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On The Other Side - Prologue

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She opened her eyes with difficulty, but everything around her was too dark to see. She closed them again. Voices and echoes rang in her head. She tried to look ahead again but saw only darkness - again. She felt nothing but a headache. Pain on the right side of her head, so intense that it stunned her whole body. It was strong and continuous. It stopped for a split second every now and then and came back for something that to her, seemed like centuries. She could smell the soil. Rain on the soil.

From the darkness, two distant sparkles appeared. Small as dots. They were getting closer. And bigger. They were also becoming colored. White, blue, red. Coming closer. They were car lights. Closer. A bigger vehicle lights.

She closed her eyes again and felt a hand on her right side, grabbing hers, and holding it tight. It was warm. It made her realize that she was freezing. But she couldn’t turn to see who was there. Neither she could move at all. It was like her body had given up on her.

Everything was happening so fast.

The lights stopped in front of her and blinded her. She could not see the vehicle. Why did it stop in front of her? Probably someone was coming down from it. Had they seen her? Did they came to help her? As she could tell, she definitely needed help!

She started seeing a little bit better. There was another woman in the middle of the street, laying on the ground. Then she realized that she was on the ground too. She still didn’t had the strength to turn and see who was the one holding her hand, but she was finally starting to understand what was going on. Slowly closed her eyes again, as she was trying to remember any detail on how she ended up there. Where was she? Who was with her? What exactly had happened?


When she opened eyes once again she finally saw three men in white uniforms taking her up, into an ambulance. Everything was happening so slowly as if time had stopped. Finally, she could see better. The three of them were trying to pick up the other woman too. Behind them was a car that looked folded in two like soda tin on the passenger’s side. The front window was fully broken.

Next to her was a stranger. It was the one that - still - held her hand. Also, it was probably the one responsible for the accident and felt guilty for hitting her with his car.

One of the three, hop up on the ambulance and talked with the stranger as he prepared a syringe and injected her with something. She still couldn’t hear anything, but buzzing. The stranger seemed terrified. The injection made her headache stronger - as her head was in between the rails and a train. She could hear her heartbeat rising.

Her eyes closed.

This time on their own.

And then there was only darkness.

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