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The Day I Met the Love of My Life

college love

college love

The day I met love of my life

The day seemed so bright with the sun's beaming rays and the perfect color of the sky reminding of all the impossible things that are waiting to be challenged by those who have the courage to think beyond the chaos of daily life. It was that bewitching moment when I first saw her struggling to find her way to the administration and admission office of st. Andrew school for her admission in 11th standard while I was heading towards the fee payment room after I had completed the admission procedure.

Her hair seemed so silky and colorful that the sky seemed less impressive and her tensed face seemed to take all the tensions in her life yet she seemed lively and vivid and her height was just perfect to reach to my heart if I hugged her, which I thought was a bizarre idea at that point of time.

I was a timid and shy person but her face and my inquisitiveness made me talk to her. I reached out to her fearfully and curiously and said 'Hi', in response she smiled and said 'Hi', that made my heart do a somersault like an athlete. I controlled my inner emotions to show up on my face and said as enthusiastic as a child getting his first cycle,' you look anxious and worried '.She answered me as an eager child and said 'I'm to trying to find the admission room, can you tell me where --' but was cut short by her mother saying 'come Sneha, I have asked the man over there and found the route to the admission room' pointing towards a teacher of the school standing at a distance who was talking to his colleague.

Her mother had a dubious scan of me and took off with her daughter. SNEHA I thought in my mind and stood there for a moment thinking of her before I was brought back to the ground by my brother who was talking over his phone to his boss while I met Sneha. He gestured to quickly complete the fee payment so that he can drop me at home and head to his office.

In the car, with my brother.

In the car, with my brother.

My brother's life turning event

Back in the car while heading towards home I kept thinking about that girl and repeated her name in my mind and wished that she joins the same school. My brother Binesh dropped me at home and headed directly to the office without even entering the house. I felt downcast for his busy life but he wasn't like that during his college days.

He was that mischievous teenager to which every engineer can relate, he had a large circle of friends, as though he knew all the students personally and to be honest I liked him as he was back then, his wicked incidents with his friends during his hostel days made me more interested in him and in engineering as well.

But as of now I feel happy that he has grown up to be responsible and workaholic but at the same time disheartened too, I guess work changes you in the ways one can't imagine.

Family dinner at home

Family dinner at home

My life back at home

I went inside the house and found my mother ironing clothes. Her eyes glittered when I informed her that I got admission to one of the best schools in our city, well it wasn't tough for a 10 GPA student to get admission there with maths, physics, and chemistry as a stream. I ironed the rest of the clothes as she went into the kitchen to make my favorite meal for lunch.

Mothers are crazy, they get happy for small things. My dad and brother didn't join us during the lunch as they were busy in the office and had their meal in the canteen of their respective office. I loaded myself with what my stomach could take at that point in time. I Slept after lunch and went to play basketball in the evening, the only sport I loved at that time.

At the dinner, I told dad about my admission and he reacted as I had expected of him, he got very excited, even more than my mom. He has a soft corner for me contrary to his feelings towards my brother.

This incident happened a couple of months ago but yet it seems like yesterday.

Stay tuned for the next part of the story.

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