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My Autumn Love Part 3

Ms. Williamson is a published author and educator with a Bachelor of Business, Master of Public Administration, and Master of Science!

Like a beautiful autumn day … life is constantly changing.

Like a beautiful autumn day … life is constantly changing.

Emily to the Rescue

Emily helps Bridget out of the car and across the street to her house. When Jim sees the look on Bridget’s face; he hurriedly exists to the great room to leave the ladies alone in the kitchen. Jim is one of the few men who understands when women need to be alone. This is why Jim and Emily share such a full and rich marriage. Their kids left a couple of years before; however, since Emily has Jim, it isn’t nearly as bad as what Bridget is facing.

After a few sobs into the hot cocoa Emily fixes for Bridget she is ready to talk again.

“I don’t know what I’m going to do?” Bridget says.

“Well for one thing, you are going to shout “halleluiah” because you managed to raise a set of wonderful twin girls, who are very well adjusted and who are off on an exciting adventure together fully equipped to handle life, thanks to the good Lord and a few sleepless nights!” Emily laughs. Bridget has to join her.

“Okay and after that, what do I do?” Bridget asks still giggling.

“You take a much-needed vacation. Between your constant book promotions, your writing, and taking care of your daughters you have had very little time for yourself. This is the advice of your best friend as well as co-publisher!” Emily states. Emily and her husband Jim have been successful publishers for years, and when Bridget needs a place to stay after the divorce they recommend the house across from them.

Although Bridget is awarded Joe’s house, she can’t bear all the unpleasant memories associated with it and agrees to sell it back to her ex-husband in exchange for additional shares of stock in his corporation Dynamic Electronics.

Joe has always been a brilliant engineer, a savvy entrepreneur, a great father and provider but a very emotionally deficit husband. His striking good looks give way to a cold and calculating heart that only sees women as sex objects and housekeepers. The novelty of Bridget’s career soon wears off as Joe’s desire to model her into the “perfect housewife” takes precedence over everything else in their marriage.

Emily has always been a friend who goes to the heart of the problem and attacks, since the early days of Stetson hats and jeans!

Emily has always been a friend who goes to the heart of the problem and attacks, since the early days of Stetson hats and jeans!

Identifying the Problem

“So, what you are saying is that I need to take some time out now for me, right?” Bridget says slowly rolling over the thoughts in her mind.

“That’s exactly what I’m saying, Bridget.” Emily throws back. “However, for now, why don’t you just relax? You can use one of the kids’ rooms. I keep it up for just such occasions. I hate to say it girl-friend, but you look like hell!”

“Thanks.” Bridget says. She just doesn’t feel like trying to come up with any smarter remarks. She just walks up the stairs with her shoulders slump and closes the door behind her.

Jim enters the kitchen and notes the look of concern on Emily’s face.

“So, Emily what’s the problem.” Jim asks.

“Our dear Bridget is feeling the full impact of empty-nest syndrome. I think she needs a vacation.” Emily decides.

“You know; it’s been a while since we had one.” Jim returns.

“So … what are you saying?” Emily’s excitement mounts. “Are you thinking what I think you’re thinking?”

“Well, if you’re thinking that we should take our precious Bridget on a cruise, then that’s it.” Jim smiles at his wife.

“That’s sounds good to me. Let’s call our friendly travel agent and see when the next one is scheduled and if we can get reservations.” Emily is really starting to grin.

“Just leave it up to your ever-loving husband; I’ll take care of everything.” Jim utters.

“And, that’s why I love you, Jim.” Emily tries to look starry-eyed.

“Okay, then you can prove it to me right now!” Jim sounds mischievous.

Jim and Emily are a close couple who are always there to help their good friend and favorite author.

Jim and Emily are a close couple who are always there to help their good friend and favorite author.

The Obvious Solution

The next morning a much rested Bridget comes downstairs and finds Jim and Emily in the kitchen conversing over a glass of iced tea. When they look up simultaneously and start to smile; Bridget knows that there is something going on.

“Hey, as the old song goes: “What’s going on?” Bridget asks suspiciously.

“What makes you think that we were up to anything?” Jim asks coyly.

“Yes, I invite you to our humble abode and now you decide that something is going on?” Emily asks innocently.

“There is nothing humble about any of these abodes. I don’t even know how you saw me sitting in the car.” Bridget chuckles nervously.

“You know that my wife has radar, x-ray vision, and a very neat pair of custom-made binoculars!” Jim joins in the merriment.

“So, is anyone going to tell me what the heck is going on?” Bridget’s voice raises an octave showing her sudden annoyance.

“You are right honey; our Bridget here really needs a vacation.” Jim’s face turns slightly red.

“Jim has negotiated reservations for three with the Princess Lines—Coral Princess for a cruise to Alaska that starts Monday, September 11th!” Emily says eagerly.

“We’re going to Alaska on the Princess?” Bridget can’t contain her enthusiasm.

“Yes, that’s right. We are packing a few of our glad rags; in fact, we can get some new things when we get to Vancouver! That’s where we are going to make our connection to the Coral Princess. What do you think?” Emily asks.

“Let’s Boogey!” Bridget shouts.

To be continued ...

My Autumn Love Part 4

  • My Autumn Love Part 4
    Stepping away from your problems, even embracing a completely new environment can be the best thing in the world when facing unpleasant issues. Brijet will soon make this discovery in Part 4.

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