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Journey After Dark: Tale Conclusion

Ms. Williamson has been captivating the hearts of readers for decades. Her heroes are strong and daring while the antagonists, diabolical!

The Baron … the most VILE creature imageable!

The Baron … the most VILE creature imageable!

An Unexpected Turn of Events

Nine o’clock finds Jill and Octavius in route to the train station. There is no one on the streets and there are dark shadows reflective of the dim moonlight.

“Look over there by the trees … there seems to be someone crouched down!” Jill replies just in time as a morbid figure seems poised for a final blow.

As Jill comes closer she recognizes the bloody body of Monique.

“No, how could this have happened?” Jill is mollified at the appearance of her friend and comrade. “Is she …”

“No, she is not dead but she has been badly hurt. How did the Baron find out about her visit?” Octavius bends over the crumpled body of Monique. He could tell that the attractive woman put up a noble battle against the Baron.

“It looks like he attacked her before she could change into the jaguar.” Octavius presumes.

“Even so, she wouldn’t have stood a chance against the Baron’s modified bat. It would have been a blood bath. Perhaps she did make the transformation.” Jill observes.

The marks inflicted are deep and asymmetrical as if administered by a rabid animal. The sudden appearance of the Countess is comforting to Jill.

“Countess … mother I’m glad to see you!” Jill rises to embrace her mother.

“I wasn’t able to intercede on poor Monique’s behalf but I will be able to heal her. Please stand back.” The Countess replies. Bending down and moving very close to Monique the Countess touches her.

At first there is an extremely bright light followed by a crimson rose aurora. Monique rises with the help of the Countess totally healed.

“The Baron was waiting for me as I got off the train. The people scattered screaming in fright and that red-eyed demon swooped down upon me.” Monique explains.

“Were you able to transform?” Jill asks giving her friend another examination.

“Barely … but he was the most enormous bat I had ever seen. His eyes were a glowing red and his teeth … those teeth!” Monique is trembling and the Countess takes her hand.

The Baron's true self …

The Baron's true self …

A Confrontation With Evil

“I’m going to take Monique to the safe house. The two of you will need to seek out the Baron and confront him. This has gone on long enough. His evil influence has to end. I will join you soon.” The Countess and Monique move down the road toward the area where Donohue had led the others previously.

“Where should we look …” Before she can finish the sentence the Baron makes an abrupt appearance.

“Are you looking for me, then?” The Baron snarls at the duo.

Within an instance, the three have changed and the combat begins. The huge Bat swoops down repeatedly at the Wolf but his swiftness stays out of reach of those mighty canines. The Falcon then engages the Bat in a display of area fighting managing to knock him out of the sky.

The flashing of teeth, the screams and growls fills the air. The Falcon gets wounded and with a might blow she is laid mourning beside an oak tree. Then the Bat turns his attention on the Wolf.

Although Octavius puts up a gallant display; he is no match alone against the Baron. The Wolf dodges the advances of the Bat but a sudden gust of wind created by the Baron topples Octavius against a lamppost.

Slowly the Baron, in human form approaches Octavius with a rapier in his hand.

“I will first finish you and then that bothersome Jillian.” The Baron hisses as he raises the rapier for the final blow.

There is a blinding flash of light and the Countess has transformed herself into a huge Phoenix.

The Baron drops his weapon, mesmerized by the appearance of the magnificent bird. This act allows both Octavius and Jillian to materialize back to human form. Together, they muster enough strength to procure the heavy rapier which is made of titanium. With a combination of forte and valor they lift the sword and with a might stroke they decapitate the Baron, watching his head roll towards the oak tree.

The Princess of Light

The Princess of Light

Putting An End to Evil

As unnatural screams comes forth from the severed head the true Prince of Darkness appears. Before the head can be united to the body a bolt of lightning is discharged from the Phoenix and the body is engulfed in flames!

“Mother, I thought the power of the Phoenix cannot be used in combat!” An astonished Jillian replies.

“I was not in combat, “The Countess smiles, “I was protecting.”

The Prince of Darkness vanishes into the darkness. Another bolt of light singes the severed head and black vapor sinks into the earth.

“Is that the end of it then?” Octavius questions fully spent after his ordeal with the Baron.

“It would seem to be.” The Countess comments while looking at the spot where the vapor vanished.

“What do you mean?” Jillian asks.

“Never mind, your mission is completed. Let’s collect Monique and Donohue from the safe house.” The couple follows the Countess down the long road.

Professor Archimedes and Walter discuss what comes next.

Professor Archimedes and Walter discuss what comes next.

A Bit of Unfinished Business ...

Professor Octavius Archimedes’ Study—

“And now this story has almost come to its conclusion.” The professor replies setting back in his large cushioned chair and closing his weary old eyes. He opens them suddenly and looks at Walter.

“In that box by the window you will find a gun with one titanium bullet. You will also find a small elixir flask along with the amulet. Take everything … you don’t have a minute to lose.” Professor Archimedes says rising. His countenance slowly begins to alter.

“Fire the gun!” The professor screams.

"And this is how I find myself at the close of this Journal of Truths. If the authorities ever discover who really killed Archimedes … perhaps they will find this journal and realize why it was necessary for me to do what I did." Walter laments.

Then opening the closet door, Walter carefully places the book under other important documents he has concealed there. He then closes the closet door and looks longingly at the moon. It seems to be beckoning him … seducing him to "come out and play!"

La Fin ... perhaps!

© 2016 Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS

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