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Who's Afraid of the Darkness Conclusion

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The Final Confrontation ...

The drive to Madisonville is done in complete silence. Jacolby and Cody are sitting in the front seats while Jo occupies the back. She looks at her pendant as it seems to glow and informs the others.

“Dad, Cody look at your pendants. They are starting to emit a reddish glow.”

“That means that danger is near. Let’s be on the alert. As we get closer to town, the red glow will be stronger.” Jacolby says.

Meanwhile, at the home of the mayor, Jill Abernathy, a visiting friend hears what she thinks is a small child crying.

“Jill, I think I hear a young girl crying outside.” Brenda Stevens says. “Maybe we should investigate.”

“No Brenda, stay inside. A Code 9 means an extremely dangerous situation. It means to take no chances and to expect the unexpected. I don’t know a lot about this Therianthropy thing but if they can shape shift—why couldn’t they imitate human voices.” Mayor Abernathy reasons.

“How can you be so sure? I tell you it sounds just like a child.” Brenda insists.

“No, don’t you dare go outside. Stay here—” But before Jill can say anything else, Brenda has grabbed one of the two lanterns in the house and heads out the door. She immediately sees the error of her ways as a large panther stands in front of her.

“You should have stayed inside.” The animal tells her. Brenda holds up the lantern in front of the panther but is unaware of the black tiger behind her. The mayor quietly opens the door and yells “YOU!” This is the diversion that Brenda needs and she swiftly turns and dives inside the house. The mayor quickly fastens the door and gives Brenda a stern look.

It could have ended badly for Brenda had it not been for Mayor Abernathy!

It could have ended badly for Brenda had it not been for Mayor Abernathy!

“You don’t have to say a word and thanks for saving my hind.” A grateful Brenda replies—happy to be alive.

The mayor calls Jacolby on his cellphone and gives him the news.

“That was a smart move on your part, Jill! We’ll take it from here.”

Jacolby drives to the Shumaker’s Tower—the sight of multiple murders and parks in front of the building.

“Let’s head to the alley where we found all those dead bodies. Nine will get you ten that there are a lot more there now.” Jacolby says.

The air stinks with the aroma of rotting corpse as the three enter the area. Пожиратель is there but he is not alone. There are two huge panthers on either side of him. He speaks directly at Jo.

“I knew you would could back, my sweet. After I dispose of your father and brother you will be mine FOREVER!” Пожиратель boasts. However, before he can utter another word, the trio take out their pendants which were carefully concealed and clap their hands once. Three enormous tigers appear and Пожиратель tries to escape in fear.

While Jacolby and Cody are busy ripping the other two panthers apart—Jo pounces upon Пожиратель. He begs pathetically for his life but to no avail. He is ripped to shreds by Jo, who also carries his still beating heart in her teeth. In one smooth thrust, the trio throws the hearts into the air and the spirits are caught and contained within the earthen vessels. The job is complete. Then by clapping their paws together once, they retain their human forms again.

“And now there is nothing to do but return these urns to the Пожар of Аид!” Cody proclaims.

“A job well done!” A satisfied Jacolby states.

Mount Elbrus

Mount Elbrus

Finishing It ...

It is early Wednesday morning when Jacolby and the twins reach Hamilton’s Lodge with the three earthen urns. Henry Hamilton meets them at the door. “We have one last act to perform. “There is a passage that leads to the underground. We must deliver the essence of the Пожиратель and his comrades and throw them into the abyss.”

“Then let us proceed!” Jacolby replies.

First, the trio change into their ceremonial clothing and retrieve one of the sacred books from Madame Zaire collection. There is no need for Madame Zaire to accompany them as they are being led by Henry!

It is a treacherous voyage up Mount Elbrus, into the mouth of the volcano which is presumed to be inactive. Nevertheless, deep within the caverns they trod until they reach the underground passage and the abyss that is the gateway to the Fires of Hades!

“Вячеслав Возникают!” Shouts Henry.

Jacolby and his twins merely clap their hands once and they are transformed into huge tigers.

“Let us be off!” Вячеслав commands.

Deeper and deeper Вячеслав and his descendants travel through the tunnels until they come to the true aperture of the abyss. Вячеслав commands Jo and she begins to read from the sacred book in English reassuming her human form.

“We commend these vile spirit to the Пожар of Аид. There they shall reside for an eternity, away from human interference. No man can rescue them—no man can revive them.”

“В глубины ада!” Commands Вячеслав. He opens the container and pours out the essence of Пожиратель and his two disciples! Screams echo throughout the cavern as they journey forever downward to the Пожар of Аид.

Пожар of Аид

Пожар of Аид

Вячеслав and descendants return to the Hamilton’s Lodge.

“Вячеслав Отправляются!” Once again he is Henry Hamilton.

Claps of their hands and Jacolby and Cody resume their human forms as well.

“So—is the deed done?” Jenny enquires.

“Yes, it is done until another comes to generate an imbalance between the forces in either my Northern Lands or the Southern Plains. Then I, Вячеслав the Protector, or my Valiant Vigilantes will return to set things right!”

The End

Lycanthropy: Night of the Full Moon

  • Lycanthropy: Night of the Full Moon
    Beware of the full moon! Every since medieval times, it has been the symbol of evil and demonic influences. Now, in the 21st century, something that has been regarded as a childhood fantasy devised to entertain has become a reality bent on revenge!

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