Good Attention Getters for Essay Papers

Photo taken by Auntie P
Photo taken by Auntie P

Good Effective Attention Getters Are Vital for Essay Papers

Having a good attention getter for an essay paper is absolutely crucial because, on average, people will give you the first 2 sentences to come to a conclusion of whether your essay will be interesting or another waste of time they are forced to read. Here, I will teach you how to write a truly effective lines and some examples of attention getters for you next essay!

This first impression will either make or break your essay. If the reader or marker is not interested in the first few sentences, chances are they won't read into what you are saying for the rest of the essay either.

To make sure you catch their attention from the very start, you will need a good attention getter that is effective for your essay paper to invoke curiosity for your essay. Below are good ways to instant get attention from your readers to entice them into reading more.

1. Ask a Question

  • Have you ever wondered why the...?
  • What if it was YOU that had this happen to you?
  • Do you really know the real reason behind ...?

This simple technique will make the reader ponder on your question even if it was rhetorical. You capture their attention and allow them to think about themselves, therfore feeling a sense of relation to exactly what you are talking about.

2. Tell a Story

  • Imagine walking down the street and...
  • Just the other day I bumped into....
  • The lady did exactly as we predicted and...

Guide them through a story of your previous holiday or a funny event to relieve them from the task of reading your essay to one of enjoying a story. The reader will be interested in what happens next in the story.

3. Tell a Joke

Funny attention getters can be very effective when used correctly. There are 2 types of jokes you can utilize.

  • An average general joke. If the joke was successful, it would lighten the mood and allow the reader to enjoy the rest of the essay and see what else you have in store to lighten the mood. Such as "Did you see the size of his massive biceps?"
  • An insider joke that you know the reader will understand. This will make the reader feel as if they can really relate to what you are saying personally. They are no longer just reading an essay that someone has written, rather an essay someone they can relate to such as "The time we were comparing which brands were the best pots and pans and somehow it led to us..."

4. Use Comparisons

Using comparisons to describe a vague idea with something that the reader knows a lot about will be more interesting. If you are writing about the financial interest rates, and the reader is a painter, relate it to something to do with painting arts. You could compare interest rate savings to the same as investing in a priceless piece of art or use similes and metaphors such as - as warm as a sheepskin jacket.

Photo taken by hanzabean
Photo taken by hanzabean

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pennyofheaven profile image

pennyofheaven 6 years ago from New Zealand

Very useful tips! Excellent hub Thank you!

Ingenira profile image

Ingenira 5 years ago

Excellent tips. Voted up and useful ! I could use this for writing blogs too.

sean hughes 5 years ago

very very useful with my home work

katriya 5 years ago

very helpful but not exactly what im looking for and not that super, but i think it is ok!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don't try to be mean but this is really not the mean idea! too bad though but don't be sad!!!!

Tony Gonzalez 5 years ago

Yeah, good thanks. Wish this was here when I was a kid. Good thing I'm in the NFL...

MG 5 years ago

This was very helpful, but my teacher is really strict so we can't use 1st or 2nd person, so asking questions and doing things like that are really hard for me.

tete 4 years ago

this was really GREAT !!!!

chichis 4 years ago

thanldsyf you

alrstudent 4 years ago

You aren't supposed to use questions as an attention getter. You also aren't supposed to use "I" or "you" in an essay. Nice try though.

fufubunny 4 years ago

alrstudent is right

essays are supposed to be in the 3rd pperson

JJ 4 years ago

I totally agree with alrstudent

Some basic tips to keep in mind for writing an essay. . .

~You should NEVER use the word "you" or "I" or "your" etc.

~"Have you ever. . ." or "Do you ever wonder. . ." or "Do you really know the real reason behind. . ." because it gives your reader the chance to say or think "Nope, I've never wondered . . ." or "No I haven't done that" or "I don't really care if I know the real reason behind. . ." When writing an essay you don't want to give your reader something they could disagree with what your saying or go "and I care because. . .?" I know it sounds harsh but seriously, who really gives a crap to those kinds of questions? Do they really make you want to read whatever the paper is going to be?

~Jokes don't usually work in most cases. Unless you have a SUPER funny joke where everyone laughs every time you tell it, then I'd say it's a pass.

~Never use I think, I feel, I believe, In my opinon, etc. because in doing so it's like your saying YOU are an EXPERT on the topic or whatever your writing about. So unless you really have a degree in what you're writing about, leave those out.

~All forms of go or get (includes goes, gone, gotten, went, got, etc.)

~The phrase "it all started with. . ." because did it really all start with. . . When you say that it's basically saying the beginning of earth/time/the world started with. . .


Attention Getters MUST BE CLEVER!!!! Ideas. . .

~Allusions (refrences to something famous-ex. writing a persuasive essay for the idea of population control an attention getter could have a tie in to "It's a small world")

~A play on words (ex. persuasive essay for the idea of banning the watermelon-Watermelon is a grind. Grind is the play on words because of course there is grind, but also there's the "rind" of a watermelon.)

~Another ex. would be "Is watermelon too big a pill to swallow?"

These are just some of the basic rules to follow when writing an essay-hope they help!

sue 4 years ago


nicole 3 years ago

what are some good attension-getter

tevin 3 years ago


alidean 3 years ago

very very useful i got an A+ for my assignment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kelsey 2 years ago

Not what I was looking for but OK!!!!!!!!!!!

hunter 2 years ago


ronaldo 2 years ago


Aaron Rodgers 11 months ago

Very helpful!!

Matthew Swann 11 months ago

Hi, Cam Newton!! Great comment. I wish you the best of luck next game!!

Mark Helfrich 4 weeks ago

Nice website. Go Ducks!

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