power of sharing experiences.

One opinion blog I wrote which was featured in the women's section garnered a lot of attention but the opinion itself was not very popular. That was my first experience with negativity and backlash.

If you're going to expose your stories or opinions you've also got to be prepared for comments that are pretty harsh and even cruel. Not everyone is going to agree with you. But the important thing is getting your writing published can start a conversation about something you're passionate about.

*Remember that if someone took the time to read what you wrote but doesn't agree with you, it's still a victory for your craft.

Start getting your name out there through blogging at The Huffington Post
Start getting your name out there through blogging at The Huffington Post | Source

When adding images to your blog for The Huffington Post, make sure they are all under a creative commons license or else used with permission. I have found that all of the images I added myself never translated when I shared my blogs on social media.I emailed the blog team about this but never heard back.

Unfortunately, many of these trial and error challenges need to be sorted out on your own as the blog team is likely busy or overwhelmed with other blog submissions.

If and when your blog gets featured the blog team will usually add their own image to the piece if you haven't added one or there's an issue with your own image.

The Huffington Post allows you to link any of your other projects or personal website links to your blog posts, so be sure and utilize that on every blog you submit.

Getting Published vs Being Featured

Although you can write and submit as many blog posts as you like once you are a contributing blogger, there is a big difference in exposure between The Huffington Post simply publishing your blog and featuring it.

After you submit your blog, you'll get a confirmation email that it has been received. The standard waiting time is about 24 hours. Once The Huffington Post published your blog, they will send you an email with the link.

Sometimes you don't hear back for awhile, and the longest it took for me was about two weeks. The Huffington Post featured a blog I thought they had forgotten about completely. My blog I wrote about potty training turned out to be one of the most well received blogs I've written thus far.

Generally speaking, unless your blog is featured on the front page of a specific section, not many people will have access to it, even though it has technically been published. You will have to promote it on your own through social media sites or other means. If you get your blog featured, then the exposure is almost guaranteed.

I've found that the key to great exposure on a Huffington Post blog is Facebook. If the specific section your blog is featured in shares it on their Facebook page, it could potentially go "viral".

The Huffington Post allows you to link any of your other projects or personal website links to your blog posts, so be sure and utilize that on every blog you submit. You never know which blog may be featured garnering widespread exposure on the internet.

Another tip is to copy and paste your personal bio at the end of every blog submission as the editors don't automatically include it.

Update for The Beta Athena Platform

Recently the Huffington Post contributing blogger platform has experienced some changes. If you are already a contributing blogger you will have received an invitation to the new "Beta Athena" site.

Things look quite different here and it is very new. One major discovery so far is that you need to use Google Chrome in order to prevent glitches while constructing your blog.

It doesn't look like bloggers can choose which section/vertical to submit to anymore. You simply write your post and publish it to the Huffington Post right then and there. While this seems like writing without a net due to the fact you are immediately putting your stuff out there as you please, nothing much has changed as far as traffic and exposure.

Bottom line: If the editors feel your post is trending or worth featuring - they will. If not - it's not likely your blogs will be seen by anyone but those you personally share it with.

Even though you "publish" your blogs directly to the site, no one can see it unless The Huffington Post editors decide to feature it in a specific section/vertical or promote it on their social media channels.

The biggest changes so far appear to be the lack of a submission period waiting time, the lack of section/vertical option, and it does appear to be more challenging to get work featured on the new platform.

As I discover more I will be updating this post.

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Kimberleyclarke profile image

Kimberleyclarke 6 months ago from England

Congratulations on your Huffington success! That is awesome. So too is your kind way of sharing how you did it. Very inspiring!

Farawaytree profile image

Farawaytree 6 months ago from California Author

Thanks very much Kimberley!

Lipnancy profile image

Lipnancy 6 months ago from Hamburg, New York

Wow, what an accomplishment. I just joined a group where we learned that sometimes contacting editors directly can get your work seen. Nice to know first hand that it works.

Farawaytree profile image

Farawaytree 6 months ago from California Author

Yes, it does pay off sometimes to just take a leap....

Thelma Alberts profile image

Thelma Alberts 6 months ago from Germany

Congratulations! Well done. More success to you.

Farawaytree profile image

Farawaytree 6 months ago from California Author

Thank you very much!

hubber8893 profile image

hubber8893 6 months ago

I had read about huffingpost elsewhere, the blogger had mentioned that huffingpost is a writing platform to make a decent amount of money, but they hardly accept writers as they are seeking very high quality content.

I have found the information provided by you very detailed and delibrate as compared to the individual concerned above. Thanks for it.

Pamela Jane 4 months ago

I had the same experience and am now waiting to hear from the editor who was copied on the email I received from Arianna Huffington. It is hard to wait! Some writers cannot understand why I would blog for free when I have books in print, but I spend so much time looking for places to publish my essays when I'd rather (as one person put it) "just type" (i.e. write). Thanks for this post!

Farawaytree profile image

Farawaytree 4 months ago from California Author

Awesome!!! The waiting for the editor part was the toughest phase. I don't know what their workloads are like and I'm sure they're very busy. May I ask what did you write about?


Pamela Jane 4 months ago

I blogged about 7 (Unlikely) Things that Make me Mad; it's a wacky post. As far as the submitting process, in the children's book field, we regularly "break the rules" and not surprisingly that's how we get published. Thanks again, and congratulations!

Farawaytree profile image

Farawaytree 4 months ago from California Author

Awesome! Thanks. Do you have a blog website?

Tahir 4 months ago

I have been waiting to hear frm Editor last 6 days, Very Frustrating But fingers crossed , Any advice

Farawaytree profile image

Farawaytree 4 months ago from California Author

If the editor was included in the e-mail -send them a polite, short follow-up. I know they're pretty busy...

Pamela Jane 4 months ago

I blog at (memoir) and (children's books). I also write blogs and essays for literarymama, mothersalwayswrite (3 coming out) dirtyandthirty, and Your site is amazing; you provide an invaluable service! I empathize with Tahir's comment; still waiting to hear from HP!

Pamela Jane 4 months ago

I did send a polite follow-up a few days after I heard, but have not received an email back, so still the meantime, I've read that the new HP bloggers do not have their posts actually visible on the site, and they don't show up with a Google or other search engine either -- in other words, you have to post the link to your blog on HP just as you would on your own site. I've also read that new HP bloggers don't press "submit" when they blog, but simply "publish" so it seems that things may have changed a bit.

Farawaytree profile image

Farawaytree 4 months ago from California Author

You compose your blogs as drafts and are able to view them in a preview mode which is cool. Then you hit submit when ready. But unless your post gets "featured" it is very difficult to find for readers. By featured it appears on the front page of whichever section you submitted to. Also, if your post gets shared by the Huffpost on one of their many Facebook sites it really helps to boost your esposure.

I will check out your sites - they sound great!

Pamela Jane 4 months ago

Thank you so much for that! I do think things have changed; I did get my log in info, and I downloaded Google Chrome (because my log in info said that is the only browser they are supporting now) and was able to post – but rather than hit "submit" I simply had to hit "publish". Also, on the bottom of my post it says that I am on the "contributors" platform and that contributors "control their own work and post freely" on the site. I'm not sure if it's harder to get featured as a contributor but it may well be. I was able to share on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. It's all a learning cure! Hope this comment helps others as well.

Samantha En Route 4 months ago

Ooooh now I get why I can't find my articles through Google! Just when I thought this was getting easier... I don't see where I can pick the Vertical, though - are these just the tags? It doesn't seem like I can select a category.

Pamela Jane 4 months ago

Update: I can't find my posts for the Huff Po in Google either. If I google my name and "Huffington Post" I find only a reference to a slide show the Huff Po did of a book of mine in 2013 -- that was their feature, not my blog. I think the contributor's blogs might be hidden -- unless we send a link? Also, I have to post with Google Chrome, but then I have to return to the post in Safari in order to Tweet or FB the link. I hope this is helpful! I'll be interested to read about others' experience as well.

Farawaytree profile image

Farawaytree 4 months ago from California Author

They just added a new Beta version of the contributors platform which I just signed in to. It does look different and the verticals are not there as an option anymore. I take this to mean they are now going to decide which vertical to publish your post to.

As far as the Google searches - have you tried searching your post titles?

Farawaytree profile image

Farawaytree 3 months ago from California Author

Pamela Jane: I see now that their new site for contributors is quite different and looks to have some bugs. I just published a blog on it but did find it difficult to even edit before I published so I will wait and see what happens and update from there.

Pamela Jane 3 months ago

Thank you so much; your update is also very helpful! I don't know if anyone else has run into this problem, but I found that although I have to post initially on Google Chrome, when I want to send the link after posting, I have to quit Chrome and log in from the link in my the first invitation email (from Huff Po) using Safari and get the link that way for Pinterest, FB, Twitter, etc. This sounds incredibly cumbersome, but it's the only way I've been able to do it. I'm still trying to figure out how to get featured but maybe, as you say, that's something that's up to Huff Po editors.

Farawaytree profile image

Farawaytree 3 months ago from California Author

Hey there! Yes same challenges here. If you look at the actual website, you can see that they are still making changed. It's changed just since yesterday, especially in the "Parents" section where I have no doubt a huge majority of the contributors submit to.

As far as getting featured, it looks to me that this may also be more challenging and I'm not sure how the editors filter through the blogs now and decide what goes where.

Before this change I didn't have an issue getting featured so we shall see what happens next! I just published one today.

Good luck and keep in touch :)

Shailaja Vishwanath 3 months ago

Hi Michelle,

Thank you so much for this. It was extremely helpful. I pitched a piece to Arianna Huffington, exactly as you described and was put in touch with an editor who set me up with a contributor platform.

Now my first post is already live on the site but like you said, it's not featured or on the home page. My question is: Can I share it with my friends and followers or wait till it perhaps gets picked to feature and then do it?

Also, I hope I made the cut based on the quality of my writing. Not sure how the Athena platform is rolled out to new contributors. I got my account set up yesterday.

I'd be grateful for any advice. Thank you.


Farawaytree profile image

Farawaytree 3 months ago from California Author

Hi Shailaja!

I'm not sure how the editors are filtering through the posts with the new system and choosing what gets featured. I know they generally look for posts relevant to trending topics or unique opinions. Without being able to submit to a specific vertical as was always done in the past I'm really just waiting to see how all this rolls out.

I suspect that with all the glitches and concerns writers are having, that the new chrome platform may change again soon and is just in the beginning test phase.

You can share your published post wherever or with whomever you like. You should know within a few days at the most if an editor is going to feature your post. There will have been an update and maybe even some slight editing done to your piece, as well as being promoted on social media by the Huffington Post.....

Keep us posted and good luck to all!

Shailaja Vishwanath 3 months ago

Thanks so much, Michelle! So I began sharing the post and in 4 days it's crossed 950 FB likes. This is beyond thrilling.

I did notice though that there are now two links to my post. One is under the original Athena platform and is filed under 'Blog'. That's the one which has 950 likes. As of yesterday when I click on the URL it takes me to a 'Contributor' category. That one has no views from what I can tell. Plus my author name on the contributor page, when clicked, returns a 404 error page.

So I have been very careful to mention everywhere that I am contributing to HuffPo and not 'featured' unless and until it appears on the home page somewhere. In the meanwhile I have shared the link to the piece with a couple of editors in India's Huff Post team, where I reside. Not heard from them yet. Will keep you posted and thank you once again for being so open about the whole process.

Farawaytree profile image

Farawaytree 3 months ago from California Author

Hi! Question:

Do you mean you submitted your post to the contributor blog where you get a "no-reply" e-mail response when you submit as well as posting to the new beta Athena platform where you publish your work yourself immediately? Thanks

Shailaja Vishwanath 3 months ago


No. There is just the one platform where I can submit: Athena. That just means I can publish the work immediately. I don't get a 'no-reply' email response when I publish on Athena. I just publish and share.

Hope that helps.

Pamela Jane 3 months ago

Very interesting to read about how all this is rolling out. Even though I'm on the contributor's (Athena) platform, I decided to try a timely piece on the regular Huff Po blog pitch form to see if it might get featured. You never know what will work for sure!

Farawaytree profile image

Farawaytree 3 months ago from California Author

Yes! I was just curious if you had access to the old platform or not. Hope it's going well!!

Farawaytree profile image

Farawaytree 3 months ago from California Author

Yes! Let us know how that goes!!

solen 3 months ago

Hi Michelle,

thank you very much for the tips. I followed your advice and sent an email to Ms. Huffington directly and she responded within 24 hours that she'd be happy to share my article and now I am also waiting to hear from the editor. I am quite thrilled :)

Farawaytree profile image

Farawaytree 3 months ago from California Author

Fantastic News!! Great job Solen!

Christine Sperrazza 2 months ago

Hi Michelle,

Thanks so much for this information. Does the Huffington Post let you know if your blog is going to be featured?


Farawaytree profile image

Farawaytree 2 months ago from California Author

Nope, they don't tell you so you have to search for your article in the section it's most likely in. The very best way to tell if it's been featured is to see the number of likes or comments it has received. Usually if it's featured more people get exposed to it.

heidithorne profile image

heidithorne 2 months ago from Chicago Area

Great insight into writing for this massive site! I have friends who have been bloggers for Huff Post and was curious how they got there. Definitely sharing!

Nabanita Dhar 2 months ago

Hi, I was also invited to the contributor platform and even published a post. But when I log in now, the links do not work. Any idea why? Has the url changed?

Farawaytree profile image

Farawaytree 2 months ago from California Author

Hi, Nabanita - are you using the Athena platform on Google Chrome?

Sajid ali khan 2 months ago


I am contributor on huffpost new platform which is beta versio, but there is a problem, how to get it index, i published articles, but that page has noindex meta tag, which is not indexable by search engines?

how to get published on main site?

Waiting for your response, i am confused please help.

Farawaytree profile image

Farawaytree 2 months ago from California Author

The new platform doesn't index your blogs - UNLESS your article gets featured by The Huffington Post, which is why many writers are frustrated with the new system.

If they feature your article in one of their various sections it will be searchable - especially if they share it on their social media channels. The new version allows you to publish whatever you desire, but it doesn't guarantee any exposure.

Hope that helps

Nabanita Dhar 2 months ago

Yes, I'm using the Athena platform on Google Chrome. Is that the reason why when I log in, the links do not work?

Farawaytree profile image

Farawaytree 2 months ago from California Author

Yes. Try to copy and paste the link and share that way.

Noreen Fahad profile image

Noreen Fahad 2 months ago from Abu Dhabi


I am using athena platform and my profile already got indexed

but I am still waiting may be any of my post also get indexed. I have seen few people they are using athena platform and there posts got indexed in google I dont know how they did but they were also not featured by any huffpost editor.

Sahu 2 months ago

I applied through their submission form and waited for months to hear back but didn't got any response. I happen to search few forums and blogs to understand how can I get invited but nothing seems working. I ultimately has to buy the account from . How this people are doing? They did in week time. I am confused whether normal people applying for HuffBlog does not get approved?

Justin 2 months ago

As you mentioned, it looks as though the new platform marks all mages with a noindex attribute, which means they will never appear in any search engine.

I have read that posts can get that tag removed if you promote them. Has anyone had success with this? I am curious if there is a specific way to get these indexed. For example, a number of Facebook shares or a certain amount of traffic. If someone has gotten their posts indexed I would love to see the post and then perhaps we could at least have a benchmark of promotional traffic and interest to shoot for when writing articles. If anyone has any input I would love to read it.

Farawaytree profile image

Farawaytree 2 months ago from California Author

From what I can tell, if you get your work FEATURED on the new platform it should be searchable with Google. However, on the new platform where any contributor can publish at any time without much filter, it's increasingly difficult to be featured and the time that The Huffington Post actually features you on the site has significantly lowered.

By this, I mean that you could be featured in a specific section on the front page but then gone within a day or two whereas in the past it seemed to be a much longer timeframe that a featured piece would be showcased for readers to catch.

I suspect this is due to the growing number of contributors. When The Huffington shares your featured posts on social media, it helps immensely as well.

Jacque 7 weeks ago

Hi Michelle, Thank you for this post. I followed your advice and am now a contributor on the Athena platform. I am curious if anyone has ever submitted a current 'unindexed' Huffington Post blog entry to a specific editor after publishing it to the HP blog? If a post is being well received among your social media circles and has 400+ likes on the HP blog is it worth emailing an editor suggesting it might be a good fit for them to feature? Or is it better to just 'wait and see' if they choose to feature it?

Farawaytree profile image

Farawaytree 6 weeks ago from California Author

Personally, I would wait at least 2 days and then, as you said, if your post has been well received elsewhere on social media it couldn't hurt to email an editor. Don't be shocked if the editor doesn't respond to you - but yes - definitely worth a shot!!! Congrats to you and thank you for reading my post!

Jacque 6 weeks ago

Hi Michelle, Thanks for your response. I did email an editor and the next day I noticed my post had been lightly edited to look like a feature article! It was featured in the education section and even on the front page!...but only for a day. Today it was not in either section but is still searchable on google and in the Huff Post. I don't know the reason for the short time it was featured, but I am so grateful it was, if only for a short time :-) Thanks so much for sharing your experience and insight with others. Your post is very helpful, especially for a 'newbie' to the blogging and writing world!

Farawaytree profile image

Farawaytree 6 weeks ago from California Author


Crystal Walker 6 weeks ago

This is awesome! Very informative! I like how you explain the process of blogging on Huffington Post, I do get a lil emotional about my stories and whats going on in the world. I haven't really thought about blogging out side my website but this article gave me some guide lines on how to start blogging here on Huffington.

The only thing I would add is a lil humor, I know its a informational data but having some humor will just make it pop or stand out. Plus humor invites your readers and in general make people be intrigue!

I hope this help, I just saw this and thought is was great, and have me thinking! I hope this help's and I will look forward to seeing more of your blogs. Cris

Paul Scott 5 days ago

This was a really great read. Being a fairly new blogger, this definitely put meat on the bones for me as far as what I need to do and what to expect. Thank for this. Peace and love to you.

Iyiola 3 days ago

I came accross this so late! The HP contributor Platform is closed... I am so sad.. What can I do.

No editor seems to be answering me

Farawaytree profile image

Farawaytree 3 days ago from California Author

Thank you Paul! Good luck to you on your own blogging journey. It's certainly a jungle out there :)

Farawaytree profile image

Farawaytree 3 days ago from California Author

Have you tried the submissions page where you can pitch a blog idea?

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