Who Is There? Part 6

Updated on June 16, 2019
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Ms. Williamson is a published author and educator with a Bachelor of Business, Master of Public Administration, and Master of Science!

It's been a very haunting experience for Tracy Edwards. Set one foot outside, and it could be her last.
It's been a very haunting experience for Tracy Edwards. Set one foot outside, and it could be her last.

A Time for Action ...

Rachel sits back into her chair and begins to think over the conversation she had with Tracy. She begins to wonder just why the beast has such a fascination with Tracy. There are a lot of attractive women at the research center, so it can’t be that. Perhaps its her perfume! The beast did possess a very sensitive nose and that particular aroma may have caused a reaction. Then she thought about the lab assistant who was so savagely attacked. Could she have been wearing the same cologne?

“Shirley, do you know the type of perfume Charlotte Benedict was wearing at the time of the attack?” Rachael asks her assistant Shirley Crenshaw.

“Sure, it was Joy—why?” Shirley asks.

“How on earth could she afford such an expensive scent?” Rachael counters in surprise.

“She was dating a very wealthy socialite at the time.” Shirley replies.

“That could very well be the reason she was ripped apart and Anna wasn’t?” Rachael surmises.

“You think ole beasty has a thing against Joy?” Shirley questions incredulous.

“Stranger things have happened. I’m going to call Roger to find out what perfume Chasity uses.” Rachael decides, then reaching for the phone again to call her long-time friend.

“Hello?” Roger replies.

“Hello yourself—I’m sorry about everything that’s happen, Roger.” Rachael begins.

“Hey—it’s not like you let him loose, or did you?” Roger teases.

“Roger Edwards, if you weren’t the husband to one of my best friends as well as mine, I’d hang up on you.” Rachael states indignantly.

“Ok ... ok, so are there any new developments?” Roger asks.

“There just could be. What’s the name of the perfume that Chasity likes to wear?” Rachael inquires half hoping that she’s wrong.

“Joy, why?”

“I was afraid of that. The lab assistant that was literally torn limb from limb was known for wearing that fragrance.” Rachael informed him.

“So, you think that this beast has a violent reaction to Joy? I know that sometimes Tracy will borrow her mother’s cologne, especially when Chasity is out-of-town. Come to think of it, Tracy was wearing that smell the other day.” Roger remarks now shaking his head.

“We need to get ahold of that fragrance. Then we can lure old beasty out to the Devil’s Gap Cavern. With a proper amount of dynamite, we could cause an avalanche that would bury that creature so deep that he would suffocate.” Rachael states.

“And us along with ‘um!” Roger replies.

“Not if we have someone who knows his way around dangerous weapons!” Rachael.

“Hunter McDonald!” They both cry in unison.

Meanwhile ...

Tracy is watching the living room window as the creature seems to be pacing back and forth near the front of the house. Every so often, it lets out a blood-curdling yelp and claws angrily at the door. Tracy has recently showered and refreshed herself with the small bottle of Joy her mother left on the nightstand in her bedroom. The phone rings and Tracy identifies it as her father on the line.

“Hello!” Tracy says.

“Daughter, whatever you do—don’t put on any more of your mother’s cologne!” Roger warns.

“Why dad?” Tracy inquires.

As Tracy's father gives her the information he just received from Rachael, Tracy cringes with fear as well as understanding.”

“Dad, not too long ago I put that stuff on and that beast is pacing outside my house and howling something sinister!” Tracy informs him not knowing actually what to say.

“Then go wash it off, NOW!” Roger bellows as Tracy drops the phone, runs to the downstairs bathroom and begins to scrub herself furiously. Then she returns to the living room and picks up the phone again.

As long as the creature was in the woods … Tracy knew that she was safe! For now …
As long as the creature was in the woods … Tracy knew that she was safe! For now …

“Dad—it worked! The creature is heading back toward the woods. That’s the very last time I will ever use mom’s Joy!” Tracy declares.

“I’m sure your mother will be happy to hear that. I still wouldn’t advise going outside. Although you aren’t wearing that scent again—that beast may still be pissed-off!” Roger says trying to muffle a laugh.

“I’m glad you can see the humor in this, dad!” Tracy admonishes angrily.

“Sorry, kitten—I was just visualizing you running to our downstairs bathroom and rubbing yourself red!” Roger lets a chuckle slip out.

“Sure, laugh! I bet you’d be scrubbing too if you knew that something you were wearing was causing you so much grief.” Tracy defends.

“Even though you knew that your mother doesn’t favorably share Joy with you, huh?” Roger teases.

“Ok, so now what do we do?” Tracy knows she deserves that.

“Rachael has a plan.” Roger states flatly.

“She hinted as much when I spoke to her earlier. She said it could be dangerous.” Tracy offers.

“That it could be, but you just need to—”

“Sit tight!”

To Be Continued …

© 2019 Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS


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