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Will You Marry Me?

Adekitan is a Nigerian writer and poet. She has Self-published over seven novels. In her free time, she enjoys hanging out with her friends


The Proposal

It's been weeks since the dinner date took place at Abeni's house, and since then MacDonald have not given Sharon one moment of space to change her mind, despite his busy schedule he always find time for her, at first she tried to resist but she finally got swept off by his charm and gentle nature.

The confidence she has lost thinking that nobody will want her again , flew out of the window. Everyday the memory of the hurt Akin left in her heart is erased and replaced by the sweet memory of MacDonald.

She glanced at her wrist watch for the Fourth time, has she retouched her lipstick, the sound of a car parking outside made her to know he has arrived, she opened the door before he could knock, "hey baby you have kept me waiting" she said, hugging him.
"Am sorry dear, I had an emergency at work that's why, please don't be offended" he pleaded has he kissed her.

"..hmm am not angry anymore, you have bribed me with a kiss" she teased him.

They left for the dinner date .

The night was going well and nice for them, gisting and chatting about life in general, and enjoying the icecream she ordered for dessert, she took another spoonful from her cup, when she felt her spoon hit a metal inside her ice cream cup.

She twist the spoon around to lift the object out, her eyes boggled out when she saw it was a ring. "How.. What is this?" She asked Donald , who was smiling at her.

"it's a ring darling, I love you and I know you are the right person for me" he said, has he make an attempt to stand up from his chair, so that he could kneel down to propose, but Sharon beat him to it.

"please don't try to kneel down I'm begging you, and no am not going to marry you, please take me home". Rising to her feet.

She was shaking all through the ride home, thinking how he could just proposed within few weeks of dating.

"May be he thinks he needs to propose so that he can sleep with me" "Well I don't think that dearie" he replied her.

Sharon was surprised that she had spoken out loud, and he heard her. He parked his folcar and follows her inside.

"Sweetheart please understand that I love you and i know what I want, which is you and I always get what I want. If you need time to think about it please do, but know i'm going to marry you the sooner you know that, the better". He said with all confidence, smiling warmly at her before leaving her apartment.

Sharon stood there with the ring still clutched in her palm, not knowing what to do with it, since he has refused to collect it.

She opened her palm to really have a look, she gasp at how beautiful it is but really afraid to accept it. She put a call to Abeni really disturbed and in need of talking to someone.

"Hello dear, you sound dull, what is it?". Abeni asked noticing how she sounds.

"MacDonald proposed to me tonight"

"wow!" She squealed

"but I said no" the excitement died the way it started.

"W..what! You said no!, but why darling don't you love him, and don't say you don't because I know you do, you are just too adamant to admit it" almost stamping her feet .

"I am scared to love him Abeni, what if he leaves me? I dated Akin for ten years and he still left, I met MacDonald not up to two months now and he is talking of marriage..."

Abeni allows her to finish talking, before giving her a piece of her mind.
"Sharon please understand he is not like Akin, and I know MacDonald very well, he is too old to be playing games and you are not getting younger neither, so if he says he is ready he meant it. Just open your heart and allow love to heal you". She told her gently.

© 2022 Adekitan

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