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Through Her Eyes 2

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Picking up her tablet she gets ready to make her daily login to join her kid sister for a little while on the game. Pressing the icon for the app she watches as it loads while once again contemplating she may delete it. After it has loaded she dresses her character for the day.

“Where are you, sis?” she questions looking at her kid sister on the other sofa.

“Sundown!” she responds without looking up from her screen.

“Ok..invite please.” Says Ally as she taps the screen of her tablet.

“kk!” responds her kid sister again without looking up.

Having received the invite she presses the buttons necessary to load the screen and join her kid sister. After loading she goes straight to the dance floor. Picking her spot on the dance floor, she scans through her dances until she finds the one she wants. Then she sets her character to dancing and just watches the activity of the game around her.

After about an hour her best friend on the game shows up and joins her. A little later her kid sister leaves and it is just her and her bestie. They spend some time talking and gossiping. After some time, others that her bestie knows start to show up.

“I guess she invited new people.” Mutters Ally to herself outside the game. Looking at her screen something catches her eye. He is a character she has seen before when she has been with her bestie. Though she had never spoken to him. Just as she wouldn’t now, or so she thought.

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