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10 Mistakes That You Should Avoid as a Freelance Writer

Updated on October 03, 2016

Freelance writing is a good source of income for many people. Anyone who has some knowledge of English and the internet can try to be a freelance writer, but not all of them succeed. I have been doing freelance writing for more than 10 months now, and I think it is time to discuss some of the mistakes that every freelance writer should avoid.

1. Not preparing for contingencies

Life is unpredictable, and you can never know what is going to happen tomorrow. There are many situations in which you will not be able to work even if you want to work. You can prepare for contingencies by making sure that your work is ahead of the schedule. Suppose you have to write 5 reviews in 5 days, then you can write 2 reviews in just 1 day to make sure that you are prepared for the worst. Smart people always hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

2. Charging too low

I know that sometimes you have to offer a discount, but you should avoid charging too low. There is a lot of competition, but many clients specify the type of freelance writer they are looking for clearly. You have to charge according to the job and if the client is looking for experienced writers, then you can charge more. Those people who think that freelance writers cannot charge a good amount of money are wrong. All you have to do is find the right job which is related to your niche and, then you can charge a good amount of money for your expertise.

3. Negative response to criticism

Sometimes you may make a mistake or you may fail to satisfy the client. The client may criticize you for your mistakes or any other valid reason. I highly recommend that you respond positively, and try to work on your mistakes. You should take a stand when you are right, but when the client is right you must respond positively. Always remember, criticism gives you an opportunity to know your mistakes and work on them.

4. Not delivering work on time

It is normal for people to start procrastinating every once in a while, but long hours of procrastination is not a good thing for a freelance writer. Freelancing is not an easy job and if you do not deliver your work on time, then the client will find someone who can deliver work on time unlike you. If you are not able to concentrate on work, it would be wise to stop working for a while and taking a break. You can make a work schedule with sufficient breaks and work according to it.

5. Not doing your best

You should always try to do your best and you should always try to improve your writing. It sounds easy, but it is not easy to do your best every time. I suggest that you ask questions that will help you improve your work and take your time to research about what you are writing. It is not a bad thing to strive for perfection and sooner or later you will get there if you are dedicated.

6. Working for free

In some rare cases, some clients ask you to take a free test, and I strongly suggest to avoid the free test. You can ask the client for a paid test and if he/she disagrees, then it would be wise to walk away. Some people ask for free tests and all they do is get work done from many freelance writers for free. There are indeed some clients that ask you to take a free test and reward you the job if you are worthy and I have nothing against them. The problem is that you cannot tell which client is cheating you and that is why it is wise to play safe.I have given free tests twice, and I have been cheated both times so I do not recommend working for free at all.

7. Ignoring your profile

This applies to only those people who are working on freelancing sites. You have to make a professional looking profile right from the start. Even if you do not have any experience, you can still write about your qualities, the number of hours your are ready to work, your educational qualifications, or anything else that is relevant. You should never leave your bio blank. Some websites allow you to add samples of previous work, and I highly recommend adding samples if it is possible. If you have written for any website in the past, then it would be good to include that too.

As you advance in your career you must make sure that you update your profile. Your profile is very important for your freelancing career and you should not underestimate it's value.

8. Not using SEO techniques well

Search Engine Optimization helps to bring more traffic and improve ranking of a website. You can learn more about SEO by doing a simple Google search. There are many SEO techniques and some of them are useful for freelance writers. You should work on increasing your knowledge of SEO and use SEO techniques in the correct manner.

9. Putting all eggs in one basket

There are many options to a freelance writer and it would be wise to take advantage of them. You should remember that your client can disappear any day. My advice is to work for at least 2 to 3 clients so that you are not fully dependent on one. Similarly, there are many freelancing websites, and you should join at least 2 or 3 freelancing websites. If you are not getting clients on one site, then you can try the other one. If you get some success with one website, then it is advisable to try to work only for that website. You will be able to build a strong profile on the website you work for the most.

10. Taking more work than you can handle

You should try to push your boundaries, but do not push them too much. Your main objective should be to fully satisfy each and every client and money will follow. If you take more work than you can handle, then you may dissatisfy or lose one or more clients. My advice is to keep in mind the hours you want to work and taking work according to them.

I recommend that you keep all these mistakes in mind and try to avoid them. Freelance writing can be a dream job if you do things the right way. I could have wrote much more about these mistakes, but I wanted to keep it short and helpful. I hope that this hub helps you and if you have any questions or comments don't hesitate to let me know.

© 2016 Abhimanyu gaur


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    • Abhimanyu gaur profile image

      Abhimanyu gaur 2 weeks ago from India

      I completely agree with you. Thank you for your input.

    • 3 weeks ago

      Without steady clients, your business will not be able to survive. As a rule, freelancers leave this to chance and concentrate on standard techniques for marketing. Rather, they ought to manufacture a technique that influences their quality and fits the setting of their circumstance. Jumping to the social media platforms and composing a blog is not the perfect client procurement approach. Rather, you have to know where your clients are, and go for them there.

    • Abhimanyu gaur profile image

      Abhimanyu gaur 4 months ago from India

      All is well, Manatita. I had too much going on so I just took a break from Hubpages. Thank you.

    • manatita44 profile image

      manatita44 4 months ago from london

      Very good advice. I trust that all is well with you. I hope you continue to do well. Much love.

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