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Series: Z, Chapter Three

Darius is a former high school literary and feature writer that loves reading books, listening to music, and watching movies.

Living Nightmare


Everything's swirling, zigging and zagging; just circulating in every degree.


A distant voice through the darkness can be heard. It's a woman's, mild and melancholic; sweet and calm that could make you fall deeply asleep into the night.

"Jeff, wake up..."

Jeff opened his eyes and saw his room, all yellowish-white. He blinked for threes and the color turned lighter; his room shone into better. It wasn't an ordinary room; it was their room.

"Jeff, you need to wake up..."

He looked at his left and saw a beautiful woman. She's very familiar, he thought.

"Miranda, is that you?" Jeff exclaimed. He looked down and saw a white, blank, cotton sheath covering them, with her lying beside him, left palm against her cheeks, with a tranquil smile on her red, luscious, lips. He looked at her right hand, specifically at her fingers - and it's where their wedding ring.

"I thought I lost you." He whispered.

"Jeff, please wake up!" The calm voice turned into a shout. That wasn't hers anymore.

"Wha-what? I'm already awake-"


"Sh*t! Henry, help me a bit over here!" Vee's arms were holding on to the collar of Jeff's T-shirt, pulling out of the van that crashed onto a side of a rundown house, devastating most of the pieces of furniture inside.

"F*cking wait Vee, can't you see I'm busy?" While the van acted as a barricade to block off some of the Zs attracted to the incident, there's a gap large enough on the right side of the wall to fit one or two of them to get inside. Henry, with his trusty ax, bashed their head as they slowly press forward. Pieces of brain matter scattered across his area. Pints of blood splatted on Vee's pink hoodie, too.

Jeff finally woke up. He observed the area: seeing Henry delivering the killer blows in the walking Zs; feeling Vee's tight grip on the collar of his shirt; a bunch of Zs trying to reach his body on his back; and seeing a massive horde of Zs marching towards them from afar. Seeing the horde induced his adrenaline to get out, but unfortunately...


"My foot's stuck!" He shouted. He kept looking at his back, monitoring the hundreds of Zs going towards their main course.

"Which foot?" Vee asked, her grips firmed. She looked at Jeff's behind and saw the herd as well. "Henry..." She sang. "Hurry up! Hurry up!" Henry screamed as he continuously bashed more of the Zs' head wide open.

"This one!" Jeff said, pointing at his right foot.

"On three..." he said to Vee.



"THREE!" Vee furiously tried to pull Jeff away from his sit, but it was ineffective.

"One more, Vee, one more." He said, trying to uplift Vee's spirits.




His foot didn't budge. Vee, in despair, look at Jeff. She's giving up the battle. The Zs behind them are even closer and won't stop on pressing forward.

"Vee, what's the hold-off!?" Henry looked at the dismayed Vee, frozen, staring at Jeff struggling his feet to get out of the van while avoiding Zs around him.

"VEE!" Henry shook Vee's body. Awaken to reality, she saw a furious Henry looking at her, his ax and his face covered in dripping mangled body parts and blood.

"Focus! We f*cking need you righ—", a Z grabbed Henry's right arm, but with his quick reaction time, he shoved the Z away before it could land a bite and bashed its chest before chopping off its head. Soon, even more, Zs are coming and Henry is almost running out of energy to fight. He fought off three to five Zs at once, and he's not looking good as well.

"Vee... VEE! Shoot the breaks!" They can hear the Zs' gnarls louder and louder as every minute pass by. "Vee, shoot it!" She panicked while grabbing her handgun, almost dropping it too.

"You-your foot, it'll..." She slowly raised both of her hands, holding the handgun, and pointed it at Jeff's stuck foot.

"Shoot it, Vee!" Jeff looked behind him and the swarm is almost at their place.

Holding off two more Zs with his ax, Henry also shouted. "Shoot it! Shoot it!"

Within seconds, the huge pack of Zs swarmed around the house; and along the loud, noisy, bee-like gnarls, a loud gunshot echoed.

"F*kc!" Jeff was dragged across the living room. Continuous Zs went inside the house through the large gap, wild and beasty. The swarm almost stampeded upon entering the house, mildly shoving off pieces of furniture, painting them and the walls red like two-year-olds.

Jeff, unable to move his wounded right foot, was supported by Vee on the right and Henry on the left. Walking along a corridor, the Zs behind where restless. The three are almost fatigued, finding their way out or way of escape. They barely made it while climbing up the stairs. Henry let go for a moment and blocked the stairs with a hard, redwood-made drawer conveniently placed beside the staircase.

"That should hold 'em, but it won't hold them long." He grabbed Jeff by the shoulder and supported him up on his feet. Jeff yelled out in pain. Vee's spacing out, but is trying to stay "awake" in the condition. As they walked toward the end of another corridor, blood from Jeff's wounded feet left a swerving trail on the floor. This enticed the Zs as they slam their hands against the back of the drawer.
With nothing but locked doors of rooms on both sides of the wall...

"Up there!" Henry shouted. Vee pulled a string of chains that opened a dropdown door that leads to the house's attic. Henry pulled a folding staircase.

"Vee," Henry looked at her, panting from exhaustion. "You go up first, we'll carry him up." As soon as she took a single step up the stairs, it creaked. It was loud enough to make your teeth to cause abrasion.

"Wha-what's the problem?" A weaken Jeff asked. Due to its old and poor state, only one person could go up and down from it. They looked at him and never answered.

"Go ahead..." Henry said, "Only you... we'll figure out how to get him up there." From this, Jeff forced himself to stand up, fighting off Henry's support.

"I-I-I can do... it... myself...." In his current state, he's almost incapacitated.

"Jeff? Jeff!" They both continuously scream. Jeff slowly lied on the floor, his eyes nearly shut, and his skin going pale.

"He's losing a lot of blood. We have to fix him up, fast." Vee placed her palm above Jeff's head and felt his temperature rising.

They were utterly surprised when they heard a sudden deafening slam from the drawer. They observed how it's going to topple at any moment. They looked at each other's eyes and slowly nodded.

Quickly, they stood and left off from Jeff's range of vision. In the counting moments, as he took his long and struggling breathes, his eyes slowly closed.

To be continued...

© 2019 Darius Razzle Paciente

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