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Who Is There? Part 5

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Run Calamity—RUN!

Run Calamity—RUN!

One Lucky Dog …

Frantically, Tracy looks around for the devoted pup and then eyes the flap at the back entrance. Even with the chairs propped up against the door there would still be space for a small animal to get through. Calamity was just over a year old but soon she would be much too big for the flap. However, in the meantime—she must have gotten out.

Without giving it a second thought, Tracy removes the chairs from the kitchen door and opens it. A few feet away she sees Calamity relieving herself and looking around nervously.

“Calamity, are you crazy? Get back into this house!” Tracy demands but before she can utter another word she sees the beast steadily approaching from out of the woods.

Calamity must have acquired wings for she shot straight up into the air and is heading for the back door and Tracy at flank speed. “Come on, baby you can do it!” yells Tracy as her adorable dog slides under her legs and into the kitchen just in time for Tracy to slam the door shut.

The beast smashes itself into the door a moment later and Tracy is knocked to the floor but not before she bolts the door shut. She then lowers the doggy flap shield and places three chairs against the reinforced door. Again and again the beast tries to break the door down. It rattles, groans but holds fast. After a loud roar the beast heads back into the woods. Tracy turns to see Calamity shaking with fear and covered with snow.

“I guess you’ve learned a valuable lesson about staying put, huh girl?” Tracy grins and then gets a large towel out of the pantry to dry her dog. “That monster would have torn you apart. You are definitely one lucky dog!”

Calamity looks at Tracy as if to say, “You got that right!” and then moves into the living room to position herself in front of the fireplace. Tracy comes and sits on the floor next to her and begin to give her a hug.

“I don’t know what I would have done if that beast had gotten ahold of you girl.” Tracy coos. “They tell us to sit tight, well—there’s not much more we can do with that creature watching our every move. Why doesn’t it just leave us alone and go bother someone else?”

The telephone rings again. Tracy looks at the Caller ID and it reads Tannersville Research Center.

“Hello?” Tracy answers.

“Is this Tracy Edwards?” The voice replies.

“Yes?” Tracy acknowledges.

“Hi, I am Dr. Rachel Weinberger. First, let me apologize for any inconvenience you may be suffering.” Rachael begins.

“You’ve got to be kidding? That beast of yours tries to kill me on at least two occasions and my dog on one. I am a wreck and I can’t leave my house.” Tracy is near hysteria.

“I can’t imagine what you’re experiencing so I won’t lie and say I know exactly how you feel.” Rachael sympathizes.

“Thank you for that.” Tracy comments, calming down some.

“But let me stress the importance of you staying inside. I’ve already talked to your father and I know that your home is secure.” Rachael says.

“You know my father?” Tracy asks in surprise.

“Roger, Chasity and I are old friends.” Rachael adds.

“Oh then you must be the Ray Weinberger that I’ve heard them speak about.” Tracy recalls some of the stories about her parents' college days.

“Guilty as charged.” Rachael admits.

“How could you create such a monster?” Tracy queries.

“It only started out as an experiment to perfect a species that would be beneficial during times of war. However, when things begin to get out of hand; we notified the pentagon and got permission to terminate the project.” Rachael informs Tracy.

“What happened?” Tracy coaxes.

“During one of the scheduled feedings, the animal went berserk, killed a couple of lab assistants and escaped.” Rachael finishes.

“And so now it’s after me—but why me?” Tracy questions.

“It’s trained to seek out a target and pursue said target until termination. Why you became that target is a mystery to me, but you are not safe by any means to go outside until this thing is caught and killed.” Rachael is quite clear on emphasizing this to Tracy.

“I understand. Everyone has been telling me this. I almost got it when my dog Calamity decided to go out for her bathroom break.” Once again Tracy is able to see the humor in another near tragedy.

“You’re Roger Edward’s daughter alright. Than man was able to laugh when Chas and I were shaking in our boots.” Rachael manages a brief smile.

“So now what?” Tracy becomes sober again.

“I know you are sick of hearing this, but sit tight. I think I may have a plan to lure it away from you.” Rachael states.

“It sounds dangerous!” Tracy adds.

“It is.” Rachael states flatly and hangs up the phone.

To Be Continued …

Who Is There? Part 6

  • Who Is There? Part 6
    Yes, the full moon does crazy things. Not only to people but to animals as well. And sometimes, certain odors can cause animals to react in the most unfavorable manner. This, Tracy discovers the hard way!

© 2019 Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS

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