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Journey After Dark Part 3

Ms. Williamson has been captivating the hearts of readers for decades. Her heroes are strong and daring while the antagonists, diabolical!

Are you afraid to sleep in the dark?

Are you afraid to sleep in the dark?

The Escape

"Yes, I also enjoy being the falcon. Soaring through the air in search of prey can be stimulating! There have been only a few who are capable of retaining both our human and animal identities simultaneously! This is why you were chosen. You do need to control your wolfish needs, however! It could compromise the mission, remember that! Jill admonishes Octavius rather sternly.

“I am well aware of our mission, Jill! Octavius pronounces with indignation.

“Good, I can give you a counter elixir that should ward off those ravenous desires for at least 8 hours but it does have its drawbacks. The effects of the elixir will diminish with time. You will lose all human characteristics." Jill cautions.

"At the present time our aim is to put an end to the infamous Baron. After that ... well we shall see. I don't want that potion of your just yet." Octavius smiles again.

"I will trust your judgment for now, Octavius. Eventually, you will still lose your human form. The Baron will no doubt attempt to find ways to permanently detain us. He may put added pressures on one of his alliances to do the job. Be mindful of what you eat and who you associate with. Come with me into town, the train will soon be here."

Swiftly and quietly Octavius follows Jill through a hallway to her room where her satchel is packed and waiting on the bed. Then he follows her to a hidden passageway behind a portrait of her mother the Countess that leads to the outside.

“The woods will provide an appropriate camouflage.” Jill explains. Unaware to both of them a pair of eyes documents their hurried exit from the castle. It is Jarvis, the butler. There are still other eyes that are observing him as well.

Jill and Octavius finally arrive at the edge of town and are met by a man in beggar’s apparel.

“By the looks of you two, I would surmise that you’d in need lodging for the night.” The man gives Jill a knowing nod.

On the outside … it looks like just another building but it is what is within that makes the difference.

On the outside … it looks like just another building but it is what is within that makes the difference.

A New Ally

“That would be true.” Jill replies.

“Come with me then.” The man turns and the couple follows him to an unmarked door. Octavius is very reluctant to follow but Jill whispers to him.

“I will explain, later.

The man motions them to follow him up a set of back stairs and then into a sparse room. There are a few chairs, a large wood-burning stove in the center and three small cots near the window. The man turns to look at Octavius.

“The name’s Donohue and I have been allied with The Order for 7 years now.” He reaches out of his pocket and hands Octavius a well manicured hand to shake.

“I’m Octavius and you have nice hands for a beggar, Donohue.” Octavius says giving the man a firm handshake.

“Donohue is a nobleman from an adjacent village. Occasionally, he has assisted my mother in the past regarding well … delicate matters.” Jill says smiling at Donohue.

“I thought the Jaguar was to be our only contact.” Octavius reminds Jill.

“Well … the Countess thought it would be good to have another.” Donohue replies before Jill can respond.

"I am an active member of this alliance and I think that I should have a say in what goes on." Octavius replies to Donohue not at all happy with the new development.

"Octavius, I understand your desire to have more input in what is happening but we are all on the same team as you have somewhat stated. The Countess has been around a long time and I think that we must follow her lead." Donohue answers shaking his finger at the impetuous young man.

"Please Octavius--this is not the time for a dispute. I know that my mother has things under control and you just need to be patient." Jill replies trying to calm down the headstrong young man.

"I just believe that since I have been brought into this; I need to have some input." Octavius retorts stubbornly.

"This is the way it is going to be, Octavius, according to the Countess' plan." Donohue confirms with finality.

“I see.” The reply is curt. “So what do we do now?”

“Wait for darkness and then go meet the Jaguar.” Jill replies and the three pick out a cot for the afternoon.

To be continued ...

Journey After Dark

© 2016 Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS

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