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The History of Mystic Mountains

Lora is an avid programmer -- and a ice dragon in her spare time.

The Beginning

It was the middle of a war, and MoonLite knew it first hand. Her Royal Fierceness, the Queen, was fighting the rebels of Aerislia, who wanted their freedom from the queen's harsh rule. "Over there, GET HIM!" a soldier yelled from somewhere behind him. MoonLite breathed heavily, one claw pressing upon a large cut over his ribcage. It was dusk, and the silhouettes of the incoming soldiers cast a dark shadow in the sky. MoonLite streaked through the air, gliding along the cliff edge. He sighed as images of the kingdom's rule under the previous Empress (Queen Rothyl), a peaceful and wise ruler, who was unfortunately murdered by her brother, Prince Emrik. The people was scared of Emrik, and didn't accuse him or fight back. Emrik made his daughter, Jade, the new Queen of Aerislia. Her Royal Fierceness, Queen Jade ruled the now dead and haunted land with greediness and cruelty. Finally, the rebels gained enough power to come together in a movement to overthrow the Queen, and maybe, restore Aerislia to it's original beauty.

The land Aerislia; During rule of Queen Rothyl


Timeline of History

BMM- Before Mystic Mountains

MM- Mystic Mounatins

AMM- After Mystic Mountains

  • 100000 BMM: Queen Rothyl rules land of Aerislia
  • 10000 BMM: Queen Rothyl murdered, Queen Jade takes over
  • 10050 BMM: Rebel groups form, tries to overthrow rule of Queen Jade
  • 10048 BMM: MoonLite stumble upon mountains, not yet called Mystic Mountains
  • 1010 BMM: Flame stumbles upon mountains, not yet called Mystic Mountains. Golden Egg is crafted
  • 600 BMM: Athelia and siblings discover mountains, not yet called Mystic Mountains. Siblings captured and killed day after discovery
  • 498 BMM: Feargus join Athelia at mountains, not yet called Mystic Mountains. They never meet
  • 10 BMM: Skye joins Athelia and Feargus at mountains, not yet called Mystic Mountains. Gives Athelia idea of opening dragon sanctuary
  • MM: Athelia creates Mystic Mountains

Timeline will be extended as history progresses.

The Beginning: 2

A burst of flame scorched MoonLite's tail and he flailed in midair. He started falling towards the ocean below, as he desperately flapped his wings in an attempt to right himself. MoonLite closed his eyes and used all his might to regain control. After a moment of struggling, he caught the wind and soared upwards towards land. His mind went foggy from the blood loss and the last thing he remembered, was crashing through a wall of leaves.

2 hours later...

"We couldn't capture him Your Majesty!" gasped a dragon as he fell to his knees in front of his king, King Emrik. The king was furious, he jumped up and slashed the General across his cheek. "What do you MEAN you couldn't find him?!?" roared the king.

"I apologize Your Majesty, he just disappeared!"

"WHAT do you mean by disappeared?!?"

"H-he flew through the wall of a mountain!"

"Do you think I'm an idiot? You are just too ashamed to admit that you FAILED!"

"I swear Your Majesty, none of the men could find him after he disappeared into the mountain!"

"You filthy lying piece of trash! Come back when you have some better lies to tell. Guards, TAKE HIM TO THE DUNGEON!"

Castle of King Emrik and Queen Jade


The Hidden Entrance

MoonLite woke up in the cave, the air smelled freshly of apples and wildflowers. MoonLite grunted as he tried to sit up, feeling the piercing pain in his side. "Where am I?" he wondered, looking around nervously. Suddenly, all of the memories came back to him. He had swerved while flying to wards land and was about to run into the mountainside when he flew right through curtain of leaves, and into a hidden cave.

The cave, will someday, be the entrance to the legendary land of Mystic Mountains.

The Hidden Cave: 2

The rest of MoonLite's life was quite eventful, in fact, he had discovered an opening in the back of the cave, a crack in the rock, about the size of a grown dragon. MoonLite spent 3 years exploring the land that was beyond the crack, and had many adventures there. He died peacefully at the age of 4703, deep in the jungles of what will be known as Mystic Mountains.

This is the end of the Story of MoonLite, the dragon who discovered Mystic Mountains. To be continued...

"Lora Savinski will continue this story in a new post."

Inside view of the hidden cave


© 2020 Lora Savinski

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