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My Autumn Love Part 2

Ms. Williamson is a published author and educator with a Bachelor of Business, Master of Public Administration, and Master of Science!

Autumn … the best time of the year ... the best time of Life!

Autumn … the best time of the year ... the best time of Life!

Saying Good-bye to a Way of Life

There are many tears as both parents along with Joe’s wife Lynda see the twins off on Northwest Airlines.

“Mom, please take care.” Mackenzie says with much concern.

“Mom, we love you and only wish the best for you.” Madison says echoing her sister’s concern.

“Hey, what about your old dad; don’t I get some love?” Joe says sounding a bit jealous.

“Of course, we love you dad.” The girls say in unison. “But mom is going to be all alone.”

“Huh, now she can cuddle up with those damn books of hers. Maybe she can write herself a man.” Joe adds bitterly while Lynda displays disappointment at her husband’s brash remark.

“At least he’ll love me for who I am.” Bridget throws back.

“I did love you; from the first moment, I met you. You were the one who wanted the divorce, remember?” Joe counters. This remark makes both Bridget and Lynda feel uncomfortable.

Turning toward her girls who also don’t know how to handle their father’s comment; Bridget says.

“I will really miss you girls, but don’t worry. I will be fine.” Bridget replies trying her best to be the brave person she can’t quite feel. The girls embrace their two sets of parents and board the plane.

Saying goodbye is never easy for a mother; neither is walking alone to your car!

Saying goodbye is never easy for a mother; neither is walking alone to your car!

Bitterness to the End

Lynda turns toward Bridget as the airplane climbs higher and higher with the twins and her heart on baord. “Are you all right, Bridget?”

“She’s fine, Lynda. Bridget’s got exactly what she deserves.” Joe replies bitterly.

Bridget doesn’t miss the smirk on Joe’s face as she turns to walk alone to her car. She is barely able to contain her inner turmoil when she sees Joe take Lynda’s hand to usher her to their car. His previous comments make it painfully clear that he still holds contempt in his heart toward her for walking out on their marriage. Bridget manages to meet Joe’s scornful eyes with her own brave front of being in control of her emotions. Bridget is alone for the first-time.

All the way home, she smiles and cries at the same time. She is happy that her daughters turned out so pretty, independent, and smart. She is sad because she is going to miss them dearly. Joe has Lynda and their two children Joe IV and Tabitha to keep him content but Bridget is all alone.

The ride home alone finally gives way to an overflow of tears when she pulls into the driveway. The house will never be the same without her girls!

“What am I going to do now that my world has just board the plane?” Bridget thinks aloud. “How do I write away this pain?”

Bridget sits alone in her car for minutes until she hears a tapping on her windshield. It is her very good friend Emily from across the street.

Emily has notice Bridget pulling into her driveway but not getting out of the car. After 15 minutes elapse and Bridget is still in the car; Emily decides she will take the long walk across the well-kept lawns to check on her friend.

“God bless binoculars,” she silently says to herself.

Emily has held Bridget’s hand from the moment she decides to divorce Joe until the graduation of the twins from the University of Illinois. Emily is there to help her get over her loneliness. Emily and her husband Jim are the lifesavers in Bridget’s life. It is as if Divine Providence provides great friends as cushions because He knows she will have to go through these trials.

Bridget sits in the car unable to compose herself enough to leave. She is not quite ready to enter the empty house.

Bridget sits in the car unable to compose herself enough to leave. She is not quite ready to enter the empty house.

A Friend in Need ...

“Hey neighbor, whatta do ‘in?” Emily says, always trying to be hip but does a better job of just being Emily.

“Hey yourself, girl; I am just sitting here meditating.” Bridget smiles weakly.

“Look, it’s me Emma. Remember? I know what you are going through. It can’t have been easy taking care of the twins and this lovely house even with a full staff and that screwed-up Joey’s help.” Emily says shaking her head.

“You know it, girl.” Bridget says. “But I just keep trying. Those last couple of years were rough when Gene had that second stroke and left town. I wouldn’t have mind taking care of him; he has been so wonderful and supportive to me. The girls really grew to like him.”

“Those girls of yours are something else, Bridget.” Emily says.

They are so smart and they graduated earlier than anyone thought they would.” Bridget replies.

“You should have been prepared when those two geniuses of yours graduated from high school at age 16 years with a 4.0 GPA. They weren’t ones for letting the grass grow under their feet! I must hand it to Joe though; he did his part as far as the girls were concerned.” Emily shakes her head.

“Yes, he did. But a lot of the credit goes to Lynda as well.” Bridget admits.

“That is one lady hard to hate. If anyone deserves a great life, she does.” Emily shakes her head in agreement. “She has managed to take a lot of the fuzz off that guy.”

“I can only wonder if Joe did it as a constant means of showing me up.” Bridget interjects.

“Stop selling yourself short! You are one of the most successful writers in the country with not only bestselling books to your credit, but six outstanding screenplays with one winning you an award for Best Screenplay 2008. You must have collected a mint for that one!” Emily brags.

“It paid for this house!” Bridget smiles back.

“See, now this is what I like to see; my very good friend being happy. You are just going through the empty-nest syndrome.” Emily says.

“If that is another word for mid-life crisis, then I am going to scream.” Bridget yells and then starts to cry.

To be continued ...

My Autumn Love Part 3

  • My Autumn Love Part 3: A Series Short
    Midlife Crisis and Empty Nest Syndrome are difficult enough to face separately but together they can be overwhelming. Great friends however, can help buffer the effects.

© 2017 Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS

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