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With You- Story Part 01

The author wants to have a great way of living life to its fullest and be a good person in general.


Mute by choice

a lot of people thought about her that way.

Saesha didn't really mind that.

The white curtains on the window were glowing with the glittery golden glow of the early morning sun, she loved this sight the most. Stretching her arms and legs wide open letting the sunlight fall on her face, she would wake up like a princess. But something was odd today. Sheets covering her face, and her body covered in sweat. These were the days she hated the most when she had to wake up after a nightmare. Yet she opened her tear-stained eyes wide open.

'The same dream again, she thought as she was preparing her breakfast. She was never too fond of breakfasts because she was the one responsible for them. If there was something that she was extremely bad at, the list will be topped by cooking.

After containing the urge to vomit she finished breakfast and was going to get ready only to realize that it was Sunday. And oh, how much she hated holidays.

Being a girl who loved being by herself, anyone would think she would love staying alone . But not her. Cause these were the days she would miss her mother the most. And as expected she would order two cupped noodles that she would enjoy reading her favourite book. The same number she would contact to order from a nearby restaurant. The call was picked up by a lady who told her that the restaurant was closed for today. She sighed and decided to go to a nearby restaurant. The day was giving her really bad vibes now nothing was going as it would ordinarily go.

She stopped near a coffee shop and decided she needed to have a cappuccino to calm herself down. Oh and now came the worst part, she had to talk.

she hates it more than anything.

She went to the counter and coughed, feeling shy she asked the lady for a cappuccino and went back to her table as soon as possible. Her order came earlier than she thought and she was completely enjoying herself when suddenly she saw a strangely familiar face.

There stood a guy with long black lashes and golden locks , with a classy pair of glasses that suited his all-black outfit. She realized that she had been staring for long, she blinked and looked away. The said person started coming close to her table. She had a mini panic attack as her hands started sweating and she could swear her breath hitched when the guy asked her if she was done.

"You can pay if you are done ma'am," the boy said in a deep voice that sent shivers down saesha's spine.

From close, he looked too familiar to not be recognized, and the moment she recognized she hid her face with her hat and quickly pulled out a dollar. She quickly attempted to get out of the place as soon as possible.

Her place was close and she was hyperventilating because she ran all the way, leaving behind a confused and bewildered man who was now holding her scarf that she had left.


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